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The best waffle maker should be capable of producing light or crispy brown concoctions, evenly and consistently for a hearty and healthy breakfast. Our evaluation took into consideration waffle baking evenness, shape, size, grid material, flip design for even batter distribution, and detachable grid plates for ease of cleaning. We consider a lot of factors to help us select the best kitchen appliances on the market.

After more than 15 hours of research for the best waffle makers one waffle at a time, our top pick goes to the Presto 03510 Ceramic Flipside Belgian Waffle Maker. It creates generously-sized Belgian waffles (7 inches), flips 180 degrees to evenly disperse the batter, and uses a countdown timer to signal when waffles are done baking. It’s easy to use, and handily beats our #2 pick, the Dash Mini Maker, for its larger waffle size and more durable stainless steel build quality.

Top 7 Best Waffle Maker Compared

 #1  Presto 03510 Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker

Award: Top Pick

WHY WE LIKE IT: This flip-style Belgian waffle maker whips 7-inch waffles in a frenzy, featuring an extra thick grid with four sections, digital countdown timer, and a non-stick surface. This is an excellent choice for small families who obsess with evenly cooked waffles and appreciate a flip mechanism to spread the batter evenly, avoiding undercooked and overcooked sections common with stationary waffle makers.

  • Non-Stick surface
  • Flips to spread batter evenly
  • Large 7-inch diameter grid
  • Makes cracking sounds when heating
  • Battery-operated timer
  • Reports of overdone waffles at edges

Using this waffle maker is a breeze. For the perfect waffle, simply pour the batter waffle grid before setting a battery-operated digital timer. A 180° flip design allows the waffle maker to spread the batter within both plates to create a crispy outside and soft, fluffy inside. Cool-touch handles also prevents burnt fingers and countdown timer emits an alarm when the baking time has ended.

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This waffle maker is compact, with a rotating base allowing us to lock into a vertical position for secure storage in a cupboard, pantry, or as an accessory besides your toaster and sandwich maker. Its stainless steel construction is very durable after repeated users and a non-stick ceramic grid is straightforward to clean up. Note, plates are not removable with this unit. Speaking of stainless steel, read about the best stainless steel cookware.

 #2  Dash Mini Waffle Maker

Award: Honorable Mention

WHY WE LIKE IT: This budget, no-frills waffle maker features an ultra-compact size (5 by 2.8 by 6 inches), dual non-stick surface, and four individual portions. This makes it an excellent choice for urban dwellers, small apartment owners, college dorm residents, or frequent travelers with regular access to a wall outlet for impromptu breakfasts.

  • Best budget
  • Ultra-compact size (5” x 2.8” x 6”)
  • Medium brown bake in 2.5 minutes
  • Easy to use
  • Some users reported top half not heating after months of use
  • Flimsy plastic parts
  • Handle heats up quickly

A pre-heating indicator light turns on when it is time to cook, only taking 5 minutes to heat up with a medium brown bake in only 2.5 minutes. Its “no-frills” set of features excludes automatic shutoff, making this a true ‘bake and go’ waffle maker. Its baking surface and support base works well, using a non-stick, PFOA surface for easy leftover batter wipe downs and non-skid rubber feet to keep it firmly in place. The non-electric parts are easy to clean by just wiping off.

It comes in an assortment of bright and pastel colors, including aqua, white, copper, red, pink, silver, and black. Quirkier or younger personalities comprise its target audience. Note, it comes standard with a 1-year warranty with a 2-year warranty offered upon registration. If you want a smoothie with your meal, read about the best blenders. And also check out the best water filters if you like drinking pure water.

 #3  Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker

Award: Best Warranty

WHY WE LIKE IT: This waffle maker Cuisinart produces mouth-watering waffles, with the choice of a five-setting browning control, regulating thermostat, and makes four triangular sections with each batch. It is an excellent option for people who feed 1-2 people with each serving using a ‘set it and forget it’ approach with preset temperature adjustment instead of manual knobs for greater baking control. Plus there is a 3-year warranty and a BPA free guarantee.

  • 5-setting browning
  • Longer than average warranty (3 years)
  • Guaranteed BPA free
  • Hard to discern red and green indicator
  • Stainless steel top overheats when cooking
  • Flimsy construction

An easy-to-adjust browning settings control dial (aka shade slider) help users maintain a desired temperature and color from light to dark brown. A built-in overflow drip tray well catches small amounts of batter oozing from the surface and cleanup is easy with a non-stick coating. The unit is also free of BPA, a common estrogen-imitating chemical popular with plastic products which can leach onto foods and have adverse effects on people.

This waffle maker bakes one large traditional-style waffle at a time. Each waffle has an average cooking time of four to five minutes, making it a better choice for individuals rather than families. A small LED light changes from red to green making it easy to tell the waffle is fully cooked. Bonus points for its design, sporting a cord wrapping base and lid latch for easy storage. A stainless steel, weighted lid also contributes to evenness when baking. Rounding it off is a generous 3-year warranty, besting the 1-year warranty for our #1 and #2 pick. You may also want to check out the best air fryer for lunches.

 #4  Oster CKSTWF2000 Belgian Waffle Maker

Award: Easiest to Use

WHY WE LIKE IT: This budget waffle maker whips up waffles in a frenzy, featuring an 8-inch non-stick plate, adjustable temperature controls for light or dark waffles, and indicator lights that signal when ready. It is a solid choice for anyone preferring an ultra space-saving, lightweight waffle maker (3.5 pounds) and who would prefer to control browning levels using a manual knob.

  • Easy temp controls
  • 8-inch non-stick plate
  • Indicator lights
  • No automatic shut off
  • Hard to clean

Arguably its biggest draw is its adjustable temperature control knob. One turn of the knob exposes the waffle to low heat for a light golden color. Turning it in the opposite direction, increases the temperature to produce crispy, burnt waffles. Two red and green indicator lights signal when the unit is on and ready for baking the perfect waffle. If you like to have a cup of juice in the morning too, take a look at the best centrifugal juicer.

Heating time from batter to crisp waffle is no more than 5 minutes, which is about average compared to the best waffle makers. Construction is solid all around, weighing only 3.2 pounds with non-stick cool-touch handles with a stainless steel construction also provides impact resistance. A wide drip tray rim also prevents the excess batter from hitting your countertop or floor, which also makes it easy to use. If you want to make your own batter, use the best KitchenAid mixer.

 #5  Hamilton Beach 26020Non-Stick Belgian Waffle Maker

Award: Best Large Family

WHY WE LIKE IT: This Belgian waffle maker dishes out quick and easy waffles, featuring a square-grid formation, 4-waffle capacity, easy-to-grip handle for upright storage,, and indicator lights for power and add batter reminders. It is a preferred choice for anyone preferring square-shaped waffles – the only pick on the list to do so.

  • Square-shaped waffles
  • Makes up to 4 waffles
  • Indicator lights
  • No timer
  • Overheating top and sides

This option is designed for waffle making only with limited frills, a step behind the Cuisinarts 5-setting browning controls, and Hamilton Beach’s manual browning knob. Its only tech is its indicator lights to indicate off/on status versus ready waffles. Consider it a quick, on-the-go waffle maker where baking good Belgian waffles evenly is not more important than a quick turnaround. This is really a plus for frenetic and busy working professionals who have no time to prepare a large breakfast in the morning.

This unit is very compact, weighing only 6 pounds and measuring 4.33 by 11.14 by 13.46 inches. When turned on its side, it can easily slide on a pantry or cabinet shelf virtually unnoticed, a space saver in smaller kitchens. Upright positioning is a feature only shared by our #1 pick, the Presto. You may also want to read about the best electric kettle.

 #6  Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker with Non-Stick Copper Ceramic Removable Plates

Award: Best with Removable Plates

WHY WE LIKE IT: This flip waffle maker is reliable across the board, with a flip design to produce crispy and fluffy waffles, adjustable browning controls, and non-stick removable plates. It is a safe option for anyone owning a dishwasher, looking for a quick clean-up after each use.

  • Easiest to clean
  • Manual knob for browning control
  • Dishwasher-friendly detachable grids
  • Some users reported leaks
  • Heating is not even at times

Like the Oster Belgian Waffle Maker, this rotating stainless steel waffle maker uses an adjustable rear browning settings control knob to select a lighter or darker shade in three positions. Power on and ‘ready to cook’ indicator lights also informs users when to pour the batter, and it features three browning settings for your Belgian waffles. It is also the only waffle maker to include a detachable grid for easy cleanup, with the plates and drip tray both dishwasher safe, making it ideally suited for heavy dishwasher users and those that hate clean up.  For dinner, you might want to also consider the best pasta maker.

Another benefit is its copper-coated plates and stainless steel build, which protects well from any occasional knocks and nicks by other kitchen appliances. It’s best suited for those living in larger spaces, one of the largest ones on our list at 10.5 by 16 by 9.2. Forget the portability of the Dash Mini Maker and the Hamilton 4-Slice. Your kitchen may also need some other top kitchen gadgets.

 #7  Cuisinart WAF-F10 Waffle Maker

Award: Best Value

WHY WE LIKE IT: This waffle maker offers deeper waffle baking at a reasonable price, featuring 6-setting browning controls for 1-inch waffle,, and non-stick coating for easy cleanup. It is an excellent choice for anyone looking to create extra thick, restaurant style 1-inch deep, 6 ¾-inch waffles, perfect for larger families.

  • 1-inch waffles
  • Six-setting browning knob
  • Flipping action
  • 1-year warranty
  • Rear support post made of cheap plastic
  • Non-detachable plates

This rotating waffle maker’s 1-inch deep waffles and flip design makes it work well in a small restaurant or commercial environment, with the ability to bake two waffles at the same time, instead of the normal one waffle at a time. It includes a rotary knob to evenly distribute the batter for even baking on the top and bottom. Browning control settings are also generous with six control settings and a non-stick coating also allows it to be cleaned easily. If you enjoy toast in the morning instead, take a look at one of the best toasters too.

Bonus points go to its extra long cord (36 inches), which makes it a decent choice for larger kitchens. It also takes 5 minutes to pre-heat, making it a decent choice for individuals or larger families. An LED ready indicator light also alerts when the waffle maker is ready to use. Also, check out the best ice cream maker.

How We Decided

Finding the best waffle maker can transform your breakfasts with perfectly crisp or light brown concoctions that are fluffy on the inside for mouth-watering fun. The best toaster oven can’t do this.

In determining the best waffle maker to buy, you should consider its size, grid material, browning controls (adjustable temperature range), and auxiliary features such as timers to alert you when waffles are ready. It’s hard to argue that the convenience of a nice waffle iron is a must have addition to your best cookware.

Our minimums were 5-inch waffle makers for individuals (see Dash Mini) and 7+ inches for larger waffle makers. Baking times were also a factor, with 5 minutes being average and 2.5 minutes being the gold standard for a medium brown bake (Dash Mini) with gridded sections, Bonus points go to the Cuisinart’s WAF-F10’s 1-inch deep build and ability to make two waffles at a time, best for commercial environments or larger families.

Grid materials should be non-stick coated and constructed using cast aluminum or iron with grid squares and an optional weighted lid for even heat distribution and faster bake times. Easy to clean removable plates, such as the one found in on the Hamilton Beach Belgian waffle maker, also work well for people who prefer a quick clean up and have access to a dishwasher, and while this wasn’t a requirement, bonus points are awarded for this feature.

We also looked for browning controls using a manual knob also allows users to adjust temperatures, creating light or crispy, slightly burnt waffles. Waffle makers should also produce a single waffle in as little as 5 minutes, which should bode well for patience levels while hungry or waiting for breakfast on a hectic morning. We have your kitchen appliances covered.

Best Waffle Maker Buying Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Browning control
    For many waffle makers, baking temperatures are controlled using a manual knob, with opposite directions creating a light and crispy brown waffle. Other waffle makers like the Cuisinart have preset, 5-setting browning controls to eliminate any room for error. Either design should reflect your personal preference.
  2. Material Type
    Waffle makers come in cast aluminum, steel, and iron surfaces. Each has its strengths. For example, cast aluminum is known for its fast preheating and bake times, and cast steel has longer pre-heat, more even heat distribution,and cook times. Non-stick surfaces are also easier to clean.
  3. Size
    Larger waffle makers good enough to feed a family of four typically start at 7 inches and up with a 5 minute baking time for a full serving of 4 sections. The Dash Maker, our smallest waffle maker, measures 5 by 2.8 by 6 inches, is highly recommended for individual servings with a blistering 2.5 baking time for urban dwellers and students.

Waffle Maker FAQs

Why do you flip a waffle iron?

Flipping waffle irons help spread the batter evenly, making it as evenly cooked with a consistent fluffy inside and crispy outside as possible. It also prevents the batter from settling, creating an uneven surface that could taste overly buttery or doughy.

Are waffle makers that flip better?

Generally, yes. They are known to cook more evenly with better-distributed batter. Standard “standalone” waffle makers instantly settle the battle on the bottom plates, which makes it easily overcooked than the top section.

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