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While the best standing desks can be great for your health and stylish in the modern, flexible office, there will always be some times when you want – or need – to sit down. But not all standing desks are adjustable, nor should they be adjusted if your teammate is standing up next to you: it’s time for a top-rated standing desk chair.

While you could just order a tall bar stool from the nearest store, you may experience back pain and struggle with a lack of upper and lower back support. Therefore, we suggest you check out the wide range of office standing chairs with adjustable seats, lumbar support, and height adjustment meant to be used with standing desks. Here’s what the best standing desk chairs have to offer.

Office Star Drafting Chair – $112

Best Standing Desks - Office Star

A drafting chair is designed for plenty of extra support for long hours over a drafting table. These office chairs tend to have large, sturdy seats and fully developed backs with extra support. The Office Star model is one of the best around, including lightweight, breathable mesh supports, a sturdy footrest, and adjustable height options. The casters are carpet-ready, but the chair may be a little too movable on hard surfaces unless the casters are locked.

Balt Circulation Stool – $147

Best Standing Chairs - Balt Circulation

This plastic mesh stool comes with a descending chair lip for more comfortable sitting and a lot of ventilation both above and below. That smooth plastic design may not be the most comfortable in the world, but it’s good for short bouts of sitting and won’t get nearly as dirty as fabric. Plus, a mesh-backed design is more breathable than leather and helps keep you cool in a stuffy work environment. The Balt is also available for around 50% off at the moment, making it a good option if you’re looking for a deal.

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Varidesk Varichair – $195

Best Standing Chair - VariChair

It’s not the closest we’ve seen to a deluxe bar stool, but it’s still pretty close: This VariChair has a very slight backrest and rounded pleather seating, with a pneumatic lift to adjust height – and no assembly required. It’s ideal for maximum mobility and keeps your clothes from bunching up…but you can’t really lean back much while working. This is typically sold as encouraging good posture, but that’s really up to you: You can still slouch on a stool, but it’s going to be pretty bad for your back (and may be a sign that you should switch to standing for a while). You can also opt for the best sit-stand desk that comes with much versatility.

Safeco Metro – $195

Best Standing Chair - Safeco

The “traditional” option, the Metro Height Adjustable Chair is designed to look like the average upholstered office chair, except with an extra-height support system and additional footrest. The pros and cons of the typical office chair apply here – it provides durable support and comfort, has back tilt and seat height adjustments, and generally won’t be too weird to look at. However, that upholstery will also get hotter than mesh and dirtier than pleather, so there are some downsides to consider. Additionally, you may not want to make it too easy to stay in the stay all day, and this chair is certainly easy to sit on.

The Swopper – $699

Best Standing Chair - Swopper

If you want a far more modern look for your adjustable standing desk, you may prefer the Swopper, a springy stool that can tilt in all directions and gently bounce in response to your position. It’s designed to help keep you moving even when you need to sit down for a little bit (ideal for adjustable standing desks where you still want the benefit while resting). Of course, what you see is what you get – there’s no footrest (although there are height adjustments), and no back support. That modern design also comes at a price not everyone may be willing to pay.

Active Collection Mobus – $365

Best Standing Chair - Active Collection

There are a lot of great stools in the Active Collection: The Mobus is representative of the line, a tilted stool designed to sort of let you sit down while working at a standing desk. This model is ideal for people who want to stay standing as long as possible, and only sit down for brief periods when talking or choosing a short break.

Pair any of these chairs with a standing desk, kneeling desk, or even a little desk. Just don’t forget to add in a standing desk mat for those times you need to stand up.

Standing Desk Chair FAQs

What is the best chair for sitting all day?

You’ll want to find a chair that allows you to make any adjustments necessary to sit comfortably without creating unnecessary pressure on your spine, shoulders, or legs. Look for seats with height adjustment so that you can raise or lower the seat so that your feet can sit flat on the floor. Also, consider seats with a waterfall edge so that you’re not putting unnecessary pressure on your legs. But don’t forget about breathability so that you can stay comfortable while you work. Some people may opt for a kneeling chair to work their core muscles.

How many hours should you stand at a standing desk?

There isn’t a defined consensus on how long you should use a standing desk. However, experts usually recommend a range between 15 to 30 minutes every hour.

Is standing at my desk better than sitting?

Being sedentary for extended periods is bad for your health, which is why many experts have labeled sitting the new smoking. While there’s still more research to be done about whether standing at your desk makes you burn more calories than sitting, everyone can benefit from changing positions frequently at their desk to prevent unnecessary pressure and discomfort on the neck, back, and legs.

Why is sitting down bad for you?

Being sedentary for too long can encourage other chronic health issues like heart disease and diabetes. So, to keep the body active, taking period standing breaks by way of a standing desk or standing desk chair, can help to improve circulation and improve your mental health as well.

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