7 Best Wedding Cake Topper in 2023

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Updated January 24, 2023

After conducting exhaustive research, we determined that the best wedding cake topper was the Sugar Yeti Personalized Wedding Cake Topper. This adorable topper is made from wood and is cut to order. That means you can have it made to reflect your last names, wedding date, and even customize it with the proper prefixes which are essential for same-sex weddings. This is an essential kitchen product that you can always rely on during parties.

To create our guide for the best wedding cake topper, we looked at the following key features: design, size, inclusivity, portability, and durability. We know that more modern styles have gained in popularity but also included a few classic options. Of course, portability and durability matter. But the most important feature for us was inclusivity for interracial, multiethnic, and same-sex couples. Keep reading to learn more about our research criteria and to shop from our recommendations.

Top 7 Best Wedding Cake Topper

 #1  Sugar Yeti Personalized Wedding Cake Topper


WHY WE LIKE IT: A wood-based laser cut personalized wedding cake topper that can be customized to include the couple’s last name and wedding date creates the universal appeal that’s inclusive for same-sex couples too.

  • Best on a budget
  • Can be personalized with last names and wedding date
  • Available in 23 finishes
  • Thin design may make transport more difficult

While wedding cake toppers aren’t as paramount as they were, say 20 or 30 years ago, that doesn’t mean that people don’t want them. And these days, bridal couples are looking for inclusive options that allow them to showcase their love. We selected Sugar Yeti as our Top Pick because it’s a personalized wedding cake topper that is inclusive for same-sex couples too.

We like that this customized wedding cake topper gives you the freedom to customize the last name, opt for Mr. and Mr. or Mrs. and Mrs, and proudly display your wedding date. And with the best cake stand, you’ll have the perfect display for you and your guests to enjoy. The wooden cake topper can be created in up to 23 finishes to best match your wedding palette. But do note that this is a thinner topper that only measures ⅛ of an inch thick and six inches wide. This means that if you’re picking this for a destination wedding you’ll want to properly wrap it to prevent it from breaking during transport.

 #2  Willow Tree Promise Hand Painted Wedding Cake Topper


WHY WE LIKE IT: A traditional wedding cake topper that measures six inches tall and is painted with a handcrafted vibe that makes it ideal for rustic bridal themes.

  • Perfect for rustic bridal themes
  • Paint and resin are lead-free and food-safe
  • Small size is great for top cake tier
  • Design isn’t inclusive for multicultural, interracial, or same-sex couples

If you’re a fan of traditional wedding cake toppers, but you’re planning a rustic wedding, this simple yet cute male and female bridal couple surrounded by a circle of roses is a great option. The handmade feel will match perfectly with a rustic barn style wedding, and the best pie servers will cut though the wedding cake perfectly. The figurine measures six inches tall with a base that’s 3.5 inches wide — which is ideal for most top wedding cake tiers.

While we do like this rustic wedding cake topper, we also noted that this option doesn’t offer alternatives or customization for the couple, hair colors, or skin tones beyond what is shown in the image. So, for interracial, multiethnic, or same-sex couples, this pick may not be a realistic option.

 #3  Wedding Collectibles Interracial Wedding Cake Topper


WHY WE LIKE IT: A classic wedding cake topper with a bride and groom made from fine porcelain that is perfect for an interracial couple where the man is white and the woman is Black.

  • 2” base diameter perfect for top tier
  • Multiple options for same-sex, interracial, and poses
  • Crafted from fine porcelain
  • Limited skin tone options

These days, if you believe in the mantra that “love is love” you know that bridal couples are as diverse as bridal themes. We like that this pick from Wedding Collectibles is an interracial wedding cake topper with a bride and a groom where the groom is white and the bride is Black. Keep in mind though that there are plenty of variations to choose from including a range of same-sex and interracial couples in varying poses. You can also choose from several funny wedding cake toppers. And if your baking your own cake, check out the best flour sifters for first-timers and professional bakers.

The only drawback we noted is the fact that for all of these toppers, the skin tone options seem to be limited to simply Black and white couples — which is quite limiting considering the range of combinations that happen in real life. This topper is crafted from fine porcelain and measures six inches tall with a two-inch base. This is ideal because it will fit on even the smallest top tier of any wedding cake. But you’ll also appreciate the details painted on this couple, with a crystal wedding ring on the bride’s left hand. And with the best cake decorating tools, you can be sure your guests will not be disappointed.

 #4  Enesco Legacy of Love Wedding Cake Topper


WHY WE LIKE IT: An elegant wedding cake topper with the classic Mark 10:8 Bible verse inscribed in the bottom is ideal for more traditional weddings or those focused on incorporating more religious elements.

  • Features Mark 10:8 biblical verse inscription
  • Classic design ideal for traditional wedding themes
  • Hand-painted design with crystal, gold, & silver accents
  • Isn’t inclusive of interracial, multi-ethnic or same-sex couples

For the bridal couple that is focused on incorporating more Christian religious elements into their big day, this pick from Enesco is a great option. We liked that this elegant wedding cake topper features an inscription from the Bible with the Mark 10:8 verse “…and two will become one.”

While this option is ideal for more religious-focused couples, we didn’t like that there were no variations such as skin tone, interracial, or same-sex for a couple to choose from. Still, you’ll like that this topper measures 7.82 inches tall and 5.25 inches wide — making it a better pick for a cake with a larger top tier. Additionally, we liked that it’s a hand-painted design with crystal, gold, and silver accents.

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 #5  Roman Store to Have and to Hold Wedding Cake Topper


WHY WE LIKE IT: A cute wedding cake topper in glazed porcelain gives it universal appeal for a range of couples across races and ethnicities and ideal for a vintage wedding.

  • Unpainted finish allows for customization
  • Measures 8” tall
  • Made from sturdy porcelain
  • Not inclusive for same-sex couples

Traditional styles for wedding cake toppers are still a popular option for many couples. In this pick from Roman Store, we liked this cute wedding cake topper stil incorporated the classic style of a bride and groom. But it’s made from glazed porcelain that is left unpainted for more universal appeal across race and ethnicity.

However, this pick did lose a few points for lacking same-sex variants. So, it’s not one of the most inclusive options we found. Still, we like the simple floral designs in the wedding dress that are carried over into the base as well. This topper measures eight inches tall and 5.8 inches wide.

 #6  Just Customized Personalized Wedding Cake Topper


WHY WE LIKE IT: A unique wedding cake topper that’s perfect for all couples with customization that allows you to edit the last name, prefix, and wedding date for a memento to save in your scrapbook after your big day.

  • Inclusive design for all bridal couples
  • Can customize with names and wedding date
  • Available in 15 colors in either acrylic or Baltic birch
  • Thinner design may be too fragile for travel

These days, inclusivity is important when it comes to bridal accents. We selected this Just Customized unique wedding cake topper as our Best Quality recommendation because of its universal appeal that will work for any bridal couple. This personalized cake topper can be made out of either acrylic or Baltic Birch and comes in 15 vibrant colors to match your wedding palette.

We like that you can customize the prefix — which is essential for same-sex couples — as well as the last name and wedding date. However, keep in mind that these types of toppers tend to be quite thin. With this pick, the topper measures six by nine inches and is only ⅛ of an inch thick. So again, if you’re picking this topper for a destination wedding, pack it properly to avoid breaking it in transit.

 #7  Uniquemystyle Wedding Cake Topper


WHY WE LIKE IT: Funny wedding cake toppers designed as silhouettes that let you showcase your pet parent status by including your favorite furball in the scene.

  • Sleek silhouette style offers universal appeal
  • 6” wide topper and ⅛” thick acrylic
  • Customization for same-sex couples is available
  • Thin design means this topper is fragile

Customized cake toppers are very popular and it’s because the couple is able to create something where they see themselves reflected in the final product. We like this selection from Uniquemystyle because it’s a funny wedding cake topper that lets your favorite pooch or feline get in on the action.

These toppers feature a silhouette style that makes it universal for any race or ethnicity. And we also like that you can customize it with same-sex couples in the various poses. While we’ve highlighted the black designs, you can also opt for a wood or glitter silver finish if you prefer. Keep in mind, this topper is made from acrylic and will measure six inches wide and just ⅛ of an inch thick. So, handle it carefully before your big day! Be sure to invest in the best sugar dispensers too if you’ll be serving your guests tea later.

How We Decided

While not everyone still relies on a wedding cake topper for their big day, it’s still a popular option that many bridal couples want to incorporate. To create our guide, we focused on the following key features — design, size, inclusivity, portability, and durability. We tended to focus on primarily traditional styles that featured a bridal couple. But we did include a few picks that were font-based and customizable.

The majority of our recommendations were designed to fit on most top tiers on a wedding cake. You’ll find that normally a cake topper won’t extend past six inches. This makes it more than sufficient to fit on an eight-inch round — which is fairly common for the top tier on most cakes.

Inclusivity is a major consideration considering that interracial, multicultural, and same-sex marriages are extremely common these days. We made notes of cake toppers that were inclusive, and this tended to coincide with the recommendations where customization was a major feature. We also noted the options that failed in this category or had limited appeal for select segments of bridal couples.

All of our recommendations were portable but the more traditional figurines were definitely more durable than the customizable options that due to their production process were very thin. You’ll note that with our Top Pick, Best Quality, and #7 recommendations, all of them are made from either wood or acrylic and have a thickness of ⅛ of an inch. So, by default, these are more prone to breaking during transit — especially if you’re picking this type of topper for a destination wedding.

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Best Wedding Cake Topper Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Factors to Consider

  1. Style
    One of the most important features with a wedding cake topper is whether it matches the decor or theme that you’re using for your reception. Cake toppers are meant to serve as cake decoration and can come in a range of styles which can include the traditional concept of a depiction of the couple, to floral, animal, or even abstract designs.
  2. Size
    Your cake topper shouldn’t overwhelm the actual wedding cake. So ideally, the topper should be able to comfortably sit on the top tier of a traditional tiered wedding cake.
  3. Inclusivity
    This factor is very important if you’re going to pick a traditional wedding cake topper that depicts the bridal couple. Considering that couples are very diverse these days, it’s not strange to want your topper to mirror how you and your beaux look. This is especially true for interracial, multicultural, and same-sex couples.
  4. Portability
    Especially if you’re planning a destination wedding or will be managing most of the decorations on your own, then you want a cake topper that’s travel friendly. Options that are flat, or that can be easily disassembled will help you save space.
  5. Durability
    Do you plan on keeping your cake topper as a memento or will you discard it after the reception? Consider these aspects as you shop for a wedding cake topper.

Wedding Cake Topper FAQs

How do I choose a wedding cake topper?

Choosing a wedding cake topper is dependent on your wedding planning goals. Consider your wedding ideas such as the decor or theme for your wedding. Ideally, your wedding cake topper should complement that concept. Likewise, think about whether you want a traditional topper with a depiction of the wedding couple or if you would prefer something more abstract, a monogram, or even florals. Likewise, think about the size of your cake — especially the top tier if you’re opting for a tiered cake — and ensure that the wedding cake topper will comfortably sit on the top without falling off or being too heavy.

What do you do with a wedding cake topper?

This is going to depend on the bridal couple. Some people like to keep it for a memento of their big day. Others may want to turn it into an heirloom that’s passed down through the family.

Are wedding cake toppers necessary?

The quick answer is no, but they’re a traditional decor element that many people like to incorporate. If you decide to skip the wedding cake topper, then pick a creative wedding cake design that serves as a conversation piece — making a cake topper unnecessary.

How much do wedding cake toppers cost?

Wedding cake toppers can range from budget-friendly to extremely extravagant. The type you pick is going to depend on your wedding budget and your personal tastes.
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