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Updated June 1, 2023

The best weight lifting hooks could mean the difference between sprained wrists and well-supported movement of your heavy barbells and dumbbells. Our evaluation focused on hook construction, pull capacity, closure type, thickness, and warranty.

After more than 11 hours of research, our top pick goes to the Grip Power Pads Weight Lifting Hooks. These weightlifting hooks have a generous 600-pound pull rating (second on our list) and adjustable neoprene wrist straps which do not tear or wear. They work well with circuit training exercises with a rubber puller that removes them from your wrist in less than 2 seconds. Keep reading to learn more about the Grip Power Pads Weight Lifting Hooks and other sports equipment that made the cut.

Top 7 Best Weight Lifting Hooks

 #1  Grip Power Pads Weight Lifting Hooks


WHY WE LIKE IT: These offer the best weight lifting grips thanks to its 600-pound pull rating and 2-inch neoprene wrist strap (that won’t tear) for added support.

  • Best grip
  • Durable non-slip coating
  • Outstanding wrist support
  • Some users reported so-so fit with smaller hands
  • Hook strap may fray with heavy use

These weight lifting hooks are super durable, made out of steel with a 600-pound weight capacity (grip strength). Each of them carries a non-slip coating that really grips heavy dumbbells and barbells with no-slip feel. Each hook is also supported by 2″ wide neoprene wrist pads that are fully adjustable for a tight fit.

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We like these weight lifting hooks for light and heavyweight exercises, everything from beginner deadlights under 100 pounds to 200-pound dip-belt supported pull-ups. Plus, a rubber puller makes them easy to remove, which makes it great for group training sessions where there are a ton of alternating exercises.  For a different kind of workout, compare this with the best lifting belt.

 #2  RDX Weight Lifting Hook Straps


WHY WE LIKE IT: These weight lifting hook straps come with neoprene cushioning and sweat-wicking fabric that works great for people who want to retain a strong grip at all times.

  • Best for heavy sweat
  • Great for sweaty hands
  • Easy to adjust and remove
  • Some users preferred a little more padding
  • Stitching could be better quality

These heavy-duty lifting hooks have cushioning in all the right places, starting with a hook rubber lining grip that helps alleviate pain and pressure to the wrists. While researched using two 40-pound dumbbell bicep curls and 200-pound barbell chest presses, these steel hooks offer a tight non-slip grip with no slipping or “knocking.”

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Kudos for this weight lifting hook’s EZ closure mechanism, which uses an adjustable hook and loop to adjust firmness “down to the millimeter.” This makes it as tight yet as comfortable as possible.  All you need to add for an easy at home workout is the best exercise ball.

 #3  DMoose Fitness Weight Lifting Hooks

Award: Best Warranty

WHY WE LIKE IT: These weight lifting hooks come with thick 8mm neoprene straps and a massive 600 pound rated hook, great for those who want to prioritize comfort and wrist support.

  • Rated up to 600 pounds
  • Great for sweaty hands
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • May not work as well for people with small hands
  • Hooks tightly curved

We like these weight lifting hook’s non-slip rubber coating, which helps effectively grip barbells and dumbbells without knocking or slipping, even under the highest of loads. Adjustable 8mm neoprene nylon straps use a Velcro closure to generate just the right amount of tightness “down to the millimeter”.

While performing several sets of 200-pound deadlifts using these weight lifting hooks, we immediately noticed corrected wrist alignment and reduced finger pressure. The rubber-coated hooks also freed us from blisters and calluses. Kudos for a lifetime warranty which protects in the event of any manufacturer defects.  If you’re looking for a workout a bit more intense, take a look at the best ab machine instead.

 #4  RIMSports Weight Lifting Hooks

Award: Best Wrist Support

WHY WE LIKE IT: These heavy duty lifting hooks offer outstanding wrist support thanks to extra thick neoprene straps and a durable fortified steel hook.

  • Extremely sturdy
  • Comfortable neoprene straps
  • Rubber coated steel hooks
  • Hooks do not align with palms for some people
  • Bulkier metal hooks
  • A little heavy

These weight lifting hooks are great for all types of exercises needing improved grip and form, including pull-ups, dips, deadlifts, and barbell curls. Its hooks are made of rubber-coated fortified steel, which does not bend under heavy loads.We were very impressed with its overall construction.

Thanks to this weight lifting hook’s thick neoprene wrist straps, our wrists felt comfortably padded. They come with adjustable straps so it is very easy to adjust tightness to your comfort level. It is also a highly durable fabric and retains its flexibility well. This makes it a winner in our book.  If you’re looking to round out your workout with some squats, consider the best squat workout equipment.

 #5  Armageddon Sports Premium Weight Lifting Hooks

Award: Best for Circuit Training

WHY WE LIKE IT: These weight lifting hooks are great for circuit training exercises, featuring 600-pound rated hooks and Velcro straps to put them on and remove them easily in between exercises.

  • Extremely sturdy
  • Comfortable neoprene straps
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • May be too bulky for small hands
  • Straps could be better stitched

These weight lifting hooks are very easy to use. Its stainless steel hooks are non-slip and rubber-coated for a tight grip over your barbells and dumbbells. Its foam padded wrist straps used Velcro to adjust fit. While performing a set of basic deadlifts, our wrists and fingers felt well supported, even without using our palms to lift the bar directly.

We are confident with this product’s lifetime guarantee, which promises a free replacement if it breaks. This gives us assurance it will work as intended. Kudos for its 600 pound rating, which should fit the needs of most bodybuilders.  Compare these hooks with the best door anchor, to find which product is best for your home.

 #6  Hawk Sports Weight Lifting Hooks

Award: Highest Weight Rating

WHY WE LIKE IT: These weight lifting hooks are excellent for Olympic level lifters and serious bodybuilders, offering the highest pull rating on our list at 700 pounds.

  • Monstrous 700-pound pull rating
  • Easy to use hook and loop closure
  • Lifetime guarantee for any reason
  • Could fit more snugly on smaller wrists

Like most weight lifting hooks on our list, these come with non-slip rubber-coated hooks that provide a tight grip, no matter how heavy the weight. While performing 250-pound deadlifts and a set of 25 wide grip shrugs, our wrists felt properly supported with no bending or pulling. Kudos for its lifetime warranty, which offers a money-back guarantee for any reason.

We like these weight lifting hooks’ “hook and loop” style adjustable wrist straps, which hooks the end of the strap around a loop and attaches to Velcro for a “down to the millimeter” fit. For that, it is “one-size-fits-all.” And will fit any men and women’s hand size comfortably. Bonus points for its 5mm neoprene wrist straps which offers great support for heavy weights. If you want another way to upgrade your daily workout, take a look at the best thermogenic supplements.

 #7  Jayefo Weight Lifting Hooks

Award: Best Budget

WHY WE LIKE IT: These weight lifting hooks offer great value witha durable and moisture-proof construction, making them suitable for open air gyms and garages.

  • Comfortable Velcro closure
  • One-size-fits-all fit
  • Solid wrist support
  • 2-year warranty could be longer
  • Slightly odd odor out of the box

These weight lifting hooks are very comfortable to use. A breathable Velcro strap and inner linings properly pad the wrists and rubber-coated hooks ensure a tight grip with light and heavy weights. While performing a set of 60-pound barbell curls, we immediately noticed pressure moving off of the wrists and into the palms, helping us progress with a few more repetitions than usual.

Like most of the weight lifting hooks on our list, its hooks are rated at 600 pounds, making them equally useful for beginners or most advanced bodybuilders. Bonus points for being moisture-proof, making it great to use outdoors.

How We Decided

In determining the best weight lifting hooks to buy, we explored materials, pull capacity, closure type, thickness, and warranty.

We only recommend weight lifting hooks made of metal or steel with a non-slip rubber coating, making it more comfortable on the palms and fingers. Wrist straps should be made of heat and tear-resistant neoprene with the occasional moisture-wicking fabric to repel sweat.

Our picks have a minimum pull capacity of 200 pounds, which is more than enough for beginners. Our highest capacity weight lifting hooks are the Hawks Sport Weight Lifting Hook, topping out at 700 pounds, followed by several tying for second place at 600 pounds. Either is a valid option for the most serious of weight lifters.

Our favorite closure type is Velcro and hook and loop straps. Hook and hoop straps do an excellent job of adjusting tightness with the Velcro closure, sealing the deal to within millimeters for a customized fit. Also, look into padding at least 5mm thick, which should provide enough cushioning to feel comfortable.

Lastly, we are big fans of lifetime warranties that promise a full refund and a replacement in case of any manufacturer defects.

Whatever you decide to buy, it’s always a good idea to look for deals and bundles online. Some sites, such as, will offer free shipping on a variety of different products.

Best Weight Lifting Hooks Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Materials
    Opt for weight lifting hooks with neoprene wrist straps, which are a lightweight breathable fabric that supports well. Some of them are even lined with moisture wicking fabric to help repel sweat. As for hooks, look for metal or steel with a rubber coating to protect their hands.
  2. Pull Capacity
    We love weight lifting hooks with a minimum pull capacity of 600 pounds. Our top pick, Hawks Sport Weight Lifting Hook, runs the show at 700 pounds. Obviously, this is reserved for the most die-hard weightlifters who clear 400-pound dip-belt assisted pull-ups like butter.
  3. Closure Type
    We are big fans of hook and loop straps with Velcro closures. Unlike buckles, which have spaced out holes, Velcro closures allow for a more comfortable snug fit – not too loose or too tight.

Weight Lifting Hooks FAQs

Are weight lifting hooks any good?

Using weight lifting hooks properly definitely offers an advantage by helping to alleviate pressure from the wrist to your hand while lifting weights or performing dips and pull-ups. Weight lifting hooks offer support while you lift heavy weights. Plus, they are much quicker to use than the best lifting straps, which need some maintenance around the bar (as opposed to quick placement on the hands)

Are lifting hooks better than straps?

It depends on your personal preference and comfort level. We feel that weight lifting hooks alleviate pressure from the wrists a bit better than hook grip straps. We highly recommend trying both out and seeing which ones work better for you.

What other brands do you recommend?

Although they did not make our list, we like the Heavy Duty Pro Lifting Hooks by Grip Power Pads and the Cobra Grips. The former offers great value with 2” wide neoprene wrist wraps and a solid steel hook rated at 600 pounds and the latter acts like lifting hooks but are shaped like a glove with no steel or metal hook. You could also take a look at Harbinger Lifting Hooks and Crown Gear’s range of fitness gear and power weightlifting hooks. Harbinger Lifting Hooks offer adjustable hook positioning based on hand size, and the extra-wide weight lifting hooks grip the bar well. Two more we like are the MyProtein Lifting Hooks and the Rogue Lifting Hooks.
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