10 Best Wall Mount Fans in 2023

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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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To help you find the best wall mount fan, we found 15 of the top-rated products and ranked them accordingly based on their feature sets and overall performance. As we researched each fan, including high-end Vornado fans, we scored them on three main criteria: power, ease of installation, and user-friendliness. We also looked at durability and additional usability features like oscillation and remote controls. You can now easily select the right option from our list of the best fans you can mount on the wall.

After our research and ranking, we settled on the SPT SF-16W81 as our top pick for the best wall mount fan award. This powerful and user-friendly fan includes a comprehensive feature set with oscillation, variable speed, and remote control. It’s also incredibly easy to install. Keep reading below to learn more about other excellent picks we researched and included in this buying guide. We’ll help you find the best fans for any need.

Top 10 Best Wall Mount Fans

 #1  SPT SF-16W81 Wall Mount Fan


WHY WE LIKE IT: This best-of-class wall mount fan offers the ultimate experience when it comes to power and adjustability. It’s also super easy to mount on the wall with the included bracket, hardware, and comprehensive instructions.

  • Includes oscillation and sleep timer
  • Mounting is incredibly easy
  • Easy-to-use remote control
  • Plastic fan blades are a little flimsy

The SPT SF-16W81 wall mount fan is our top pick for a few very clear reasons. For starters, this product offers the most amount of adjustability you’ll find in any of the wall fans available today. It offers three different speed settings, as well as three different oscillation settings. You also get an auto-sleep timer function that allows you to set a time up to four hours out when the fan will shut off automatically. With all of these options and modes, you’ll be able to set up the SPT exactly how you want it without much time or effort and still achieve whole room cooling.

The SPT wall mount fan is also built well in most aspects. It does have less durable plastic fan blades, but if you install the fan correctly and out of the way, this isn’t really a problem. Other than that, the front grill is durable and the overall body is also sturdy enough to last you a long time. Having a remote control also extends the fan itself since you won’t be pressing buttons on the fan body so often. The SPT includes all the mounting hardware you need to get it installed on your wall, and overall installation is incredibly easy because of comprehensive instructions and pre-drilled holes. For additional oscillating fan options, you can check out our best tower fan buying guide.

 #2  Maxx Air HVWM 18 Wall Mount Fan


WHY WE LIKE IT: This industrial wall mount fan is durable, reliable, and powerful, making it an excellent choice for garages and workshops. It can also tilt with 180-degree rotation and gives you a longer power cord so you can install it virtually anywhere in your space.

  • Made from durable, powder-coated steel
  • Easy to install on the wall
  • Long, 10-foot power cord
  • Operates via pull chain
  • Only adjusts between two wind speeds

The Maxx Air HVWM 18 is an industrial wall-mounted fan with a lot of power behind its blades. With an impressive 2500 CFM air velocity rating, this fan can easily move a lot of air with minimal effort, keeping your space well ventilated and cool. Of course, with such strong airflow, you can expect the Maxx Air to be a little louder than other wall mount fans. As such, this is the best wall mount fan for garages.

The Maxx Air’s build quality is one of its best selling points. Made from durable, powder-coated steel, this fan will last you for a long time, even if it gets a little beat up. It provides all of the mounting hardware you need to attach the product to the wall, with pre-drilled holes and easy-to-follow instructions. You also get an extra-long power cord – 10 feet long in total – so you can install this pretty much anywhere you need it. You only get two-speed levels with the Maxx Air wall mount fan, and you adjust them using a pull chain attached to the variable speed motor, which isn’t ideal in comparison to buttons. However, this makes it easier to operate the fan if you have it installed higher on your wall. For additional cooling options for your garage, our best garage fan buying guide has an even wider selection.

 #3  Hurricane HGC736503 Wall Mount Fan


WHY WE LIKE IT: With plenty of power for medium and large rooms, tons of adjustability, and overall quiet and easy operation, this wall-mounted fan is the best option for indoor use. It also features a durable build with a steel support neck and reliable mounting hardware that makes for an easy installation.

  • Durable steel neck
  • Wide 90-degree oscillation range
  • Three separate speed and oscillation settings
  • Power cord is 5’ long
  • Outdated controls

The Hurricane HGC736503 is simple in its design, yet packed to the brim with excellent features and functionality. The simplicity of the classic design is actually perfect for indoor use because it doesn’t stand out, making it great for use in any room, from kitchens to bedrooms. It’s a powerful fan, too, with enough juice to create plenty of air circulation in both mid- and large-sized rooms. When it comes to the Hurricane’s feature set, we think you’ll be as surprised and pleased as we were. The fan offers three different speed settings and three different oscillation speeds. It also offers quiet operation at all levels.

The Hurricane wall fan is also incredibly easy to install. Your purchase includes everything you need for mounting, plus instructions that are easy to follow. If installed correctly, you can expect the Hurricane to last you a long while. It’s got a sturdy steel support neck that keeps the fan balanced and firmly in place. Plus the metal fan grill is easy to open so you can keep the fan blades clean. The only thing about the fan’s design we wish we could change would be the power cord length. It’s a little short at just five feet, so you’ll either need to install the fan close to a wall outlet or use an extension cord. You can also consider the best ceiling fans for indoor use.

 #4  Lorell LLR49256 Wall Mount Fan


WHY WE LIKE IT: This excellent wall mount fan offers the best in rotation and controlling airflow direction. With a 90-degree oscillation range, adjustable tilt, and variable speed controls, you can be sure to receive a fully customizable experience with this option.

  • Removable grill makes for easy cleaning
  • Low noise operation
  • Includes mounting bracket for easier installation
  • Unwieldy speed control dial
  • Somewhat flimsy pull cord

The Lorell LLR49256’s best feature is its oscillating head. With a full 90 degrees of rotation, you can get a widespread and even distribution of air throughout your space. Combine this with the fan’s vertical tilt adjustment, and you get the ability to fine-tune your cooling experience with ease. This customization is hard to beat in wall mount fans, so you won’t want to miss out on this one.

The Lorell is also built incredibly well, even if it’s overly simple in its design. Fortunately, not many people look to buy fans as interior design statements. Instead, you’re more likely to be focused on functionality. And the Lorell offers that high level of functionality. It features three different speed settings and a high level of power without becoming so loud that you can’t hear anything over the noise. The fan is easy to install, as well, so if you’re worried that you’re not handy enough, you can rest easy. If humidity and moisture are a concern, you can also look at our best ventilation fan buying guide to prevent mold and water damage.

 #5  iLiving ILG8E18-15 Wall Mount Fan


WHY WE LIKE IT: If you need a fan for use in outdoor spaces, this is the fan for you. With a sealed, water-resistant motor, powerful CFM rating, and corrosion-resistant frame, this wall mount fan can survive the weather and the elements with ease.

  • IPX4 water resistance
  • Specially-designed fan blades improve circulation
  • Optional misting add on
  • No oscillation
  • Chain switch could be a bit stronger

If you’re looking for the best outdoor wall-mounted waterproof fans, the iLiving ILG8E18-15 is the right choice for you. This fan’s motor is sealed and permanently lubricated with an IPX4 water resistance rating. This means it can withstand splashing from any angle without getting ruined, making it perfect to mount outdoors on your deck, patio, or pool area. On top of that, the iLiving fan’s frame is corrosion resistant so you know it will last longer than other wall-mounted fans.

Fortunately, the iLiving doesn’t sacrifice performance in favor of build quality. It features specially designed, metal fan blades that push more air, more efficiently. This is better for outdoor spaces, where it’s harder to get solid air circulation going since there are no walls. The mounting frame is also super tough and easy to install. The only thing we would improve about the iLiving outdoor wall fan is the pull chain. It’s a little flimsier than we’d like to see, but it does the job well enough overall. It’s a great option for anyone looking for the best outdoor ceiling fan to add to their outdoor space.

 #6  Air King 9020 Wall Mount Fan


WHY WE LIKE IT: With 3670 CFM of power, multiple mounting options, and a durable design, this wall-mounted unit is perfect for use as a personal garage gym fan. It also features adjustable tilt in all directions so you can more accurately direct your airflow for the best cooling experience.

  • Tilts horizontally and vertically for precise airflow
  • Designed with powder-coated steel
  • Can also be installed on the ceiling
  • Loud on the highest setting
  • Pull chain can be hard to pull

The Air-King 9020 is the best wall mount fan for home gyms available today, and it earns that title for a variety of reasons. First and foremost among those reasons is just how versatile the fan is when it comes to installation options. It features a unique “upside-down” configuration that can be mounted either to your wall or your ceiling. You’ll get all of the mounting hardware you need for installation with your purchase and we were pleased with how easy installation is. If you’re installing this for use in a home gym, make sure you install it in an area that is easily accessible.

You also get variable speed settings with the Air-King – three to be exact – that are adjusted via a pull chain. The pull chain works fine for the most part, but it can be hard to pull until it gets completely broken in. Note that each speed setting on this fan is powerful and noisy. This is great for those who want to cool down quickly, but don’t expect to use this one comfortably while sleeping. The fan is sturdy, built from powder-coated steel, and extremely adjustable with its omnidirectional tilt. This means you can rotate it 360 degrees horizontally and vertically. You can also check out our best outdoor floor fan options for floor-level cooling options.

 #7  Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Wall Mount Fan

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WHY WE LIKE IT: If you’re on a budget and need a more portable wall fan, look no further than this option. With an air velocity you can feel up to 25 feet away and the ability to be used on your wall or a flat surface, this fan provides a useful solution for people who want to stay cool on the go.

  • Powerful motor, despite miniscule size
  • Three different speed levels
  • Quiet overall operation
  • Fan head only adjusts 90 degrees
  • Not as durable as other wall fans

The Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce wall mount fan really lives up to its name, which is surprising for such a compact design. On paper, it doesn’t match the CFM ratings of other wall mount fans, but it still can push a lot of air. You’ll be able to feel the strong airflow up to 25 feet away. You’ll also get three variable speed settings here so you can switch up how much air you want to feel. Overall, the Honeywell is quiet enough to use inside without the noise overpowering your conversation, but the highest speed can get loud at times.

We were most impressed with the Honeywell’s ability to be used as a floor fan or a wall fan, depending on where you want it. The fan includes a stable stand that sits sturdily on the floor. Unlike most pedestal fans, this stand can also be used to mount the fan to the wall. This dual functionality, combined with the 90-degree pivoting fan head, allows you to direct airflow pretty much anywhere you need it to go. We were also impressed with the HT-900’s build quality. While not as durable as metal options, plastic housing can still withstand a bump or two without getting ruined. You might also enjoy our best modern ceiling fan buying guide for more stylish, high-powered options.

 #8  Hydrofarm Active Air ACF16 Wall Mount Fan


WHY WE LIKE IT: This wall mount fan is quiet yet powerful, making it perfect for use in greenhouses and other areas where you prefer to work in peace. It doesn’t sacrifice much power to get that silent operation, plus it can oscillate at a wide angle for better distribution of cool air.

  • Sleek, attractive design
  • Wide, 90-degree oscillation
  • Easy to assemble
  • Dual-pull chains can get confusing

Like all Hydrofarm products, the Active Air ACF16 wall mount fan is made to improve your comfort while working in greenhouses or garages and prepping your plants. For starters, this fan is one of the quietest we tested. It’s not completely noiseless, of course, but the sound it does produce is more akin to white noise, which is very relaxing. It also offers 90-degree oscillation control so you aren’t constantly getting a face full of air.

The Hydrofarm 16-inch fan doesn’t skimp on power, and it’s definitely larger than most great desk fans. It can create a good breeze in your space without much effort at all. Plus, it offers three individual speed settings so you can set the power to your own liking. We were also pleased with the overall appearance of the fan. It features green fan blades and a white body, making for an attractive design that you don’t see too often in similar products. For additional quiet fan options, check out our best fan for your baby room buying guide.

 #9  TPI CACU 30-W Wall Mount Fan


WHY WE LIKE IT: This wall fan gives you industrial-strength air velocity with an extra-durable design, making it perfect for use in garages, warehouses, and workshops. It’s also lightweight and really easy to install, which is nice for such a heavy-duty fan.

  • Incredibly powerful 6000 CFM rating
  • Lightweight, yet super durable design
  • Installation is quick and easy
  • Loud on all speed settings

If you’re looking for heavy-duty power and durability, you absolutely cannot go wrong with the TPI CACU 30-W. This industrial product is the best wall mount fan for garages and other workspaces. It offers a whopping 6000 CFM of air velocity, which is more than enough to vent bad air and replace it with clean air quickly. However, be aware that this high velocity does lead to louder operation overall.

Fortunately, the TPI air circulator fan also provides commercial-grade quality to back its power-up. It’s built from sturdy metal, and coated to protect against environmental hazards. Surprisingly, this fan is fairly lightweight, which makes it easier to install in your living space. Speaking of installation, all you need to do is place the wall bracket where you want the fan to go, and screw it directly into the wall or stud. For home improvement options, you might be interested in our best drying fan guide. If you want to save money while keeping the indoor air of your home fresh, purchase one of the best window fans.

 #10  Hurricane 736565 Wall Mount Fan


WHY WE LIKE IT: This wall-mounted cooling fan gives you the best of both worlds in power and adjustability. You can adjust the wind speed, oscillating speed, auto-off timers, and fan head tilt for the most customized cooling experience.

  • Oscillating head for excellent circulation
  • Each speed setting is quiet
  • Remote control can adjust each setting
  • Fans blades could be more durable
  • Power cable is only five feet long

The Hurricane 736565 wall mount fan offers a ton of versatility simply by including many different adjustable settings and options. This allows you to cool your space down in the way that works best for your needs. The Hurricane is a wall-mounted oscillating fan with three different rotation settings that each turn at a different frequency than the other. The Hurricane also gives you three different speed settings, each of them quiet enough for any situation.

When it comes to overall durability, the Hurricane could do better in the fan blade department. The blades here are made of plastic, which can break easier over metal. However, all other aspects of this fan are of high quality. Fortunately, if you securely mount the Hurricane fan, you likely won’t need to worry about durability issues. This option is also a wall-mounted fan with remote controls so you can adjust it from a distance. For hot summer days, the best misting fan is another great option for you. To keep yourself cool on the road while traveling under the hot sun, buy one of the best travel fans.

How We Decided

When we first started rating wall mount fans, we looked first and foremost at each product’s power and performance. You’ll need different power levels for different scenarios, but in general, the more power your fan has, the better. As such, we rated options higher if they offered more power. We also only included fans above if they provided reliable and consistent performance, even over extended periods of use.

Next, we looked at the durability and build quality of each fan. The best wall fans are built well and can last for years to come. We preferred fans that were built more from metal than plastic but didn’t exclude fans if they did feature plastic components. Metal fans should be made from powder-coated steel so they are more resistant to corrosion. We also only included fans that were well balanced to prevent rattling even on high-speed settings.

Finally, we looked at each fan’s user-friendliness and ease of installation. Since mounting a fan to your wall is more complicated than simply setting the fan on the ground or your table, you’ll want to purchase an option that includes comprehensive and easy-to-read instructions as well as all the necessary mounting hardware. We also ranked products higher if they offered easy operation when adjusting speed, oscillation, and tilt.

Best Wall Mount Fan Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Power/Performance
    The purpose of wall mount fans is to create better air circulation in your space so you can expel hot air and replace it with cool air. They can also help vent powerful smells that come from cooking. As such, it’s important to find a fan that offers enough power and performance for your specific space. To determine how much power you need, take a look at the total square footage of the room where you’ll be installing your fan. In general, we recommend purchasing a fan that offers one cubic foot per minute, or CFM, of air blowing power per square foot of your room.
  2. Ease of Installation
    While it may seem complicated at first, installing a wall fan shouldn’t stump you, as long as you’re buying the right product. Find a wall fan that offers comprehensive installation instructions and easy installation-specific functionality. These features can include things like twist-lock fan assemblies and pre-drilled fan housing.
  3. Durability
    Wall fans don’t move around your house, but they should be durable enough to completely forget about after installation. You’ll be turning them on and off, but may need to leave them on for hours at a time. As such, it’s important to consider the durability and quality of the fan’s motor. You won’t want to purchase a wall fan just to have it burn out after a few months of use. If you’re installing your fan in an area with a lot of traffic, look for durable fan grills and housing. Speaking of house, you may want to get a sizable whole-house fan for your home, if you have a big place.
  4. Noise Level
    You’ll likely be installing your wall mount fan in an area where you and others gather. This is where the noise level comes into play. While you shouldn’t necessarily expect to find noiseless wall-mounted fans, especially when using them at the highest speed setting, you can still find nearly-whisper quiet fans. If you’re most concerned about noise, find a fan that offers variable speed settings that are quietest on the lower levels.

Wall Mount Fan FAQs

Where should wall fans be placed?

In general, it’s best to place your wall fan in an elevated location, around one to three feet below the ceiling. Since hot air rises, it’s important to be able to vent that out of your space. Besides, fans in an elevated position are better suited to encourage more airflow.

Which is better, wall fan or ceiling fan?

Both wall fans and ceiling fans are good for separate purposes. Wall fans are low-profile options that don’t get in the way as much, whereas ceiling fans generally offer more power, but are also harder to install.

Can you mount a ceiling fan on the wall?

No, ceiling fans that are specifically advertised as ceiling fans cannot be mounted to the wall. Fans need balance to work properly, and ceiling fans are balanced in a way that only allows them to be mounted to the ceiling. However, if you like the look of ceiling fans, there are plenty of wall-mounted options that offer similar styles.

What is the quietest wall fan?

The quietest wall fans are often the options that aren’t as powerful overall. On the flip side, there are plenty of wall fans that have specially-designed fan blades and grills that encourage a lower operating noise. Often, smaller fans like 9-inch wall mounted fans, are the quietest options since they don’t move as much air.
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