10 Best Tower Air Conditioners in 2023

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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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If you’re shopping for the best tower air conditioner, you’ll need to think about whether you want a bladeless or bladed model. A bladeless model is usually more expensive but might come with additional functions such as an air purifier. If you’re thinking about placing your tower fan in your bedroom, you’ll want to think about the sound output and prioritize versions that include a white noise function or promote low decibel output. Additionally, the oscillation feature is essential as this will determine how efficiently air can be moved throughout the room rather than in just one direction. And also think about additional features such as programmability, or supplemental heat if you want to make your fan more intuitive for your lifestyle.

After researching countless reviews, we nominated the Lasko T42951 tower air conditioner as our Top Pick. Keep reading to learn more about our research criteria and to review our top recommendations for the best air conditioners for every need.

Top 10 Best Tower Air Conditioners

 #1  Lasko T42951 Tower Air Conditioner


WHY WE LIKE IT: The best tower fan for bedrooms thanks to its quiet operation while the auto-off timer and ionizer make it an intuitive choice for increased comfort.

  • Ionizer mode for cleaner air
  • Auto-off timer for up to 7.5 hours
  • 43” tall with three fan speeds
  • LED light may be too bright for some in low light

Tower fans can be a great way to cool a space without the power consumption or noise associated with a traditional air conditioner. This pick from Lasko is, in our opinion, the best tower fan that we found in our research. The quiet fan has three speeds and oscillates to evenly distribute cool air throughout the room. And at 43 inches tall, this is ideal for even the tallest bed, which is why we think it’s perfect for bedrooms.

This oscillating fan has an auto-off timer that can be programmed for up to seven and a half hours with the remote controller. And this is a truly portable AC thanks to the built-in handle in the back of the fan. We appreciated that this pick comes with a patented safety fuse technology that automatically cuts the electric current to the fan if an issue is detected in your power supply. You’ll also like that you can store the remote in the fan so that you won’t lose it. There’s also a nighttime setting for quieter operations. However, some customers did note that in low light, the LED-lit buttons can be too bright. In which case, you may need one of the best air conditioners for sliding windows that has a night mode that dims the control panel so it’s not blinding you with LEDs when the lights are off.

Related: Check out the best wifi smart air conditioners for other options.

 #2  Dyson Cool AM07 Tower Air Conditioner


WHY WE LIKE IT: A sleek bladeless tower fan that’s easy to clean with 10 airflow settings and a programmable sleep timer makes this one of the best tower fans for cooling any room in your home.

  • Sleek bladeless design
  • Impressive programmable sleep timer
  • 10 airflow settings
  • Lacks air purifier

Dyson was one of the first brands to offer bladeless tower fans, and they’ve become a fan favorite among people who like the ease of use and how much simpler it is to clean them. The Dyson AM07 is a lightweight solution that sips power and is designed to be even quieter than other bladeless tower fans from this brand. We like that at just 6.2 pounds, this fine small portable air conditioner can be easily moved around the room or through the house. It’s one of the best tower fans for cooling any room in your home.

This oscillating fan has one of the best timers since it can be programmed by intervals as small as 15 minutes up to nine hours. Because this model is bladeless, you can quickly wipe it clean and don’t have to worry about little fingers getting nicked by blades. The remote control also gives you the freedom to switch between 10 airflow settings, a sleep setting, oscillation controls, and the power on/off button. You’ll like that the remote controller is also magnetized and curved so that it can be stored on the floor fan when not in use. However, as compared to other Dyson models and other tower fans we researched, this pick lacks an air purifier or ionizer. On that note, have a look at the best portable air conditioner for RVs that has a self-evaporative technology to remove condensation and purify the air.

 #3  Pelonis FZ10-10JRH Tower Air Conditioner


WHY WE LIKE IT: The best air conditioner for the bedroom thanks to its quiet 45-decibel operation, 60-degree oscillation, and a programmable eight-hour timer with auto shut-off functionality.

  • 8hr timer with auto-shut-off
  • 60-degree oscillation
  • LED control panel and remote control
  • One of the heavier models at 9.34 pounds

There’s white noise, and then there’s a racket. The Pelonis FZ10-10JRH is a quiet portable air conditioner for people who need it to be quiet when they go to bed. While at top fan speeds you’ll get a maximum output of 60 decibels, in the sleep mode this is one of the quietest tower fans we discovered through our research. At 45 decibels, you’ll be able to sleep peacefully through the night.

Aside from a truly quiet sleep mode, you’ll appreciate the 60-degree oscillation feature which improves airflow and circulation throughout the room. Thanks to the narrowly placed grates, this is a child-safe fan. It also has built-in overheat protection that automatically shuts the fan off if the motor overheats. You’ll also get a programmable timer that can be set for up to eight hours, a remote controller, and auto-shutoff functionality. While it’s a minor quibble, this is one of the heavier models, coming in at 9.34 pounds. Lighter models can be found among the best portable ACs for camping.

 #4  Seville Classics UltraSlimline Tower Air Conditioner


WHY WE LIKE IT: A great portable air conditioner set with a powerful 275 CFM rating and 80-degree oscillation, that includes a 17-inch personal fan and a 40” standing model that’s ideal for cooling larger rooms.

  • 275 CFM
  • 2-piece set with 40” and 17” fans
  • Comes with timers and eco mode
  • Fans can be loud on high settings

If you’re looking to get the best bang for your buck, you can’t go wrong with a two-for-one special. This Seville Classics Ultraslimline portable air conditioner is a two-piece set that includes personal and room tower fans. This set features a 40-inch tower that’s ideal for cooling entire rooms and a 17-inch tower that’s best for placing on desktops for personal comfort. Both fans provide oscillation for better air circulation as well as a quiet operation so that you can concentrate as you work at your desk, or fall asleep without being disturbed.

But with an 80- and 75-degree oscillation feature, that’s one of the widest we’ve seen in our research. The 40-inch fan can oscillate 80 degrees while the 17-inch fan offers 75 degrees. When combined with the 275 CFM rating, this pick is one of the most efficient for total room cooling power. You also have your choice of three color options, black, silver, and a black and silver combination. As is standard, this combination set comes with an Eco mode as well as a programmable timer that allows for one, two, or four-hour automatic shutoff. You may compare this with the best LG air conditioners that also have programmability features.

 #5  KopBeau Tower Air Conditioner


WHY WE LIKE IT: An adjustable-height portable AC unit that has an adjustable-height design allowing you to get the perfect level of airflow, even for bedrooms with taller beds.

  • Great for use with taller beds
  • Auto-off LED lights after 30 seconds
  • Child-safe grates
  • May become noisy over time in oscillation mode

If you’ve ever struggled to find a floor fan that’s the right height for your needs, you know how frustrating it can be to find an air conditioner that’s in the “Goldilocks zone.” the KopBeau oscillating tower fan is a unique option in our guide because it’s an adjustable height model. You can easily shift between 36 and 42 inches, making this ideal for people with low and tall platform beds that might otherwise have difficulty getting the right height with a fixed-height tower fan.

As is standard, you’ll get child-safe grates that are closely spaced to prevent injury. There are three airflow modes including normal, natural, and sleep. You’ll also get three quiet speed settings and an auto-off function on the LCD screen that shuts off after 30 seconds. The programmable timer can be set for up to seven hours and this unit comes with a remote as well. Another remote-controlled unit with a 24-hour programmable timer is the best window air conditioner.

 #6  Vornado 184 Tower Air Conditioner


WHY WE LIKE IT: A smartly designed tower fan with an angled venting system to ensure widespread airflow and circulation and with four-speed settings that don’t require an oscillation feature.

  • Energy timer with four settings
  • 4-speed settings
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Can’t be disassembled, makes it difficult to clean

A common complaint with any fan is that the oscillation range may not be wide enough to effectively cool and circulate air through a room. The Vornado tower fan has solved that pain point by redesigning the vents. Instead of organizing the vents in a linear pattern, the vents are shifted into an angle that allows for thorough air circulation without the need for oscillation. Because of its unique design, it can push air as far as 100 feet. The Vornado fan is available in two heights, 32 and 41 inches.

You’ll also get four fan speeds and an energy-saving timer that can be set for one, two, four, or eight hours before automatically shutting off. This model also comes with a remote control that’s magnetized so that it can be cradled on the top of the unit. However, while the design of this tower fan is innovative, a common complaint we found was that this model was hard to clean. According to reviews, the product was intentionally designed so that it couldn’t be disassembled. Unfortunately, this means that over time, dust and build-up may become all but impossible to remove from the internal blades. This is why you might want to invest in the best ductless mini-split air conditioner that features a self-cleaning mode.

 #7  Honeywell HTF210B Tower Air Conditioner


WHY WE LIKE IT: An energy-sipping 13-inch personal use tower fan that can produce white noise that’s perfect for tabletops and travel while also providing quiet operation.

  • Comes with oscillation functionality
  • Tabletop design is perfect for personal use
  • Energy-efficient and eco-friendly design uses less plastic
  • May not be practical for cooling an entire room

Finding the perfect personal fan can be a struggle at times. We like the Honeywell HTF210B because it’s a compact mini tower fan that’s perfect for travel or taking to the office. For people who struggle to sleep in new locations, there’s a white noise mode that helps you comfortably drift off to dreamland. The 13-inch height makes it perfect for placing on a desk or bedside table. You’ll also appreciate that this Honeywell model is a QuetSet portable AC. This means that all of the four cooling modes are designed to operate quietly.

The compact portable unit weighs less than two pounds. So it’s perfect for slipping into your work bag or luggage. The brand also promises that you can save up to 50% on energy consumption with this selection because it relies on direct current (DC) as opposed to the traditional AC motors that most portable fans have. As is standard, you’ll also get an eco mode and a programmable timer that can be set for two or eight hours of operation before shutting off automatically. For more programmability, have a look at the best central air conditioner that features a humidity management system, compatibility with WiFi, and remote management.

 #8  Forty4 Tower Air Conditioner


WHY WE LIKE IT: A Budget-friendly personal tower fan that is relatively quiet at 50 decibels and provides 60 degrees of oscillation for more comfort as you work at your desk.

  • Only 2.2lbs is ideal for travel
  • 50dB maximum output
  • 60-degree oscillation feature
  • Only 2 fan speeds

Personal fans are ideal, especially in work environments where you might not have access to climate control settings but are still sweating at your desk. The Forty5 portable desk fan is a great option thanks to its lightweight 2.2 pounds and 13-inch height. This fan is fairly quiet at just 50 decibels of sound output in the highest setting.

The Forty5 portable unit also features a 60-degree oscillation, which makes it perfect for keeping you cool at your desk or even a few feet away. Note though, that this model only offers two fan speeds as compared to most brands that offer three or more — even for portable fans. And as is also standard, this fan will automatically shut off if it detects an issue with the power supply. Similarly, you will also like the best through the wall air conditioner that has a 24-hour programmable timer with an auto-restart function that saves the last settings if your power is interrupted.

 #9  Lasko FH500 Tower Air Conditioner


WHY WE LIKE IT: A two-in-one combination fan heater that offers eight fan speed settings, an adjustable thermostat, an eight-hour timer, and widespread oscillation in a slim design.

  • 8 temperature settings
  • 8-hour timer
  • Great for small spaces
  • Limited oscillation range

For people who live in homes where the HVAC system isn’t as strong as it should be, this can be frustrating. It can mean that in the winter some rooms aren’t sufficiently heated and likewise in the summer, some rooms may remain hot. The Lasko FH500 tower fan is a combination fan heater. The built-in space heater relies on 1500 watts to effectively heat spaces. We think this pick is perfect for larger areas like living rooms. So, it makes for a great portable A/C and heater combo. 

You’ll get three heater speeds and four cooling speeds to find the perfect settings for your needs. There’s also a dual-mode that combines the fan and heater. Because there’s a heating component, there’s a tip-over safety feature that automatically shuts off the heater if the unit is tipped. Likewise, this model is designed to stay cool to the touch even when the heater is on. You’ll appreciate the easy-to-clean filter that can be removed from the back, as well as the simple digital controls. There’s also an eight-hour auto-off timer and an accompanying remote with onboard storage. Much like the best evaporative air conditioner that has an automatic timer, remote control, and digital control panel.

 #10  TaoTronics Tower Air Conditioner

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WHY WE LIKE IT: The best portable air conditioner for improving the efficiency of your mounted air conditioners thanks to the nine airflow settings, 12-hour programmable timer, and 65-degree oscillation.

  • Multitude of comfort settings
  • Child safe bladeless design
  • 65-degree oscillation
  • Sleep mode may be noisy for some

If you’re looking for an intuitive portable AC that can cool your room, or improve the efficiency of an existing air conditioner, this oscillating tower fan from TaoTronics should be on your shortlist. We think it’s one of the best portable air conditioners from our research because it’s a bladeless model that is incredibly intuitive. The bladeless feature makes this very safe to use around children. For more about box fans vs air conditioners, check out our info articles. 

Meanwhile, you’ll get a wide 65-degree oscillation feature and the ability to toggle between nine airflow settings. The large LED display makes this easy to use for a variety of people, including seniors. There are also three fan speeds. At 35 inches tall, this is incredibly effective at circulating air in bedrooms too. The TaoTronics portable air conditioner also offers up to 12 hours of programming controls with its timer. And cleaning this tower fan is easy thanks to the removable back cover. As is standard, this pick comes with a remote controller. Just like with the best windowless air conditioners that also feature a programmable timer.

How We Decided

Tower air conditioners, also known as tower fans, can be a great way to supplement an existing air conditioning system while also serving as a space-saving climate control solution. Plus, most don’t have those confusing air conditioner symbols that you need to decode. To create our guide, we focused on the following key features — blades versus bladeless, sound output, oscillation, CFM ratings, and additional features.

In our guide, the majority of the picks were blade tower fans. However, we did include a few bladeless options. Bladeless models tend to be quieter and often provide additional functionality such as an air purifier or even an ionizer. Another factor you should consider is oscillation. This will determine not just the distance that air can flow, but how well the air circulates through a room. You’ll find that a 60-degree oscillation is fairly standard, but you can also get options as wide as 80 degrees.

While not every tower air conditioner manufacturer lists the CFM rating, this can be a helpful guide as to how efficiently a fan can push air through a room. Where available, we included this rating as well as the depth of airflow in feet.

And finally, we considered additional features that you might find intuitive. This can include functions such as an air purifier or ionizer which can improve air quality. Other relatively standard options include a programmable timer, eco mode, or even a white noise function. All of these options help to improve the functionality of your device.

Best Tower Air Conditioner Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Factors to Consider

  1. Blades vs. Bladeless
    While tower air conditioners — also known as tower fans — might look more sophisticated than the classic fan with a circular fan head, they still rely on blades. Technically speaking, a bladeless fan like the popular Dyson model still has blades, they’re just covered in a casement. This can be ideal if you hate trying to clean a traditional fan where it can be difficult to reach the individual blades. Likewise, bladeless models tend to be quieter, however, they’re usually more expensive than traditional blade fans. Apart from normal noise levels, you may notice a squealing noise when the AC is turned on. That’s a sign that a repair or maintenance on the appliance is needed.
  2. Sound Output
    Especially if you’re picking a tower air conditioner for your bedroom, you’ll want to pay attention to the decibel rating as this relates to the noise level. Fans can be incredibly noisy, especially at their highest speed settings. As a general guide, you’ll want to look for fans and air conditioners that have a maximum decibel rating between 50 to 60 decibels. This noise level is around the same noise output as having a normal conversation. Anything louder than this may be too distracting. Something quiet like the unit we feature in this Shinco Portable Air Conditioner review will make your space more comfortable temperature-wise and noise-wise. Additionally, check out our ceiling fan vs AC to see which option may be best for your room.
  3. CFM Rating
    The CFM or cubic feet per meter rating outlines how efficiently a fan can move air in a room. Higher CFM ratings are usually more efficient at moving air. But keep in mind that for fans, you’ll want to also consider whether it can oscillate. Oscillation will help to ensure that air is being evenly distributed through a room rather than in a single direction.
  4. Oscillation
    Oscillation refers to how air is distributed through a room. While CFM determines the airflow strength, oscillation can ensure that the air blows in more than one direction. Most fans come with oscillation, but you’ll want to consider the supported oscillation angle as well as the total length of the actual fan portion of the tower, and the total number of grates that are provided.
  5. Additional Features
    Tower fans come with a variety of smart features that can make them more intuitive. Common options include multiple fan speed settings, the option to oscillate or swing versus leaving it in a static position, and even options to clean the air. Consider whether you want a timer and remote control or a night mode that lowers the fan speed and dims the control panel so it’s not blinding you with LEDs when the lights are off. If you want a more portable cooling appliance that you can wheel around your home, consider the unit in our Luma Comfort EC110S review.

Tower Air Conditioner FAQs

Do tower fans cool a room?

Tower fans can cool a room, to an extent. Obviously, if you live in a very humid or hot climate, there reaches a point where a fan can’t compete with a traditional air conditioner to effectively cool a room. However, for the best results, place your tower air conditioner in the corner of the room and set it to the widest oscillation setting. This will help to evenly distribute cool air throughout the room.

Is a tower fan better than a regular fan?

While both options are effective at cooling a room, a tower fan usually comes with more features than a regular pedestal fan which is also known as a pedestal fan. Tower fans often come with night lights and air purifiers. Likewise, they usually are quieter than pedestal fans — often marketed as whisper quiet — and offer more style variations.

How do I choose a tower fan?

If you’re shopping for a tower fan, you’ll need to consider the size of the room where you plan on using it. Based on the square footage of the room, pick a fan with a CFM rating that’s compatible with that. Then consider where you plan on placing it within the room and find a fan that fits those dimensions. Also, think about additional features you might want such as air purification or an ionizer.

Does a tower fan use a lot of electricity?

As compared to an air conditioner, no they don’t. In general, these portable AC units use roughly 100 watts of energy. Compare this to ceiling fans that use anywhere from 15 to 90 watts based on the speed setting.
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