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7 Best Super Glues in 2023

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To help you pick the best super glue for your next project, we’ve looked into the different super glue products and formulas on the market, compared specs and looked at a variety of reviews. Then we researched the best super glue brands, checking out performance on different surfaces in order to find the best super glue for plastic, metal, wood and more.

Our top choice and current pick for the best super glue on the market is the Gorilla Super Glue Gel. This super glue is a fast-drying gel that packs embedded rubber particles for increased impact resistance and bonds strongly to a variety of surfaces. Read on to see more about the top-performing Gorilla super glue and the rest of our picks, including the best super glue for metal and the best super glue for fabric. But before that, go over our guide on how to find the best prices on appliances.

Top 7 Best Super Glues

 #1  Gorilla Super Glue Gel


WHY WE LIKE IT: Increased impact resistance, a convenient non-running gel formula, and a super strong bond with a set time of just 10-30 seconds make this Gorilla super glue the top performer on our list overall, as well letting it garner our recommendation as the best super glue for plastic.

  • Best for plastic
  • Sets in as little as ten seconds
  • Anti-leak cap keeps it from drying out in the bottle
  • Not waterproof
  • Can damage cotton and some foam rubber materials

This Gorilla super glue gel is a modified cyanoacrylate adhesive that includes dissolved rubber particles to boost impact resistance. Formulated as a high-viscosity gel, it doesn’t run and get all over the place. For most ceramic, wood and plastic bonding applications, very little gorilla super glue is needed, and the glue begins to set in just 10-30 seconds depending on material and relative humidity. For a less complicated issue, you may only need a bit of the best duct tape.

With stronger impact resistance than other super glue bonds, it works well for ceramic handles, children’s toys, and general home improvement applications. Among the few downsides to this fast-drying super glue is that it isn’t entirely waterproof. If used on dishware or outdoor items, a waterproof coating should be applied. Like most cyanoacrylate glue, it shouldn’t be used on cotton or with yarn, as the glue reacts with these natural fibers, giving off heat and potentially irritating fumes.

 #2  The Original Super Glue


WHY WE LIKE IT: This original formula super glue bonds nearly instantly to non-porous surfaces and is great for plastic, ceramics and rubber. It comes packaged in 12 individual small tubes, extending shelf life greatly vs a single larger tube.

  • Comes with a precision applicator
  • Excellent for the application of acrylic fingernails
  • Ships in a large multi-pack of 12 units
  • Less shear strength than the Gorilla super glue
  • Can be difficult to use on porous surfaces

This original formula super glue forms strong bonds on metal, rubber, smooth wood and plastic. It dries very quickly, matching the 10-30 second set times of the Gorilla super glue. Like most cyanoacrylate adhesives, setting depends on a reaction with moisture in the air, which is why it varies slightly.

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Unlike the Gorilla Super Glue, this isn’t a gel formula, which can make it somewhat harder to apply if you’re trying to cover a larger area or applying it to a vertical surface. However, this is an advantage if you need to make a thin, almost-invisible bond, such as for use with acrylic nails, decorative ceramics, and hobby crafts like model ships. It comes with a handy precision applicator which helps as well. If your repair requires a new paint job too, you’ll want to pick up the best acrylic paint set.

 #3  Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue


WHY WE LIKE IT: Billed as Loctite’s most durable super glue formula, this rubber-toughened super glue gel forms a tight, impact and vibration resistant bond that also holds up to temperature changes better than most super glues.

  • Flexible and impact-resistant bond
  • Water-resistant
  • Works for porous surfaces
  • Difficult to achieve a durable bond on glass
  • Maxes out at multipacks of 6

Loctite is not only a well-known hardware adhesive brand, but also one of the top super glue brands. This is their high-durability rubberized super glue gel. It has a similar viscosity to the Gorilla super glue gel, but provides even more temperature and water resistance. Like the Gorilla Glue, it sets without clamping, though it takes a little longer to form a hold, anywhere from 30 to 50 seconds depending on humidity.

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This Loctite super glue gel can also be used to fill small cracks, and unlike most cyanoacrylate glue it bonds ably to porous surfaces such as unpainted wood, clay, brick, and some fabrics. It forms a flexible, vibration-resistant bond that withstands high and freezing temperatures and it’s more water-resistant than the Gorilla Glue. You could use your best fine-tip paintbrush to apply this glue, or just spread it along the area that needs repair.

 #4  Glue Masters Professional Grade Super Glue”


WHY WE LIKE IT: A highly refined industrial grade cyanoacrylate formula in a convenient bottle with a jam-resistant nozzle, this the strongest super glue we’ve researched in terms of adhesion. It works well for metal, glass, porcelain and shoes.

  • Jam-resistant precision nozzle for consistent application
  • Strong adhesion even on smooth surfaces
  • Bonds to leather and fabric, too
  • Less impact resistant than the Gorilla super glue
  • Doesn’t fill space like other rubberized super glues

This “professional grade” super glue lives up to its industrial strength marketing by offering the one of the strongest adhesion levels in any cyanoacrylate glue formula. It’s available in different viscosity levels, too, so you can choose between a thicker, gel-like super glue and a traditional thin glue that dries quicker.

While it lacks the rubber additives of the Gorilla super glue and the Loctite super glue on our list, this Glue Masters product has an easier time bonding smooth surfaces, and it also tends to do better with leather and other flexible materials than other superglue we’ve researched, making this our pick for the best super glue for fabric, including the types of fabric typically found on shoes. However, it can be more challenging to work with since it doesn’t fill small gaps like you might find when trying to adhere to broken ceramic or clay. For your next DIY project, you may also want the best heat gun.

 #5  BAZIC 3g Super Glue


WHY WE LIKE IT: This liquid super glue preserves a very strong hold and sets almost instantly, providing a strong, permanent bond on most non-porous surfaces. It works well for metal, hard plastic, glass and ceramics

  • Very fast sub 10-second drying times
  • 6 individually packaged single-use tubes
  • Strong bonds on metal and glass
  • Applicators not as precise or jam-resistant as some other products
  • Doesn’t fill cracks like the Loctite super glue
  • Reacts strongly to cotton and can damage clothing

This six pack contains super glue in a traditional liquid form, meaning it lacks some of the space-filling and flexibility benefits of the super glue gel products on our list, but it sets even faster, and has an easier time bonding to smooth surfaces like metal, hard plastics and glass. Each metal tube is designed for single use and contains a reasonable .5 ounce capacity.

While this super glue makes a very strong hold on metal, most plastics, and smooth ceramic surfaces, it doesn’t fill small gaps the way the Loctite does, so it may have a harder time bonding brick, unpainted wood, and other porous materials. It also may release more fumes and requires a steady hand to avoid dripping. Once your repair is done, you can use the best spray paint for a finishing outer coat.

 #6  Scotch Brand Liquid Super Glue


WHY WE LIKE IT: More convenient to use than most liquid super glue products, this 3M super glue comes in small but well-designed single use metal tubes with precise, jam-resistant applicators. It bonds nearly instantly to metal and other smooth surfaces.

  • Single use tubes with micro-applicators minimize waste
  • Clamp free hold
  • Dries faster than the Loctite super glue
  • Relatively small quantity
  • Less effective on rough surfaces than the Gorilla super glue gel

This traditional cyanoacrylate glue from 3M’s Scotch Brand is one of the most conveniently packaged super glue products on the market. The highly precise applicators and small, jam and clot-resistant tubes help overcome the liquid glue’s propensity to drip and get all over the place, making it easier to use just enough to finish the job.

Being a liquid form, it bonds readily to smooth surfaces but doesn’t have the crack-filling properties of the Loctite super glue or the Gorilla Superglue. It also bonds to skin very quickly, and removing it can be an irritating experience. However, it does a good job adhering to acrylic nails. It works especially well on metal and smooth ceramics, as well as hard plastic, painted wood, and most rubber.

 #7  Starbond EM-02 Premium Super Glue


WHY WE LIKE IT: This scientific-grade super glue comes in a well-thought out package that includes two applicator tips and a set of micro tips for extra precision. It’s a liquid formula for maximum adhesion, great for precise jobs.

  • Great for tight spaces and small parts
  • High precision micro-tips
  • Longer shelf life than other liquid cyanoacrylate adhesives
  • More expensive than some all-purpose super glue options
  • Less temperature stable than the Loctite super glue

This professional, hobbyist and crafts focused super glue is made with a thin, low viscosity cyanoacrylate formula that offers maximum adhesion strength through capillary action, along with very fast setting times and more crevice-filling ability than we typically see with thin super glue. It’s designed for such uses as fossil prep, woodturning, ceramic crafts and model airplane building.

Because of its superior ability to infiltrate and seal micropores, this particular super glue is easy to recommend as the best super glue for wood. It’s not as easy to use, especially on vertical or uneven surfaces, as some of the superglue gel formulas on our list, but it does give stronger adhesion when used correctly and in the right circumstances. Shelf life is up to a year if stored at or below 40º F.

How We Decided

In order to find the best super glue on the market for a wide variety of common uses, we focused on those cyanoacrylate adhesives that performed well in research of bond strength, were able to set without needing a clamp, and could bond to a large number of different surfaces.

We only considered super glues that came with a nozzle designed to apply a measured quantity. Since super glue can easily bond to the skin and may accidentally damage clothing, this is an important safety feature. We also valued those products that promised a jam-resistant nozzle, since super glue dries so quickly that the tubes it comes in can easily glue themselves shut.

For super glue gel, we required drying time of less than 50 seconds and an increased durability over traditional super glue adhesive. High and low-temperature resistance and moisture resistance were considered a bonus.

For liquid superglue, we looked for an even faster bond time and made sure to only include those formulas that performed well for plastic, provided a strong bond for metal on metal applications and came in bottles with precision nozzles.

Best Super Glue Buyer’s Guide

Features to Consider

  1. Viscosity
    While cyanoacrylate super glue adhesives are originally in a low-viscosity liquid form, some super glue comes in a gel. This changes how it’s used and what it’s best for, as the gel is easier to control and has an easier time bonding to porous or uneven surfaces, whereas the liquid sets faster and forms a stronger adhesion between smooth surfaces.
  2. Strengthening Additives
    Some super glue types such as the Gorilla Super Glue Gel (our top pick) and the Loctite super glue on our list, include additives like rubber particles which increase the shear strength and the durability of the super glue bond. These formulas are usually considered to be the best super glue for plastic and for wood. They also have an advantage when it comes to repairing household objects since gel super glue is able to fill small cracks.
  3. Packaging Form
    While super glue is commonly sold in small bottles, you may want to buy a set that comes with a number of tiny, individually sealed single-use tubes. This way, you don’t end up wasting as much product, since super glue typically has a rather short shelf life when opened, due to the cyanoacrylate reacting with moisture in the air.
  4. Nozzle/ Applicator
    A common complaint about super glue is that the substance dries so quickly it causes the nozzle to jam or clog, essentially gluing itself shut. The best super glue is one that comes with a resealable and jam-resistant nozzle. This is especially important when using traditional liquid super glue. The Glue Masters professional grade super glue (our #4 pick) has an especially useful non-clogging nozzle.
  5. Weather and Moisture Resistance
    If you’re using super glue to mend kitchenware, aquarium or terrarium accessories or any indoor/outdoor items, weather and moisture resistance is a consideration. Cyanoacrylate super glue is not waterproof on its own and has a temperature range of about 45-90 º F. The Loctite super glue (our #3 pick) is formulated with additives to withstand freezing and summer temperatures and has more moisture resistance than most other super glue compounds.

Super Glue FAQs

What is the strongest glue on the market?

Depending on whether you’re looking at bonding or adhesion strength, or the durability of the resulting bond once set, there are a number of industrial and scientific adhesives that might claim the title. The world record for largest weight lifted with an adhesive used a heat-cured epoxy resin. Among cyanoacrylate-based super glues, the Loctite super glue is the most durable to vibration and temperature, while the liquid industrial super glues such as the Glue Masters’ typically have the strongest surface adhesion to smooth surfaces.

What is the best super glue to use?

It depends on the materials and the job at hand. For vertical surfaces or rough, uneven materials, we recommend a Super Glue gel such as the Gorilla Super Glue Gel. For smooth surfaces or in temporary applications where you might want the fastest possible drying time, a liquid super glue like the Scotch (our #6 pick) might be better.

Is Gorilla Glue better than Super Glue?

Gorilla Glue is a brand that includes several formulations of “Super Glue.” Super Glue is the common name for the whole family of cyanoacrylate-based adhesives.

What Super Glue is best for plastic?

If the plastic is smooth, then a liquid cyanoacrylate should bond it most strongly, such as you can find with the Scotch super glue or with the original Super Glue clear pack. For uneven plastics, or if you need it to be moisture resistant, we recommend the Loctite super glue gel.

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