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Updated: Nov 9, 2023 9:27 AM
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To help you find the best travel fan to keep you cool on your vacation or while you’re traveling, we researched over 20 different products and based our rankings on their best features. During our research, we focused on features like power sources, airflow performance, and durability. Of course, we also measured each fan based on its overall portability and design. We did this so that you can have an easier time finding the best fans.

Based on these features and rankings, we picked the Honeywell HTF-090B as the best travel fan your money can buy. It’s powerful enough to feel the air from three feet away and offers a unique foldable stand that keeps the product stable and compact. You can also power the fan via batteries or a USB power cable for the ultimate level of versatility. Keep reading below to learn more about other amazing travel fans available for purchase and let us help you find the best fans for any need.

Top 10 Best Travel Fans

 #1  Honeywell HTF-090B Travel Fan


WHY WE LIKE IT: This travel fan is powerful and compact, featuring a foldable design that creates a better way to store the fan when not in use or hang it from a convenient location when your hands are full. It’s perfect for people who need comprehensive cooling on the go at the gym or store.

  • Foldable stand can also be used for hanging
  • Battery or USB power
  • Power you can feel from three feet away
  • Only one speed setting
  • Requires proprietary power cable

Unlike the Honeywell Double Blade Fan, the Honeywell HTF-090B Turbo travel fan is an incredibly simple, yet powerful option that can keep you cool when you need it most. Measuring just 5 x 2.2 x 6 inches, the Honeywell is small enough to easily pack around with you in your pockets or a bag. It also features a unique folding stand that you can use to prop the fan up or hang it from a handle, hook, or nail in a convenient location.

The HTF-090B is one of the more powerful travel fans we found, with enough air velocity that you can feel it up to three feet away. Unfortunately, this is the only speed setting the Honeywell offers. This compact fan can be powered via the included power cable or four AA batteries. The power cable features a USB on one end, but a proprietary pin connection on the other, which could cause some inconvenience if the cord were to ever wear out. We were pleased with the overall durability of the Honeywell’s design, though, so this should be too big of an issue for you. If you’ve got a home gym in your garage, you might also consider the best garage fan for improved air circulation and cooling during your workouts.

 #2  VersionTECH HandFan Travel Fan


WHY WE LIKE IT: A foldable handle makes this product more versatile than other travel fans available today. The rechargeable battery also offers a lot of flexibility and power over longer periods, making this the perfect choice for anyone on the go.

  • Versatile compact design
  • Three individual speed settings
  • 6 hours of use per charge
  • Easy to accidentally press buttons when folding
  • Included metal clip isn’t the best

The VersionTECH HandFan is named as such for a very clear reason. It fits easily in your hand due to the foldable handle on the bottom of the fan head. This unique feature is one of the best that this fan has to offer because it helps you better keep a better hold of your product while you’re doing other things. The handle can even fold up for better storage or for propping the fan up on a flat surface. The only thing to keep in mind when folding and unfolding the handle is that it’s easier to press the power button while doing it. The VersionTECH also comes with a detachable metal clip for hanging the product from your shirt or other mounting location, but we weren’t overly impressed with its durability. It feels a little flimsy but works in a pinch if you have no other options.

This handheld fan is also one of the more powerful options we researched. It features three different speed settings – low, medium, and high – so you can always get just the right amount of air. The highest speed setting is the loudest and might annoy others around you, but the other two are just fine. The VersionTECH includes a rechargeable 18650 battery, which lasts around four to six hours on average, and should get you through most of the day with no problem. The great USB fan also has a USB port that you can use to charge or power the fan if you’re staying in one place. If you need to cool off your workspace, the best desk fan is a great option as well.

 #3  Vornado Flippi V6 Travel Fan


WHY WE LIKE IT: This travel fan offers the best when it comes to overall build and design quality, especially when that design encourages better airflow. This fan is also quiet on both speed settings, providing excellent white noise.

  • Powerful vortex motor
  • Attractive and durable design
  • Super adjustable tilt head
  • Lowest speed setting is on weaker side
  • Controls on back of fan are hard to reach

Vornado’s fans are all built to maximize air circulation without a super powerful – and super noisy – motor, and the Flippi V6 travel fan is no different. It features Vornado’s signature vortex design, which encourages a much more powerful airflow to come out of the fan. The overall high quality and durability of the product are to be applauded, as well. It features a fully adjustable fan head that can even fold down to completely conceal the fan grill and store without worrying about damage or dust.

The Flippi V6 features two individual speed settings, low and high, but the only truly usable option is the high setting. The low setting isn’t very powerful at all, but it does provide for a relaxing level of white noise. In that sense, this is the best travel fan for white noise. You can control the different speed settings with a manual twist dial found at the base of the fan, which is a little awkward to adjust, especially one-handed. We would have preferred to see button controls, but since there aren’t too many settings to adjust, you’ll get used to this dial if you purchase the Vornado travel fan. It’s a great choice especially if you are traveling with little ones. For in-home use, the best fan for a baby room does a great job of keeping the temperature cool and comfortable for your baby.

 #4  AceMining Rechargeable Travel Fan


WHY WE LIKE IT: This travel fan offers multiple speed settings and 180 degrees of swivel adjustability, making it a great choice for people who move around but still want the air on them. It also features super battery life, coming in at a maximum of 20 hours.

  • 20 hours of use per charge
  • Minimally spaced grill is safe for fingers
  • Skid-resistant base
  • Indicator light doesn’t turn off
  • Can tip over easily

The AceMining rechargeable travel fan has a ton of features and functionality that will impress even the most skeptical cooling enthusiast. For starters, the AceMining fan offers a ton of power over three different speed levels. The highest speed offers the most power, but it’s also the loudest. The two lower speeds offer slightly less power, but if you’re around people in a public space, they work better for less noise.

The design of the AceMining rechargeable fan is where this option stands out from the crowd. With a unique, modern aesthetic, the fan is easy to place on your desk or anywhere else within your home and fits in with your existing decor. The fan grill features minimal spacing so fingers can’t accidentally slip through and get hurt. It also features a skid-resistant base that keeps the fan in place, although it is sometimes prone to tipping over. Adjustability is the best feature here, though. You can rotate the fan head a full 180 degrees to get the perfect angle no matter where you are. Adjusting speed and power is also incredibly easy with an accessible and easy-to-use button. If you plan to use this in the kitchen to help cool you off during long stints in front of the oven, you might also like to check out the best exhaust fan for your kitchen to help keep fumes at bay.

 #5  SmartDevil Personal Travel Fan


WHY WE LIKE IT: With a full 360-degree fan head rotation, this fan is incredibly easy to adjust to your liking. It’s also whisper-quiet even on the highest speed setting, making this perfect for carrying back and forth between your home and office.

  • 360-degree rotation
  • Quiet operation at all power levels
  • Super compact and lightweight
  • Not battery powered
  • USB cable is not detachable

The SmartDevil personal travel fan looks almost like a traditional box fan, just in mini size. This classic design fits well into existing decor and desk setups, and it ultimately just looks good, which can sometimes be hard to find with travel fans. However, the best feature of this fan is the 360 degrees of tilt it provides on the fan head. This allows you to point the SmartDevil desk fan in any direction you want to get the most personalized cooling experience. It’s also incredibly compact and lightweight so you can easily take it with you wherever you are.

The SmartDevil’s performance is also worth mentioning here. While it’s not as powerful as other travel fans, even with three different speed settings, it is incredibly quiet. This is another reason why this is a great choice for taking between your home and your workplace; it won’t annoy anyone in either setting. Unfortunately, the SmartDevil isn’t battery-powered, so you’ll need to connect the USB cable to a laptop or power bank to turn the fan on. For even greater tilting capabilities, the best wall mount fan is going to give you the best range.

 #6  Aluan Handheld Travel Fan


WHY WE LIKE IT: This ultra-compact travel fan is lightweight and very versatile. You can carry it in your pocket or hang it around your neck with the included neck strap, and all of this is included in an extra-affordable package.

  • Includes neck strap
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Easy, one-button operation
  • Housing is on the thinner side
  • Some may find the power lacking

The Aluan Handheld travel fan is the best budget option we found, so if you need an affordable cooling solution for your on-the-go needs that doesn’t sacrifice too much on power or portability, then this is the fan for you. For starters, this ultra-compact fan measures a mere five inches tall and 3 inches wide. Plus, it’s less than an inch thick. This small fan is perfect for carrying around in your pocket since it’s smaller than most of today’s smartphones. With the included necklace strap, you can even make this into a neck fan for hands-free operation.

When it comes to power, some may find the Aluan to be lacking. This is mostly because it’s such a small device, so you shouldn’t expect too much in that regard. However, since you’ll likely be using it so close to yourself, you might be surprised at how well the Aluan can cool you down. The fan runs off a rechargeable lithium battery, and you can control the fan with a single button, which makes one-handed operation completely doable. The fan is designed to be small and unobtrusive, but be aware that the thinner housing may not be as durable as larger travel fans. However, this slim design makes this the best portable fan for traveling available. For other budget-friendly cooling options, our best window fan buying guide is worth checking out.

 #7  SkyGenius Clip On Travel Fan


WHY WE LIKE IT: This clip-on travel fan offers a ton of flexibility due to its attachment capabilities. It’s also powerful and fully adjustable for greater customization.

  • Powerful 10.5ft/s airflow
  • Clip feature is secure and firm
  • Vertical and horizontal tilt adjustment
  • Manual twist dial controls are awkward
  • Shorter, three-hour battery life

The SkyGenius Clip-On travel fan is one of the more unique options we researched, mostly because of its clip functionality. This sturdy clip allows you to attach the fan to pretty much anything you want, whether it be suitcases, desks, or bedroom headboards. With this kind of versatility, it’s easy to justify taking the SkyGenius with you where you go. Plus, it’s battery-powered and rechargeable, so you won’t have to worry about finding a dedicated power source while you’re out and about. Unfortunately, the battery life is a little shorter than other fans, coming in at just around three or four hours, so you might want to carry a spare power bank with you so you can charge the fan on longer trips.

The SkyGenius is also built with durability and adjustability in mind. It’s built from sturdy plastic that can easily take a beating without getting ruined. The fan head is also fully adjustable in both horizontal and vertical directions. This way, no matter where you have it clipped, you can adjust the airflow to cool you down. The SkyGenius features three different speed levels, and you can change those levels using the manual control dial. We wish the fan featured push-button controls, but even though these controls are a little awkward, they work well enough. For an extra boost of cooling, you might also like the best misting fan which gives you a gentle mist of water as you cool off.

 #8  O2Cool Treva Travel Fan


WHY WE LIKE IT: This large travel fan brings more power to the table without becoming too bulky to store in suitcases or handbags. It’s also super durable and can take bumps and tipping without breaking.

  • Wide base provides additional stability
  • Excellent 10-hour battery life
  • Dual power sources
  • Can get loud on high settings
  • Switch is nearly flush to fan body

The O2Cool Treva travel fan is the largest option we reviewed, but this doesn’t affect its overall portability. Measuring 13 inches tall and 12 inches wide, this fan can still easily fit in suitcases but may struggle to fit into handbags and backpacks. However, the tradeoffs that you get include much more power and better battery life. The Treva can output enough air velocity to comfortably cool down two people in close quarters.

The Treva can also run off either batteries or AC power. Unfortunately, the unit isn’t rechargeable in and of itself, but you can use rechargeable D cell batteries if you want that option. You can expect a high, 10-hour battery life out of the Treva, as well, when using batteries. We were surprised to find an external charging port on the fan’s body, too, which you can use to charge mobile devices and use the fan at the same time. Controlling the fan is done via a single slider switch. This is mostly easy to use but sits nearly flush to the fan’s body, which can make it harder to operate one-handed. You might also want to check out our best tower fans buying guide for in-home cooling.

 #9  efluky Travel Fan


WHY WE LIKE IT: With a rugged body and additional features like LED lighting, 3200 RPM of power, and stellar battery life, this travel fan is excellent for camping trips and gym workouts. The fan also includes three different speed settings so you get the right speed for any situation.

  • 3200 RPM of power
  • 9-hour battery life
  • Includes useful LED lighting
  • Larger than other travel fans
  • Loud on highest speed setting

The efluky travel fan is one of the most durable options available on the market, which makes it perfect for taking with you on road trips, camping trips, or to your workout. The fan is a little larger than other travel-sized options, but it still easily fits inside a pack or bag with ease. We were impressed with the overall design of the efluky. It features easy-to-use button controls, including separate buttons for on and off. Perhaps the most unique feature of this fan is the internal and external LED lights. The internal light looks great and the external light doubles as a flashlight in a pinch.

With 3200 RPM of power, the efluky is also one of the most powerful fans we included here. The highest speed setting can get loud, but it also offers the most comprehensive cooling capacity. In lower settings, the fan produces minimal noise without sacrificing too much power. This portable fan is battery powered, with a high-capacity 2200mAh rechargeable battery. You can get up to an impressive 9 total hours of usage on the low setting. When it’s time to charge, simply plug the USB charger cable into a power bank, wall outlet, or computer. If you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors, the best outdoor floor fan will give you a more powerful airflow and cooling effect.

 #10  EasyAcc Mini Handheld Travel Fan


WHY WE LIKE IT: If you’re a regular at theme parks and cruise ships, then this travel fan is the best option to keep you cool without taking up too much space in your bags. With a foldable handle and lots of power, this fan will cool you down even during the hottest parts of the day.

  • Efficient tri-blade design
  • 10-hour battery life (on low)
  • A little noisy on high settings
  • Power button is easily pressed on accident

The EasyAcc Mini is the best travel fan for cruise ships and theme parks by far, mostly due to its unique handheld design. The fan includes a handle that’s perfectly sized for most hands. This handle can be comfortably held in your hand while you’re walking around for extended periods. And when it’s time to get on a ride or go on a shore excursion, you can easily fold up the handle and store the fan in your bag. Fortunately, you won’t really have to worry about durability concerns here, either, even with all of the moving parts. The EasyAcc Mini fan is sturdy and will last through multiple trips.

The EasyAcc Mini travel fan offers an impressive amount of cooling performance across three different speed levels. There’s only one button to control these fans, and it’s easy to accidentally press, so be sure you’re careful when folding and unfolding the handle. This is a fine battery-operated fan, as well, which is even better for portability. Your purchase includes a 3350mAh rechargeable battery. If the 10 hours of battery life isn’t enough, they have other models with up to 32 hours and 5 fan speeds. All in all, the EasyAcc Mini is the best handheld fan because of all these features. If you’re hitting the parks with a stroller and little ones, the best stroller fan is another must-have item to keep your kiddo cool.

How We Decided

We built our ranking of the best travel fans first and foremost around portability. We didn’t include fans above if they were too bulky or heavy. Travel fans come in all shapes and sizes, but we rated fans higher if they were small and lightweight enough to carry in handbags or pockets. We also awarded bonus points for fans that included features specifically designed to increase portability, like folding handles and clip attachments.

Next, we rated fans based on the power and cooling air capacity they offered, despite their smaller sizes when compared to standard fans. While you shouldn’t expect travel fans to offer as much power as standard fans, you should still get an option that offers enough air velocity to keep you cool while you’re on the go. We awarded bonus points to options that offered variable speed settings.

Finally, we looked at fan power sources. We rated options higher if they were battery-powered, but didn’t exclude travel fans that need to be plugged in. Fans that are rechargeable are the most portable, and we scored them as such. Of course, a rechargeable fan is only as good as its battery life, so options with longer battery life are much better and more reliable.

Best Travel Fan Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Portability
    Like any product made specifically for traveling, the travel fan you purchase should focus mostly on portability.
    • When it comes to portability, look for fans that are lightweight and slim. This way, you can more easily store them away in your pocket or bag.
    • Look for compact personal fans powered by a USB cord, so they can plug into laptops, portable chargers, and other devices. A folding design with protective grills further enhances portability and safety while traveling. Don’t sacrifice performance for size.
    • Opt for multiple speed options to give you strong airflow, whether experiencing summer heat outdoors or in stuffy rooms. The best travel fan fits easily into your bag while providing reliable cooling power from a battery when you need relief from hot, stagnant air.
    • Also, consider how easy it is to carry the fan around on your person. Does it include a carry handle or neck strap? These features only serve to increase overall portability. Besides, keeping your fan in a bag keeps it safe and improves fan longevity.
  2. Power Source
    Where do portable travel fans get their power? The best travel fan for Europe and other international destinations is battery-powered and rechargeable, so you won’t have to worry about power conversions.
    • However, there are plenty of portable options that use removable batteries.
    • There are also travel fans that are powered via a power cable, whether it be USB or standard wall outlet cables. These are usually only portable in the sense that they are smaller than standard fans. Even being USB-powered, these fans spin at a fast rate and provide plenty of air.
    • They still need to be plugged into a stationary power source, which limits you to only using the fan in locations where those power sources are present.
  3. Performance
    Travel fan performance is measured in the amount of air velocity it can output, measured in cubic feet per minute, or CFM. Fortunately, travel fans don’t need a ton of power output to keep you cool, especially since they’re mostly meant for individual use. More importantly, look for a travel fan that performs on a reliable and consistent basis. You won’t want to be in the middle of a trip to warmer climates and have your fan die on you.
  4. Noise Level
    Since you’ll likely be using your travel fan around other people, you won’t want one that’s too loud. This is also true for your own experience. Travel fans are meant to be used in close quarters, and if the one you buy is too loud, it can ruin the entire experience. Many travel fans offer multiple speed settings. Often the lowest level is the quietest, but if you ever need more cooling power, having higher levels is an added benefit.
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