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Best Weekender Bag for Men

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After thorough research and consulting with experts, stylists and frequent travelers, we’ve compiled our list of the best weekender bags for men. If you’re looking to replace an old duffel with something more stylish, in the market for a canvas messenger bag or a large weekend bag with a shoe compartment, here are practical choices for all kinds of personal aesthetics and weekend getaway needs. Find below our list of the best weekender bags and get an option that works for you.

Our top pick, the Gearonic Vintage Canvas Men’s Backpack is a versatile weekend bag with plenty of different compartments for carrying books, clothing, laptops, and essentials.

Top 7 Best Weekender Bag for Men Compared

 #1  Gearonic 21L Vintage Canvas Backpack

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Award: Top Pick

WHY WE LIKE IT: A carryall weekender bag with room for your gear and a change of clothes, it also has a rugged yet sophisticated vintage aesthetic. It’s great for those looking for a weekender bag that’s versatile enough for everyday use or for travel alike.

  • Looks amazing & very lightweight
  • 21-liter capacity; 6 compartments, large flexible space
  • Durable high quality canvas and leather; Padded, comfortable straps
  • Flaptop closure easier to access but not as secure as zippers
  • No structured laptop compartments

Designed for road trips and urban adventures, this versatile canvas weekender bag has a total of 6 compartments, making it capable of storing different categories of items like shaving stuff, clothing, shoes, books and notebooks, and more. It has a tablet compartment too, so you can carry your iPad or tablet along as well, and plenty of places to store headphones, earbuds or even fitness gear.

Modeled off of a basic vintage “rucksack” design, this weekender bag maximizes cargo capacity while folding up neatly for storage. It’s even machine washable, though you’re advised not to use the hot cycle and to let it air dry. Its traditional laptop closing gives it a nice old school look, though it does lack some of the security and weather resistance of more modern gear. This could easily replace the best backpacks in your life.

 #2  S-ZONE Oversized Canvass and Leather Duffel Weekender Bag

Award: Honorable Mention

WHY WE LIKE IT: A spacious overnight duffel that lets you carry clothes, gear and essentials on road trips or works as a carry-on bag as well. It’s great for people looking for a stylish, vintage-inspired carry on bag with room for a weekend’s worth of basics.

  • Carry on compliant
  • Spacious, large weekend bag, big enough for several sets of clothes
  • Sturdy canvas construction with riveted bottom
  • Not waterproof
  • Surface of leather straps and bottom must be broken in or can stain fabrics
  • Somewhat heavier than nylon duffel bags like the AmazonBasics (our #4 pick)

This large weekend bag just about matches the dimensions of most airlines’ carry on bag standards, and is roomy enough to carry a weekend’s worth of clothes, shoes, a toiletries bag, and more. It’s heavier than most nylon duffels, like our #4 pick, the AmazonBasics nylon weekender bag, but this canvas and leather duffel has a more mature, vintage-y aesthetic. It’s a large weekend bag whose appeal is that it won’t look like it doubles as a gym or sports bag.

The S-ZONE weekend bag is suitable for road trips, too, with enough room to store a small or compressible sleeping bag along with a change of clothes and shoes. It’s not waterproof but works great for in-car storage, too. Compared to the Gearonic 21L canvass bag, this duffel is over twice as large in volume, but less comfortable to carry around all day. It has plenty of room for all of your gadgets for men and other gear. Another leather weekender bag worth checking out is the Hook & Albert’s Men’s Leather Garment Bag. Travel in style with the timeless look of this travel bag, which also has convenient exterior pockets for cell phones, wallets, boarding passes, etc. You might also want to expand your search for versatile traveling bags by reading our best travel backpack guide.

 #3  Kemy’s Canvas Duffel Bag Weekend

Award: Best External Compartments

WHY WE LIKE IT: A large weekend bag with external compartments, this handsome canvas duffel bag still meets carry on size limits. It’s great for those looking for a weekender bag with shoe compartments, convenient outside pockets to carry earbuds, notebooks and more.

  • Includes shoe compartments
  • Zippered pouches
  • Thickly webbed handles and adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying
  • Heavier than similar capacity nylon bags
  • Not waterproof
  • Shoe compartment limited to sizes smaller than about US Men’s Size 11

A handsome and well thought out large weekend bag, the Kemy’s Canvas Duffel fits a surprising amount of stuff and benefits from side shoe pockets and zippered compartments. This makes it a great bag for overnight trips, weekend road trips or any outings where you need to be able to comfortably pack a change of clothes and shoes.

It works well for business trips, college break getaways and spontaneous road trips. It also meets carry on size limits for most airlines, so you can use it for air travel as well. Those who pack light may find that this large canvas weekend bag fits everything they need for a four to five day trip to another city. Check out the Land’s End Waxed Canvas Travel Duffle Bag as well, which is another durable and stylish option. In case you are looking for a travel bag that is specifically designed for women, read our guide to the best women’s summer bag.

 #4  Amazon Basics Nylon Bag

Award: Best Budget

WHY WE LIKE IT: A super lightweight yet large capacity nylon duffel bag, this large weekend bag doubles as a great gym or exercise equipment bag. It’s great for gym rats and frequent travelers looking for a simple, good-looking duffel that can be folded up for storage.

  • Nearly 100-liter capacity
  • Lighter than the canvas duffels
  • Folds up for storage
  • Weight capacity limited to about 50lbs
  • Feels more flimsy than the Kemy’s Canvas Duffel (our #3 pick)
  • Not waterproof

This simple nylon duffel is one of the lowest cost ways to have a large weekender bag that can be used as a carry all for road trips as well as packing a change of clothes for work, the gym or sporting activities. It works well for swimmers and weekend/ after work soccer and basketball players, too. While it may not have the numerous extra compartments or the rugged canvass feel of the Kemy’s weekender bag (our #3 pick) it does weigh about half as much and it holds about 98 liters, enough for several changes of clothes or a sleeping bag.

Of note is that you may encounter the weight limit of this bag before you reach its volume capacity, as it’s rated for a rather limited 50 lbs. Its large size may also make it less carry-on friendly than the Kemy’s weekender bag. Compare it to the best luggage and see which makes the most sense for your needs.

 #5  Toupons Travel Duffel Weekend Bag

Award: Best Travel Weekender Bag

WHY WE LIKE IT: A multi-functional TSA friendly weekender bag that fits most airlines carry on requirements yet has space for a full weekend worth of gear. It looks great, too.

  • TSA and carry on friendly
  • Expandable canvas weekend bag
  • Well padded shoulder strap
  • At 47-liters, less spacious than the AmazonBasics duffel (our #4 pick)
  • Lacks the vintage-esque look of the Gearonic (our top pick)
  • More clumsy to carry than the Gearonic (our top pick)

This semi rigid canvas weekend bag is billed as being able to fit enough for a 3-5 day trip. If you pack light, it may be the only bag you need for about a week’s worth of travel. It has zippered compartments, great for carry on convenience, and expands via side zippers from a nominal 40L capacity to up to 47 liters. This is still less than you find in the AmazonBasics nylon duffel or the Kemy’s canvas duffel, but most will find the Toupons of an adequate size for a weekender bag. It comfortably fits three changes of clothes, a 14” laptop and sundries.

It isn’t an all weather outdoor bag, but the Toupons carry on friendly weekender bag does have rubber “feet,” that add to its durability when resting on airport caddies, floors and on baggage carousels.

 #6  Herschel Novel Duffel Bag Weekend Bag

Award: Best Quality

WHY WE LIKE IT: A well-designed and stylish duffel bag that acts as a weekend bag with shoe compartment on the side, letting you pack your shoes separately from clean clothing.

  • Genuine, well designed Herschel weekender bag
  • Fits in carry-on compartments
  • Weekender bag with shoe compartment on side
  • Fewer separate compartments than with the Toupons (our #5 pick)
  • Less padding on the shoulder strap than the Toupons
  • Smaller than the AmazonBasics duffel

The classic Herschel weekender bag, this duffel benefits from Herschel’s typical clean, minimalist and mod aesthetic. It’s made of durable, if not especially fancy, woven polyester. While it’s not waterproof, it’s durable enough for most domestic air travel uses, and it does fit in overhead bins as a carry on bag.

The Herschel duffel comes in two sizes, 33-liter small and 42.5-liter mid volume. Even the larger mid-volume model has less space than the expandable Toupons weekender bag (our #6 pick) however. The Herschel weekend bag is lighter and more maneuverable, making it less awkward to carry if you’re only packing clothing and a pair of shoes. We look for these qualities when we choose the best bags. If you’re interested in other stylish weekender duffels made by Herschel Supply Co., check out their Sutton Duffle Bag.

 #7  Tommy Bahama Large Weekend Bag

Award: Best Beach Vacation Bag

WHY WE LIKE IT: A weekend bag for quick getaways, it fits three or four changes of clothes and assorted travel essentials, without taking up too much space.

  • Convenient overnight bag
  • Simple, clean design
  • Adjustable strap and padded handles for comfort
  • Smaller than the Amazon Basics duffel (our #4 pick)
  • No separate inside or outside compartments
  • More difficult to carry than the Gearonic backpack (our top pick)

The Tommy Bahama weekender bag is designed for quick getaways and beach vacations. It doesn’t have the largest number of separate, zippered compartments as with the Toupons and the Kemy weekender bags, but it does have a clean and minimalist shape that pairs well with casual shorts and Hawaiian shirts, as befits the Tommy Bahama brand.

The Tommy Bahama weekender bag measures 20.5 inches by 11 inches by 11 inches, meaning it should work for most airlines’ carry on luggage compartments and that it will fit easily in the trunk of even the smallest top-down roadsters for a drive to the beach.

Best Weekender Bag Buying Guide

How we decided

In order to pick the best Weekender bags for men on the market, we focused on size, functionality, durability and style. A weekend bag has to have enough space to fit three changes of clothes and ideally have a compartment for shoes, too, so we selected only those bags with at least 20 liters of storage. A side compartment for shoes is a bonus. We also only included weekend bags that were easy to carry by means of a shoulder strap or comfortable handles.

We also limited our search to only include bags that were TSA approved and airport friendly, adding to the convenience of a weekend trip where you can pack light. All but the AmazonBasics Nylon bag are of carry on compliant external size, as well. Finally, to ensure some durability peace of mind, we limited our search to bags that came with at least a 30 day warranty or guarantee.

Weekender Bag Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Volume
    For a weekend bag or canvas overnight bag, you’ll want to select a bag that has enough space for a three to five days, but not something so large and bulky that you can’t easily throw it over you shoulder and hit the road. In general a duffel bag or large backpack of between 20 and 50 liters,(1210- 3020 cubic inches) fits the bill for a weekender bag.
  2. Shoulder strap(s)
    If you’re traveling by air or train and will be carrying your bag through the station for convenience, a good shoulder strap can make a big difference in how the bag feels. Our top pick, the Gearonic 21L, does a great job with its two broad, padded straps.
  3. Compartments for Shoes
    The best weekend bags have at least two compartments, an interior main compartment and a side or outside compartment; this way you can pack a change of clothes and keep shoes or gym gear in a separate compartment.

Weekender Bag for Men FAQs

Are these weekender bags good for carry on?

All but the AmazonBasics duffel (our #4 pick) are designed specifically to be carry on friendly. The multi-compartment TSA friendly weekender bag by Toupons and the Kemy weekender bag are among the most capacious bags you can buy that will still meet most airlines’ carry on requirements.

How do you clean a weekender bag?

Depending on the material, these weekender bags can be machine washed and hand dried, or hand washed in cold water.

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