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Best Vacuums for Fleas in 2023

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The best vacuum for fleas boasts hi-tech cleaning solutions like excellent suction dynamics, versatile extension tools, powered brush rolls, and surface switch modes. In other words, this vacuum has to be the best vacuum cleaner so that there’s not a single trace of parasitic fleas in your home after the cleaning process.

Vacuuming for fleas requires patience since these universal pests breed rapidly in an attempt to take over your home and feed off you, your family, and your adorable fluffy pets. You may have to clean your home thoroughly for extended durations, and to do that, you’d want easy maneuverability, a lightweight build, and an easy-to-store compact design.

Keep reading our buying guide to learn everything about vacuums for fleas and why they are the best option in the face of flea infestations.

Top Vacuums for Fleas

 #1  Aleema Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner


WHY WE LIKE IT: It is pretty easy to handle because of its lightweight and has a very efficient four-stage filtration system. Its cord is also pretty long for easy maneuverability.

  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Long cord length
  • Four stage filtration system
  • Difficult to use with carpets

The Aleema 4-in-1 corded vacuum cleaner is a lightweight and compact alternative that is equipped with a 450W motor that generates a suction force of up to 15kpa. Even though it is corded, its 16.4 ft cord length gives users great flexibility in their movement, and since it also comes with a 4 stage advanced filtration system, it can filter out up to 99.99% of microscopic dust particles and put out fresh air. Weighing only 3.9 pounds, the vacuum cleaner is pretty lightweight and easy to handle, however, previous owners have reported that it is rather challenging to use with carpets.

This vacuum cleaner quickly picks up debris, dust particles, pet dander, and crumbs. It can also be used as a handheld cleaner to get rid of fleas and other dust particles found in seats and mattresses, and its dust cup has a capacity of up to 0.8 liters. Users won’t be subjected to hefty maintenance costs since the HEPA filter on this vacuum cleaner is easy to remove and washable.

 #2  Toppin Bendable Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner


WHY WE LIKE IT: Its motor generates a strong force for effective cleaning, and its extension wand is flexible enough to clean hard-to-reach places.

  • Powerful intake force
  • Extension wand is flexible enough for simple movements
  • Large dust cup capacity
  • Uses a sponge instead of a HEPA filter

The Toppin Bendable Corded Stick vacuum cleaner is great for homeowners who tend to do a lot of deep cleaning since it comes with a powerful 600-watt motor that generates a suction force of up to 17kpa. This vacuum cleaner is ideal for hard floors, marble, and tiles, and since it also has a wide suction front, hair is not likely to get entangled during cleaning. The vacuum cleaner also offers four stages of filtration, and since it comes with a sizable 0.8-liter dust cup capacity, owners will be able to do a lot of cleaning before it is time to empty. Still, some might not like that this vacuum cleaner uses sponges instead of HEPA filters.

For best results, owners are encouraged to clean the sponge filters on this vacuum cleaner regularly, and because they are reusable, owners won’t have to spend a lot of money on maintenance. The extension wand that is included as an attachment to this vacuum cleaner is flexible to reach under tables and furniture easily, and when used as a handheld vacuum cleaner, users will easily be able to clean seats and beds and rid them of small bugs and fleas.

 #3  Eureka Blaze Stick Vacuum Cleaner


WHY WE LIKE IT: It’s brushed swivels to access hard-to-reach areas and under furniture. It also has a long 18 ft power cord for added flexibility and can stand upright for easier storage.

  • Brush head allows for swivel steering for easier maneuverability
  • Long power cord
  • Great for cleaning carpets
  • Doesn’t come with a dusting brush

Available in blue, black, or dark black color, the Eureka Blaze Stick Vacuum is a 4-pound vacuum cleaner with a long 18 ft power cord and an impressive cleaning path of about 9.5 inches. The vacuum cleaner boasts three-in-one versatility, as users will be able to use it either as a stick vacuum, a hand vacuum, or a stair vacuum. This makes it highly effective in cleaning all areas of the house, and since it also has a large capture nozzle, debris gets easily and quickly sucked through without any instances of snow plowing. Unfortunately, it does not come with a dusting brush.

Thanks to its swivel steering feature, this vacuum cleaner’s brush head are pretty easy to maneuver when cleaning floors and reaching under furniture. Since it also comes with a crevice tool, cleaning and getting rid of fleas or mites from hard-to-reach places like under the car seats or between cushions becomes very easy to do.

 #4  Dreametech T20 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner


WHY WE LIKE IT: Its motor creates a strong vacuuming force for effective cleaning and comes with a wide range of cleaning attachments for owners to use. It also has an LCD screen and can automatically adjust itself based on the floor type being cleaned.

  • Long battery life of up to 70 minutes
  • The intelligent auto mode that automatically adjusts suction force based on floor type
  • LCD screen that depicts working status
  • Detachable dust cup only has a volume of 0.6 liters

The Dreametech T20 is a robust-looking vacuum cleaner with a motor that produces a strong suction force of up to 25kpa. The cleaner is one of the few that come with an all-in-one HD screen that depicts its real-time working status. Owners will be kept abreast with pertinent information such as the remaining battery level, current suction mode, and filter replacement status. It also includes a wide array of brushes that are easy to attach, but some might not appreciate that its detachable dust cup only has a volume of 0.6 liters.

This vacuum cleaner is engineered not to produce a lot of noise when cleaning, and since it is also cordless, owners will be able to move around with it without any limitations. Depending on the working mode that has been chosen, the vacuum cleaner can last anywhere between 70 minutes to 8 minutes. The vacuum cleaner comes with an intelligent auto mode that automatically adjusts the suction power depending on the different floor types to make it even easier to use when cleaning.

 #5  Samsung 75 + CS Bundle Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner


WHY WE LIKE IT: It has a five-stage filtration process that gets rid of 99.99% of micro dust and debris, and its removable battery will have it running for up to 60 minutes before it needs to be recharged.

  • Efficient 5-layer filtration system
  • Large 0.8-liter dust cup
  • Long 60-minute cleaning time
  • No swivel action

The Samsung 75 + CS cordless stick vacuum is an elegant-looking vacuum cleaner that comes with its own charging station and is powered by its very own removable battery. Available in either silver or white, the vacuum cleaner will take about 3.5 hours to get to full charge capacity and also boasts one of the most efficient filtration systems in the market. Its 5-layer filtration system ensures that pollen, pet dander, and other allergens are swiftly eliminated from cleaning surfaces, and its turbo action brush effectively cleans out hair, dust, fleas, mites, and debris. Unfortunately, its brush head does not have any swivel action.

This vacuum cleaner comes with three accessories; there’s a turbo brush, a soft brush, and a mini brush, and weighing only 6.17 pounds, it is not that difficult to handle. The vacuum cleaner’s lightweight design makes it pretty easy to clean areas such as staircases and top shelves, and since it comes with a relatively sizable 0.8-liter dustbin, owners will be able to do a lot of cleaning before they need to empty its contents.

 #6  Bissel 31781 ICONPet Turbo Vacuum Cleaner


WHY WE LIKE IT: It has three cleaning modes to choose from and a battery that keeps it running for up to 50 minutes. It comes with its own wall mount, and its brush roll has LED lights to illuminate dark and narrow spots.

  • Three cleaning modes to choose from
  • Runtime of up to 50 minutes
  • LED lighting on brushroll to illuminate cleaning surface
  • Battery is not replaceable

The Bissel 31781 ICONpet turbo vacuum cleaner is an excellent choice for anyone who appreciates the convenience of a cordless cleaner. It can be used either as a floor, hand, or high-reach vacuum and has a battery that will keep it running for up to 50 minutes before recharging. The vacuum cleaner also has a tangle-free brush roll that prevents any kind of hair entanglement during cleaning, and its brush head comes with LED lighting to illuminate the cleaning surface. Still, its battery is not removable and cannot be replaced if it brings about problems.

The vacuum cleaner is fitted with a pre and a post-motor filter that will only need to be rinsed under water for cleaning. It has three cleaning modes to choose from and can be used to clean both hardwood floors and carpeted surfaces. Storage shouldn’t be an issue because it comes with its own wall mount, and since it comes with a dusting brush tool and a motorized brush tool, owners will be well equipped to clean a wide range of surfaces in their homes.

Beginner’s Guide to Vacuum for Fleas

What is a Vacuum for Fleas?

A vacuum for fleas is merely a more advanced version of a standard vacuum. It can suck up flea eggs, pupae, flea larvae, and adult fleas from a wide variety of floor surfaces and hard-to-reach spaces.

We can’t always stop our pets from going outside, and when they go out, they’re a direct target for tiny fleas that latch onto their warm, furry coats to draw blood. Once on your pets, these fleas enter your home, scatter and multiply. Next thing you know, you’re dealing with a severe infestation.

Vacuums for Fleas vs. Other Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuuming your home just once every week will not completely eradicate these pests. This is primarily because standard vacuuming disturbs the larvae, making them coil around the carpet fibers even more tightly. As their grip tightens, only some flea eggs and hardly any larvae are sucked into the vacuum bag or canister. Moreover, the vacuum’s effect on flea pupae is minimal since their cocoons are tightly wound to carpet fibers as well.

To tackle the infestation and get rid of fleas that have dug themselves in deep, you need a more robust vacuum cleaner that packs a beater bar and a motor with tremendous suction power. You’ll also want to look for a vacuum designed with fleas in mind since standard vacuums don’t have enough power to break the firm grip of the larvae and suck up all the fleas in various life stages. To that end, a vacuum with a powered brush-roll will be ideal for scouring deep into the carpet. A HEPA filtration system is also necessary to trap these pests and other allergens within your canister or bag.

Note that fleas don’t infest carpeted areas alone. They will make a home out of any little crevice they find, be it inside wall cracks, underneath furniture, the folds of your drapes, or even inside structures. For this, your flea vacuum must have attached specialty tools, like an innovative wand and a crevice tool for hard-to-reach areas. The vacuum should also switch seamlessly between floor surfaces like hardwood floors, tile, carpet, and concrete to cover every inch of space.

As for the vacuum’s build, it should ideally have a lightweight, ergonomic design with long cords for easy maneuverability, like the best vacuum for frieze carpet. These days, you can find expensive wireless vacuums that run on a battery or via an internet connection. Though these hi-tech vacuums are quiet options, they don’t have powerful suction to wipe out large infestations.

How Vacuums for Fleas Work

Vacuums for fleas are of two main types: upright varieties with powerful heads and canister models that are lightweight and better at cleaning tight spaces. Both work equally well in rooting out the fleas from your home. You’ll also have to decide between a bagged or bagless vacuum cleaner based on your preferred method of disposal. Moreover, suction strength will be useful, as you’ll find in our review of the Dyson ball allergy vacuum cleaner.

A vacuum for fleas works by adopting a three-pronged approach. First, it triggers flea emergence. The right amount of pressure built with the vacuum’s vibrations can cause the fleas to emerge from their cocoons, thinking there’s an animal nearby. That’s why you should run your vacuum over the same area twice. Some expensive models also have bristles on the vacuum’s head that spin fast and knock the fleas lose from the carpet fibers.

Secondly, vacuuming removes adult flea feces which is the primary food source of the larvae. Without food, larval development will stop, making it the perfect time to vacuum slowly along the baseboards, windows, doors, closet doors, and drawers in the room with the crevice tool or other built-in accessory. You’ll want to pay closer attention to areas where your pets nap since fleas tend to accumulate in those spaces. You must not rush the cleaning process. Otherwise, you might miss out on spots with flea fecal material or even eggs getting ready to hatch.

Lastly, a vacuum for fleas fluffs up the carpeting with the help of the beater bar and brush-roll, largely reducing the flea larvae’s hiding places.

Once you’ve finished vacuuming all the rooms, take the vacuum cleaner outside before emptying the canister or disposing of the vacuum bag. Depending on how badly your home’s infested, it should take you three to eight weeks to completely rid your home of all the life stages of these pests. Alternatively, if cleaning on your own seems like an arduous task, you could always book an appointment with a pest management company.

Why You Should Buy a Vacuum for Fleas

Eliminating fleas is one thing, but rooting them out in all their life cycle stages is where the real challenge comes in. You’re going to require a vacuum with brushed rolls, a robust filtration system, innovative wands, and greater suction power, just like the best vacuum for dust mites.

Are Vacuums for Fleas Worth Buying?

  • You Own A Pet: If you have a furry companion, you should invest in a vacuum for fleas without a second thought since fleas almost always choose four-legged animals over humans as their host. Your pets will likely bring these pests indoors, and before you even know it, the fleas can multiply and infest your home.
  • You’re Getting Bitten Often: At times, fleas can also latch onto us when we’re out and about. On arriving home, we introduce them to hundreds of hiding places in which they can seek refuge. If you find you’re scratching yourself too often, it’s about time you shop for a vacuum cleaner for fleas.
  • Your Standard Vacuum Isn’t Competent Enough: Vacuums for fleas are also an excellent option if you want to upgrade from a standard vacuum to get rid of dirt and debris with better suction power and more efficient cleaning tools.

Why Vacuum for Fleas May Not Be for You

  • Your Home’s Not Infested: If fleas haven’t made their way into your home in the first place, a standard vacuum will suffice for basic cleaning.
  • You’d Rather Have A Pest Management Group Over: Vacuuming every day for 3-8 weeks may not be suitable for everyone, especially older adults. In that case, it’s best to leave the job to a pest management company.

How Long Will a Vacuum for Fleas Last?

The average lifespan of a vacuum cleaner is eight years, depending on its quality and your personal use. Since flea vacuums have a sturdier build with more robust technology, you can expect them to last close to a decade, if not more.

A vacuum is just a machine, but like any other machine, it’s possible to add many more years to its life with proper maintenance and care. The bag or canister shouldn’t get filled to the brim as this may affect the vacuum’s sucking capacity. You’ll also want to replace the filter whenever there’s an overload of debris. Occasionally, check the hose for clogs and clean the motorized brush every few weeks for the motor to work at optimal levels.

How to Choose the Best Vacuum for Fleas

So, you’ve considered the benefits of a vacuum for fleas and think it’s a wise option over a standard vacuum. But before you make a purchasing decision, you’ll want to keep in mind a few factors.

Vacuum for Fleas Key Factors to Consider

1. Which Vacuum Build Do You Prefer?

Vacuum cleaners broadly fall under two categories based on their design—Upright and Canister.

Upright models have a traditional build with the powerhead, dirt container, and handle attached as part of one unit. To operate this vacuum, you have to push it in front of you while cleaning. It may feel heavy (20 lbs), but with the weight comes additional power needed for eliminating all the life cycles of fleas from your home. But budget upright vacuums tend to be noisy, proving to be a nuisance when you have to vacuum anywhere between 1-2 hours at a stretch.

Canister vacuums are efficient at getting rid of fleas as well. These vacuums have a wheeled body attached to a vacuum wand via a flexible plastic hose. Though they feel lighter to use, which is ideal for flea cleaning, they’re too bulky when it comes to storage. Plus, they’re not as powerful as upright models.

You can go for either vacuum depending on comfort, maneuverability, and the option you think does an excellent job at sucking up all the fleas.

2. How Heavy is the Vacuum?

If your home’s infested to the extent you have to vacuum every day, your vacuum’s weight is going to matter. You can opt for a canister model, especially if you suffer from back pain and don’t want to lug around a heavy upright vacuum. The wheels on the canister vacuums make maneuverability easy since you only have to move the wand and powerhead during cleaning. However, you may sacrifice suction capabilities as upright models are more powerful than canister models.

3. Does the Vacuum come with Accessories?

Since fleas tend to take up residence in cracks, crevices, and between carpet fibers, you’ll want to look out for a vacuum equipped with extra attachments like extension wands, crevice tools, and a beater bar.

Of the three accessories, the extension wand and crevice tool serve the same purpose. Since these tools are skinny and have an angled tip, they can get into hard-to-reach areas and root out all life stages of these pests, from eggs to larvae to adult fleas.

A beater bar is another specialty tool found on more expensive vacuums. It digs deep into your carpet floor and makes removing tightly-wound flea larvae easier. However, if you have multiple floor types, you’ll want an option to switch off the beater bar as it could damage wood, marble, and other hard surfaces.

4. Is the Vacuum Bagged or Bagless?

Though it’s the last step, the method you choose to dispose of these accumulated pests in all their life stages is highly crucial. The disposal method depends on whether your flea vacuum is bagged or bagless.

As its name suggests, a bagged vacuum traps all the dirt and allergens within an airtight bag that can be easily detached and thrown out. Not only is this a more hygienic option, but it also prevents the fleas from escaping as the bag remains sealed tight. However, it’s difficult to tell when the bag is full.

Bagless vacuums are a more popular option today as they are eco-friendly, and you can dispose of the dirt and debris as often as you’d like. That said, the last thing you’d want is to open your vacuum at home and undo all your hard work. Instead, walk to a trash bin far from your home to dispose of the contents.

5. What’s Your Budget?

Today, with plenty of options available, vacuum cleaners can be found for under $100 and even above $1500. Since vacuums for fleas are what you’re looking for, you’ll find excellent options with some of the best suction dynamics, innovative accessories, and powerful motors at prices above $500.

Compared to standard budget vacuums, high-end vacuum cleaners are ideal for promptly eradicating the flea population from an area. This way, you can dramatically reduce the timespan of your treatment window to achieve a flea-free home.

Vacuum for Fleas FAQs

Can you vacuum out fleas?

Yes, with a more advanced vacuum equipped with strong suction power, various extension tools for hard-to-reach areas, and powered brush rolls, it’s possible to vacuum out fleas.

Will a vacuum pick up flea eggs?

Yes, a vacuum will pick up flea eggs efficiently. They also wipe out other life stages of fleas like larvae, pupae, and adult fleas.

How often should I vacuum to get rid of fleas?

Eggs hatch within two days of being laid. Therefore, vacuum at least every other day to help eliminate the eggs before they further develop into the next stage.

Can fleas live on a carpet?

Yes, fleas can live on a carpet. High pile carpets make for the best hiding places for fleas. You’ll need a vacuum that can dig in deep to eliminate these parasites for good.

How long do fleas live on carpet?

Typically, fleas can live for around three months on carpets. But if you don’t take flea control measures and the fleas have something to feed on, they can go on living and increasing within this environment.

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