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Best Vacuums for Frieze Carpet in 2023

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The best vacuum for frieze carpet is built with special features in mind like detachable beater bars, adjustable height and suction settings, easy-to-maneuver large wheels, and extension wands. However, it’s also loaded with powerful suction dynamics, like the best vacuum cleaner, to do away with the dust and debris stuck underneath the long frieze carpet fibers.

A common misconception about frieze carpets is that they’re invincible to stains since they have good stain resistance. But, like any other flooring, even frieze carpets require special attention when removing dirt from their delicate fibers. Moreover, these carpets should never be subject to harsh cleaning tools as this could snag the fibers, and the carpet could lose its plush look. This is why you need a vacuum that’s designed for the frieze carpet.

Keep reading our buying guide to understand how these vacuums work, how long they’ll last, and what you should keep in mind before choosing the perfect one for your frieze carpet.

Top Vacuums for Frieze Carpets

 #1   Bissel 2252 CleanView Swivel Vacuum Cleaner


WHY WE LIKE IT: It is ideal for cleaning carpets and hardwood floors. It has a large, easy to empty dirt tank and a long cord.

  • Large capacity dirt tank
  • Ideal for both carpets and hardwood floors
  • Five height adjustment settings
  • Brush roll cannot be turned off for suction-only cleaning

The Bissel 2252 is a powerful vacuum cleaner that is ideal for cleaning both frieze carpets and hardwood floors. It comes with a triple action brush roll for more effective cleaning. It also features a multi-cyclonic suction system that ensures that dirt in its tank is separated from both the motor and the post-motor filter. Users will be able to get to hard-to-reach areas courtesy of its swivel steering function, and with an easy-to-empty dirt tank, they also won’t have to get into contact with the dirt when emptying it. Unfortunately, its brush roll cannot be turned off for suction-only cleaning.

To make it easier for users to clean as close to the ground surface as possible, the Bissel 2252 offers up to five height adjustment settings to choose from. It also has a relatively large dirt tank capacity of up to 1 liter, so owners won’t have to make as many trips to the trashcan during cleaning. Its cord is about 27 feet long to give enough allowance to clean even large spaces, and it also features a suction indicator that alerts users to issues such as dirty filters or a clogged hose.

 #2 Eureka NES215A Blaze Stick Vacuum Cleaner


WHY WE LIKE IT: It is ideal for users who value flexibility, as it can be used in three different ways. It is also easy to maneuver and does not require any assembly.

  • Versatile three in 1 design
  • Swivel steering for easy maneuvering
  • No assembly required
  • 18ft cord length might be short for some

This Eureka Blaze Stick Vacuum cleaner is a perfect alternative for users who prioritize being able to customize it for their own specific needs. This is because it has a 3-in-1 design where it can be used as a stick, hand, or even stair vacuum. It also comes with a capture nozzle so that users will also be able to have it suck up all the debris instead of snowplowing it during cleaning. It is also ideal for cleaning various surfaces, including frieze carpet, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and tile floors, but its 18ft cord length might not be convenient when cleaning large spaces.

Included in its packaging is a crevice tool that is great for cleaning hard-to-reach places, and since it also has a swivel steering function, users will easily maneuver it around furniture. Inside, it has a filter that can easily be removed and washed, and since it does not require any assembly, users will be able to get it to work right after purchase.

 #3   Shark SV1106 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner


WHY WE LIKE IT: It has a battery life that is long enough to allow for two or more rounds of cleaning in a small to medium-sized space.

  • Great battery life
  • Easy to carry around
  • Two speed brush roll
  • May be noisy

The Shark SV1106 upright cordless vacuum cleaner is an excellent alternative for users who want a tool that they can use for cleaning both hardwoods and frieze carpets, thanks to its two-speed brush roll. It has an advanced swivel steering function that is great for maneuvering around furniture within the house, and with a sizeable 0.6-liter dust cup capacity, users will be able to do a large amount of cleaning before they need to empty it. Unfortunately, some users have complained about it being pretty noisy.

Storing the vacuum cleaner is also easy since its upright form factor doesn’t take up too much space, and because it is cordless, users will have the flexibility to clean any part of the house. Past users have complemented its battery life and felt that it was good enough to clean medium to large spaces, though when it runs out, it’ll take up to four hours to get charged and get back to full capacity. The cleaner is perfect for dealing with pet hair, and weighing only 7.5 pounds, it is pretty easy to carry around.

 #4   Hoover UH74110 MAXLife Pet Max Complete Vacuum Cleaner


WHY WE LIKE IT: It has an extra-large capacity dust cup, so it is ideal for cleaning big spaces. It also includes a wide range of accessories for pet cleaning.

  • Extra large dust cup capacity
  • Wide range of added accessories
  • Efficient filtration system
  • Brush roll function cannot be turned off
  • No swivel steering function

The Hoover MAXLife UH74110 is a great choice for pet owners as it can effectively get rid of up to 97% of pet dander from the air, thanks to its AllergenBlock filtration system. The vacuum cleaner also does a good job on both hardwood floor and frieze carpets, and with added accessories such as a pet turbo tool, a crevice tool, a flexible dusting brush, and a pivoting brush, owners will be well equipped to clean off even the hardest to reach areas in the house. However, its brush roll function cannot be turned off for suction-only action, and it also does not have a swivel steering function.

The MAXLife cleaner offers up to four different floor height adjustment levels for enhanced cleaning, and with a sizeable 2.5-liter dust cup capacity, it is ideal for cleaning large spaces without having to empty the dust cup as frequently. Its got a cord length of 27 feet for easy maneuverability, and with a wide cleaning path of up to 13.75 inches, the vacuum cleaner covers significantly more ground.

 #5   Dirt Devil UD20124 Endura Reach Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner


WHY WE LIKE IT: Great for general house cleaning thanks to its large capacity dust cup, and its lightweight design also makes it easy to maneuver.

  • Large capacity dust cup
  • On-board storage for cleaning accessories
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • No swivel steering function
  • Not pet friendly

The Dirt Devil UD20124 is an easy-to-maintain upright vacuum cleaner that is relatively lightweight. It has a 2-in-1 dusting brush and crevice tool for cleaning quick messes and an easy to empty dust cup with a 1.5-liter capacity. The vacuum also comes with onboard storage for convenient access and is very easy to handle and maneuver. Unfortunately, it does not have a swivel steering function and is not pet-friendly.

Inside, the vacuum cleaner has an easy-to-access filter that can be taken out and rinsed for more efficient cleaning. Its dust cup is also pretty easy to empty thanks to a one-touch functionality, and with a multi-floor brush roll, the cleaner is easily fit for cleaning both frieze carpets and hardwood floors. Lastly, its floor height adjustment is automatic, and its cleaning path is a decent 11 inches.

 #6   Whall Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


WHY WE LIKE IT: Its long battery life and efficient 4-stage filtration process will eliminate dust and airborne particles from the air when cleaning, and its three working modes will allow users to tailor its functioning to their preferences.

  • Long battery life
  • Three different speed modes
  • Good suction force
  • Canister may be difficult for some to empty

This Whall vacuum cleaner creates a powerful suction force courtesy of its 250-watt brushless motor, allowing for even faster cleaning. It offers up to 3 different suction modes that users can choose from depending on the floor type and surface level, and its use of brushless technology allows for pretty quiet functioning. Its lack of a cord means owners will be able to move freely around the house, and its 2200mAh battery allows for up to 53 minutes of cleaning when in standard mode or 14 minutes of deep cleaning in Max mode. Unfortunately, previous users have complained that its canister is difficult to empty.

The vacuum cleaner comes with a very efficient 4-layer HEPA filtration system that filters out up to 99.99% of dust and particles from the air, and they are also pretty easy to access and wash when need be. Its brush head is optimized for cleaning both hardwood floors and frieze carpets. With an adapter integrated with its wall mount, the vacuum cleaner is pretty easy to store and takes about 4 hours to get charged to full capacity.

Beginner’s Guide to Vacuum for Frieze Carpet

What is a Vacuum for a Frieze Carpet?

Vacuums for frieze carpets are cleaners with special features to keep the unique weave of the long and droopy frieze fibers intact. Due to the carpet’s delicate construction, heavy, electrical standard vacuums designed to clean thick carpeted materials can create fray on the carpet. They can even rip out chunks of the tightly wound fibers if you’re not careful.

At the same time, these vacuums must be capable of rooting out all the dust and debris without damaging the fluffy loops that sit long and loose on the carpet. Also, frieze carpets don’t come cheap, so you’ll need to take extra care while cleaning them.

Vacuums for Frieze Carpet vs Other Vacuum Cleaners

Frieze carpets, also popularly known as shag carpets, are made of long and twisted fibers, which gives them their premium look and feel. These long fibers are also the main reason why dust particles and stains get stuck to the bottom of the carpet, never to be seen again.

This is why it makes sense to have the best vacuum for shag carpet or a top vacuum for Berber carpet, so you’ll get the ultimate deep clean.

Unmindful of the unique construction of this type of carpet, many people generally opt for the most popular vacuums in the market that are too powerful to use on frieze material. With extensive vacuuming, the carpet’s fibers start losing shape, leaving behind a bunch of fuzz. Therefore, you require a vacuum with powerful suction technology for deep cleaning, like the best vacuum for fleas, but at the same time, it shouldn’t damage the fibers or get tangled in them. To that end, you’ll need to prioritize vacuums with special features that are most suitable for frieze carpets.

For starters, you’ll want a vacuum that either has a detachable beater brush or one that lets you turn off the feature. Since these brushes have hard bristles and rotate at high speeds, they’re capable of shredding your frieze strands, and in the worst case, they can pull out a lot of the fabric and destroy its look. However, you can turn this feature on sometimes to clean a particularly dirty spot.

Most heavy, standard vacuum cleaners have only one power setting. This does an excellent job sucking up pet hair, dust mites, and stubborn stains. But, for a frieze carpet, you’d want adjustable power levels to protect the long fibers. Fortunately, you can find machines with plus or minus foot pedals to customize the power settings these days. And the higher you go up the price spectrum, you’ll find vacuums with intuitive designs and advanced features such as ‘smart sense’ that automatically detects your home’s flooring and regulates the suction power for you.

How Vacuums for Frieze Carpet Work

Like other vacuums, cleaners for frieze carpet create negative pressure with their suction power to suck in dust, debris, and pet dander caught up in the air, which is then collected in either a bag attached to the vacuum or an in-built dust cup.

Since air is constantly sucked into the vacuum, it also needs an outlet to eject clean air back from the vent. For this, a HEPA filtration system is a must, especially since frieze carpets tend to accumulate dust and dirt due to their thick and long fibers. These filters are most efficient at filtering the tiniest of particles, such as bacteria and allergen, without releasing them back into the air.

Before getting started, make sure you adjust the settings on your carpet cleaner so that it’s well-suited for frieze carpets. First, adjust the head to the appropriate height where it’s just touching the top of the carpet; otherwise, you may risk pulling the lovely frieze strands. Then, turn the brush roller off as you’ll want to rely only on suction for deep cleaning. Lastly, switch to a moderate suction setting if your vacuum offers this feature.

The best vacuums for frieze carpet should have extra venting so that while you’re busy cleaning, the vacuum head doesn’t get stuck to the carpet fibers and tug at the strands. Additionally, large wheels will allow better maneuverability than smaller wheels that usually get stuck in the fibers. You’ll certainly appreciate cleaners that come with special accessories like the crevice tool, upholstery tool, and extension wand to clean furniture and hard-to-reach areas.

Why You Should Buy a Vacuum for Frieze Carpet

If you have shag or Frieze carpeting in your home, you want to take care of it as best you can. Fortunately, the fibers are strong enough to withstand heavy foot traffic and pressure. That said, a regular vacuum cleaner with excessive motor suction, beater bars, and heavy electrical components can wreak havoc on these delicate strands. To prevent them from losing their shape and luxurious texture, you need a vacuum cleaner with unique features such as a detachable beater bar, soft-bristled brush rolls, adjustable vacuum heights, and large wheels.

Are Vacuums for Frieze Carpet Worth Buying?

  • You Own A Frieze Carpet: This calls for a vacuum with gentle features so that your frieze carpet is not only kept clean at all times but also retains its unique design.
  • You Want More Advanced Features: If you’re looking to upgrade from a standard vacuum to a more hi-tech cleaning machine that offers automatic flooring detection, super-efficient cleaning tools, and customizable suction power, it’s worth investing in a vacuum for frieze carpet.

Why a Vacuum for Frieze Carpet May Not Be for You

  • You Don’t Have A Frieze Carpet: You can select a particular vacuum design and style with modified features depending on the type of floor you’re looking to clean. There are plenty of vacuums designed for different floorings (vinyl, laminate, hardwood, tiles, and carpets) available in the market. If you are interested in one of these other options, you can check out our guide on the top vacuums for vinyl plank floors.
  • You’d Rather Have A Professional Company Over: Purchasing a frieze carpet is an expensive affair, making many people hesitant to clean these carpets on their own in fear that they might damage it. If this sounds like you, a professional company can always pay a visit to deep clean your frieze carpet.

How Long Will a Vacuum for Frieze Carpet Last?

Vacuums that were once just a basic cleaning solution for your home have in recent years advanced to become modernistic machines driven by cutting-edge technology. This has increased their lifespan to a great extent, so you can expect a vacuum for frieze carpet to last you almost eight to ten years, if not more.

However, more hi-tech features also mean more internal moving parts, making timely maintenance necessary. To start with, you’ll want to check your vacuum for clogs since jammed motors are usually the first to break down. You should also clean out your dust cup or change your bags before they’re filled to the brim so that maneuverability isn’t compromised when cleaning delicate frieze strands. Lastly, you’ll want to ensure the filters are replaced periodically so that allergen and minute dust particles aren’t making their way back into your home.

How to Choose a Vacuum for Frieze Carpet

Now that you’ve considered buying a special vacuum with gentle cleaning features for high-pile carpets like frieze, there are certain factors to consider.

Best Vacuum for Frieze Carpet Key Factors to Consider

1. Which Vacuum Build Do You Prefer?

There are plenty of vacuum builds in the market, but only two kinds of vacuums can get the job done properly when it comes to frieze carpets. You’re looking at upright vacuums and canister vacuums.

An upright vacuum cleaner resembles the shape and size of traditional vacuums. Since you have to push them in front of you while cleaning, they may feel heavy to operate. But, the additional weight brings with it the right amount of power to suck up all the dust and debris from the root of your frieze carpet. Ensure the suction levels aren’t too high. Otherwise, you may run the risk of damaging the carpet. These vacuums are known for their cost-effective pricing and compact build.

Heavy, electric upright vacuums provide gentle suction power, which is essential when cleaning frieze carpets. While they efficiently clean delicate carpets due to their lightweight build, these vacuums take up a lot of space. On the other hand, canister vacuums have a wheeled body ideal for easy maneuvering across frieze carpets and other surfaces.

2. How Heavy is the Vacuum?

Since frieze carpets are made of fabric loops that are long and thin, these carpets fall under the category of delicate high pile carpets. This means you’ll want to avoid pushing and rolling heavy vacuums (20 lbs), like the best vacuum for long hair on it, as this may create mobility issues and increase the chances of pulling out the entwined fibers.

Moreover, with a heavy vacuum, you’ll have to constantly push the machine around, which isn’t recommended for people who suffer back pain and fatigue. Therefore, lightweight vacuum cleaners are the best solution to clean plush carpets made of frieze.

3. Can You Adjust the Height of Your Vacuum?

Unlike regular carpets that have tightly wound fibers, frieze carpets have longer strands that get frayed on contact with excess suction power. Therefore, you’ll need a vacuum that has an adjustable head. The higher the loops of your frieze carpet, the higher the clearance is required.

However, note that if the vacuum head is set too high, the suction power won’t be strong enough to efficiently clean stubborn stains and debris from the carpet’s root. Meanwhile, placing the head too low is equally harmful as it will scrape along the long fibers and pull them out in the process. You must adjust the height so that the head is just touching the carpet’s surface to thoroughly clean it without damaging the strands or distorting their unique construction.

4. How Fast Is Your Vacuum?

Adjustable vacuum speed is a must-have feature, especially if you need to switch between multiple flooring types in your home. To whisk away dirt that’s stuck to the bottom of frieze carpets, you’ll want to adjust the speed to a level that’s faster than what you’d use with hardwood floors. However, if you’re not cautious, high speeds can wear the fibers out as well, so it’s best to start at a low speed and increase it gradually.

Today, many vacuums have two standard speed settings — quiet and deep cleaning mode. While the quiet mode is perfect for cleaning delicate and soft carpet fabrics, the deep cleaning mode is geared towards cleaning thick and dense carpeted material.

5. What’s Your Budget?

You have plenty of options to choose from when selecting the perfect vacuum cleaner for frieze carpet. Based on the vacuum’s brand, quality, and additional advanced features, you can find budget-friendly vacuum cleaners under $100 and vacuums with superior cleaning technologies above $1500.

Since you’re looking for vacuum cleaners for frieze carpets, the vacuum must pack standout features like adjustable speed and height settings, detachable beater bars, and a robust filtration system. For this, you’ll find vacuums at prices starting from $500. If you want a more advanced machine, you’ll like the smart sense feature on high-end vacuums that are found anywhere between $900 to $1200.

Best Vacuum for Frieze Carpet FAQs

Can you vacuum frieze carpet?

Yes, you can vacuum frieze carpets, but make sure your vacuum is equipped with special features like adjustable height and motor power settings, large wheels, and a detachable beater bar. This way, you won’t risk damaging the delicate fibers of the carpet.

How do you clean a frieze rug?

You can clean a frieze carpet with a vacuum that has gentle cleaning features. Before you start vacuuming, ensure the vacuums head’s height is adjusted correctly, detach your brush roll, and switch to a moderate suction setting.

Do vacuums ruin frieze carpet?

Standard electric vacuums are heavy and don’t have many features. They can easily snag the frieze fibers, causing them to lose shape over time. But vacuums for frieze carpets don’t create fray and spoil the carpet’s look as they are equipped with special features to avoid this.

What does frieze carpet mean?

A frieze carpet has long and standing fibers that give it a unique design. These high pile carpets are durable since they have tightly twisted fibers.

How often should a frieze carpet be vacuumed?

It’s not necessary to vacuum your frieze carpet every day. Ideally, you should vacuum it twice a week since it quickly accumulates dust and debris.

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