Best Standing Desk Converters in 2023

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Updated January 24, 2023

The best standing desk converter, which you can buy today is the FlexiSpot M2B standing desk converter. This converter offers up to 35” of space, 12 different height levels, and a quick-release keyboard shelf.

Sitting down all day is not good for the body, and may lead to severe health problems, but with the best standing desk converters, any setup can be made infinitely healthier. They rest on top of an existing desk or tabletop, providing a height-adjustable workspace that can support monitors, keyboards, mice, and more for lowering or adjusting the height higher. We spent over 20 hours seeking out the best desk converters, choosing only models that offer smooth adjustments, albeit with a sturdy design and ample workspace. Most of them come fully-assembled and are ready to use right out of the box. Keep reading to learn more about our top pick as well as other high-quality standing desk converters.

Top 10 Best Standing Desk Converters

 #1  FlexiSpot M2B Standing Desk Converter

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WHY WE LIKE IT: This full Flexispot standing desk riser has been stress-tested to ensure it’s reliable and comes with a removable keyboard tray, support for ergonomic monitor mounts, and dual gas springs, making it perfect for both sitting and standing.

  • Fatigue-tested 6,000 times
  • Quick-release detachable keyboard tray
  • Supports ergonomic monitor mounts
  • No phone or tablet holder
  • Limited height range

Available in several sizes, including 35”, 41” and 47” this riser has relatively wide desk space, that’s both groove-free and extra-deep. It has 12 separate height-level adjustments in the range of 5.9” to 19.7” which should be enough even for folks above 6’ tall. Underneath the top space is a wide, slide-out keyboard tray capable of supporting both a mouse and keyboard comfortably.

The frame is made of steel, while the desktop surfaces are made out of wood. It’s durable and has been stress-tested 6,000 times to ensure the design and construction won’t fail during use. It’s also compatible with ergonomic monitor mounts to keep them locked down and in place. The entire desktop moves straight up and down, reliably, thanks to dual gas springs. If you want to make sure your floors are protected, you should also read our guide to the best standing desk mat.

 #2  Halter Cherry Height-adjustable Standing Desk Converter


WHY WE LIKE IT: This sleek and stylish converter comes with a finished wood appearance. It also supports one-handed operation, making it easier to adjust or collapse.

  • Stylish and durable wood surface
  • Supports one-handed operation
  • Comes fully pre-assembled
  • Front of the top surface is cut out
  • Narrow keyboard tray

Available in two styles, solid black, and cherry wood, this riser comes already put together. It offers 36” of desk space and extends to a maximum height of 16.14” with 12 height-adjustments. It moves straight up and down, in a smooth motion, and can be adjusted using just one hand. A quick-release detachable keyboard tray means it can be taken off safely while leaving the rest of the desk stable and still usable.

The frame is made out of steel and the desk surface is made out of wood composites, both of which are durable and support quite a bit of weight. The pneumatic spring lift system offers a much smoother transition than other types. This is definitely among the best standing desks on our list.

 #3  Stand Steady X-Elite Pro Standing Desk Converter


WHY WE LIKE IT: Because this desk isn’t large, it’s well-suited to smaller rooms and living areas, such as a dorm. It has a solid and durable base, perfectly sturdy for use with laptops or an extra monitor.

  • Single-surface desktop
  • Solid base boosts stability and reduces wobbling
  • It comes fully assembled
  • Max weight of 20 lb
  • No keyboard tray

This compact standing desk converter comes in several styles, including all-black, maple, cherry, and white, and is one of the most personalizable options available. The workspace is only 28” wide, offering one of the smallest areas overall, but that makes it an excellent option for small desks or tables. It’s best used with laptops and smaller setups, such as a tablet and keyboard combo. It does not have an attached or slide-out keyboard tray, and everything must be placed on the top surface. The desk converter extends from 2.25” to 16.75” tall. It supports a maximum weight of 20 pounds.

The metal frame is stable, and it supports a particle board desk surface. The base is solid, resting entirely on the surface of a table or existing desk. Most risers have sturdy yet minimal legs, but the base of this system covers more surface area. Moreover, the entire unit comes already assembled, so you can use it right out of the box. With this desk you might also be interested in one of the best standing desk chairs.

 #4  VIVO Black Height-adjustable Standing Desk Converter


WHY WE LIKE IT: This riser offers plenty of desk space for a home office or dual monitor setup. It supports 33lb total, comes ready-to-use, and is available in several styles.

  • Accent space for paperwork, coffee, and more
  • Extra-strong lift system that can support 33 lb
  • Spacious 36” surface is enough for dual monitors
  • Front of top space is cut out
  • No grommet holes for mounts

This desk converter offers 36” of usable space, which is enough for dual monitor setups. A slide-out keyboard tray also provides additional low-tier space, primarily meant for a keyboard and mouse. The system is equipped with a dual gas spring, which is strong and capable of supporting up to 33lb total. It adjusts from 6.5” to 17” offering an excellent height range. On the front edge of the top surface, there is a built-in tablet and phone holder.

The frame is made of metal, and the desk surfaces are composed of composite wood. The base legs offer stability and help to ensure the riser is not wobbly. Moreover, it’s available in four colors, including all-black, all-white, cherry, and light wood.

 #5  RIF6 Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

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WHY WE LIKE IT: Not as large as some of the others, this compact desk is ideal for single monitor setups, but can also accommodate a monitor and laptop together. It has a built-in phone and tablet holder on the front of the top surface.

  • Outstanding cable management support
  • Extra-long tablet and phone holder
  • Continuous height adjustment system
  • Smaller work area
  • Wobbly frame not as stable as others

This desk converter offers 32” of space, which is slightly smaller than others, but still a decent amount. It can support dual and single monitors setups, or a single monitor and nearby laptop. The total weight-capacity is 33lb. It stretches between 3” to 15” max, with multiple height adjustments available between. A built-in phone and tablet holder adds an extra space to store your mobile devices. A large, ergonomic keyboard tray sits underneath and can hold up to 4.4lb, enough for both a keyboard and mouse.

Like most others, the desk moves up and down vertically thanks to a pneumatic gas spring system. The entire frame is made out of steel, while the desk is made of particleboard and plastic materials. Moreover, it comes in 2 sizes, the other size being larger at 37.4” wide. For those that prefer the traditional office desk and chair, take a look at our guide to the best office chair cushion.

 #6  Seville Classics airLIFT Height-adjustable Standing Desk Converter


WHY WE LIKE IT: The only riser to include an electric and motorized adjustment system, this desk option is super convenient. It extends with the push of a button and includes a USB port for charging a tablet or phone via the integrated holder.

  • Electric system effortless raises and lowers
  • Built-in phone and tablet stand with USB
  • It comes pre-assembled
  • Requires power
  • Initial manual lift needed to engage the motor

This 36” desk converter is one of the few that includes an electric and motorized lift system. With the single push of a button, the desktop will quietly rise from 6.1” to 19” offering a spacious and elevated work area. The top also includes a built-in tablet or phone holder with an integrated USB 2.1A charging port. The space accommodates dual monitors, along with some extra room for smaller items or paperwork. A relatively wide keyboard tray sits underneath the main space, offering a place for a keyboard and mouse.

It comes pre-assembled, minus the removable keyboard tray. The frame is made of heavy-duty steel, while the desk surfaces are made of a wood composite. The top space can support up to 33pds total. Moreover, it’s available in several sizes, as well as a few different colors, including all-black, all-white, and walnut. If you’re missing the best office chair too, you might also want to read our guide to the best office stability chair.

 #7  Fitueyes Height-adjustable Standing Desk Converter


WHY WE LIKE IT: Offering one of the easiest-to-use manual height adjustment systems, this riser has a hidden handle just beneath the top surface. It arrives pre-assembled, and comes with thick protective sponge pads for the desk or table it’s sitting on.

  • Support base design boosts stability
  • Protective sponge pads for the bottom surface
  • Comes fully assembled
  • The keyboard tray is not easily removable
  • Odd-shaped tray has limited space

This 36” wide riser makes an excellent corporate office or business office companion, with plenty of space and a super easy to use adjustment system. A hidden squeeze handle — on the underside of the top surface — both releases and locks the system in place. A gas spring lift and adjustment range of 4.3” to 19.8” creates an excellent standing workspace. The keyboard tray slides out and can be removed if necessary, but it’s screwed in so it takes a little more time than some other models.

The frame is made of steel, while the desk surface and tray are made of a wood composite. The entire system can support up to 33lb total, enough for 2 monitors, a keyboard, a mouse, and some smaller belongings. There’s a phone and tablet holder built into the front edge of the top surface. It comes fully-assembled and is ready-to-use right out of the box. Moreover, it’s available in 3 styles including all-black, brown, and white.

 #8  SIMBR 32” Standing Desk Converter

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WHY WE LIKE IT: Designed specifically for use as a small setup, this deskspace offers a single 32” wide area with a beveled-edge for a clean look.

  • Lightweight and moveable
  • Sturdy and durable steel frame and base
  • Supports up to 20lbs
  • Desk surface made of particle board
  • No keyboard tray

While the desk surface of this riser is only 32” wide, there’s still plenty of room for a dual-monitor setup especially if the displays are smaller — from 19” to 23”. The rack adjusts from 2.4” to 16.1”, offering a waist-high experience even for those taller than 6’. There’s no keyboard tray, which may be a negative for some, but it also adds to the portability of this unit. It’s outstanding for use in smaller spaces, like an apartment or studio.

The frame is composed of durable steel, while the desk surface is double-laminate particle board. Overall, it’s an excellent desktop for anyone that regularly has to move their workspace or needs a more maneuverable standing desk converter.

 #9  TechOrbits 37” Standing Desk Converter


WHY WE LIKE IT: For those that need maximum space, this riser is the best option. It’s spacious, super accommodating, and has a durable, incredibly stable build. Plus, the built-in cord management system keeps the desktop nice and tidy.

  • Pre-set grommet holes for screen mounting
  • Built-in cord management system
  • Durable medium-density wood desktop
  • Only one style available: All-black
  • Narrow keyboard tray

Offering the largest workspace out of all comparable models, this riser can accommodate quite a bit on the top surface. It supports up to 33lb of weight and stretches between 4.2” and 19.7” tall. Height-adjustments must be made manually, but it’s easy to do thanks to gas springs — there are handles on each side of the desk. There’s also a built-in tablet and phone holder on the front edge.

The frame is made out of steel, while the desktop surface and keyboard tray are made out of medium-density wood. The keyboard tray is removable if you don’t need it. Non-slip silicone pads on the bottom of the base keep it stable and prevent sliding. Moreover, there are pre-set grommet holes for screen mounting options.

 #10  Fenge Standing Desk Converter


WHY WE LIKE IT: This desktop is compact, lightweight, and one of the most affordable. It’s excellent for smaller work areas and it can be moved freely throughout a space — it fits almost anywhere.

  • Compact size is excellent for dorms and small spaces
  • Portable and lightweight
  • It comes pre-assembled
  • No keyboard tray
  • No space for peripherals

This riser is one of the smallest and most compact, and portable desks with the least features overall, but it’s also one of the least expensive. It does not include a keyboard tray, nor does it offer a wide desk space at just 25.7” x 15.9” but it’s excellent for smaller work areas. It’s also lightweight making it a little more portable and versatile than some of the other options. Where they have to be placed on top of an existing table or desk, this could essentially go anywhere, like on top of a counter, or another surface.

Despite having a smaller frame, it’s still quite sturdy and both lifts and collapses easily thanks to a dual gas spring system. It stretches from 2.4” to 25.7” and supports up to 22lb total.

Note: Other standing desk converters that are not on our list but are worth mentioning include the Varidesk Pro Plus 36, and the Mount-It! Electric Sit Stand Adjustable Desk Converter.

The Varidesk Pro Plus is a dual monitor standing desk converter with 11 heigh adjustable settings and a spring loaded lift fow lowering or lifting your workspace. Thie Varidesk Pro Plus has 2 spacious tiers. To be specific, the Varidesk can accomodate up to two monitors, a notebook, a laptop, with the lower tier capable of taking a mouse, keyboard, calculator, or files. The Varidesk Pro Plus has a 30-day risk-free guarantee.

How We Decided

A feature vital to standing desks is the height-adjustment system, particularly how far it extends, and it’s one of the first things we looked at during our research. A majority of risers will reach anywhere from 20” to 25” tall. That puts the total height — when placed on top of another desk or table — somewhere between 5’ and 6’4 tall. You’ll want a solution that stretches to about waist high, right around or about the navel.

Related to the height-adjustment is the mechanism that allows the riser to extend. Many desk converters rely on gas springs which allows the surface to rise slowly and safely, without much effort. Some are manually adjusted, meaning you have to pull on handles to extend the riser, while others include a motor and auto-rise system.

Another major feature is the total workspace available where the monitors or laptops will be placed. Each desk converter has a different size tabletop or surface, so be sure to choose something that matches what you need. Every riser comes with a slide-out or removable keyboard tray, as well.

The base is the final piece of the puzzle, which must be sturdy and stable enough to support the entire system and everything placed upon. The last thing you want is your monitors or laptop tumbling to the floor thanks to a wobbly setup. Nearly all risers have a distinct solution for keeping the converter in place, whether that’s due to silicone pads or shockproof springs in the supports.

Best Standing Desk Converters Buyer’s  Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Size or Workspace
    For most risers, the major dimension provided — usually 25” to 37” — is the width of the top surface area. Since that’s where the monitors or laptops will be placed, it’s something to think about when choosing a desk converter. How much space will you need? Do you have a dual monitor setup? Will you be using a single monitor and a laptop? What are the monitor height and weight? Ensure the desktop offers ample space to place your items and displays. That said, it may be simpler to have the entire desk rise if you prefer a standing desk vs a desk riser.
  2. Height-Adjustment System
    Nearly every desktop you’ll see has a pneumatic, gas-powered lift system, and variable height settings. These are features you’ll find on Uplift and Flexispot desks. Whether it’s motorized or not, the lift system makes it so much easier to extend and adjust the standing height. A gas spring system also allows the riser to lock in place and holdfast much better, offering a steady and stable work surface. Be mindful of the system, and if there are no pneumatic or gas springs, steer clear. Also, be mindful of the sitting height for the desktop converter. When collapsed, you’ll want it to be at a height that’s still comfortable to use sitting down. As an aside, electric standing desk converters are rare, so expect to see more manually-adjustable risers.
  3. Keyboard Tray
    The bottom-mounted keyboard tray offers extra space to place a wireless or full-size keyboard, and often there’s extra room for a mouse — that means there’s room to maneuver a mouse, too. Moreover, a majority of the desk converters include a removable tray that can be pulled out when it’s collapsed and resting on the bottom surface.
  4. Extra Mount Support
    Another feature to consider is extra support for monitor or display mounts, alternatively a monitor arm. When you’re placing larger and heavier monitors on top of the desk space, you’ll want a way to secure them so they don’t wobble or fall. This is generally achieved by securing a mount or base to the surface. Some desktops will include pre-drilled grommet holes or pre-measured markings for drilling the holes yourself. If you have a large monitor or want to secure what you do have, be on the lookout for the extra mount support.
  5. Build Quality
    While not a huge concern, because most desk converters are made with metal and wood, the build quality will determine the stability of the workspace. Be sure to avoid flimsy materials like particle boards, unless the material is suitably thick. However, these are easier to repair than a standing desk motor, which either needs a replacement or a professional to fix.

Standing Desk Converters FAQs

What are the best standing desk converters for laptops?

Simply put, any standing desk converter would work well with laptops, and can be used as a laptop stand. A majority of them were designed to accommodate dual-monitor setups, which means they have plenty of space for a laptop, or even two. It’s best to choose a standing desk converter — or full-size standing desk — based on your height. You must also consider the table or desk that it will be placed on. Measure how high the existing table or surface is off the ground, and add the max height of the riser to that. If manually adjusting the height of a desktop is too difficult for you, then you might want to consider looking at an electric standing desk converter, which relies on a motor to extend the entire system. It’s important to note that all standing desk converters will extend only to the max height available, but can be lowered flush with the surface they’re resting upon.

Is there a compact standing desk converter?

When discussing desk converters, the term “compact” is relative. Is it more compact in terms of the height it extends to, for example? Or is it more narrow with a smaller workspace? Standing desk converters can be found in either configuration. That includes with a shorter height or a slimmer workspace. The RIF6 converter, for instance, is only 32” wide so it has a much smaller work area.

What’s the best standing desk converter for a tall person? What about a short person?

Every person that’s considering the purchase of a standing desk converter or full-size standing desk, no matter their height, should first calculate suitable dimensions. You’ll want to select a desk converter or desk that accommodates your height. Because many of the options are height-adjustable, the best standing desk converter for short person might match up with the best standing desk converter for tall person. To start, note the maximum height that the converter will reach. Measure how high the existing table or surface is off the ground, and add the max height of the riser to that. Compare the sum of those heights to your standing height. You’ll be extending the converter much lower than your head, obviously, but if it reaches a comparable height you know for sure it’s going to work for you.

What’s the Difference Between a Standing Desk Converter and a Standing Desk?

A standing desk converter is a sizable attachment that’s meant to be placed on top of a traditional desk or tabletop. They tend to be cheaper and easier to set up thanks to universal design. Standing desks, on the other hand, are full-size desks with a height-adjustable function built-in. Most standing desks have a motor that will move the desktop up and down at the press of a button. Some must be manually adjusted, however. The biggest difference between them is that one is meant as more of an attachment or add-on, and the other is a full-size piece of furniture. Standing desks tend to be much more expensive and don’t generally come pre-assembled.
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