Guide to Shipping Hoverboards Properly

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Updated June 27, 2022

Hoverboards are a great way to spend time in the great outdoors with friends and family, as these self-balancing scooters offer a new way of personal transportation. They can be tricky to ship, due to the nature of their battery packs. That’s where we come in.

Guide to Shipping a Hoverboard Properly

Modern hoverboards can be tough to ship properly, due to their batteries. These devices typically use lithium-ion battery packs. The batteries for hoverboards face plenty of restrictions when it comes to shipping.

Hoverboard Mailing Tips

We have assembled some general information regarding hoverboard shipping policies. We took great care to thoroughly research all of the major mail carriers, including the USPS.

Avoid the USPS

Though the United States Postal Service is a fantastic resource for most common shipping tasks, they do not allow hoverboards to pass through the mail. This is due to the lithium batteries that typically accompany modern hoverboards, despite most of these batteries sporting a number of hoverboard UL safety certifications.

UPS and FedEx

UPS and FedEx will ship hoverboards for you, but there are certain restrictions, again due to those lithium batteries. You can go into your nearest location and easily mail a hoverboard within the contiguous United States, but you may run into some problems if you are looking to ship your board internationally or to Alaska or Hawaii. Additionally, hoverboards tend to be on the heavier side, so using one of these shipping services could become expensive.

Independent Shipping Companies

There are a number of smaller freight companies that operate within certain areas and municipalities. We recommend performing a quick Google search to find one in or near your town. You should be able to give them a call and find out if they will mail a hoverboard internationally. If not, they may be able to provide you with contact information for a company that will.

Pack the Battery Separately

It is a good practice to remove the battery from the hoverboard and wrap it separately before preparing your shipment for transport. They can be mailed via the same package, but separation will give you more leeway as to your shipping options.

Regulations Tend to Change

Shipping regulations tend to change and adapt over time. The same goes for technological innovations. The overall design schemata of lithium-ion batteries are always in flux, so shipping regulations remain equally varied. We would recommend regularly checking the official websites for the USPS, FedEx, UPS, and any smaller freight companies in your area. Each of the big three offers up a specialized information portal for regulations regarding lithium-ion batteries. Keep track of changing hoverboard laws to see if and when these restrictions change.


What are lithium batteries?

Lithium-ion batteries are made from a lithium polymer. These rechargeable batteries are used in hoverboards, smartphones, tablets, and a range of other devices.

How do you ship a hoverboard internationally?

FedEx Ground and UPS place strict restrictions when it comes to shipping a hoverboard internationally. We would recommend contacting a local freight company. This is due to the fact that many companies become wary when it comes to shipping lithium batteries.

Does the USPS ship hoverboard?

As of this writing, the United States Postal Service will not ship hoverboards. This is due to the fact that they feature built-in rechargeable lithium batteries. The transport of lithium tends to be highly regulated due to safety concerns regarding hoverboards and other technology.

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