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Updated January 24, 2023

After taking all of the below criteria into consideration, we nominated the HitLights Warm White LED Strip Lights as the best white LED light strip. In addition to being one of the few warm white lighting options in our guide, we liked that the light strip was designed with labeled cut lines for customization and that it offered a bright 7,000 lumens.

To determine the best white LED strip lights, we prioritized the following features: color temperature, water resistance, power source, length, and controls. We know that color temperature is important as it impacts where and how you can use the lights. But added functionality such as a dimmer or water resistance is also important so you can create a customized lighting effect or use them outdoors. Keep reading to learn more about the rest of our top picks.

Top 5 Best White LED Strip Lights

 #1  HitLights Warm White LED Strip Lights


WHY WE LIKE IT: A 16.4-foot strip of warm white lighting that’s customizable length makes this the best LED strip lights in our guide.

  • Premium 3M tape for under cabinet mounting
  • Customizable 16.4-foot strip
  • 7,000 bright lumens
  • Not waterproof
  • Dimmer sold separately

Warm white LED lights are perfect for ambient and accent lighting. They aren’t harsh and thanks to how easily you can install an LED light strip, they’re pretty goof-proof too. HitLight’s Warm White LED Strip Lights can be controlled by a dimmer (bought separately) are 7,000 lumens, and are 16.4 feet long. We liked that the strips are customizable with pre-labeled trim lines so that you don’t have to worry about accidentally cutting the wiring.

You’ll appreciate that these lights come with a 3M adhesive which makes installing them quick and easy to do with no hardware required. Plus these lights are rated for up to 50,000 hours of use, making them one of the longest-lasting options and the best LED strip lights in our guide. You can also check out the best waterproof led strip lights.

 #2  Onforu 16.4ft LED Strip Light


WHY WE LIKE IT: An affordable cool white LED strip light with an included dimmer and power adapter is why these are the best LED strip lights for room lighting.

  • Best on a budget
  • Dimmer included
  • 4,920 lumens
  • Not waterproof

Hands down, daylight white lighting is one of the best options for a range of tasks — including work. Our Honorable Mention pick is also our Best on a Budget recommendation. In addition to being the most affordable option in our guide, we like that the Onforu white LED strip light is a complete kit that comes with a power adapter, dimmer switch, 16.4 feet of lighting, and mounting hardware.

While it’s also not a waterproof solution, we like that the cool white temperature lends itself to being a great solution for a home office, or general lighting around the house. This is why we think this is one of the best LED light strips for room lighting. You’ll appreciate that this lighting has stepless dimming so you can control the brightness from zero to 100 percent. And as is common, these lights also come with adhesive so you can easily install them without tools if you prefer. An easy to install light kit is the TBI Pro WiFi LED Strip Light Kit that has a strip length of 32.8 feet. This flexible LED strip lighting is versatile in its lighting design, for it can adjust to be dim or super bright, is color changing with many color options, and can work with your smart home devices, like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, etc. You also have the option of adjusting the lighting/change colors via remote control. After the easy installation, plug in the power supply that’s connected to a 3 foot cord and be ready to completely transform the atmosphere of your living space. Compare these to the best led strip lights.

 #3  GuoTonG 50ft/15m LED Lights Strip Kit


WHY WE LIKE IT: The best quality LED strip lights because they’re waterproof with a warm temperature output and offer the longest length in our guide.

  • Best quality
  • Dimmer included
  • Longest length of 50’
  • Expensive

While technically speaking none of the lighting solutions in our guide are extremely expensive, our Best Quality selection is one of the higher-end options. The GuoTong pick is the best quality LED strip lights in our guide because they’re waterproof with an IP65 rating that makes them safe for outdoor use (but not for submersion). We also like that this set of lights has the longest length at 50 feet as compared to the average length of 16.4 feet.

In addition to being the best outdoor LED strip lights, we like that this is another complete installation kit that comes with the lighting, power adapter, dimmer switch, and adhesive. As is common, this light strip is also customizable, with labeled cut lines to make trimming the length a breeze. And this set also comes with fuses to prevent a short from overloading the light strip. If you want something warmer, our best warm white led strip lights list is a good read.

 #4  Govee Upgraded 16.4ft Dimmable LED Light Strip


WHY WE LIKE IT: A cool white temperature that’s ideal for creating a DIY makeup vanity for more precise makeup applications.

  • Dimmable with 6 brightness levels
  • Cool white temperature
  • Power adapter included
  • Not waterproof

If you’re a member of the makeup world or even just an enthusiast, you know that proper lighting is the key to nailing your makeup application — assuming you’ve already mastered the art of applying makeup. But if you’re not in the market to invest in some of the more expensive makeup vanities with built-in lighting, you can go the DIY route and create something that’s customized specifically to your needs.

The Govee LED light strip is a great solution because cool white light is preferable for makeup applications. We like that this option comes with a dimmer and a power adapter. As is common, you can trim the strip by following the trim lines, and the included adhesive makes applying the lights easy too. So, what makes this a great option for vanities? If you’ve looked online you know that most makeup vanities are white or light-colored. This is the only cool white LED light strip that is also white — which makes for a more low profile look when the lights aren’t on. You can also try the best smart light bulbs.

 #5  Novostella 20ft/6m Dimmable LED Light Strip Kit


WHY WE LIKE IT: A longer 20 foot LED light strip that’s dimmable and comes with a complete installation kit that includes mounting hardware.

  • Excellent accent lighting and 20ft length
  • Cool white temperature
  • Power adapter & dimmer included
  • Not waterproof

Some people prefer mounting hardware as opposed to relying solely on adhesive backing. But mounting hardware isn’t as common in an LED lighting strip kit as an adhesive is. We’re rounding out our recommendations with the Novostella pick which includes 20 feet of cool white lighting, a dimmer, a power adapter, adhesive, and mounting hardware.

We think this is a great option for accent lightings such as under cabinets or shelving because of the addition of the mounting hardware. You’ll like that you can easily adjust the brightness with the dimmer. Installation is easy to do, and as is pretty standard, you can quickly trim the length by following the labeled cut lines. Also, if you’re looking for a more structured, linear strip light, the Faithsail LED 8 foot strip lights are another great option. They’re energy-saving, easy to use, and simple to install. Each one is 8 feet long but they’re all linkable so you can pair them together to fit your specific space.

How We Decided

White LED strip lights can be used for a range of purposes, making them a smart and versatile investment if you want to improve the lighting in your home, office, or even outdoor areas without breaking the bank. To create our guide, we looked at the following core features — color temperature, water resistance, power source, length, and controls.

Except for our Best Quality recommendation, none of the other selections in our guide are water-resistant. Specifically, the Best Quality is rated at IP65 which means that it can be used outdoors for occasional water exposure, but not submerged in water.

With color temperature, you have the option between cool, neutral, and warm. While we don’t have any neutral white recommendations, you can look to our Top Pick and Best Quality picks for warm white lighting. If you prefer cool lighting, then focus on our Honorable Mention, #5 and #6 picks.

Only our Top Pick lacks a power source. It’s the only option in our roundup that doesn’t come with a power adapter. In contrast, all of the others include not just a power adapter but a dimmer which gives you the freedom to adjust the brightness on your light strips. And finally, for length, our Best Quality is the winner at 50 feet. The typical length you’re most likely to find as you shop for lighting is 16.4 feet. But our #6 pick offers 20 feet.

Best White LED Strip Lights Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Factors to Consider

  1. Color Temperature
    You might not think that a white LED strip light would have a color, but you can buy white lights in warm, neutral, or cool color temperatures. The temperature will dictate how your white LED strips will appear. A cool white light has a bluish hue to it, whereas a warm light is yellowish.
  2. Water Resistance
    If you’re thinking about using LED strip lights outside, this is going to be an important feature. While there are different water resistance ratings, the minimum you need for general outdoor use is a minimum of IP65. For underwater installations in pools or fountains, get light strips with a rating of IP68 or higher.
  3. Power Source
    Some LED light strips come with a power adapter but not all of them. If you’re not comfortable with managing your wiring, opt for an all-in-one installation kit. These types come with a power adapter. If you’re comfortable with a DIY approach, then white LED strip lights that are sold separately from the adapter will be okay for you.
  4. Length
    Strip lengths can vary. While most LED strip lights are sold by the foot, the way they’re presented can be different. Some kits feature pre-cut lengths while others come with scored marks so that you can trim the length to your needs.
  5. Lumens
    You measure an LED light’s brightness in lumens. Depending on your illumination goals, you’ll need to look for a specific lumen rating. For accent lighting don’t exceed 200 lumens. But if you prefer something brighter, opt for a higher lumen measurement.
  6. Controls
    Depending on the light strips you pick, you can control the brightness or even create animation settings. It’s not uncommon for your LED installation kit to come with a wireless remote that lets you control those settings. But it’s also common for there to be a smartphone app that also gives you control without the risk of losing a remote.

White LED Strip Lights FAQs

What are the best quality LED strip lights?

This is going to depend on how you plan on using your lights and the temperature that works best for your needs. However, in our guide, we nominated the HitLights Warm White LED Light Strip as our Top Pick because it was one of the few warm white LED light strip options. But it also offers a customizable 16.4-foot length that can be trimmed to fit your needs.

How long can LED strip lights stay on?

Of course, individual output and longevity will vary. But on average, an LED strip light can last for 50,000 hours. In more relatable terms, if used every day, an LED light can last for six years before you would need to replace it. This is why LED lighting is viewed as more efficient and economical than traditional light bulbs.

Can LED strips catch fire?

The short answer is no. LED lights put out a very low level of heat, far less than what is required to pose a fire hazard.

Are LED Strips bad for your eyes?

You shouldn’t spend a lot of time looking directly into any light source. However, the average LED strip light has a very low UV emission level. But if you’re concerned about potential damage, invest in a quality pair of blue light blocking glasses.
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