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After consulting with experts and conducting research, we’ve found that the best Whistler radar detector for your money right now is the Whistler CR93. This model packs 360º detection, GPS encoding, and Whistler’s smart traffic flow signal rejection algorithm, helping to avoid false positives from lane-keeping, blind-spot alert, and other late model car automation systems. Unlike most old Whistler radar detectors, it also has internal GPS so you can tag speed traps. For other options, try checking out our best radar detector guide.

In order to help you pick out the best Whistler radar detector to help you identify police radar and avoid speeding tickets, we researched and ranked popular Whistler radar detectors, looking for the longest range radar detector, the most effective K band, Ka band, and LIDAR detectors and ranking top models on features like GPS integration, visual alert features, and voice alerts, as well as ease of installation and set up. Read on for more of the best radar detectors.

Top 10 Best Whistler Radar Detectors

 #1  Whistler CR93 Radar Detector


WHY WE LIKE IT: This versatile dash-mounted radar detector features 360º sensing, K band, X band, wideband Ka and LIDAR detection, and built-in GPS so you can record the coordinates of frequent speed traps.

  • Frequency signature identification for prioritizing alerts
  • Filters out false alarms with traffic flow signal rejection
  • Includes laser detection
  • Sensitive to mounting location
  • Not the easiest to install

This suction cup mounted high-performance radar detector with laser detection features Whistler’s traffic flow signal rejection that helps drastically filter out false alerts from city traffic sources such as new car driver assistance features. The CR93, like the more expensive Whistler CR97, can detect X, K, Ka band radar as well as laser signals.

The CR93 also has POP mode, a feature designed to detect short bursts of radar that other detectors may miss. It comes with built-in GPS so you can record the coordinates of known speed traps and speed camera locations, and it has Whistler’s real voice alerts available in English or Spanish. It also uses a field disturbance sensor to help reduce false alarms.  You may also want to read about 8 of the best radar detectors for comparison.

 #2  Whistler XTR 135 Radar Detector


WHY WE LIKE IT: This model has some advanced features like traffic flow signal rejection, multiple city/ highway modes, and broad-spectrum detection, plus it’s easy to use and set up.

  • TFSR mode filters out false alerts
  • Detects Ka band, K band, and X band radar
  • Simple plug-and-play installation
  • Limited detection range for off-axis signals
  • No voice alert feature

This simple and easy-to-use Whistler radar detector does a fine job of picking up all the most frequently used types of police radar and LIDAR including K and Ka band as well as X band. It also features Whistler’s short duration POP radar and laser detection feature which helps pick up short bursts of signal from radar guns and automated law enforcement speed traps.

While it lacks the built-in GPS of the CR93 and CR97 series, it does have the sophisticated traffic flow signal rejection which helps cut down on false alerts from parking sensors and modern car collision avoidance systems. It also lets you customize features such as the stay alert function and the signal sensitivity on K and Ka band radar. And to outfox the fuzz, you can check out the best police radar detector too.

 #3  Whistler CR85 Radar Detector


WHY WE LIKE IT: This whistler radar detector has a good range for its price point, with 360-degree detection and alert priority mode. It also picks up and is able to identify Ka band and laser signal types.

  • Comes with signal ID feature
  • Picks up oblique and rear-facing signals
  • Includes voice alerts
  • Lacks GPS
  • Fewer filtering modes than some models

With useful all-around coverage and an easy to install suction cup mounted form, this radar detector is among the most advanced non GPS units in its class. Unlike old Whistler radar detectors, it includes voice alerts and the updated RSID and LSID features that let it identify frequencies used by law enforcement and for speed camera traps, plus a useful signal strength indicator alert feature.

Like all the newer contenders for best whistler radar detector, this model is also compatible with the Whistler intellicord, which lets you program power-saving features and set the detector to automatically turn on. It has three city/ highway filtering modes that help reduce false alerts, as well as an alert priority feature. You may also want to compare this to the best Cobra radar detector.

 #4  Whistler CR70 Laser Radar Detector


WHY WE LIKE IT: This easy to install Whistler radar and laser detector keep up with the best Whistler radar detectors, 2020 models included, when it comes to identifying radar and laser signals. It picks up K, Ka, X band radar as well as Laser Atlanta Stealth mode and Truspeed lasers.

  • POP mode for short-duration signal perception
  • City mode filters out false alarm signals
  • Comes with radar and laser signal ID feature
  • Lacks GPS
  • Not as sensitive at long distances as some other models

This suction cup mirror mounted laser and radar detector comes with 360º coverage, a city mode that helps filter out false alerts, and a useful radar and laser signal ID system that identifies specific frequencies in use by law enforcement and speed camera radar guns and laser guns.

Like the higher-end Whistler radar detectors, it offers POP mode, which helps pick up brief signal bursts. It also scans for stealth mode lasers and LTI Truspeed S laser signals. It has adjustable volume for audible alerts and a user-adjustable alert priority mode. And whether you’re a coach, a player, or a hobbyist, the best radar gun can help you measure your speed and evaluate your progress as you work to make things move faster.

 #5  Whistler CR88 Radar Detector


WHY WE LIKE IT: This whistler radar detector boasts a similar detection range to the CR93 and Pro 3700 series, and it includes the useful radar and laser signal ID feature, which lets you identify and save specific speed trap and radar gun frequencies.

  • Full-text OLED display
  • RSID and LSID modes with alert priority feature
  • Bilingual voice alerts
  • Limited range for oblique and partially blocked signals
  • No GPS or speed trap database

This radar detector is nearly full-featured with the exception of GPS and a customizable speed trap database, as some of the best radar detector 2020 models now include. However, it does keep up with the latest Whistler CR-series radar detectors in terms of detection range across all radar bands and stealth mode laser detection.

It features 360º coverage, though the range is more limited with oblique and opposite-direction signals, as with most radar and laser detectors. It comes with Whistler’s city mode and traffic flow signal rejection algorithm too, helping filter out false alerts. Another good car accessory is the best breathalyzer.

 #6  Whistler CR73 Radar Detector


WHY WE LIKE IT: This 12V-powered radar detector comes with three city modes plus Whistler’s traffic flow signal rejection and POP modes, which prove helpful at reducing false alarms and identifying high priority alerts in high traffic areas.

  • Includes signal strength indicator
  • Easy-to-read LED visual display
  • Bilingual voice alerts
  • Less detection range than the highest performing Whistler radar detectors
  • Lacks speed trap and red light camera database

This Whistler radar detector is sophisticated yet easy to install and use. A dash-mounted unit, it uses suction cups and draws power from the car’s 12V outlet. A visual display features bright LEDs and includes a signal strength indicator, alert priority function, and three city mode options. It has bilingual audio alerts as well as visual alerts and a stay alert feature for longer drives.

It lacks GPS or a database of red light cameras and speed cameras, but it does come with traffic flow signal rejection as well as POP mode for identifying short radar bursts. This model includes 360-degree detection capability, though it has less detection range than the top-performing radar detectors we’ve seen. The best satellite radio for your car will also make sure that your travels are happy.

 #7  Whistler CR68 Radar Detector


WHY WE LIKE IT: This Whistler radar detector features an easy to read LED display with signal strength indicators and a customizable dim/ dark mode, plus audible alerts and a sleep/ auto-off function. It also works like a laser detector, picking up Truspeed laser and Stealth Mode Atlanta laser signals.

  • Battery saver function with auto-off
  • 360º coverage antenna
  • Alert priority mode and three city modes
  • Not as sensitive as some of the other Whistler radar detectors
  • Lacks custom voice alerts and GPS

This dash-mounted radar detector is powered by the car’s 12V outlet and like many of the best radar detectors’ 2020 models, it can intelligently help save the car’s battery by powering off automatically when the car is parked. This unit also comes with convenient dim/ dark mode and safety alerts that help reduce distracted driving.
Three city modes and Whistler’s traffic flow signal rejection help minimize false alarms, while the 360º antenna picks up K, Ka, and X band radar as well as LIDAR signals. A POP mode allows it to detect ultra-short radar bursts. For wireless models, check out one of the best cordless radar detectors.

 #8  Whistler PRO 3700 Radar Detector


WHY WE LIKE IT: This sophisticated Whistler radar detector has a modular design that lets you mount it in just about any custom location for a more clean and discreet look. It also boasts stealth mode and Truspeed laser and radar signal ID features, adjustable alert priorities, and city mode.

  • Clear and easy-to-read display
  • Can pair with extra rear antenna for better range
  • RSID radar signal and LSID laser identification
  • Harder to install than suction cup mounted detectors

This professional model Whistler radar detector is distinguished by its modular design, letting you customize a mounting location for a cleaner, more integrated look and allowing you to hide the wiring and antennae. It also has a customizable, easy-to-read LED screen that works in a vertical or horizontal orientation. It has bilingual audio alerts as well as visual alerts and multiple filter modes.

Like our other picks for the best whistler radar detector, it has RSID and LSID which help identify speed camera and law enforcement specific frequencies, plus K band, Ka band wide and X band radar coverage, and POP mode for short burst signals. This model can be more complicated to install and set up than others, but it does give more custom options, including the ability to add a second rear-facing antenna to boost detection range. Compare this to the best Long Range Radar Detector that may be a bit pricey, but its feature set and response speeds are outstanding, making it well worth the money.

 #9  Whistler XTR 145 Radar Detector


WHY WE LIKE IT: This Whistler radar detector features a simplified alert periscope display with easy-to-see light-up icons. Plus, it automatically prioritizes alerts and displays radar signal strength.

  • VG–2 detection with Ka band
  • Auto quiet mode and dim mode features
  • POP mode for short burst radar
  • Limited alert range for early warning
  • No GPS or red light camera listing

With its simple and easy to read LED display and signal strength indicator, along with plenty of automatic features and very good false alarm filtering, this Whistler radar detector is one of the easiest to use of any consumer radar detector. It comes with alert priority mode, city and highway modes, and POP mode for high-speed radar burst detection.

It also has a 360º antenna, though it lacks the detection range of the higher end Whistler radar detectors, making it possibly less suitable for the open road and highway journeys where you may need more than 1000 feet of range in order to have an adequate warning to avoid a speeding ticket. It’s powered by a 12V plug and comes with an auto-off feature that saves car battery power when parked. And if you own an iPhone, check out the iRadar Radar Detector that links with the iPhone over Bluetooth to convey a variety of information on its screen ranging from red-light cameras and speed trap locations on a map, to the type of radar it’s reading, to your car’s voltage output.

 #10  Whistler CR65 Radar Detector


WHY WE LIKE IT: This Whistler radar detector is a great value since it has 360-degree sensitivity and some of the same advanced features as the high end best Whistler radar detector 2020 models, like traffic flow signal filtering to reduce false alerts.

  • Advanced K band, Ka band, and stealth mode functions
  • 360º detection coverage
  • Three city mode options to reduce false alerts
  • Range is on the shorter side
  • No GPS or voice alerts

Easy to install thanks to the included windshield bracket and mounting hardware, this relatively simple radar detector has many of the same advanced and useful features as the more expensive Whistler radar detectors, while its latest price is significantly lower. It lacks GPS and voice alerts but it comes with traffic flow signal rejection, adjustable city modes, and POP mode for high-speed radar bursts.

It also has Whistler’s useful RSID radar signature ID and Laser frequency ID system, making it a good value if you’re looking for a functional, basic radar detector that won’t give too many false alerts. The best CB radio is another great car accessory.

How We Decided

In order to pick the best Whistler Radar Detector you can buy, we looked for performance, range, durability, and ease of installation. We also took into account value for the money, favoring detectors that performed as well as higher-end models at a lower price point.

When it comes to performance, we only included those radar and laser detectors that were capable of picking up K band, Ka band, and X band radar, along with the LIDAR set-ups most commonly used by law enforcement to measure vehicle speed in North America. Being able to detect signals oblique bearings, adjustable false alert rejection, and 360º coverage were considered important as well. We looked for city mode and highway mode features that let you fine-tune the radar detector’s sensitivity, and for useful features like a stay alert function for long drives.

We only included Whistler radar detectors with a range of at least 1000 feet for K band signals, so that you have adequate warning time to make sure you’re traveling under the speed limit when in view of radar and help avoid speeding tickets. Finally, we looked for products that were durable and easy to install. For most suction cup windshield mounted radar detectors, installation is quite easy and the power connection is via the car’s USB or 12V port.

Best Whistler Radar Detector Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Laser Detection
    When looking for a radar detector to help avoid speeding tickets, make sure to get one that also has laser detection, as many law enforcement agencies and speed camera set-ups use LIDAR. A good bonus feature is LSID and RSID or laser and radar signal identification. Radar detectors with laser detection should be able to pick up stealth mode lasers and Truspeed LIDAR signals.
  2. City Mode
    City mode allows you to customize the detector’s sensitivity and range, helping filter out false alerts from city traffic systems while still catching the signals from radar guns and speed traps. Newer Whistler radar detectors incorporate customizable city mode features and field disturbance sensor rejection, which helps reduce false alarms from city traffic signals while preserving sensitivity in the K band and Ka band police radar frequencies.
  3. GPS
    Available on many newer radar detector models, built-in GPS allows you to mark the coordinates of known speed traps and customize features like sensitivity adjustment so that you can automatically increase the signal gain or enable enhanced false alert rejection when in pre-selected areas on the map. GPS lets you save speed limit information and the coordinates of red light cameras.

Whistler Radar Detector

What is the best Whistler radar detector?

It depends on your needs and personal preferences. If you’re looking for a modular and highly customizable radar detector, look to a dash-mounted model like the Whistler Pro 3700. If built-in GPS is important, look for a newer model like the Whistler CR97 or CR93, and if you’re looking for an easy-to-install radar detector that also picks out red light cameras, consider a Whistler Z-31rw radar detector or check out a Whistler Z-31r+ review to see if one of these plug-and-play models meets your needs.

What is the best radar detector for 2020?

If you’re looking for the best radar detector 2020, consider an updated model with high gain antennas, 360º bearing coverage, and enhanced detection range. Also helpful are built-in GPS and multiple city modes. If you’re looking at a higher-end radar detector, consider features such as signal strength indicators, T-test feature, and a customizable location database that includes road speed limit and red light camera information.

What is the best radar detector for the money?

If you don’t need features such as custom installation or GPS, a dash or mirror-mount radar detector like the Whistler CR85 provides a similar detection range to some pricier units, along with features like alert priority mode, radar, and laser signal ID, and with traffic flow signal rejection to reduce false alerts.

Are radar detectors worth it anymore?

If you often drive long-distances, a good radar detector can help you drive safely and avoid speed traps and costly out-of-state speeding tickets. Newer models also have helpful safety features such as a stay alert feature and a database of local speed limit info. Many of the best whistler radar detectors can be found affordably on Amazon and most are relatively easy to install. They are legal in all states except Virginia.

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