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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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To select the best transmission jack, we focused on a variety of factors with the most important being the lift range. We recognized that you’ll have different criteria depending on whether you’re buying a low profile or high lift transmission jack. In addition to this, we researched other core features such as safety protocols, range of motion, and weight capacity. Another must have car accessory is the best headlight restoration kit. If you enjoy working on cars then you know a transmission jack is one of the best tools to have.

Even though we know that there are two categories of transmission jacks, we’ve selected the OTC 5019A low lift transmission jack as our top pick because of its enhanced versatility. It features a huge weight capacity of 2,200 pounds and a low minimum height of 8 – ¼ inches — making it ideal for general consumer use with manual floor jacks on passenger cars.

Top 7 Best Transmission Jacks Compared

 #1  OTC 5019A 2,200 lb Capacity Low-Lift Transmission Jack

Award: Our Top Pick

WHY WE LIKE IT: A low lift transmission jack for use with manual lift jacks that features an enhanced range of motion that’s designed for use with class 7 and 8 heavy-duty trucks. Minimum height of eight and a quarter inches makes this ideal for use with trucks that have low ground clearance.

  • Ideal for heavy duty class 7 and 8 trucks.
  • Better range of motion with a swiveling pump handle
  • 8 – ¼ inch minimum height perfect with low clearance trucks
  • Pricey; the most expensive on our list

The OTC 5019A 2,200-pound capacity low lift transmission jack is our top pick because it’s perfect to use with heavy-duty trucks that are aerodynamic and low to the ground. It features a low height of eight and a quarter inches and also comes with a mounting adapter for use with Eaton, Fuller, and RoadRanger transmissions that are commonly found on class 7 and 8 heavy-duty trucks. Quickly adjust the mounting plate angle simply by using a wrench.

OTC’s transmission jack is designed with enhanced range of motion in mind to make your transmission projects easier to complete. You can work easier in confined spaces thanks to the swiveling pump handle. Most importantly, the jack can be tilted 12 degrees side to side, backwards 20 degrees, and forward 15 degrees. It’s only downside: it’s the most expensive on our list. This is a must to have around, much like the best jump starter.

 #2  Sunex 7793B Half Ton Telescopic Transmission Jack

Award: Honorable Mention

WHY WE LIKE IT: A heavy capacity (1000 lb) telescopic transmission jack for use with a hydraulic lift that has safety top of mind. Chain tie downs keep your transition secure while a foot pedal allows for hands-free height adjustment.

  • 1,000-pound weight capacity
  • 75.5-inch maximum height extension and 35.5-inch minimum height
  • Wide base legs and swivel casters for enhanced stability
  • Package can ship with baseplate missing
  • Improper threading can cause torque issue

Towing a jack with you is as essential as the best rooftop cargo carrier. If you’re working with a floor jack, then this high profile, telescopic transmission lift from Sunex is a must-have. You’ll appreciate the 75.5-inch extended maximum height that allows you to comfortably access and remove transmissions. The hands-free oversized foot-operated pump and release pedal offers a precise slow controlled raising and lowering mechanism to get the height exactly where you need it. You’ll also like the extended range of motion thanks to the enhanced angles you can achieve. The saddle can be moved 30 degrees from side to side, 53 degrees forward, and 30 degrees back.

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Safety is a major priority with this transmission jack thanks to the chain tie downs and nylon strap that keeps the transmission securely in place. An overload valve will prevent you from using the transmission jack with loads in excess of its rating. Plus the wide base legs offer enhanced stability while casters help you safely move your transmission to your workspace.

 #3  ATD 7430 1,000-lb Telescopic Transmission Jack

Award: Tallest High Profile Transmission Jack

WHY WE LIKE IT: With a maximum height of 77 ⅝ inches, and a half ton capacity, ATD’s telescopic transmission jack is ideal for work with rigs and heavy loads. An adjustable saddle base makes this perfect for working on a range of projects with a hydraulic lift.

  • 77 ⅝-inch maximum height, 37 ⅞-inch minimum height
  • Saddle base can be expanded to 11.5 by 21 inches
  • Rated for 1,000-pound weight capacity
  • Pricier compared to some other options on our list
  • #1 pick can hold twice as much weight

It’s not uncommon to find that a high profile transmission jack could fall short of your height requirements. The ATD 7430 telescopic transmission jack is the solution thanks to its maximum extension height of 77 ⅝ inches. Enhanced functionality is one of the best ways to describe this device. You’ll love that the saddle base is designed to adjust. The base can be expanded from the pre-set 8 ⅞ by 7 ⅛ inches to as much as 11.5 by 21 inches to accommodate larger transmissions.

Other important features include the foot pump and pedal for hands-free height control and nylon strap to keep your transmission secure when it’s in the saddle base. The lowered center of gravity also enhances the jack’s stability. Speaking of car accessories, the best CB radios will keep you connected to other travelers.

 #4  JEGS 79012 Low Profile Transmission Jack

Award: Best Budget Transmission Jack

WHY WE LIKE IT: A high capacity low profile transmission jack for use with a manual floor jack that can be used on loads of up to 1,000 pounds. This jack also offers easier access to lower vehicles with a minimum height of eight and a half inches and a maximum height of 23 inches.

  • 1,000-pound weight capacity
  • Lift range from 8.5-inches to 23-inches
  • Safety overload system to prevent excess weight
  • Range of motion limited when weight is added
  • Range of motion limited when weight is added
  • Saddle plate isn’t flush, causing wobbling

The JEGS 79012 low profile transmission jack is our best budget selection. The wallet-friendly price makes it a realistic option for budding DIY mechanics who need a quality jack that offers plenty of functionality without the steep investment of a high profile transmission jack. The JEGS model is rated for up to 1,000 pounds and provides a decent minimum and maximum lift range between eight and a half to 23 inches to accommodate most jobs. The saddle base features adjustable load arms to fit a range of transmissions.

As far as safety is concerned, a wide leg base and casters create better stability and easier maneuverability. The safety overload system is designed to prevent you from placing excess weight on the transmission jack while a safety chain keeps the load secure. Also, lowering of the load is controlled slowly using the conveniently placed release valve knob. Speaking of safety, the Bmmpr Smart Alarm protects your car from getting jacked? Pun intended.

 #5  Iglobalbuy 2 Stage Stage 1,100 lb Adjustable Height Hydraulic Telescoping Transmission Jack

Award: Best Value

WHY WE LIKE IT: An enhanced weight limit of 1,100 pounds and extended maximum height of 70 inches makes this very modestly priced hydraulic telescoping transmission jack a best value selection that can be used with hydraulic vehicle lifts. An adjustable saddle base lets you tackle a wider range of transmission projects while the 2-year warranty creates peace of mind.

  • 1,100 pound weight capacity
  • Maximum and minimum height range of 34 to 70 inches
  • Two stage hydraulic ram lift
  • Potential for hydraulic fluid leaks
  • Main shaft can wobble

The Iglobalbuy two-stage hydraulic telescopic transmission jack is a high profile jack that is designed to support up to 1,100 pounds. The two-stage hydraulic lift gives you precision control over the height and can be operated hands-free with foot pumps and pedals. This jack is designed to fit most transmissions and can be used to work on cars and some trucks. So it is great for light truck transmission, installation, or removal. The saddle base is completely adjustable and features load arms and chains for a secure fit.

Safety is also a priority with a wide leg base for enhanced stability, casters for easy movement, and a heavy duty steel construction for durability. Also, it has two 26- inch safety chains to secure transmission on the saddle. You’ll also get peace of mind with a two-year warranty. Speaking of peace of mind, the best car charger will deliver it as well. You can trust this even with the best luxury cars.

 #6  Big Red Torin Hydraulic Transmission Floor Jack

Award: Best For Industrial Use

WHY WE LIKE IT: A transmission jack that can tackle DIY and industrial projects thanks to its heavy 1,000-pound capacity and 360-degree swivel platform. A lift range from 8-11/16 inches to 22-11/16 inches can work with a wide range of projects once your vehicle has been raised with a manual jack.

  • 1,000-pound weight capacity
  • Minimum and maximum lift range 8-11/16 inches to 22-11/16 inches
  • Universal mounting head with wide angle adjustments
  • Washers can experience premature fatigue
  • Hydraulic fluid can leak

If you’re looking for a median-priced low profile floor transmission jack that’s strong enough to tackle personal maintenance and occasional work projects, the Big Red Torin hydraulic transmission floor jack is a smart selection. It is made of high grade durable steel, with a powder coated finish to prevent rust, instead of the enamel finish used on its predecessor the Big Red TR4053. With a 1,000-pound weight capacity and solid lift range between 8-11/16 inches to 22-11/16 inches, you can easily work on your personal car or heavier capacity projects. Easily tackle projects with a saddle that can be re-positioned from side to side or front to back.

Big Red Torin’s transmission jack comes with popular safety features like a safety overload system to prevent carrying excess weight, four casters for smooth maneuvering, and an adjustable universal mounting head with chains to keep your load secure.

 #7  450-Pound Capacity Differential Low Profile Transmission Jack

Award: Most Portable/Best Starter Transmission Jack

WHY WE LIKE IT: If it’s your first time tackling a transmission repair, you might prefer a simplified transmission jack that’s easy to operate and doesn’t take up much space when you need to store it. The 450 pound weight capacity and a lift range of 7 ¼ to 23 ¼ inches makes this ideal for DIY repairs for personal vehicles raised by a manual jack.

  • 450-pound weight capacity
  • Lift range of 7 ¼ to 23 ¼ inches
  • Small size perfect for storage
  • Limited to just 450 lbs; less than half of some others on this list
  • Not ideal for commercial uses

People planning for an occasional repair tackling their first automotive DIY project might be intimidated by the costlier and more complex transmission jacks in this list. But this 450-pound rated low profile transmission jack offers a variety of features that will appeal to first timers and casual mechanics. You’ll like that this jack folds down to dimensions of 17 by 18 inches — making it easy to stow out of sight in your garage. The commendable lift range with a minimum and maximum height of 7 ¼ to 23 ¼ inches allows you to manage the most common repair and upgrade jobs.

Safety is still a priority with this transmission jack with swivel casters for secure maneuverability and a nylon strap to prevent loads from shifting while the jack is in use.

Note: Other transmission jacks that may be worth mentioning that are not on this list include the GoPlus 1500 LB 2-Stage Hydraulic Transmission Jack. This GoPlus model has heavy-duty construction with premium steel, a 1500 lbs load capacity, 360° Swivel Wheels, and 24-37” height lifting range ideal for engine repair. It also has a fully adjustable saddle with corner brackets and a release valve. There’s also the OTC 1522A Stinger Low lift transmission jack, with a 2,000 lb load capacity, a safety overload feature, a pump handle that rotates 360 degrees, ball bearing swivel casters for easy jack positioning, and a maximum lift height of 35 1/4 inches.

How We Decided

When you’re purchasing a transmission jack, there are a variety of factors that come into play. One of the first things you need to consider is whether you need a low profile or high lift transmission jack. This will depend on the type of vehicles you’re trying to repair, which is why we’ve featured a variety of both low profile and high lift transmission jacks.

High lift transmission jacks are designed to typically be used in conjunction with a floor jack and tend to focus on larger vehicles like heavy duty trucks. Thes jacks need to offer a taller maximum height so you can comfortably access the transmission. This is why the high lift transmission jacks on our list feature a minimum height of 70 inches. High lift models will also typically feature hands-free slow controlled operation which makes it easier to precisely adjust the height.

Low profile transmission jacks can sometimes be used to work with trucks, but are typically designed for use with traditional automobiles, SUVs and pickup trucks that feature low undercarriage clearance. . One of the most important features here is that the minimum height — or the base height when the jack is lowered — is low enough to comfortably fit under your vehicle even when it’s raised so you can safely access the transmission before detaching it from your vehicle. All of the low profile transmission jacks in our list feature a minimum height of less than 10-inches. Regardless of whether you choose a low profile or high lift transmission jack, keep in mind that these items aren’t designed to be used by themselves to lift your vehicle. They can only be used after your vehicle has been raised to a safe height by either a manual or hydraulic lift to allow the transmission jack to easily be placed under your transmission and raised into the right position.

Once you’ve decided between a low profile or high lift transmission jack, safety should be your next priority. Key features like a wide leg base for added stability, secure straps to keep your load in place, and safety overload programs are all essential items you should keep in mind when selecting a transmission jack. A parallel issue with safety is the weight rating. Even though most of the jacks on the market are rated around 1,000 pounds, it’s always important to note the upper weight limit and check that against the vehicle you plan on servicing. Because of this, we’ve made it a point to list the maximum weight rating for each transmission jack on our list.

And finally, range of motion is going to be an important factor. Every transmission jack, regardless of style, allows you to adjust the angle. This helps you to safely and accurately position the jack under your transmission so that you can securely disconnect or install it. All of the transmission jacks in our list can be adjusted both in a side to side or forward and aft motion for improved accuracy.

Buyer’s Guide

Top Features

  1. Weight Capacity
    The main reason you purchase a transmission jack is so that you can easily access any area on your transmission by either raising or lowering it once you’ve disconnected it from your vehicle. So one of the most important features is going to be the weight capacity of the jack. Selecting a jack that is rated for a lower weight capacity than that of your transmission can create a safety hazard. If you’re purchasing this equipment to manage your own car repairs, focus on transmission jacks rated to hold between 500 to 2,000 pounds of load capacity. For commercial projects, jacks rated for weights of 2,000 pounds or more are preferred.
  2. Durability
    A transmission jack isn’t an item that you want to keep purchasing every few months because of product fatigue. More importantly, if it’s poorly designed it increases the risk of bodily injury due to product failure. When shopping for a transmission jack, look for items built out of sturdy materials like steel and features wheels so you can easily position your transmission for the easiest and safest work space.
  3. Low Profile versus High Lift
    Transmission jacks are commonly offered in two forms: low profile or high lift. The version you pick will be directly dependent on the types of projects you’re trying to complete. Low profile lifts are best suited for use with cars that feature low clearance even when the car has been lifted by a manual jack. In contrast, high lift transmission jacks are best used with vehicles that sit higher such as raised trucks or cars. A high lift jack is typically used with a hydraulic lift and even in its lowest position features a taller clearance height.
  4. Stability
    When you’re dealing with heavy equipment like a transmission, you need to know that when you place it on a surface, it’s not going to shift or move. This is a critical feature if you decide to buy a high lift transmission jack. Always look for jacks that feature a wider base which will offer increased stability.
  5. Vertical Range
    In order to properly service a transmission, you need to be able to easily reach the underside of your vehicle as well as raise or lower the transmission into a comfortable working height. When shopping for a transmission, note of the minimum and maximum lift heights.
  6. Warranty
    This feature is most important if you plan to use your transmission jack frequently. In the event of unexpected damage to your jack or product failure, you want to be sure that the company will stand behind their product by either replacing or repairing the transmission jack. Most brands offer a limited warranty that offers to repair or replace a damaged jack or offer a refund instead.

Transmission Jack FAQs

Why can’t I just use a conventional jack?

A conventional jack — whether handheld or hydraulic is designed to lift a car’s chassis for common tasks like oil changes or general car service. But they’re not designed to safely hold a transmission so that you can disconnect it from the car and work on it. Trying to use a conventional jack to remove a transmission can be dangerous and in some cases it can be fatal if the transmission falls on you. Instead, a transmission jack is designed to securely hold a transmission in place while you disconnect it and move it into a comfortable position for service.

Can’t I just lift the transmission out of my car manually?

Depending on the car you’re working on, transmissions can weigh at least 200 pounds. Even if you’re technically strong enough to lift that much, most transmissions don’t have their weight evenly distributed. Also consider that you may not be safely positioned to effectively lift a transmission out of position and move it to a stable workspace. Don’t take the risk of getting injured by the transmission falling on you, use a transmission jack.

Can I use a transmission jack to lift my car?

No, you cannot use a transmission jack to lift a car. This equipment is specifically designed to only hold transmissions. Regardless of whether you purchase a high lift or low profile jack, you must first raise the car using either a floor lift or a standard jack.. For low profile transmission jacks, make sure that the car is safely elevated with a jack stand securely placed under each tire that is being lifted. For high lift transmission jacks, the car should be securely elevated with a hydraulic lift before you begin removing the transmission.

Should I use a transmission jack adapter?

A transmission jack adapter is a smart investment if you already own a floor jack that features a removable saddle. In this scenario, a transmission jack adapter can improve the functionality of your floor jack and allow you to easily tackle the occasional transmission service or replacement project. However, if you plan to routinely work on transmissions, you are better served to buy a dedicated transmission jack.
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