10 Best Tactical Wallets in 2023

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Updated January 24, 2023

To find the best tactical wallets, you’ll need to examine a list of criteria to determine what is most important. We recommend the best tactical wallet made of top grain 100% leather, underpinned by a stainless steel or aluminum frame with an extra coating for extreme weather resistance (e.g. reinforced polymer base or titanium aluminum nitride). It should also be combined with a key utility tool, such as a 14-function multi-tool, hex wrench, or built-in pen holder to meet the wearer’s demands for survival, creativity, or other designated purpose. If you are looking for the ultimate wallet that is equipped for any type of adventure, the options below are some of the best cool wallets you can find.

After analyzing hundreds of reviews, we’ve determined that the Magpul Daka Everyday Tactical Wallet is the best tactical wallet you can buy. Keep reading about this and our other top picks to learn more about the best cool wallets on the market.

Top 10 Best Tactical Wallets

 #1  Magpul Daka Everyday Tactical Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This tactical wallet is made of ultra-durable reinforced polymer material and fits up to seven cards, a great choice as an all-around, everyday carry wallet.

  • Tough, reinforced polymer construction
  • Easily holds up to seven cards
  • Chemical and water-resistant; great for hiking
  • Only four color options
  • Tight, snug card slots

This cardholder is ultra-tough, starting with a reinforced polymer base supported by welded corners for tight sealing. It is also completely water-resistant, more than tough enough to wade through muck or heavy torrential rainfall with ease. The texture is more on the smooth side, with nice anti-slippage for easy retrieval in and out of a front or back pocket.

Despite this tactical wallet’s ultra-slim proportions, it’s good enough to hold up to seven cards. It also includes a windowed ID pocket and center divided for cash and miscellaneous items such as receipts and boarding passes. Our only knock is that there are limited color options (four), consisting of olive drab green, black, flat dark earth, and stealthy gray. It’s a great gift for someone looking for the best travel wallet with security and durability.

 #2  Trayvax Ascent Tactical Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This tactical wallet features a 100% genuine leather construction and a handy pull tab for lightning-quick access to cash and cards, a nice choice for people who expose their wallets to heavy use.

  • Durable top-grain leather construction
  • Generous holding capacity (up to seven cards)
  • Chemical and water-resistant; great for hiking
  • Only one color (stainless/tobacco brown)
  • Brass rivets and tobacco brown finish may be too rustic for some

This tactical wallet offers one of the more unique designs we’ve researched to date. It’s very minimalist, shaped like a price tag with a small clear plastic window for a partial card view, along with a back slit to stuff in folded wads of cash and brass rivets on the edge for an industrial vibe. A large pull-tab can double as a keychain holder or allow for quicker access to most frequently used cards. In total it can accommodate up to seven cards and five bills.

In terms of design, this tactical wallet is very basic. Heavy black stitching likes the edges, along with the heavily embossed Trayvax and ‘Made in USA’ insignias on its top grain leather. Plus, it is super slim, measuring only 3.8 x 2.75 x 0.3 inches for an easy fit in a front or back pocket. Great for anyone looking for the best front pocket wallet without the bulk.

 #3  Trayvax Element Tactical Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This tactical wallet is wrapped in a durable stainless-steel frame with a built-in bottle opener, a great choice for avid bar-goers or tailgaters who want to crack open a cold one at any moment’s notice.

  • Integrated money clip
  • Durable oil-tanned, top grain leather
  • Can fit up to 10 cards and five bills
  • Limited color schemes (four)
  • Snap closure hard to close with 6+ cards

This survival wallet’s design is purely on the rugged side, made of top-grain oil-tanned distressed-looking leather with slight black discolorations for a used look. A snap closure seals one end and an integrated bottle opener is on the opposite end, joined by a hollow rivet. A plastic window and embossed Trayvax and ‘Made in US.A. wording round out the design.

Inside, this slim tactical wallet is deceptively roomy. It can fit up to 10 cards and five bills using a built-in money clip. It also comes with RFID protection to protect your cards from identity theft schemes. Our only critique here is the lack of color options, limited to various shades along with a red-brown spectrum with black metal and stainless steel finishes. Despite that, consider this one of the more well-rounded tactical wallets on our list. For more identity-theft protection, our best RFID wallet buying guide has several options.

 #4  Trayvax Contour Tactical Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This tactical wallet comes with a super slim design and titanium aluminum nitride (TiAIN) coating for heat resistance, an excellent choice in extremely hot and humid environments.

  • Durable oil-tanned leather
  • CNC machined stainless steel front pocket
  • Built-in bottle opener
  • Stainless steel frame not scratch resistant
  • No pull tab for easy card access

This tactical Trayvax wallet is as durable as they come. It uses a CNC machined stainless steel plate front pocket with a titanium aluminum nitride coating, giving it plenty of durability in extreme weather conditions. Oil-tanned leather gives it a distressed, aged, and worn look, offering a nice striking contrast over its industrial-vibe stainless steel playing. The ‘Trayvax’ lettering logo and ‘Made in USA’ are featured very prominently along the edges.

In terms of utility, this minimalist wallet is pretty bare-bones, accommodating up to four cards with a thick back strap for folded wads of cash. It also comes with a built-in bottle opener. All in all, we love this wallet’s combination of minimalism, utility, and design. For Apple Cardholders, you might also like our pick for the best wallet for Apple Card.

 #5  Trayvax Axis Tactical Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This tactical wallet secures cards with a wrap-around, nylon strap and accommodates up to a whopping 14 credit cards, a great choice for people who have a lot of cards to carry.

  • Intuitive two-piece design
  • Durable, all-metal construction
  • Very easy-to-use hidden coin pocket
  • Only one color (tumbled stainless steel)

Out of all of the Trayvax tactical wallets we’ve researched, this one holds the highest card capacity (up to fourteen cards), thanks to its unique design which uses a wrap-around, pullable nylon strap to secure stacks of cards between stainless steel plates. Pull on the nylon strap and join both plates closer together for a tighter fit. It is definitely an innovative way of keeping your cards organized.

This Trayvax tactical wallet is good for carrying up to eight bills using its built-in money clip. Kudos for coming with RFID layered protection, important in this day and age of RFID chip identify schemers looking to steal personal credit card data. For even more smart tech options, you might be interested in the best smart wallet.

 #6  Dango T01 Tactical Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This tactical wallet comes with a rugged leather condition and a 14-function MT02 multi-tool, an excellent choice for survivalists who may find themselves in emergencies.

  • Intuitive silicone cash holding strap
  • Durable heat-treated, stainless steel multi-tool
  • Good for holding up to 12 cards
  • Not the easiest to remove cards
  • Leather around the wallet not the most durable
  • Built-in multi-tool cuts card-carrying capacity by two

This tactical Dango wallet is as resourceful for the outdoors as they come. It is constructed using a mix of 6061 aerospace aluminum and leather with fastened mil-spec bolts for a rugged, industrial feel. Its high carbon steel built-in tool comprises a bottle opener, lock notch, hex wrench, phone stand, and others, all of which can be removed and used separately from the wallet.

We love this tactical wallet’s assortment of slots, holding up to 12 cards and plenty of wads of cash using an integrated silicone strap. RFID blocking technology also keeps personal information safe. For a nice combination of survivalist tools and generous holding capacity, this tactical wallet is a smart choice. For checkbook holders, our best checkbook wallet is another good option, albeit without the tactical perks.

 #7  Radix One Tactical Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This tactical wallet offers a super slim, minimalist design and holds up to 10 cards, a nice choice for people who want minimal design and flash and all substance.

  • Holds up to 10 cards
  • Modern and durable stainless steel construction
  • Comfortable to use silicone band money clip
  • Not the easiest to remove cards out of
  • Sharp corners not the most comfortable in back pocket

This Radix One tactical wallet offers one of the simplest designs of all tactical wallets we’ve researched. It uses a glossy black steel plate joined together by an adjustable silicone band that doubles as a money holder. To add more cash or cards, one side of the band is loosened to create more space. Capacity is good for up to 10 cards and three or four folded up bills before feeling “bulky”.

On the design side, this best tactical wallet is limited to the ‘Radix One’ lettering embossed on the band and no other distinguishing marks. It gives off a very modern and sleek vibe. Kudos for its RFID protective layer which protects against RFID-chip skimming devices used by identity thieves. For more everyday use, the best chain wallet is a great option.

 #8  Gerber GDC Tactical Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This tactical wallet comes in a durable titanium coated steel body and includes an integrated blade knife, an excellent choice for hunters.

  • Capacity for 20 bills
  • Excellent grip with serrated thumb rest
  • Rust-proof, titanium coated steel body
  • Only holds up to five credit cards
  • Clip’s composite edges may be too sharp for some people

We love this tactical wallet’s combination of utility and design. It is super-compact (0.6 x 5.5 x 9.5 inches) and holds up to five credit cards using a textured slot with a backside finger slot-equipped money clip to hold three or four bills. Housed within is a G-10 front plate with a short fixed 1.75″ fine edge blade, complete with an engraved Gerber logo and middle hole to pair with a keychain if needed.

Like the Ridge wallet, one of our favorite features of this tactical wallet is its ergonomics. A serrated thumb rest and finger slot offer a nice hold and the blade is long enough to cause some serious damage. Inserting it back into the money clip sheath is also very quick and easy. All in all, we love this tactical wallet for being very well rounded, even with a single blade over a multi-tool. Consider this Gerber GDC money clip one of the better options out there. If you also need to transport coins, the best coin wallet could be a great addition to your wallet collection.

 #9  Dango P01 Tactical Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This tactical wallet is made of vegetable-tanned Italian leather and comes with a pen holder, a nice choice for people who frequently sign off on documents or have pen-heavy occupations such as artists and architects.

  • Includes built-in writing utensil
  • RFID blocking technology for data protection
  • Rugged and comfortable vegetable-tanned Italian leather
  • Limited color options (three)
  • Learning curve to acquire notepad refills

This tactical wallet is very well constructed, made using vegetable-tanned Italian leather and a slotted end that allows users to attach key rings and other items. On one side of the wallet is a thick silicone band for cash-carrying. An anodized, 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum pen is included, with a bottom contoured section for a firm grip.

One interesting choice with this best EDC wallet is the inclusion of a small, custom size 48-page notepad, intended for artists and other creative professionals to jot down their notes on the fly. All in all, artists will enjoy its neat combination of card-carrying capacity, built-in pen, and included notepad for idea jotting. Don’t deal with leather? Search our best vegan wallets guide for additional options.

 #10  Ekster Senate Tactical Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This tactical wallet stores up to 10 cards and uses a button to pump out your cards, an excellent choice for people who prioritize quick access to their most frequently used cards.

  • Rugged 6063 T5 aluminum construction
  • Bottom corner button pops out frequently used cards
  • Very compact profile (0.3 by 4.1 by 2.3 inches)
  • The band may fray with heavy wear and tear
  • Not the smoothest trigger to press

This tactical cardholder is an all-around workhorse, starting with a rock-solid 6063 T5 aluminum tanned, top-grain leather and a thick cash strap elastic band for easy retrieval of your wads of cash. A bottom corner button clicks and ‘pops out’ up to four cards, with four additional cards held in an adjacent pocket strap. Using a button instead of manually pulling out cards from slits or accordion slots is a much faster process.

Plus, at only 0.3 by 4.1 by 2.3 inches, this tactical wallet is one of the slimmest options we’ve researched. Bonus points for coming in seven colors, including two neutral tones (classic brown and Nappa black) and interesting combinations such as steel blue, Roma cognac, merlot red, blush beige, and juniper green. For additional easy-to-use options without all the bells and whistles, you may wish to opt for the best zipper wallet.

How We Decided

In determining the best tactical wallet to buy, we explored aesthetics, durability, and performance.

Many of the tactical wallets we’ve researched use stainless steel and aluminum frames as a base and top grain, 100% genuine leather as an overlay. Tactical wallets are known for a supremely industrial/mobile vibe with much fewer color options than standard bi-fold and tri-fold leather, cotton, and canvas wallets.

In terms of durability, we are big fans of stainless steel and aluminum frames with an additional protective layer applied, such as aluminum nitride (TiAIN) coating to combat the heat.

One major area of performance is in the number and mix of different slots and compartments used to hold credit cards, cash, and coins. Tactical wallets typically provide more innovative methods of pulling out cards using pull out tabs or buttons with spring-like mechanisms, all of which should operate smoothly without any lag. Others rely on a system of nylon straps and silicone bands that loosen or tighten based on the number of cards carried at any given time. Lastly, not all tactical wallets are created equal in terms of their multi-function ability. Some are designed for creative professionals, some for survivalists, and some for your everyday backyarder (e.g. single built-in bottle opener).

Best Tactical Wallets Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Aesthetics
    Our preference is for the best tactical wallets to carry a stainless steel frame, complemented by different shades of top grain leather (e.g. distressed leather with dark stain-like discolorations for an aged and worn look). Given the heavy emphasis on steel and aluminum frames, many tactical wallets carry an overly industrial/modern vibe with bold embossed or engraved brand logos and very little in the way of embroidered patches and tags.
  2. Durability
    We are big fans of tactical wallets with a stainless steel frame, carbon fiber, or 6063 T5 aluminum construction, which underpin a lot of useful functionality. Many are coated with an additional layer for heat and extreme weather resistance (e.g. aluminum nitride (TiAIN) coating. Many tactical wallets use steel or aluminum frames combined with 100% genuine top-grain leather, which is particularly known for heavy wear and tear resistance over time.
  3. Performance
    In our view, performance consists of the number/distribution of cash, coin, and card slots/compartments. Many tactical wallets can hold upwards of 20 cards, using a quick pull tab or button with a spring-like mechanism to pull out the most frequently used cards. Others are more designed for creative professionals (e.g. built-in writing utensils and notepads) or survivalists (e.g. 14-function multi-tools with hex wrenches and bottle openers ) Performance also translates to wear resistance, with aluminum and steel framed wallets performing exceptionally well.

Tactical Wallets FAQs

Which tactical wallet is the best?

The best tactical wallet depends on what you are looking for. Each is suited for a particular lifestyle (e.g. high credit card holding capacity versus lower capacity tactical wallets with money clip and built-in bottle opener). As a general rule, we aim for top grain leather plus a combination of stainless steel or aluminum plating with an auxiliary coating to protect it further, such as reinforced polymer base or titanium aluminum nitride.

Do RFID wallets really work?

Yes, wallets with RFID protection prevents data from your credit card from being transmitted wirelessly by data thieves and their skimming machines who look to compromise your personal information. It is very important in the battle against identity theft.

Is a cardholder better than a wallet?

Cardholders typically have slimmer profiles than wallets, which produce added bulk with snap closures., bi-fold/tri-fold constructions, and a large number of pockets. If you are looking for a space saver, cardholders take the cake. However, if you frequently carry wads of cash, coins, 6+ cards, and random items such as boarding passes and receipts, then wallets are almost always a better option.

Are minimalist wallets good?

Yes, we highly recommend minimalist walls for a comfortable and lightweight fit, slipping in a front or back pocket much easier than traditional bi-fold and tri-fold leather wallets with 3+ compartments.
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