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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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To help you find the best wheel lock, we evaluated 14 products based on their secure design, the material used, assembly, visibility, and versatility.

An assessment of the features of Trimax TCL65 Wheel Chock Lock revealed that it was superior over the others due to its durable materials, high-quality finish, unique design, and easy installation. Keep on reading for more details about this best wheel lock and four other highly recommended picks.

Top 5 Best Wheel Locks Reviews

 #1  Trimax TCL65 Wheel Chock Lock

Award: Top Pick

WHY WE LIKE IT: The high-grade steel TCL65 fits tires of various sizes for cars, trucks, and ATVs, making it a popular product on the market. Top features include a pick-resistant locking mechanism, rubber-coated arms, 2-step installation, and powder coating.

  • 2-in-1 lock & chock
  • Fits many kinds of tires
  • Easy assembly
  • Debris, rust can ruin keyhole

This wheel clamp from the 21-year-old security products manufacturer is made up of detachable arms that can be adjusted according to the size of your tire. The six-pound TCL65 can fit the following tire sizes: 16.5 x 6.5-8 (width, height, and rim diameter in inches), 4.8″-R12 (width, rim), 195/75/R14 (width in millimeters, aspect ratio, and rim diameter in inches), 205/60/R15, 205/70/R15, 215/70/R15, 225/75/R15, and 235/75/R15.

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Once you’ve secured the arms tightly onto the sides of the tire and set the clamp to the ground, just push in the lock cylinder and place the keyhole cover on. The rubber coating of the clamp’s arms ensures your rim and tires don’t sustain any scratches when you insert the device. The TCL65 has a built-in chock feature, guaranteeing your vehicle doesn’t roll away. It comes with two cylindrical keys that can’t be easily duplicated. Best of all, the wheel lock is covered by a lifetime warranty. All of the best car accessories that we like usually are.

 #2  Trimax TCL75 Wheel Lock

Award: Honorable Mention

WHY WE LIKE IT: Trimax’s TCL75 wheel clamp lock has the same durable design and high-security features as its smaller version, the TCL65. However, this model has a longer reach and can thus accommodate larger tires for trucks, horse trailers, and construction dump trailers.

  • Fits larger tires than TCL65
  • 2-in-1 lock and chock
  • Easy assembly
  • Debris, rust can ruin keyhole

This Trimax lock has a reach of 10.5″, longer than TCL65’s 7.25″-reach, making it the best wheel lock for trailers. It may be larger, but it’s lighter at 4lbs. It’s compatible with all the tire sizes that TCL65 can fit into except for 16.5 x 6.5-8 tires. It can also fit sizes of 7.5”-R16, 235/80/R16, and 33” x 12.5”/R15.

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Like the TCL65, this model has a built-in chock, enhancing your wheel’s grip on the ground. It also comes with two keys and a lifetime warranty. To preserve the keyhole on the core lock, return the cover after pulling out the key and pressing the lock. Now that you’ve got your wheels taken care of, make sure that your battery is top-notch with the best car battery charger.

 #3  OxGord Trailer Wheel Lock

Award: Best Budget

WHY WE LIKE IT: This bright-colored red and yellow metal wheel clamp can be used on a variety of different-sized tires. It’s a practical vehicle accessory that you can easily install to discourage thieves from running away with your vehicle.

  • Fits many tire sizes
  • Light (5lbs)
  • Easy to install
  • A bit weaker build

Just like the Trimax wheel lock, this item has detachable arms that you adjust to fit your tire. Although the arms of the clamp aren’t rubber-coated like our tip pick, they feature soft polyvinyl chloride (PVC) coating so your tires and rims will be scratch and dent-free.

Once you’ve clipped the clamp onto your car, you just press the lock in and put on the lock cover. This OxGord product is compatible with tires that have widths ranging from 6.75″ to 10.5″. Weighing only 5”, this clamp is portable and easy to set up. It comes with two keys and offers a 1-year warranty. No one is going to steal your rims, so celebrate by cranking up the best car stereo and rock out to some tunes.

 #4  Goplus Wheel Lock

Award: Best Lock Core

WHY WE LIKE IT: Made of weather-resistant steel, this adjustable wheel lock can be used for tires as small as lawn mowers and scooters to RVs and even small aircraft. You get a lot of bang for your buck from this mid-range product with its brass lock core, highly visible colors, and easy-to-assemble design.

  • Very weather-resistant
  • Fits many tires
  • Soft, anti-slip handles
  • Light gauge material

Reduce your theft worries with the Goplus tire claw that fits tires measuring 7” to 11” wide. Its covered lock is made of brass, the same metal used for most padlocks, which means it’s excellent at handling moisture.
This 5.3-lb device has a soft, anti-slip handle, allowing you to clamp your tire comfortably in no time. The heavy-duty steel lock has a rust-resistant and soft coating so it’s both durable and easy on the surface of your rims and tires. The product comes with three keys. Be sure to also check out the McGard 24157 Chrome Cone Seat Wheel Locks. Made by the reputable McGard brand that’s been around since the 1960s, these locks are one of Amazon’s best-selling wheel locks and come in a set of four locks and one key. You may also want to read about the best breathalyzer so that you can be safe in your car.

 #5  Homdox Wheel Lock

Award: Best Quality

WHY WE LIKE IT: More than just a regular wheel clamp, this heavy-duty product features a suction cup and spikes for an extra layer of protection against thieves. Its rubber grips, anti-corrosion finish, tire-friendly PVC coating, and free crank make this advanced wheel lock a complete package.

  • Most secure
  • Clamp & boot in one stop tire removal
  • Features spikes
  • Heavy (14.11lbs)
  • Relatively costly

Of all the products in this buying guide, this 14.11-lb wheel lock may be the heaviest and most time-consuming in terms of assembly, but it’s also the most secure of the five. It serves as a wheel boot, featuring an arm with a disc that you position on the central face of your wheel. This disc prevents thieves from taking out the bolts from your wheel.

As an extra anti-theft measure, the Homdox wheel lock has spikes found in the inner portion of the tire claw. They would pierce your tire if thieves forcefully try to move your vehicle while the wheel lock is in place. The inner area of the clamp is PVC-coated to protect your wheels and rims against marks or scratches. Speaking of marks and scratches, protect your truck with the best truck floor mats. The Homdox lock fits tires with a width of 280mm and a diameter of 780mm. It comes with two keys and a crank to help you tighten the clamp. Be sure to also take a look at the Gorilla Automotive Guard Chrome Cone Seat Acorn Wheel Locks, which are made of hardened steel for long-lasting durability and have stylish chrome plating. These Acorn Gorilla Guard Locks are also known for their unique locking mechanism that is impossible to unlock without the designated key, providing you with the ultimate security for preventing tire wheel theft. With your trailer secure, you might want to also check out the best trailer tires for your next outdoor adventure.

How We Decided

The wheel locks in this buying guide are all wheel clamp locks that can accommodate a wide variety of tire sizes. We preferred wheel clamps over locking lug nuts because the latter is specific to only a particular size.

Our shortlisted products are all made of durable steel materials. We chose locks with arms that are covered with a protective coating so your tires and rims are free from damage while the locks are being attached or are in place. Some wheel locks like the Trimax and Homdox locks are dual purpose as we want to offer options with greater versatility.

Lastly, all the items are portable enough to bring with you in your vehicle and fairly easy to set up with minimal time and extra tools required.

Best Modern Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Factors to Consider

  1. Wheel size
    Most locks are made to fit specific tire sizes so be sure to measure the width and diameter of your tire before checking out different brands and their prices.
  2. Complexity
    Look for a wheel lock with a very unique key because locks with universal keys will be easier to manipulate. Check the locking mechanism, and see if it won’t easily unlock without the use of a key or break easily.
  3. Quality of material
    Thieves may try several times to crack open your wheel lock. Choose the best wheel locks that are made of strong, professional-grade steel that will survive this wear and tear. Moreover, ensure that the arms of the clamp have soft insulation, usually PVC or rubber coating, so they won’t cause scratches on the tire tread or your wheel.
  4. Type of finish
    Locks with a protective coating can withstand the elements outdoors for many hours, depending on the environment where you’ll leave your car. A powder-coated or chrome finish protects products from corrosion.
  5. Assembly
    Wheel locks should not put your security at risk because they take too long to install and remove.
  6. Visibility
    The sight of wheel clamps can alert thieves right away compared to low-profile lug nuts. Many manufacturers color their products bright yellow, orange, and red for better visibility.
  7. Lock type
    Wheel locks come in mainly two forms:

    1. Clamp wheel locks
      These locks clamp around your tire, making your vehicle immovable while the device is attached. They tend to be heavy, but it’s a popular choice among vehicle owners who need to park their car for many hours in a particular location.
    2. Locking lug nuts
      They replace one lug nut on your wheel with a locking nut with special rigged patterns that requires a special key for removal. Because they’re less visible than clamp locks, your tires and rims may sustain damage while thieves attempt to take them out while your lug nuts are in place.

Wheel Locks FAQs

Why do I need a wheel clamp lock?

  • To save money
    Installing a wheel clamp is an affordable way to prevent the loss of expensive tires and wheels.
  • For extended parking time
    Anti-theft devices built into your car are not enough. Wheel clamps serve as another layer of security, especially if you have to leave your car on the street for nearly a day or overnight.
  • To prevent rolling
    A clamp can help stop your vehicle or trailer from moving on its own, especially in the case of older cars with ineffective parking brakes.
  • What other things should I do to avoid losing my parked car?
    • Roll up your windows, set your car alarm, lock your car doors, and park in well-lit, populated areas before leaving your car.
    • Buy only wheel locks made of solid metal. Criminals arm themselves with heavy-duty tools like hammers, wrenches, and chisels so your locks must have the strength to take on the abuse from these tools.
    • You may consider pairing your wheel clamp with lug nuts for maximum security as the combination will give thieves a harder time to get your wheels and rims.
    • Stay updated with reports about theft and criminality in your area.
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