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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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To help you find the best white vinegar for use in healthy recipes, as well as in home and garden applications, we tried dozens of top products, testing them for flavor (when applicable), ensuring they were made with high quality ingredients, and useability, favoring products that were versatile and could be added to a number of dishes. We also chose from a nice mix of distilled white vinegars and those that were not distilled, so as to vary the acid content found in the below list. For home and garden use, we made sure the vinegar was highly concentrated and shined in a number of cleaning applications.

The best product we tried was easily Green Gobbler Pure Vinegar, an absolutely stellar vinegar that is intended for home and garden use. The highly concentrated formula is derived from corn and excels at cleaning just about anything you use it with, including furniture, car seats, chrome and appliances, among others. It can also be diluted for a gentler product, which is nice, and is completely free of dyes and chemicals. Keep reading to learn more about Green Gobbler Pure Vinegar and the other products on this list. Also, check out our guide to the best kitchen products.

Top 7 Best White Vinegar Compared

 #1  Green Gobbler Pure Vinegar

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Award: Top Pick

WHY WE LIKE IT: A fantastic product for home and garden cleaning applications, featuring an ultra-concentrated product that is derived from USA grown corn and is free of dyes and chemicals.

  • Ultra-concentrated
  • Fantastic alternative to bleach
  • Contains no dyes or chemicals
  • Strong formulation may not be for every consumer
  • Can cause discomfort if ingested
  • Can cause eye irritation

Green Gobbler Pure Vinegar is an extremely concentrated product, boasting a 30 percent acid content, which is six times the strength typically found in white vinegar. This makes it excel with tough home and garden jobs, such as stone cleaning and grease removal. It can also be diluted with water, transforming it into a fantastic alternative to bleach for home cleaning tasks. We also liked that it features a pure formulation that is free of dyes and chemicals, as it is manufactured using USA grown corn.

It must be reiterated, this is a super strong formulation that shines with industrial-grade tasks, and this level of concentration may not be for consumers looking for a simple cleaning product. Additionally, this product is not to be ingested, inhaled or come into contact with the eye. This is for home maintenance only, and not for eating. It should be a home cleaning staple along with the best hydrogen peroxide.

 #2  Daily Chef Distilled White Vinegar

Award: Honorable Mention / Best Budget

WHY WE LIKE IT: Product is available in large multipacks, up to four one gallon containers, and features a pre-diluted formulation that excels with both cleaning and cooking applications.

  • Available in multipacks
  • Excels with food and cleaning
  • Pre-diluted with water
  • Concentration may not suit industrial grade tasks
  • Not certified organic
  • Can cause eye irritation

This Daily Chef Distilled White Vinegar is a high quality product that has been pre-diluted with water to five percent acidity, making it shine with both cooking and cleaning applications. It tastes great as a salad dressing and we found it excelled with the cleaning of kitchen countertops and related appliances. It also comes in a variety of multipacks, which is nice, arriving in either two or four one gallon tubs.

While this product does indeed do well with light house cleaning tasks, the relatively gentle formulation will not be suited to industrial grade applications. For those kinds of jobs go with our top pick. Also, this product has not been certified to be organic, nor does the company advertise the source ingredients. Vinegar can be stored along with your other supplies like the best all purpose cleaner.

 #3  OrganicMatters Industrial Vinegar Concentrate

Award: Best Kosher

WHY WE LIKE IT: Certified Kosher product, with a powerful formulation, six times stronger than typical white vinegars, that is non GMO, organic and made with eco-friendly ingredients.

  • Most Eco-friendly
  • Non-GMO and organic
  • Comes in variety of size options
  • Cannot be eaten
  • May irritate eyes
  • Concentration may be too strong for some consumers

This OrganicMatters Industrial Vinegar Concentrate is a highly powerful cleaning agent, with a concentration that is six times stronger than standard white vinegar, which is in line with our top pick. This makes it perfect for industrial-grade applications and, once diluted with water, home cleaning tasks. It is Kosher, non-GMO and organic, in addition to being derived from eco-friendly ingredients. We also liked that it is available in a wide variety of size options, from 32 ounces to four gallons. Speaking of size options, check out our review of the best wedding cake topper.

Though the concentrated formula excels with heavy duty cleaning tasks, it may simply be too concentrated for average consumers who are just looking for a simple and eco-friendly cleaning agent. Additionally, this is not for consumption, as it could cause serious injury. This and the best dish soap will go a long way in your kitchen.

 #4  Mother Earth Organic White Vinegar

Award: Best Tasting

WHY WE LIKE IT: Great tasting all-natural formulation derived from organic sugar cane that has not been filtered or diluted in any way, so it contains healthful probiotic organisms.

  • 100% Organic
  • Non-GMO and kosher
  • Contains healthful probiotic organisms
  • Not great for cleaning, thanks to small-sized bottle (32 oz)
  • Contains a “mother” which could be visually unappealing to some
  • Some people are sensitive to probiotics

Mother Earth Organic White Vinegar tastes absolutely fantastic and is a perfect base for salad dressings, making pickles and for use in other recipes. It is derived from organic, non-GMO sugar cane, as opposed to corn, and has not been diluted or filtered in any way. As such, it contains millions of probiotic microorganisms that could help improve gut health. We also liked that it is certified Kosher, gluten-free and free of preservatives.

Though this product excels in the kitchen, the relatively small bottle size, 32 ounces, makes it difficult to recommend as a cleaning agent, though it would do fine performing simple cleaning tasks. Additionally, it contains a visible “mother,” which is the source of the probiotics, and could be visually unappealing to some. You may also want to check out the best silver polish for your other kitchen needs.

 #5  Fratelli Carli White Balsamic Vinegar

Award: Best Quality

WHY WE LIKE IT: A high quality product that is imported from Italy that truly shines as a base for a salad dressing or as an ingredient in a variety of recipes, thanks to its unique taste and aroma.

  • Imported from Italy
  • Great tasting
  • Sourced from white grapes
  • Not ideal for cleaning, thanks to small bottle size (8.4 oz)
  • Unique flavor profile may not be for everyone
  • Shipping is expensive

This Fratelli Carli White Balsamic Vinegar is imported from Italy and contains a unique flavor profile, thanks to being sourced from Italian white grapes. It truly shines as a base for a salad dressing, as a dip for bread or in a wide variety of other gourmet recipes. It has a relatively low acid content, 4.4 percent, which makes it appeal to consumers who are wary of strong-tasting vinegars.

It does, however, come in a very small bottle (8.4 ounces) that is not eligible for free shipping from Amazon. Also, the flavor profile and aroma is certainly unique, thanks to being sourced from grapes, and may not be for everyone. Use this in your home along with the best disinfectant spray.

 #6  Martin Pouret Orleans White Wine Vinegar

Award: Best Imported

WHY WE LIKE IT: A fantastic tasting product that is imported from France and made by naturally fermenting white wine for one entire year in an oak cask.

  • Fantastic tasting product
  • Aged for 1 year in oak casks
  • Derived from French wine
  • Flavor profile may not be for everyone
  • Not great for pickling
  • Not ideal for cleaning, thanks to small bottle size (8.4 oz)

Martin Pouret Orleans White Wine Vinegar is simply a fantastic product that has been imported from France and derived from white wine that has been naturally fermented in oak casks for more than one year. The end result is a great tasting vinegar that is milder than apple cider vinegar and light in color, which makes it perfect for salad dressings, marinades and other flavor-forward recipes. If you like to enjoy a glass of wine with your meals, check out our guide to the best wine bar accessories.

This product has a low acid content, relatively speaking, which makes it shine as a base for salad dressings but does not make it ideal for pickling. Also, the small bottle size, 8.4 ounces, does not make it economical to use as a cleaning agent.

 #7  Ottogi White Vinegar

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Award: Best for Salad Dressings

WHY WE LIKE IT: Extremely mild formulation, imported from Korea, which truly shines as a base for a salad dressing, thanks to its mild taste, light color and relatively low acid content.

  • Great taste
  • Imported from Korea
  • Relatively low acid content
  • Relatively small bottle (30 oz)
  • Not organic
  • Not kosher or GMO-free

Ottogi White Vinegar is imported from Korea and fermented via a variety of fruits and vegetables, giving it a pleasing mild flavor that excels as a base for salad dressings. The light color and relatively low acid content makes it excel with other recipes, as well, and is the perfect product for those wary of acidic vinegars.

The bottle is relatively small, at 30 ounces, so it might not be economical to use this product as a cleaning agent, though it would work in that capacity. Additionally, this product is not organic, Kosher, or free from GMOs.

Note: There are a variety of many other types of vinegar, mostly made from wine (not all white) which will probably require a separate review altogether. Some of these wine vinegars include the Red Wine Vinegar, Sherry Vinegar, and Rice Vinegar which is made from fermented rice wine. Other types of vinegar include the Apple Cider Vinegar, Champagne Vinegar, and Malt Vinegar.

How We Decided

To help narrow down to the above list, we took a look at vinegars that were ideal for eating, making up the base of a wide variety of recipes, and those that featured ultra-concentrated formulas, making them better suited for industrial-grade cleaning tasks. In recent years, white vinegar has become a sought after cleaning ingredient, thanks to its eco-friendly and infant-safe profile.

When it came to products designed for eating, we preferred light-tasting formulations, mild in color and relatively low in acid content. This made them perfect for salad dressings, pickling and a wide variety of other recipes. We also made a point to populate the above list with a good selection of vinegars from around the world, as they all offer up a slightly different flavor profile, being sourced from different ingredients.

As far as cleaning goes, something like our top pick is ultra-concentrated, so it can complete heavy duty tasks like cleaning limestone and clearing away rust, for instance. If you dilute one of these formulas with water it can be used as a simple cleaning agent for kitchen countertops and the like. Something like our number two pick is a nice compromise, featuring a formulation that is still safe to eat, but in a large enough container that it can easily handle cleaning duties.

White Vinegar Buying Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Home and Garden Tasks
    Some of the products, like our top pick, boast extremely concentrated formulations which make them ideal for heavy duty home and garden tasks. Generally speaking, the acid content found in these products is around six times as what is found in food-grade vinegar. These ultra-concentrated formulas can be used to polish chrome, remove grease stains, clean limestone, and much more. They can also be diluted with water to create a relatively gentle cleaning agent for countertops and the like. A word of warning, these formulations cannot be eaten.
  2. Cooking
    Most vinegars feature a much lower acid content than what is found in our top pick, around four to six percent. This makes them ideal as an additive to marinades, the base for salad dressings, or for the primary ingredient in pickling, among other kitchen-related uses. They can also handle standard cleaning applications right out of the bottle, though it may not be economical to do so. If you are looking for a dual-use vinegar, make sure to buy something that comes in a large container or containers, such as our number two pick.
  3. Ingredients and Safety
    These vinegars are sourced from a wide variety of ingredients, from corn to grapes, among others. Each of these source ingredients give the vinegars a slightly different aroma and flavor profile. On the safety front, look for products that are certified to be free of GMOs, pesticides, chemicals, and dyes. Additionally, you can never go wrong by choosing an organic product, of which there are several on the above list.

White Vinegar FAQs

Is white vinegar the same as white wine vinegar?

No, it's not. White vinegar (also known as distilled vinegar) is made of acetic acid diluted in distilled water, while white wine vinegar is made by allowing white wine to undergo a lengthy fermentation process, turning it into vinegar. Each of these products have slightly different flavor profiles.

Why do some vinegars have “stuff” floating in them?

If a vinegar has not been pasteurized, you may see stuff, or goo, floating around the inside of the container. This is known as the “mother” and is the primary source of probiotic organisms that reside naturally in vinegar. Pasteurization and heavy filtration often kills this mother, along with the accompanying probiotic organisms.

Can I use vinegar to clean my dishwasher?

Absolutely. You can use vinegar to clean your dishwasher between cycles. Just pour ¼ cup into the detergent tray and run the machine. Also, you can actually use vinegar to clean your clothes in a washing machine by replacing your normal detergent with ½ cup of white vinegar.
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