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Updated: Nov 11, 2023 7:23 AM
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To help you find the best tablet case for your portable device, we spent over 12 hours researching 20 different products. Our research focused mainly on the level of protection each case provided, but we also rated cases on their portability and user friendliness. We looked for added functionality like stands and stylus loops for an added boost to each tablet’s score.

After our research, it was clear that the ProCase Galaxy Tab A 10.1 Stand Folio tablet case was our top pick. This model is made from durable, long-lasting leather and provides a reliable stand functionality in a variety of viewing angles. Keep reading to learn more about the ProCase tablet case and the other best tablet cases on our list below. And if you want to upgrade your device, check the best tablets available out there.

Top 6 Best Tablet Case

 #1  ProCase Galaxy Tab A 10.1 Stand Folio Tablet Case


WHY WE LIKE IT: The ProCase Galaxy Tab A 10.1 stand folio case is the best tablet case for 10 inch tablets, specifically the Galaxy Tab A. It’s made from sturdy, durable materials and offers three different viewing angles when using the stand functionality.

  • Best for Galaxy Tab A 10.1
  • Multiple viewing angles
  • Includes stylus
  • Covers small portion of screen
  • Magnetic clasp could be stronger

The ProCase Galaxy Tab A 10.1 stand folio tablet case is made specifically for the 10.1 inch version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and it’s built with a high level of attention to detail. From the durable and sleek leather exterior to the auto sleep and wake functionality, this case provides comprehensive and stylish protection and functionality for your Galaxy tablet. It even includes a ProCase stylus and an elastic stylus pen holder for even greater convenience.

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This Samsung Tab A case features raised tabs on the back of the front cover so you can prop up your tablet in multiple viewing angles for hands-free viewing. This is incredibly helpful for using your tablet in business meetings or while watching Netflix during your lunch break. Propping the tablet up using this feature is easy and intuitive, and it doesn’t deter from the functionality of your tablet in any way. For the little ones, read about the best kid tablet.

 #2  MoKo Slim Folding Tablet Case


WHY WE LIKE IT: The MoKo Slim folding tablet case is the best slim case on our list, acting almost like a second skin for your Amazon Fire HD tablet. It doesn’t add a ton of weight or bulk to your tablet, and it’s durable to boot, making it excellent for anyone taking their tablet on the go.

  • Best for 7 & 9th gen Fire HD 10
  • Hand strap for easier carrying
  • Durable, scratch-resistant design
  • Stand configuration could be sturdier
  • Spotty auto wake/sleep functionality
  • Alexa doesn’t work when case is closed

MoKo has been in the tablet accessory industry for 13 years, quickly rising to the top because of their high-quality designs and durable cases. These advantages are apparent in this slim folding tablet case for the Amazon Fire HD. It’s made from attractive PU leather on the outside and soft microfiber on the inside. This keeps your Amazon Fire HD safe from scratches and falls with ease. These materials also keep the weight and bulk down so it doesn’t feel like you have an awkward case on your tablet.

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The overall functionality of the MoKo slim folding case is also something to be lauded. It includes a built-in flip stand that uses the case’s cover to prop up the tablet. The case also has a magnetic cover that can wake the tablet up when opened and put it to sleep when closed. This is definitely a helpful feature, but during our research, we sometimes had trouble making this work unless it was lined up very precisely. However, we were most impressed by the inclusion of a built-in hand strap on this case. Simply slip your fingers through the strap and you have an even more secure way of holding your Fire HD tablet. If you want to take your Amazon Fire HD wherever you go without worry of taking up too much space in your bag, the MoKo Slim Folding tablet case is an excellent choice. Don’t forget to check out the best tablet keyboard.

 #3  Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet Case


WHY WE LIKE IT: The Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet case is made specifically by Amazon, which makes it the best choice for the Amazon Fire HD 10 by far. With seamless compatibility and a solid design, this tablet case is the perfect addition to your Fire HD tablet purchase.

  • Best for Amazon Fire HD 10
  • Hand strap for easier carrying
  • Seamless compatibility
  • More expensive than other options
  • Stand functionality isn’t the best
  • Can’t use camera when case is open

The first thing that stands out about the Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet case is its design. The exterior is made from premium textured fabric that gives the overall product a really sleek and attractive feel. And while fabric may sound like a bad idea for longevity, it’s actually very durable and will stand up to constant use. The interior is microfiber, as well, which adds an additional layer of protection for your tablet’s display.

Since this is a Fire HD tablet case made specifically by Amazon, you can expect a higher level of compatibility when it comes to the auto wake and sleep functionality with the magnetic cover. Our research revealed that to be true; we never had a single issue with the tablet recognizing when the case was open or closed. Alexa even works when the tablet is closed, which was a surprising and pleasant discovery. Technically, this Amazon tablet case can also be used as a stand, but we found that functionality lacking. Instead of having tabs in the cover for the tablet to rest against, you simply open the cover and use that front cover behind the tablet to prop it up. This isn’t as stable as other options. You can also look at the best convertible tablet.

 #4  BMOUO Kids Tablet Case


WHY WE LIKE IT: The BMOUO kids tablet case is made specifically for the Alcatel Joy Tab 8 and is built to withstand almost everything a kid could throw at it. With a super durable EVA foam, convenient carrying handle and raised bezels, this tablet case is a force to be reckoned with.

  • Best for T-Mobile 8-inch Tablets
  • Drop proof protection
  • Different colors available
  • Bulkier than other options
  • Headphone port opening is a little off

The BMOUO Kids tablet case for the Alcatel Joy Tab 8 is a testament to the fact that you can protect your kids’ tablets without spending a fortune to do so. The case is made from heavy-duty EVA foam that is drop proof and incredibly durable. The manufacturer claims the case is drop proof after 1200 drops. We weren’t able to drop our product that many times, but after our research, we were impressed with the overall protection this case provided. We didn’t experience any cracks or damage on the tablet after our research with the BMOUO case.

The overall design of the BMOUO Kids tablet case is excellent, as well, if not a little bulkier than other options. The built-in handle can rotate and fold back to create a viewing stand. Most of the cutouts are accurate, as well, but we noticed the headphone port was a little misaligned. Getting the tablet installed in the case is also easy, if a little more involved than other options. All in all, the BMOUO Kids tablet case offers the most protection for kids tablets. This alone ranks it as the best rugged tablet case on our list. For your vehicle, the best car tablet mount is a good idea.

 #5  Soke Galaxy Tab A Stand Folio Tablet Case


WHY WE LIKE IT: The Soke Galaxy Tab A case is the best stand folio tablet case on our list, with a slim profile that doesn’t take up a lot of space while still offering sturdy stand functionality.

  • Best SM-T510 case
  • Reinforced corners
  • Anti-slip material
  • No portrait stand orientation
  • Heavier than other options

If you’re looking for stand functionality without unnecessary bulk, look no further than the Soke Galaxy Tab A stand folio tablet case. This product offers one of the snuggest fits on our list, acting like a second skin to your Galaxy tablet. This tight fit makes for precise cutouts and unfettered access to all of your tablet’s ports, speakers, and camera. We were impressed by how little this case affected the tablet’s overall size, but also surprised that it was heavier than it looked.

The standout design feature of the Soke tablet case is its stand and folio functionality. The cover provides two notches in the front cover that you can use to prop up your tablet. Many tablet cases add more bulk to their overall design in order to accomplish this, but the Soke stays true to its thin folio concept. We wish there was an option to prop up your tablet in portrait mode with this function, but it was an easy sacrifice to make so we could get the slim and snug fit. The Soke case is made from a durable TPU shell with reinforced corners, as well as an anti-slip texture and material on the back so you minimize the risk of dropping your tablet during use.

 #6  Famavala Folio Tablet Case


WHY WE LIKE IT: The Famavala Folio is the best tablet case for Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet, with an eye-catching design and super durable materials. It also protects the edges of your tablet’s display without impeding your fingers from using it normally.

  • Best for Amazon Fire HD 8
  • Includes stylus loop
  • Built with premium materials
  • Disappointing stand functionality
  • A bit slippery

The first thing you’ll notice about the Famavala Folio tablet case is its unique, artistic approach to design. Whether you purchase the sky design or the flower tree design, you’ll be sure to turn heads and garner some compliments every time you break out your tablet to use. It’s also designed functionally well, so you get the best of both worlds. The Famavala covers your Amazon Fire HD 8’s display with a folio cover and it even provides comprehensive protection around the edges of the display. Fortunately, this added bit of coverage does not impede your fingers at all in the normal use of your tablet. We were also pleased to see the inclusion of a stylus loop.

The Famavala tablet case is made from premium synthetic leather that feels real and is durable to scuffs and drops. The inside of the cover is made from microfiber so as to prevent scratching on your display. The only downside to the synthetic leather is that the exterior of the tablet case is a little slippery, so make sure you have a good grip on your tablet if you’re up and walking around while holding it. The Famavala also provides stand functionality, but it only works by folding the cover behind the tablet, which can be unstable if you’re not using it on a sturdy, flat surface like a table or desk.

How We Decided

When we finally received and started researching each of the tablet covers, we focused mainly on options that were durable enough to provide either comprehensive or nearly comprehensive protection for our tablets. This protection comes in many forms and materials, and we didn’t limit our selection to a specific type of protection. Instead, we only included cases that covered your tablet’s front, back and corners to some extent.

We also favored tablet covers that provided some kind of addition to the overall user experience, mainly in the form of a built in stand functionality. To be included in our list, the stand functionality needed to be easy to enable and disable. If not, then the frustration of using the stand outweighs the convenience. We only chose covers with stands that could be easily unfolded and set up, instead of those that need to be twisted, turned or otherwise manipulated.

Finally, we only included tablets on our list that were made with the highest quality materials. You’ll likely keep and use your tablet for years to come. Likewise, you’ll want your case to last for just as long, especially during daily use. Since you’ll be directly handling the cover more than you actually handle the tablet, the cover’s durability is of utmost importance. The difference in materials only matters when it comes to style, preference and overall protection. Essentially, there are no materials better than others, for the most part. Our list consists of tablet cases made from all kinds of materials.

Best Tablet Case Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Tablet Protection
    One of the main aspects of putting a cover on your tablet is to protect the body of the tablet itself. The best tablet cases will protect your tablet from drops, dings and scratches. However, not all cases are made equally, so you’ll want to be sure you purchase a cover that provides some kind of coverage around the tablet’s corners and back. The type of materials from which the tablet is made are important for this protection. If the cover you purchase is made from cheap materials, they won’t offer much protection in the event of a drop or spill.
  2. Screen Protection
    Many tablet cases also protect your tablet’s screen, either with a built-in screen protector or a fold-over cover. If the screen protection is a fold-over cover, then it’s likely to be made from the same material as the rest of the case, so you’ll want to be sure it’s made from durable materials. You’ll also want fold-over covers that feature soft materials where the case comes in contact with the display so it doesn’t scratch anything.
  3. Portability
    One of the biggest selling points of a tablet is the level of portability they offer over their laptop counterparts. Adding a case can either increase or decrease this portability, depending on what kind of case you purchase. Before making a purchase, you’ll want to decide if you value protection over portability or vice versa. More durable cases tend to be heavier and bulkier, while slimmer cases are more portable but don’t offer as much protection.
  4. User Experience
    A tablet case should never hinder your ability to use your tablet. On the contrary, your case should actually improve the overall user experience. The best tablet covers include features that make your tablet easier to use, both while on the go or at home. One of the most common of these features is built-in stand functionality, where you can use the cover to prop up the tablet. Other user experience features include things like stylus holders and straps that make the tablet easier to hold. You can even buy keyboard tablet cases if you want to use a keyboard with your slate.
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