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Updated January 24, 2023

To determine the best wheelbarrow, we focused on the following core features — wheel count, tray materials, capacity and weight limits, and the handle design. Wheel count is an important aspect as more wheels can enhance stability and in some cases improve maneuverability. The tray materials can help to reduce the overall weight of your wheelbarrow as well as improve longevity with features like corrosion resistance. Of course, capacity and weight limitations matter so that you can safely complete your yard work. And finally, a proper handle design can make moving and positioning your wheelbarrow easier on your body. This is one of the essentials you need to have when working on your lawn garden.

After taking all of the above into account, we’ve chosen the Worx WG050 Aerocart 8-in-1 All-Purpose Wheelbarrow as our Top Pick. In addition to featuring a dual-wheel design, we liked that it had a median weight limit and storage capacity of 200 pounds and three cubic feet — making it perfect for the average homeowner to use. But best of all, we liked that this model could be used for other tasks around the home thanks to the multipurpose design. Keep reading to learn more about our picks.

Top 7 Best Wheelbarrow Compared

 #1  WORX WG050 Aerocart 8-in-1 All-Purpose Wheelbarrow – Top Pick

WHY WE LIKE IT: A dual-wheel wheelbarrow with a commendable towing capacity (200lbs/3 cu. ft.) that’s designed with multifunctionality in mind makes it perfect for homeowners.

  • Excellent multifunctional design
  • Dual-wheel
  • 200lb/3 cubic feet
  • Difficult to maneuver
  • Accessories sold separately

We feel the Worx WG050 Aerocart 8-in-1 All-Purpose Wheelbarrow is the perfect example of a Top Pick. This wheelbarrow is perfect for the average homeowner with a medium-sized yard. What makes this the best wheelbarrow in our opinion is that it’s multifunction. In addition to using this yard tool to move heavy gardening items, you can also treat this as a dolly to move heavy boxes or furniture, attach garbage bags to it for a stable place to rake up leaves in the fall, or even use a hitch and attach it to a vehicle.

But you’ll also like that this metal tray wheelbarrow features a dual-wheel design for enhanced stability. While accessories to enhance the functionality of this device are sold separately, if you do opt to use them, you can turn your wheelbarrow into a snowplow or wagon. You’ll also enjoy the 200-pound weight capacity and the three cubic feet of storage. Just make sure you don’t run over your landscape lighting when at full capacity.

 #2  AMES 2463875 Easy Roller Poly Lawn Wheelbarrow – Honorable Mention

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WHY WE LIKE IT: A hidden four-wheel design and sturdy handlebars make maneuvering with this wheelbarrow easier — proving itself to be ideal for those with less physical strength.

  • Best handles
  • 4 wheel design
  • 200lb/4 cu. ft. capacity
  • Cheaper construction

One common complaint about wheelbarrows is that they can be difficult to move — especially if you can’t get enough leverage. We’ve selected the AMES 2463875 Easy Roller Poly Lawn Wheelbarrow as our Honorable Mention because it specifically features a design that solves this issue. Rather than two separate handlebars, this wheelbarrow is designed with a full-width handle that has sturdy grips built into them. Additionally, the two back legs also include small wheels that help you to move around — even in uneven terrain.

We also like that this model also features a 200-pound weight limit and a total capacity of four cubic feet. While it is a plastic construction, this wheelbarrow is designed from all-poly — making it corrosion resistant. There are also other value-added attributes that we liked, such as the built-in tool tray just beneath the handlebars. Be sure to check out the True Temper 6 Cubic Feet Steel Wheelbarrow, while is a durable product with a steel frame for product longevity and is easy to assemble. While you’re working on your yard, you’ll need one of the best root slayers.

 #3  Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow and Yard Cart – Best Lightweight Wheelbarrow

WHY WE LIKE IT: A lightweight dual-wheel wheelbarrow with a rust-proof design makes it possible for even the smallest adult to easily manage yard work without struggling to move this device.

  • Air filled tires for easy balance
  • Dual wheel design
  • 300lbs/5 cu. ft. capacity
  • Lacks forward tip support

Wheelbarrows are designed to carry heavy loads but they shouldn’t be heavy and unwieldy when empty. The Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow and Yard Cart is the perfect solution for anyone who’s ever complained that their wheelbarrow was heavy or difficult to push when empty and nearly impossible when full. The lightweight design comes in at 29 pounds and features a tray that can support 300 pounds and a total storage capacity of five cubic feet.

Shoppers with modest budgets will appreciate this wheelbarrow because, along with its sturdy design, it won’t break the bank as compared to some of the more high-end models on our list. The poly tray is designed to be rustproof and is complemented by a full-length handlebar with a rubber grip for improved comfort and better leverage. Another one of the best wheelbarrows by Marathon that’s a little lighter at 25 lbs. is the Marathon Yard Rover, which has two tires, a poly bed, and 300 lb. carrying capacity. The loop handle makes maneuvering and dumping the wheelbarrow much easier, and the product overall is easy to assemble. And if you know someone who loves landscaping and this type of work, they’ll likely love the best pool cleaner as a gift.

 #4  Seymour JR Poly Tray Lightweight Childrens Size Wheelbarrow – Best for Kids

WHY WE LIKE IT: An adorable single wheel wheelbarrow is the perfect way to ease your little helper into gardening and is designed with younger children in mind.

  • Corrosion proof design
  • Lightweight design
  • Solid rubber tire
  • Assembly required
  • Hardwood grips

If gardening is a family affair, and your children want to have a wheelbarrow just like you, the Seymour JR Poly Tray Lightweight Childrens Size Wheelbarrow is a solid choice. We thought the classic design that paired the cute bright red tray with a single wheel and wooden handles makes this a great starter option for young gardeners.

While the brand failed to list specific capacity and weight limits for this wheelbarrow, among consumer reviews, it’s considered to have a higher capacity as compared to other child-friendly wheelbarrows. We also like that it features a plastic tray that’s corrosion-proof. Also make sure to check out the best pool pump, which can reduce the effort and upkeep on at least one of your home maintenance projects.

 #5  G & F 10041 JustForKids Kids Wheelbarrow – Best Budget

WHY WE LIKE IT: A colorful single wheel metal wheelbarrow with dual handles that makes gardening fun and helps your child embrace their green thumb.

  • Durable metal design
  • Rounded safety edges
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Assembly required
  • Best for 3 to 5-year-olds

It just so happens that our Best Budget choice also happens to be an adorable and colorful wheelbarrow that’s designed for little tykes. We liked that this single wheel option features durable metal construction with a tray that has rounded edges to protect little fingers from injury.

While the kid-friendly wheelbarrow requires assembly, we liked the sturdy design and the fact that this is rated for children as young as three. And, the ergonomic handles make it easier for little ones to safely and securely grasp and move their wheelbarrow to help out with gardening tasks. It is as useful in the yard as the best lawn mower is. If you want to decorate your commercial or residence with beautiful plants, you should consider placing the best artificial plants.

 #6  Polar Trailer 8449 Heavy Duty Cub Cart – Best Quality

WHY WE LIKE IT: A heavy-duty wheelbarrow with a dual-wheel design and impressive weight and storage capacity makes this the perfect option for serious gardeners or even new landscaping businesses.

  • Massive 7 cubic foot capacity
  • 400lbs/7 cu ft capacity
  • Polyethylene tray
  • Heaviest manual wheelbarrow
  • Handlebar lacks rubber grips.

Serious gardeners that have to focus on landscaping projects know that bigger is better. We’ve picked the Polar Trailer 8449 Heavy Duty Cub Cart as our Best Quality option because it features the largest capacity of all the wheelbarrows on our list (ignoring the kid-friendly models) while not breaking the bank. Specifically, you’ll enjoy a 400-pound weight limit and a seven cubic foot tray capacity. For the winter months, make sure you have a stockpile of best de-icing salt to keep your walkways clear.

We also liked that this model also featured a dual-wheel design for enhanced stability and a full handlebar that makes maneuvering and gaining leverage easier than two-handle models. The tray is also constructed from durable polyethylene to resist cracking and rusting. A similar product is the Gorilla Carts Poly Garden Dump Cart,  which has a durable and rust-proof poly bed, pneumatic tires, and padded pull handle to help you pull up to 600 lbs. To finish up your lawn cleanup, you’ll also need the best leaf blower. And if you want to prepare your garden for planting, you should use the best tiller.

 #7  GreenWorks GC40L410 40V Garden Cart – Best Electric

WHY WE LIKE IT: A self-powered electric wheelbarrow with medium storage capacity that makes hauling heavy loads a breeze for users of all ages.

  • Self-propelled for easy moving
  • Battery & charger included
  • 3.75 cu.ft, 200lb capacity
  • Expensive
  • 40-minute runtime

We get that many people have a love-hate relationship with wheelbarrows. While they do make hauling items infinitely easier than doing it by hand, they’re also heavy and difficult to move at times. The GreenWorks GC40L410 40V Garden Cart solves this common pain point by turning the wheelbarrow into an electrical device. This 40-volt wheelbarrow is perfect if your yard features uneven terrain — a common obstacle for traditional wheelbarrows.

The two self-propelled front wheels can easily navigate over bumpy ground and the third back wheel features a brake for added safety. The built-in off-loading assist handle also makes it easier to dump larger loads like dirt and mulch. Although the run time isn’t very long under maximum loads (40 minutes), we did like that you can fully recharge the battery in two hours. And the fact that this model comes with the battery and charging base makes this a great value-added choice. Plus the 200-pound weight support and 3.75 cubic feet capacity makes this a great choice for the average homeowner. For your next weeding project, take a look at the best string trimmer too. If your weeding project seems too massive for just a string trimmer, bring out your best backpack sprayer to really get the job done. As we are affiliated with Amazon through the Associates Program, check out all these great products on

How We Decided

Serious gardeners and landscapers know that a wheelbarrow is an essential tool for maintaining a yard or vegetable garden. While this essential piece of equipment has been around for centuries, finding the right one for your needs can still be hard to do sometimes. To narrow down the choices for determining the best wheelbarrow, we considered the following features — wheel count, tray design, capacity, and weight limits, and the handle design.

The total number of wheels on a wheelbarrow is an important feature, as it can impact the stability and maneuverability. Within our choices, only the children’s wheelbarrows (#4 and #5) are single-wheel designs. Our Top Pick, #3 and #6 (Best Value) feature two front wheels. The Honorable Mention, while technically a dual-wheel design, actually has two smaller wheels in the back attached to the legs which improve maneuverability. And our #7 pick is a three-wheel design with a smaller back wheel that offers braking support.

Next, we reviewed the tray design. All of the models in our list are either constructed of metal or polyethylene. Polyethylene options tend to be cheaper but they are still corrosion-resistant. Within our list, only the Top Pick and the Best Budget option are made with metal trays. The remaining models are all polyethylene (also written as “poly” in the descriptions).
Capacity and weight limit are critical features as your intended wheelbarrow needs to be able to support your typical gardening or landscaping tasks and associated tools or supplies. Except for the children’s wheelbarrows, all of the adult-sized options do list the weight and capacity. Out of all of the models, our Best Quality selection features the highest weight limit and capacity (400 pounds and seven cubic feet). The remaining adult wheelbarrows can support between 200 to 300 pounds with a capacity ranging between 3 and 5 cubic feet.

Finally, we considered the handle design. This important feature will impact how easily you can move your wheelbarrow. While our Top Pick featured two separate handles, we found that many of the other models in our roundup offered a handlebar which can provide better leverage and reduce general fatigue.

Wheelbarrow Buying Guide


The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Wheel Count
    Wheelbarrows usually feature a traditional design with wheels in the front and two legs in the back to keep the cart stable when it’s not in use. But some wheelbarrows come with two front wheels or even four wheels and no legs. While any wheelbarrow will be relatively stable, dual wheels can enhance this feature. Yet, the one drawback of dual-wheel designs is that they tend to be less maneuverable and are harder to turn in tight spaces as compared to single-wheel wheelbarrows.
  2. Tray Materials
    Typically, wheelbarrows are designed with either a plastic or steel tray. Again, the type you choose is going to depend on what you’re hauling. Plastic trays mean a lighter overall design which is easier to push or pull — but they’re not designed for heavy loads. In contrast, a steel or metal-based tray can support more weight but will require more effort to move. Note that collapsible wagons are often included in the wheelbarrow category. These models will feature fabric trays. However, serious gardeners should avoid these options.
  3. Capacity & Weight Limit
    Wheelbarrow capacity is measured in cubic feet and refers to the total amount of available storage in the tray. Most wheelbarrows range between four to eight cubic feet, with the most common option being six cubic feet. In terms of weight limits, a quality wheelbarrow will clearly state the maximum weight load it can support. Always confirm that the wheelbarrow you’re considering purchasing will meet your needs for general loads.
  4. Handle
    You’ll also want to pay special attention to the handle materials and design. Most wheelbarrows feature wood or steel handles. Steel is best for heavier loads while wood is ideal for smaller ones. But also note the design and if there’s a grip. A good rubberized grip can make pushing or pulling your wheelbarrow easier and reduce fatigue or strain.

Wheelbarrow FAQs

What’s the difference between a wheelbarrow and a garden cart?

The biggest difference between the two is going to be in the number of wheels. A wheelbarrow will only have a maximum of two wheels — always located in the front — and will feature two legs in the back. In contrast, a garden cart features four wheels.

Why should I buy a wheelbarrow?

The main benefit of investing in a wheelbarrow is that it can make outdoor projects significantly easier and efficient. Instead of hauling your necessary items (tools, dirt, gardening supplies, etc.) one at a time, you can load up a wheelbarrow, move it to where you need to work. Plus you can cut down on the risk of back strain from attempting to haul heavy objects across various distances on foot.

Are there any other features I should consider when shopping for a wheelbarrow?

Outside of ensuring that the materials used to make your wheelbarrow are quality items, look for other features such as rust resistance or UV coating. For the most part, people use wheelbarrows outside. So for longevity, metal wheelbarrows should be made of steel to prevent rusting.
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