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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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The best window cleaning kit solves your dilemma of needing to use a ladder to get to hard-to-reach glass panes. If you’re sick of cleaning your windows “the old-fashioned way,” then it’s time you got a window cleaning starter kit. We tried out a dozen products and tested them for their level of reach, durability, and efficiency to clean windows. Out of all of them, seven stood out.

The Ettore 65000 Professional Window Cleaning Kit was our #1 choice among all of our picks because of its reliable streak-free guarantee. It can also be used with varying pole lengths, making it an excellent choice when it comes to adaptability. Our six other favorites came quite close to being just as well-rounded. Read on to find out more about our top picks for the best window cleaning kits. For more quality products for your home, check out our guide to the best tools.

Top 6 Best Window Cleaning Kit Compared

 #1  Ettore 65000 Professional Window Cleaning Kit – Top Pick

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Ettore 65000 Professional Window Cleaning Kit is an excellent microfiber washer and squeegee combo that uses the company’s smart ProGrip design to ensure excellent handling.

  • Modular design
  • Long-lasting silicone squeegee
  • Excellent handling
  • Pole sold separately

The Ettore 65000 isn’t like the rest of the window cleaning kits in this list. It’s a small, handheld cleaning kit for windows and glass panels with a 12-inch silicone squeegee and a 10-inch microfiber washcloth far quick and easy cleaning. Microfiber cloths or towels are very good because they can be attached to squeegee in order to give the best results in window cleaning. The squeegee is fairly durable and doesn’t leave any stray streaks of water when wiping. Speaking of durability, the best wire strippers are durable and won’t leave you fatigued. They are also easy to use. Why not check them out?

The 65000 won’t help you clean anything that’s over an arm’s length away because of its short length, but it has the ability to be slotted into any of Ettore’s REA-C-H extension poles. Just insert it into a compatible Ettore pole of your choosing, and secure it in place with the brand’s click-lock feature. You’ll have to buy the pole separately, but this also gives you the freedom to use this specific cleaning kit with any length of pole that you want. Rest assured you will be able to clean windows like a professional with this Ettore ProGrip kit. It is almost as good as the window scrappers from the line of Unger. Truly one of the best kitchen gadgets for keeping it and the house clean.

 #2  Ettore 17050 All-Purpose Window Cleaning Kit – Honorable Mention

WHY WE LIKE IT: Like our top pick, the Ettore 17050 has a modular head with a 12-inch squeegee and 10-inch microfiber washcloth, but this one comes with a handy 42-inch extension pole.

  • Included 42” pole
  • Detachable cleaning head
  • Quality squeegee
  • Incompatible with off-brand handles

The Ettore 17050 performs much like the 65000 in our top spot. Both cleaning kits have the same squeegee and washer, and both kits can be installed on REA-C-H extension poles. The squeegee and washer come in two separate cleaning heads that can both be easily mounted on the included REA-C-H pole. This is convenient, and lets you set your best plastic spray bottles to the side! The washer removes surface dirt that other glass cleaners leave behind, then the squeegee will clean windows, shower doors, or mirrors to a streak-free shine. The extension pole has long-range capability so you can reach and clean edges and corners with ease, making this one of the best window cleaning tools for high windows. The item weighs about 1.6 pounds when fully assembled. It’s heavier than item #3 and #5 but lighter than the rest. While this cleaning kit may not be suitable for your car, you can still get some high-quality auto repair kits or tools like the best torque wrench.

The cleaning head doesn’t work well with poles by other brands, however, since they’re mainly designed to work with Ettore’s own products in the first place. While this isn’t much of a problem, you may find that existing extension poles that you own may have some trouble connecting with the 17050. All in all, this is one of the best window cleaners on the market today! Once your windows are clean, you may want to also pick up some of the best window shades too.

 #3  CM Concepts Telescoping Window Cleaning Kit – Best Efficiency

WHY WE LIKE IT: This cleaning kit by CM Concepts comes with a 3-section, telescoping 45-inch aluminum pole with a 12-inch squeegee blade to allow for quick and convenient cleaning. It also comes with a scrubber that can be fitted alone or together with the squeegee for maximum cleaning efficiency.

  • 45” telescoping pole
  • Includes bonus cleaning parts
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Pole bends when fully extended

This telescoping window cleaning kit by CM Concepts uses a 3-section extension pole to allow for some degree of versatility. The pole can be extended to 45 inches (or about 4 feet) in length and weighs 1.1 pounds, making it the lightest one in our list. This all-in-one set is ideal for cleaning windows, doors, or any smooth surface objects using a spray bottle. The package includes two 12-inch squeegees and two microfiber scrubbers, so you won’t have to worry about going out for replacements. The microfiber cloth can be taken off and washed too.

The included squeegees and microfiber scrubbers do their job well, but the squeegee can feel a bit stiff. Also, the pole tends to bend when it’s fully extended, so it might not feel the most satisfying to use. It will keep the kitchen windows clean.

 #4  DocaPole Window Cleaning Kit – Best General Purpose

WHY WE LIKE IT: The DocaPole Window Cleaning Kit has a rotating lock mechanism that makes cleaning awkward angles much easier, and the cleaning head features a very convenient squeegee/scrubber combo that eliminates the need for constant swapping.

  • Long, extendable reach
  • Rotating lock mechanism
  • Three different squeegee sizes
  • Plastic locks are fragile
  • Heavy

The DocaPole Window Cleaning Kit by DocaZoo is an excellent all-purpose kit that features a telescoping 5-foot pole that can reach a max length of 12 feet. Having the second-longest pole in our list, this is one of the best window cleaning tools for high windows. The DocaPole also has a rotating lock feature that allows the angle of the cleaning head to be adjusted. This glass cleaner also comes with three squeegees of varying sizes (10, 12, and 14-inch squeegees) to add another dimension of versatility, unlike our other picks.

Unfortunately, the locks on the mechanism are made of thin plastic. They won’t fail on you while you’re using the cleaner, but don’t expect them to survive any serious accidents. The DocaPole 12’ version is also surprisingly heavy, weighing a total of 21 pounds. The best shop cloth will help you clean the house as well as the best vacuum cleaner.

 #5  Modern Domus Neverending Reach Window Cleaner Kit – Best Utility

WHY WE LIKE IT: The clean kit has a 15”to 65.5” reach when fully extended, and it comes with two squeegees, two microfiber heads, and an extra pair of microfiber cloths, making it a very solid deal.

  • Very long reach
  • Includes extra cleaning heads
  • 1-year warranty
  • Thin squeegee blades
  • Water reaches inside the pole

The “Neverending Reach” window cleaning kit features a 4-section telescoping pole that can extend up to 65.5 inches total, making it great for tall windows or any other surface that’s just a little bit out of reach. It comes with a pair of 12.2-inch long cleaning heads (squeegee and microfiber sponge) and a smaller pair measuring 8.2 inches for smaller windows. The kit also includes two bonus microfiber cloths and a 1-year warranty.

Overall, the kit does the job decently well and is quite light (1.85 pounds), but the thin squeegee blades make it less efficient than our other favorites. Also, water can seep inside the gaps between the pole segments, so you’ll have to disassemble the kit and dry out its insides if you want to avoid rust from forming. The best duster will also help keep your home spotless.

 #6  DocaPole 24-Foot Cleaning Kit – Best Reach

WHY WE LIKE IT: This cleaning kit is exactly like the previous DocaPole entry in this list, except it’s much longer. It also includes extra cleaning attachments that make it more useful when cleaning various surfaces and locations.

  • Extreme reach
  • Includes 3 dusting attachments
  • Three squeegee sizes
  • Attachment slot is flimsy

This 24-foot long cleaning kit can easily reach the second story of your home or the ceiling of large rooms without needing a tall ladder. This version of the DocaPole comes with 3 different squeegee/scrubber sizes (10, 12, and 14-inch options) as well as 3 different dusters: a feather duster, ceiling fan duster, and a cobweb remover.

The cleaning heads are easily interchangeable, and the entire pole is quite light for its length, weighing only 6 pounds total. The attachment slot for the cleaning heads feels rather flimsy, however, but there’s nothing to worry about except some minor wobble. Use the right tool for the right job. You wouldn’t use the best chopper to slice pizza right? Or the best digital pocket scale to chop vegetables.

How We Decided

Window cleaning kits are very similar to each other. One kit can clean any window just as well as others, so we looked for extra features that gave each one a unique distinction and made window washing a more enjoyable experience. The weight and length can mean a world of difference in terms of practicality, so we factored these into our selections.

A window cleaning kit that’s around 4 feet long is best used for first-floor windows or car windshields, while 12-foot long cleaning tools (144 inches) are better off used for harder-to-reach areas like second stories or very tall windows.

We disregarded the window cleaning kits that are too heavy. Heavier kits are harder to handle, especially if they aren’t built with stability in mind. Most window cleaning tools weigh less than 2 pounds, but longer ones can exceed 6 pounds depending on its material.

Window Cleaning Kit Buying Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Length
    As mentioned previously, the best window cleaning kit is one that can answer your needs. If you’re having trouble with tall windows, then the length of the cleaning kit you choose should be able to address that concern without adding any more problems into the mix.
  2. Weight
    The weight of a cleaning tool should be as light as possible to avoid unnecessary strain on your arms. The longer the tool, the heavier it will be, but not all tools share the same weight even if they do share the same length. The best window cleaning solution is one that’s most comfortable for you to handle.
  3. Squeegee Size
    The size of the squeegee matters just as much as the size of the tool itself, especially if you have small windows. Squeegees usually come in 12-inch sizes, but there are also 10 and 14-inch variants. Pick the right squeegee size for the windows you plan on cleaning.
  4. Materials
    The material used to construct a window cleaning kit not only defines its durability but also its stability. Aluminum is the standard material for window cleaner poles, which provides a solid mix of the two. Some kits use plastic poles, which are still useful. However, expect them to wobble more, especially if the cleaning head has heavy attachments.
  5. Durability
    Consider the durability of the pole itself, especially for long window cleaners. Poles made of cheap plastic or brittle metal may cause accidents if they suddenly snap.

Window Cleaning Kit FAQs

Why should I use window cleaning kits?

Window cleaning kits can help you clean faster and more efficiently. What’s more is that they can help you minimize the water streaks or stains on your glass windows, which can save you a lot of time and effort.

What are water streaks?

Water streaks are stains that dried water can leave on glass panels. They normally occur when windows are cleaned with water while the sun is up or if water is improperly wiped off of surfaces.

How do I get rid of water streaks?

Use a dry squeegee when wiping glass, or use a solution made of equal parts water and white vinegar to minimize the streaks you get.
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