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Updated: Nov 14, 2023 9:12 PM
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If you’ve just discovered that your windshield is damaged, thanks to right-to-repair laws, you can buy the best windshield repair kit and fix it yourself. They should be simple to use, provide easy-to-follow instructions, and should come at a reasonable price. But first, you’ll need to consider how extensive the damage is to your windshield. Tiny cracks, chips, or bullseye marks can be quickly repaired so that your windshield maintains its integrity. But if you have severe cracks in the glass, this might be something best left for the professionals.

Next, you’ll want to think about how easily you can use a DIY kit to repair the damage.

Along with considering the extent of the damage and whether you’ll need a single-use or multi-use kit, there are other factors you need to keep in mind, too. Not all products can be used in harsh temperatures, for example. If you live in an extreme climate, you may need to look for repair kits designed to work even in very hot or cold weather.

Keep reading our best windshield repair kit to learn more. And if you just cracked your smartphone screen as well, you’ll be in the market for the best smartphone repair kit.

Top Windshield Repair Kits

 #1  Rain-X 600001-6PK Repair Kit


WHY WE LIKE IT: This product minimizes the appearance of cracks and helps prevent them from spreading. It works with all laminate styles and can even remove air from the break. You can use it for multiple different jobs.

  • Usable on all laminated glass
  • Advanced resin formula
  • Handles multiple uses
  • Requires use of hairdryer

This windshield repair kit has plenty of things going for it. It helps minimize the appearance of cracks on your windshield and fills them with a water-resistant resin that helps keep contaminants out. The durable resin filling will make your windshield stronger than before it cracked. You’ll want to use a hairdryer with this product as directed on the box. Otherwise, you won’t get the results promised.

It weighs 1.23 pounds, and the measurements for it are 9.37 x 6.3 x 4.72 inches. Because of this lightweight design and small size, it’s easy to stow away in your car in case of an emergency. The advanced resin formula will keep cracks up to 12-inches in length from spreading on a single layer of glass. It can also be used on circular damage up to an inch in diameter.

 #2  Permatex 09103 Repair Kit


WHY WE LIKE IT: This complete set cures itself using natural sunlight. It can repair bull’s eye damage up to 1.25-inches in diameter and has easy-to-follow instructions included right in the kit. This is a professional-quality solution that anybody can use.

  • Includes alcohol prep pad
  • No mixing is required
  • Permanent, air-tight solution
  • Doesn’t fill fine cracks

This option provides a complete kit fit for professionals, providing a permanent seal to your windshield. No mixing is required for the .25 fl. oz repair solution, which is a big plus for those in a rush. It also has a handy instructional manual that lays everything out step-by-step, so you know exactly what to do. Unfortunately, this kit is not the best solution for fine cracks on your windshield. It will struggle to fill in hairline cracks.

If you leave your car in a shaded area with your windshield between 50°F and 75°F, the resin cures itself using natural sunlight. That means you won’t need a hairdryer’s help to ensure everything is in working order. The delivery system is state-of-the-art and includes a spring-lock feature. It includes an adhesive disc, a pedestal, a curing strip, a push pin, a razor blade, and an alcohol towelette.

 #3  Rain-X Windshield Repair Kit


WHY WE LIKE IT: This simple solution only takes a few minutes to use, making it friendly for time-sensitive situations. It works on all types of laminates, so almost any car will be compatible. The advanced resin formula works for multiple repairs.

  • Usable for multiple problems
  • Advanced resin formula
  • Cures in only minutes
  • Chips may be noticeable

This simple DIY kit makes any windshield crack easy to fix wherever you are. It weighs in at 2.4 ounces, so you can easily pop it into your dashboard compartment or trunk for easy access when a windshield chip or crack happens. It also cures in mere minutes. Unfortunately, it might not completely fix chips in your windshield. Some consumers report that they are still visible.

It packs in everything you need to get the job done. This includes a 1-gram bottle of repair resin, a curing strip, a sleeved razor blade, and a handy set of complete instructions. Simply follow the instructions, and you’ll be back on the road with a repaired windshield in no time flat. You can even use it for multiple repairs in case something else happens.

 #4  Blue-Star CSA-192 Windshield Repair Kit


WHY WE LIKE IT: This easy-to-use system will immediately work with your car to quickly stop the spread of damage. The deep-penetrating resin uses sunlight to cure itself and provides a simple, cost-effective solution.

  • Special, deep-penetrating formula
  • Only requires sunlight to cure
  • Prevents damage from spreading
  • Not ideal for large cracks

You can easily carry it in your car for quick fixes on the go. This product is perfect for repairing the damage done by stones, which can often fly up from the tires on the car in front of you. Unfortunately, it isn’t ideal for large cracks and will fail to fully fill them in.

This simple, easy-to-use solution uses a deep-penetrating repair resin to get deep into the damage and seal it up. The included instructions will take you through the process step-by-step. Just leave your car in the sunlight for a few minutes so that the resin has time to set. If you follow the directions carefully, you can avoid having to replace your windshield altogether. It will restore the windshield to like-new condition.

 #5  CARTREND Windshield Repair Kit

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WHY WE LIKE IT: The unique vacuum design of the gel is the biggest reason to invest in this product. It prevents air from ruining the work you’ve done. A device is also included that suits your window and steadies the gel stream.

  • Unique vacuum design
  • Seals up to 8” of crack
  • Useful for 90-95% of damage
  • Damage may still be visible

This windshield repair kit is filled with practical tools. The best part of it is a star-shaped tool with suction cups on each point of the star. This affixes to your windshield to steady the resin bottle as you fill in the crack or chip. Unfortunately, the damage will still be visible in many cases.

With this windshield repair kit, you’ll be able to repair a star, half-moon, bull’s eye, or half-moon-shaped cracks and chips. It includes a strong repair fluid that reaches up to 20 PA. It works in around 20 to 30 minutes, so you can get back on the road quicker. The unique vacuum design prevents air from getting into the gel, which can ruin the outcome of the repair job you’re attempting.

 #6  Lovely Bamboo Star-Shaped Repair Kit


WHY WE LIKE IT: This handy collection of tools includes a razor blade to scrape off excess solution once it’s dried. The advanced solution helps seal sliver damage quickly and efficiently through a unique vacuum seal formula.

  • Highly versatile
  • Complete system
  • Professional-grade
  • Cures slowly

No special tools are necessary when you choose this repair kit. It comes pre-loaded with everything you need and includes a couple of other extras, such as a razor blade and thumbtack. The razor blade is great for scraping off extra resin so you can have a totally smooth windshield. The biggest hurdle you’ll face is how slowly the repair solution cures. This product requires around 20 to 25 minutes to cure, so it won’t be the right product to use when you’re in a rush.

The vacuum design ensures that air won’t seep in and prevent the glass nano repair solution from achieving a tight seal. It can repair all types of laminate windshields. No extra tools are required outside of the repair solution, razor blade, thumb tack, and curing strip that come standard in the kit. It is convenient to carry with you.

Beginner’s Guide to Windshield Repair Kits

What is a Windshield Repair Kit?

Windshield chip repair kits are a DIY solution designed to help you easily fix small cosmetic damage to your windshield. In particular, this can include small cracks caused by road debris like rock chips or other falling objects hitting the glass.

Moreover, this road debris can also cause dents in the body, which is why you’ll want to invest in a high-quality dent repair kit. Additionally, if you have a warranty on your vehicle, you may want to learn how does that warranty work, in the event you’re prohibited from using a repair kit.

On the other hand, you can also review Question 1: the Right to Repair Law, which permits you to use a platform where you can run vehicle diagnostics using a mobile app.

Along with correcting the physical appearance, these kits also provide preventative damage control. They help maintain your windshield’s integrity and prevent the damage from spreading. However, more pervasive damage may be too extensive for a DIY kit. In this scenario, it’s best to go to a professional auto body shop to replace the entire windshield with a new one.

Windshield Repair Kits vs Other Glass Tool Kits

A windshield repair kit is a specialized DIY repair solution to help car owners preserve their windshields, minimize the potential for damage, and improve their cosmetic look. But there is a wide range of glass tool kits that you can purchase for your car. Often these are designed to enhance your car’s appearance or improve performance while you’re driving.

For example, plenty of windshield kits are designed to repel water by applying a hydrophobic layer that ultimately improves your windshield wipers’ ability to remove water. This ensures that your vision isn’t compromised if you have to drive in rainy or snowy conditions. These kits often also improve the cosmetic look of your windshield by creating a glossier effect. However, while useful, a water-repellent glass tool kit isn’t designed to correct damage and is not essential for maintaining the integrity of your windshield.

How Does a Windshield Repair Kit Work?

While many brands offer windshield crack repair kits, they all operate similarly. Resin is the most common sealant used to correct minor windshield damage. This durable resin is also highly viscous, ensuring that it properly flows into all cracks and openings and dries clear. It is usually cured using UV light. Typically this type of resin is also shrink-resistant, which prevents cracks or chips from growing.

As you shop for a windshield repair kit, you’ll find that there are two main types — consumer and professional solutions. Consumer options are typically designed with enough excess resin to fix one or two cracks or chips at most. Still, the kits contain everything you need to manage a DIY repair, including the resin, UV-activated curing sheets, razor blades, push pins, and a pedestal or repair bridge to help guide the resin during the repair process.

In contrast, professional kits are often made to manage multiple repairs. These kits include more durable parts such as drills and drill bits, resin, metal bridges, and reusable parts. Between the two, professional kits are understandably more expensive. With a professional kit, it’s possible to pick a version with several bottles of resin that will allow you to make up to 100 repairs. Still, the windshield integrity may be ruined if you have extensive damage. In this scenario, it’s better to go to an auto body shop for a consultation and recommendation for the next steps.

Why You Should Buy a Windshield Repair Kit

Thanks to right-to-repair laws, you’re no longer at the mercy of your dealership or local auto body shop. This can be ideal for people who are confident in their repair skills, want to save money, or don’t have the time or interest to wait for an auto body shop to get around to fixing their car.

Are Windshield Repair Kits Worth Buying?

  • You Have Minor Damage: A small ding or chip on the windshield should still be fixed as quickly as possible to prevent the damage from spreading. But this type of issue is precisely why simple windshield crack repair kits were invented.
  • Your Windshield Gets Damaged After Hours or on the Weekend: Your windshield gets cracked on a Friday night, but your dealership can’t fit you in until a week later. A good DIY windshield repair kit can quickly get you back on the road—and on your timeline.
  • You’re Trying to Save Money: Professional windshield repairs can sometimes cost hundreds of dollars. Assuming that the damage is minor, opting for a DIY repair kit can save you significant money.

Why a Windshield Repair Kit May Not Be for You

  • The Damage is Extensive: DIY windshield repair kits aren’t designed to fix large-scale damage. In this scenario, you’re going to need an auto body shop to manage professional quality repairs. In some cases, replacing the windshield is safer than trying to manage a patch job.
  • You’re Not Comfortable with a DIY Repair: Not everyone feels confident enough to start tinkering with their car. If this is you, that’s okay — go to a professional.
  • You Have Insurance or a Warranty to Cover Repairs: Depending on your insurance policy or dealership coverage, you might not have to come out of pocket for cosmetic repairs like a windshield chip or crack. If that’s the case, you may prefer to have the professionals manage the repair.

How Long Do Windshield Repair Kits Last?

This is going to depend on the kit that you select. We mentioned above that there are two types of repair kits — consumer and professional kits. Consumer windshield repair kits are usually designed to fix one or two minor scratches or chips. They also come with less durable tools and parts, meaning there will be a limited number of total repairs you can complete before replacing the entire kit.

In contrast, professional repair kits can come with enough resin to sometimes cover more than 100 repairs. Additionally, they feature more durable tools, including drills and drill bits. This means that the tools will still be functional long after you’ve exhausted the original resin that’s included. Of course, this depends upon you treating your tools correctly, cleaning them after each use, and storing them somewhere that helps preserve their lifespan.

How to Choose the Best Windshield Repair Kits

While picking a quality windshield repair kit with effective materials is important, other factors also come into play. Considerations such as your comfort level with repairs, the extent of your windshield damage, and even environmental concerns can all influence your final purchasing decision.

Windshield Repair Kits Key Factors to Consider

1. How extensive is the damage?

Always start by assessing your windshield’s damage and how long ago it occurred. A DIY kit can easily manage a small nick or chip here or there with a DIY kit. In contrast, major cracks — especially those across the driver’s side field of vision — might be better treated by a professional.

Also, think about your car’s age. The integrity may be irreparable for significantly older vehicles that still have the original windshield. Again, if you have an older model car, you might be better off going to a professional for an evaluation.

2. Are you comfortable managing a DIY repair?

Right-to-repair laws might allow people to manage repairs independently, but that doesn’t mean everyone wants to do that. Think about your comfort level with working on cars. If you’re not confident enough in your ability to do this repair, don’t risk it. Just go to a professional.

3. Do you want a consumer or a professional repair kit?

You’ll need to consider how often you have windshield damage to answer this question. If you’re a road warrior, the risk of chips and cracks from road debris is higher. And as a result, you might need a professional solution that gives you enough materials to manage multiple repairs. However, if you don’t experience windshield damage that frequently, you might be better off with a cheaper consumer windshield repair kit.

4. Are there environmental restrictions?

Resin windshield repair kits are fairly easy to use. But some resins may not respond well when you try to repair your windshield in extreme hot or cold temperatures. Always read the manufacturer’s guidelines and ensure that the kit you want to purchase is compatible with your region’s climate.

5. How easy is the application process?

Even if you’re an old pro at DIY car repair jobs, that doesn’t mean that you want a repair kit with a complex list of steps. Instead, look for solutions with easy application methods and tools, such as a jig to guide the resin to the damaged site or resin that relies on sunlight to cure.

Keep in mind that ease of use and severity of windshield damage works conversely. More serious cracks typically can’t be fixed with a simple application process and should usually be paired with kits that require more steps.

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