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Best Throttle Electric Bike in 2023

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What are the features that make the best throttle electric bike for your adventure or commute?

To find the best electric bike with throttle controls, look for a high-quality motor that offers enough torque to provide plenty of acceleration on hills. Compared to a pedal-assist-only e-Bike, an electric bike with throttle control usually needs a larger, more powerful electric motor. This means it also requires plenty of battery capacity. The electric bike battery should provide enough voltage to run the motor at its most efficient speed, while also offering enough

Amperage to meet the motor’s demand when starting out from a stop or going uphill. A larger motor puts extra demands on the eBike’s electronics, so the next thing to consider in a throttle electric bike is the quality of the motor controller, battery management system (commonly abbreviated as “BMS”), and the associated electronic components. Keep reading our throttle electric bike buyer’s guide and other best electric bikes to learn more.

Top Throttle Electric Bikes

 #1   Xprit Folding Electric Bike


WHY WE LIKE IT: Its dual suspension system makes for a very comfortable ride, and since the battery is removable, owners can opt to buy a spare one for an increased range.

  • Very comfortable ride courtesy of front and rear suspension
  • It has a reliable dual disk braking system
  • Can support a load capacity of up to 264 pounds
  • Tires not ideal for use on all terrain

The Xpirit Folding Electric Bike is a 14-inch folding bike with both front and rear suspension for comfortable riding and a 250W brushless motor that can get it to a top speed of 15.5 mph. The bike also has a dual disk braking system for easy braking, and courtesy of its sturdy aluminum frame, it can support a load capacity of up to 264 pounds. The electric bike is also fitted with both front and rear lights for good night visibility and is pretty easy to assemble. However, its tires are not meant for use on all-terrain.

The Xpirit bike also comes with a rear luggage rack that owners can use to ride around with their items, and details such as the riding speed and remaining battery life are displayed on the LCD display that’s on its steering rod. Speaking of which, the battery on this e-bike has a capacity of 36 Volts, and this yields a range of up to 27.9 miles with pedal assist. It comes with a wrist throttle control and is reasonably easy to handle.

 #2   Salinovo 14-inches Electric Bike


WHY WE LIKE IT: It has dual suspension and a removable battery for convenient safekeeping when not in use. It’s also got a great range and three riding modes to choose from.

  • Very reliable dual braking system
  • Three riding modes to choose from
  • Battery is removable
  • No carry seat

This Sailnovo 14-inch Electric Bike is great for users who would need to push through climbs that have a 15° gradient and a max speed of up to 18.6 mph. The e-bike also features an LCD dashboard where current speed and battery power are displayed, and since it also comes with double disk brakes, the braking speed is quite good. The e-bike also comes with a large capacity 36-volt Lithium battery, and since it is removable, owners will have the option to purchase another if they so wish for increased range. Still, some might not like that it doesn’t come with a rear carry seat.

Its battery will keep it going for between 28 (eBike mode) to 45 miles (assisted eBike mode), depending on use, and will require a charging time of five to six hours to get to full capacity. Folding is easy thanks to its one-step folding system, and with a total weight of 55 pounds, it shouldn’t be challenging to carry for short distances. Owners have three riding modes to choose from, where users can ride it with their motor on, and have the motor power only the rear wheel or pedal without the motor being active altogether.

 #3   Ecotric Fat Tire Electric Bike


WHY WE LIKE IT: Its tires make it suitable for use on all terrain, and its powerful motor can get it to a top speed of 23mph. It is also easy to put together and has four riding modes.

  • Very easy to assemble
  • Powerful motor
  • 4-inch wide tires are suitable for all-terrain riding
  • No carry seat

The Ecotric Electric Bike is a powerful, all-terrain model with large 26-inch wheels and a removable 36 Volt Lithium battery that keeps it going for more than 20 miles. This battery powers its 500 Watt motor and when at full throttle, can get it moving as fast as 20 miles per hour. It has 4-inch wide tires that provide a wide contact patch with the ground for good traction and is also suitable for use in different terrains. However, some might take issue with its lack of a carry seat.

This e-bike has four riding modes for users to choose from. There’s a pedal-assist mode for assisted riding, a fully electric mode, a pedal mode for regular riding, and a booster mode that’ll have it going for 3.75mph at minimum. It also comes with rear suspension, and since it also features throttle control, riders will be in complete control of the speed at which they’re riding. The bike also features an ergonomic seat for comfort and is also very easy to assemble.

 #4   Vivi Folding 350W Electric Bike


WHY WE LIKE IT: It folds very easily, and since it has a battery that can be removed, owners can opt to buy another one for an increased range.

  • Very easy to fold
  • Has a removable battery
  • Great range
  • Lack of dual suspension might be a deal breaker for some

The Vivi electric folding bike is a reliable city commuter bike that will work for users who want to use it daily and stick to smooth terrain. The bike comes with a 350W hub motor that can propel it to a top speed of up to 20 mph. Its 36-volt battery will allow for a range of up to 40 miles in optimum conditions, and since it also has both front and rear fenders, there won’t be any splashback of dirt or debris when riding. Folding it for storage is also pretty easy thanks to its one-step folding system, but its lack of dual suspension might be a deal-breaker for some.

Like most modern releases, this e-bike offers three different riding modes to choose from. There’s the pedal-assist mode for assisted riding, throttle mode for free acceleration, and no assist mode for unassisted pedaling. The e-bike also comes with a rack for luggage carrying and a headlight for riding at night. It also has seven different gears to choose from depending on the terrain, and since it also has both front and rear disc brakes, its braking performance is pretty good.

 #5   Leadzm 14-inch Folding Aluminium Electric Bike


WHY WE LIKE IT: It weighs only 40 pounds, and since it is also very easy to fold, moving around with it shouldn’t be difficult. It also has three riding modes and front and rear lights for night riding.

  • Very portable
  • Has front and rear lights for night time visibility
  • Easy to assemble
  • No carry seat

Weighing only 40 pounds, the Leadzm 14-inch folding aluminum electric bike is a very portable alternative that is powered by a 250-Watt motor and can reach a decent 15.5mph. The bike is great for users who need a solution for their city commutes, and since it comes with an HD smart meter display, users will also be able to take note of the remaining battery power and current speed as they ride. The e-bike also has a height-adjustable saddle, though some might not like that it does not have a carry seat.

Riding around at night will be a breeze thanks to the bike’s front and rear headlights, and since it also has front and rear disc breaks, braking performance is also pretty good. Like most in its category, the e-bike has a range of up to 37.3 miles when using the pedal-assist mode, however, when in full power mode, its range averages about 15.5 miles. Assembling it is also very easy to do, and since it is easily foldable, storing it shouldn’t be difficult.

 #6   Eclypse Astra 16’’ Electric Bike


WHY WE LIKE IT: It has three-speed settings to choose from and is ideal for children aged four to eight years. It is very light in weight and has a decent 45 to 70-minute run time.

  • Great for children
  • Very quick charging time
  • Has three-speed settings
  • No front or rear headlights

The Eclypse Astra electric bike is specifically designed for kids aged four to eight years old who want to explore and traverse the great outdoors. It comes with an 18-volt brushless motor powered by a removable 4Ah lithium-ion battery. Its battery will have the motor running for between 45 to 70 minutes and will take only 80 minutes to get charged to full capacity. The bike has a twist grip throttle for easy acceleration and also comes with a digital power display that displays all the pertinent riding information. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any front or rear headlights.

The e-bike has 16-inch wheels that have great tread, and since it also has a powerful rear drum brake, it is reliable enough to come to a complete stop when required. The bike can be operated in either powered or non-powered mode and has three-speed settings that limit its top speed to 5 mph, 7.5mph, and 11 mph, respectively. Weighing only 20 pounds, the bike is pretty lightweight and is also available in three different colors.

Beginners’ Guide to Throttle Electric Bikes

What Are Throttle Electric Bikes?

Throttle electric bikes are electric bicycles that allow the rider to accelerate without pedaling at all. They’re equipped with a throttle mechanism such as a thumb throttle or twist throttle. This controls the electric motor independently of the pedals. Some throttle e-bikes can start off from a stop using only throttle control, while some require that you be going a certain speed under pedal power–usually 10 kph or about 6 miles per hour–before engaging the throttle. Before you decide on a throttle bike, you’ll want to read our mashup of thumb throttle vs twist electric bikes, to see which one is better for you.

Throttle Electric Bikes vs Electric Bicycles

As with other e-Bikes, throttle electric bicycles have an electric motor along with a set of pedals like a regular bike.

Unlike some eBikes that only provide different levels of pedal assist, throttle e-bikes allow you to ride without pedaling at all. They may also provide a user-selectable level of assistance when pedaling. But the big difference between a throttle electric bike and other types of e-bikes is the ability to engage the motor without using the pedals. A powerful motor is also important when deciding to buy the best ebike conversion kit.

Throttle e-bikes may or may not have a higher maximum speed than other e-bikes, but most of the faster class-3 e-bikes on the market do have throttle control. E-cargo bikes, designed for carrying luggage or making deliveries, almost always have a throttle built-in. For a look at some bikes we recommend, check out our lists of the highest-rated Rad Power electric bikes and our greatest rear-drive motor eclectic bikes.

Typically, the motor on a throttle e-bike will have a higher maximum power level in order to meet the needs of motor-only acceleration. Some riders may find that having twist throttles allows for a more comfortable ride. GenZe electric bikes are designed with this in mind; the GenZe electric bike review shows that riders appreciate the comfortable and secure feel of twisting throttles when riding.

Like other electric road bike and city bike options, most e-bikes with throttle control also use hydraulic or mechanical disc brakes, a lithium-ion battery pack, and a torque sensor to allow smart control of the electric motor in tandem with the pedals. They may come equipped with folding pedals and integrated lights. Depending on the power level and top speed, they are usually allowed to use bike lanes alongside traditional bicycles.

How Throttle Electric Bikes Work

On a throttle e-bike, the rider can use the motor to maintain the bike’s speed or accelerate without pedaling. Usually, this is done via a set of twist throttles on the handlebars. Some models incorporate a thumb throttle instead.

The e-bike throttle sends a signal to the motor controller and draws electric current from the battery, causing the motor to apply torque to the hub or the chain.

Electric bikes with eBike throttles sometimes have user-selectable throttle mode and pedal-assist-only modes. Some models allow you to set different maximum power levels and levels of assist when pedaling. They can use mid-drive motors or hub motors.

Throttle e-bikes are especially useful in situations where you might not want to have to pedal all the time. They are often used as city bikes and e-cargo bikes for last-mile deliveries and daily commuting. You can also find models of electric mountain bikes that use twist-throttles.

Class 3 e-bikes almost always use throttles to allow for their higher top speeds without the need for strenuous pedaling.

Why Should You Buy a New Throttle Electric Bike?

If you’re primarily interested in reducing your carbon footprint, but wouldn’t necessarily want to use a non-electric bike for all your mobility needs, an e-bike with throttles and a powerful motor may be a good choice. These bikes let you pedal when you want to exercise, but allow you to stop pedaling and maintain regular bicycle speed as well. The latest throttle electric bikes have numerous tech upgrades that make them more fun and better suited to the daily commute.

  • Improved Range and Performance. The latest models of commuter-friendly electric bikes often feature rear racks and hydraulic disc brakes, along with a 500-watt to 750-Watt motor. Many of these offer more than a 50-mile range on a single charge, even when using throttle mode.
  • New Tech Features: They also come with features like a built-in display with a battery level indicator, assist level gauge, and current speed readout. Battery charge times have also come down drastically, with today’s lithium-ion battery packs able to charge in a short period of time compared to older models.

Is a Throttle E-Bike Worth Buying?

With generally higher battery output and a more powerful motor, an electric bike with throttle control is a good choice if:

  • You Ride on Hills: Throttle e-bikes offer more powerful motors to help go up hills.
  • You Carry Cargo: Most cargo-rated electric bikes use twist throttles for better control.
  • You Desire Accessible Low-Carbon Transportation: electric bikes with throttle control are also more accessible for those with injuries or physical disabilities.
  • You Want Faster, Class-3 Electric Bikes or Mopeds: f you’re looking for a faster, more powerful model of electric mountain bike or electric moped, you’ll definitely want to consider models with throttle control.

Why a Throttle Electric Bike May Not Be for You

  • Mostly Looking for Exercise: If you pedal most of the time like on a regular bicycle, but want the option of battery assist to help with longer journeys and hills, you may think a throttle choice is redundant.
  • More Power = More Electricity Usage: If you’re looking for the most range on a single battery charge possible, you may want to use pedal assistance only and avoid using the motor when first starting out. You may think that having eBike throttles will mean fewer miles of range for a given number of Watt-hours.
  • Range Varies Widely: The actual battery range of an eBike with throttle control will vary mostly depending on how you ride it, along with the terrain and temperature.

How Long Will a Throttle Electric Bike Last?

As with other electric personal mobility vehicles, the lifespan of an electric bike with throttle control varies based on the frequency of use and on the storage environments. In general, you can expect anywhere from two to eight years of use before needing to replace any major components. Make sure to also invest in the best bike rack for electric bikes that offer proper protection for your ebike.

The lithium-ion battery packs and electronics which most bike manufacturer brands use today are generally good for 500-2000 charge cycles. Other components, such as hydraulic brakes, tubes, and tires, will last anywhere from one to four years, depending on how much you ride.

The electric motors and throttle mechanisms are generally low-maintenance, long-lasting components. E-bikes with throttles have the same longevity as other e-Bikes with similar types of batteries and drive systems. A mid-drive motor will put slightly more wear on the gears, sprockets, and chain, while a hub motor will increase the load on the tire and may accelerate tire wear.

How to Choose a Throttle Electric Bike

There are a number of factors that go into choosing the best throttle electric bike. These include an appropriately sized, powerful enough motor and battery, well-designed battery electronics and battery pack safety features, and a high-quality frame. Aluminum and carbon fiber frames save weight (but add cost.) On a throttle e-bike, the braking system is important, too, especially for higher-speed riding. You’ll want to seek models with secure, mechanical, or hydraulic disc brakes in addition to regenerative braking capability that can still offer a fairly smooth ride. Consider the seated position as well, for you don’t want to be unbearably uncomfortable if you plan to ride for hours at a time.

Throttle Electric Bike Key Features

Among the key features of a throttle-controlled electric bike specifically, you’ll find throttle choice, motor controller electronics, and disc brakes.

How Do You Choose Throttle Type?

Common types of e-bike throttles are the thumb throttle and twist throttles. Twist throttles give more of a feeling of control and are superficially similar to the throttle mechanisms used on most motorcycles. Thumb throttle speed control is more like an on-off switch. Many electric bicycles also have handlebar-mounted controls that let you adjust the level of pedal assist. Also keep in mind wheel size, for a wide option like balloon tires which give bikes a smooth ride.

How Much Power Do You Need?

Electric motors and battery packs for throttle assist e-bikes come in various sizes and power levels. If you’re looking for an eBike that doesn’t require much pedaling, you might want a 750-Watt motor.

If you don’t often ride on hills or need to carry cargo, a smaller 250-Watt or 500-Watt motor may suffice.

How Much Battery Range Do Throttle Electric Bikes Have?

The largest battery packs currently available for throttle electric bikes can provide over a hundred miles of range. However, most commuters and occasional eBike riders don’t need that long of a range.

How much battery capacity you need depends on what your main use for the electric bike will be. A typical 500 Watt-hour removable battery pack for electric bikes can deliver up to 40 miles of range in average conditions. Higher speeds, hills, and very hot or cold weather can reduce the battery range by as much as 50 percent, however.

Using the throttle to start off from a standstill also draws more energy from the battery.


What is a Class-3 E-Bike?

In many areas, electric bikes are regulated into different classes according to the motor power or the top speed at which pedal assistance is offered. On a class-3 e-bike, the motor is allowed to accelerate the bike up to 28 miles per hour.

Which type of electric bike throttle is best?

Among the common types of throttle controls on e-bikes, there are thumb throttles, full-twist throttles, and half-twist throttles. Many enthusiast riders prefer the level of control of twist throttles, while some riders are also partial to thumb throttle eBikes.

Do throttle-controlled electric bikes also allow you to pedal?

Yes, when it comes to e-bikes, having a throttle assist mode doesn’t usually preclude pedal assist. Many throttle electric bikes also have variable assist levels suited for different riding styles.

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