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You can do naked squats anywhere there’s enough empty wall space, but you’ll see much better results using the best squat workout equipment. A squat machine provides an added layer of resistance, improving the workout and better toning muscles. A hack squat machine or sissy squat machine, in particular, is small enough to fit in most rooms, even with limited space, and is also quite affordable. We spent over fifteen hours researching the best equipment for squats at home. We looked for machines that were not only affordable, but also effective, and that offered extra usability. The machines below support other activities too, like sit-ups and push-ups.

The Star Uno Ab Squat Workout Machine is our top pick because it offers the greatest overall workout while doing squats. Exercises with this machine targets just about every area of your body from lower legs and glutes to the upper/lower back. It also comes with supplementary materials as a bonus, like a fitness tracker and meal planner. The honorable mention is the Goplus 3-in-1 squat machine which is relatively compact and also accommodates multiple activities including squats, sit-ups and push-ups. Keep reading to learn more about this and other great exercise equipment.

Top 7 Best Squat Workout Equipment

 #1  Star Uno Ab Squat Machine


WHY WE LIKE IT: If you’re looking to get as close to a full squat as possible with a compact machine, the Star Uno Ab and Squat Workout Machine is the one. It’s our top pick because it offers one of the best workouts out of anything on this list.

  • Best full muscle workout
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Includes exercise chart and meal planner
    • Soft squats only

The Star Uno Ab Squat Workout Machine is a “complete muscle shaping” system that accommodates soft squats especially important for building your lower body strength. Your bodyweight acts as the resistance during movements, and you can apply as little or as much as you want. It provides a suitable workout to burn fat and tone muscles including your core and abdominals, glutes, upper legs, and more. Compared to many of the other machines on the list, you’re completing a much fuller squat with stronger resistance. The machine is made of steel, save the handlebar coverings, and the seat which are foam insulated. The machine weighs just under 8 pounds and folds up nicely for easy storage. It’s not something you’ll want to carry with you out of your home or office, but it’s light enough to move locally.

It’s our top pick because it’s the best, all-around machine offering, not just the option to do squats but also many other exercises such as kettlebell, dumbells and barbells. That adds a lot more value, especially considering it’s one of the more expensive machines on the list. It’s ideal for anyone that wants a reliable workout machine for toning muscles and burning fat. Older users may prefer a recumbent bike for seniors.

 #2  Goplus 3-in-1 Squat Machine


WHY WE LIKE IT: The Goplus 3-in-1 Squat Machine is our honorable mention because it’s the best of the multi-functional machines, offering support for squats, push-ups and sit-ups. The height-adjustable pole accommodates varying body sizes and it supports up to 220 pounds total.

  • Also great for push-ups & sit-ups
  • Very durable
  • Height adjustable front pole
  • Weighs 17 pounds
  • Bulky, not portable

The GoPlus 3-in-1 Squat Machine is a versatile, low-seated machine that offers, above all, deep sissy squat support. Sissy squats, if you don’t already know, help build your quads, while also strengthening your hip flexors and core muscles simultaneously. It also helps to build your lower body strength. That is according to the Strength and Conditioning journal. The machine is made of steel, save the cushioned footpads. A non-slip footplate helps to ensure the entire machine doesn’t slide around while you’re using it, and you don’t lose your grip. The front pole is height adjustable and can extend up to 5.5 feet. It allows you to use the machine for much more than just squats. You can also do sit-ups, push-ups, lunges, leg and calf extensions, and much more, including kettlebell and barbell exercises.

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The GoPlus Squat Machine weighs about 17 pounds and can support up to 220 pounds total. While it’s not too heavy, it’s certainly something you’ll want to keep in one place such as your home or office. This is not a portable machine. It’s ideal for anyone looking to get in some full or sissy squats in the comfort of their home. Also, while you can use the machine for other exercises such as barbell squats, it’s not as versatile as our top pick. You’ll want the best body fat monitor to gauge your progress.

 #3  Soozier 3-in-1 Home Gym Machine


WHY WE LIKE IT: Like the other 3-in-1 machines, the Soozier Home Gym can be used for squats, push-ups and sit-ups. It has two front wheels for easier transport if you want to move it around your home. Plus, it supports a max weight of 265 pounds.

  • Stable with four suction pads to prevent slippage
  • 3-in-1: Squats, sit-ups and push-ups
  • 2 front wheels for easier transport
  • Bulky

Not unlike several of the other machines on the list, the Soozier 3-in-1 Home Gym Machine is meant for three major exercises: deep sissy squats, push-ups, and sit-ups. But also good to build your lower body strength by a combination of squats and deadlifts. Targeted muscle groups for exercises include your core and abdominals, upper body, lower body, as well as your knee and hip joints. It’s a quick yet robust option for working out a majority of your body, in a more compact form compared to most home gyms. The machine is made of steel, with padded footrests. It weighs about 28 pounds, which isn’t too heavy but, again, is not something you’ll want to carry around with you. It can support a max weight of 265 pounds.

Anyone that wants a little added support while doing squats, sit-ups or push-ups would feel right at home with this machine. It’s ideal for a home gym or office use and would fit best in a static situation. Because the machine isn’t too large you could place it about anywhere in your home, even your living room or bedroom. Remember to always use the best lifting belt when lifting weights.

 #4  K KingKang Home Gym Machine


WHY WE LIKE IT: Out of all the 3-in-1 multifunctional machines, the K KingKang Home Gym stands out because it can be used for a multiple activities. Two front-mounted rings allow for dumbbell and cable-type exercises and it can also be used for squats, sit-ups and push-ups. It has front wheels for easy local transport.

  • Most multi-functional
  • The front pole has 4 positions, calf pad has 6
  • Front wheels for easier transport
  • Bulky

The K KingKang Home Gym is a 3-in-1 machine, like many of the others here, which you can use to complete a variety of exercises, namely sissy squats. The machine is made of steel, with a non-slip footplate, suction pads to keep it secured to the floor and padded leg rest. It weighs about 35 pounds and is quite bulky, so it’s not something you’ll be using outside of your home — or wherever you place it. There are two wheels positioned near the front of the machine, albeit small, which makes it a lot easier to move around a limited area.

It’s ideal for a home gym or office use and can be moved around some, but it’s not all that portable. You might pick this machine over some of the others because of its added versatility. You can do a few more exercises with it besides the squats, sit-ups and push-ups. For example, two rings at the front of the machine can be used for rope, barbell, or dumbbell exercises. Even a combination of squats and dead lifts. The front pole is also height adjustable with four separate positions, while the calf pad has six different positions. You can also check out the best exercise ball.

 #5  SmithShaper Fit Bundle


WHY WE LIKE IT: The SmithShaper Fit Bundle pack is one of the more unique pieces of equipment on the list, as it’s a lightweight roller that can be used for squats and abdominal exercises. It can be used for a whole lot more than that, too, as you can do up to 25 different activities with it.

  • Best for heavy people
  • Super lightweight at 2.5 pounds
  • Max weight of 350 pounds
  • Requires ample space

The SmithShaper Fit Bundle includes an ab and squat roller designed for use in multiple configurations. While doing squats, you wear it on your back just like a backpack and press your body against a wall or surface. As you move, the roller provides ample resistance for a challenging yet suitable workout. It can also be used as an ab roller to tone and strengthen your core muscles. A total of twenty-five different exercises can be achieved with the SmithShaper. It weighs less than 3 pounds, yet supports up to 350 pounds, which is quite impressive. Plus, the lightweight design means you can take it with you just about anywhere.

You will need a proper space to do your exercises, no matter where you are. Squats, for instance, require empty wall space, while ab exercises require the necessary floor space. That said, it’s an excellent option for just about any type of user. You can exercise with the SmithShaper at home, at the gym, at work or even outside at a park. If you like to take your workouts with you, this might be the one to grab.

 #6  Booty Bands 3 Workout Equipment Resistance Bands


WHY WE LIKE IT: The Booty Bands 3 Resistance Bands are a three-pack of bands, meant for squat and leg-type exercises. The bands are made of latex-free stretchy fabric to prevent irritation during use, and they provide plenty of resistance for a great workout. They’re lightweight and super portable so you can toss them in a bag and take them with you everywhere.

  • Ultra-portable
  • Three resistance levels
  • Latex-free stretchy fabric construction
  • Squats and leg exercises only

One of the more unique exercise tools on the list, the Booty Bands 3 set of resistance bands can be used for a variety of activities, including squats. The bands are meant to slide up onto your thighs, providing extra resistance for your legs, particularly your glutes. There are three band resistance levels, all with varying tiers of strength. The bands are latex-free, made of premium, durable fabric. Because they’re lightweight and roll-up easily, you can take them anywhere and use them anywhere, too.

The Booty Bands are primarily tailored for women — one is even pink — but anyone could use them, provided they fit. They’re the best option for anyone that values versatility and portability. You could toss them into a gym bag or backpack and bring them along anywhere, which just adds even more value.

 #7  Conquer 3-in-1 Home Gym Machine


WHY WE LIKE IT: Conquer’s 3-in-1 Home Gym Machine supports up to 265 pounds so it’s an excellent multi-functional machine for those on the heavier side. You can use it for squats, sit-ups, lower body strength, and push-ups. It has the most comfortable calf and footpads of anything on the list.

  • Best for heavy people
  • Supports squats, push-ups and sit-ups
  • Easy to assemble
  • Bulky

The Conquer 3-in-1 Home Gym Machine accommodates three different exercises, including full squats, push-ups and standing sit-ups. The machine is made of steel and can withstand a total weight of 265 pounds. The footpads and calf rest are all padded, with durable yet comfortable foam. A non-slip deck prevents the machine from moving or sliding around while you’re working out. Besides, there are secure locking mechanisms for added safety to keep you from toppling or hurting yourself. Especially during kettle bell and barbell squating exercises.

The entire machine weighs about 28 pounds, and it’s relatively easy to assemble. That said, it’s not something you’ll want to carry around. The Conquer machine is ideal for a home gym or office use. Anyone that has a few minutes per day to exercise, focusing on core muscles, would be more than happy with this machine. Just make sure your back is in shape so you don’t need the best posture corrector.

How We Decided

While selecting machines for our best-rated squat machines list, we looked at several major factors. The first was the effectiveness of the workout or movements. Does the machine provide suitable resistance to burn fat and tone muscle? Everything on the list will certainly help you get a good workout. Of course, our top pick is the best option, the Star Uno Ab and Squat Workout Machine. It allows you to complete a much more robust squat, working out core muscle groups across your body with greater resistance.

The next thing we looked for was a degree of versatility. While not every single machine on this list accommodates additional exercises — if they don’t there’s a good reason for it — most will allow you to complete other activities. The 3-in-1 machines, like the GoPlus, K KingKang and Conquer allow you to do squats, sit-ups and push-ups all with a single piece of equipment. It adds more value because you can use them for a lot more, plus you get a better workout because you can tone and strengthen muscles across your entire body, not just one area.

Finally, we considered the placement of the machines, or rather where they’re supposed to be used. Every machine on the list is suitable for home use and could essentially be placed anywhere within your residence, not just a workout room or garage. Some can even be taken from place to place with you, like the Booty Bands resistance bands or SmithShaper Fit Bundle pack. Don’t forget to use the correct/proper form when using any workout tool or aid.

To compare specs, pricing, and customer reviews, search for our Top Picks and other popular brands on Amazon.com.

Best Squat Workout Equipment Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Total Exercises
    Squats are an excellent exercise for targeting your glutes, legs and core muscles like your abdominals. If you truly want to burn fat and tone up, you’ll need to do activities that focus on other muscle groups. The best machines support a variety of exercises, allowing you to target and work out your entire body as opposed to just a single area. A prime example of this is our honorable mention, the Goplus 3-in-1 Squat Machine. Yes, you can use it for squats, but you can also do sit-ups and push-ups with the equipment. Altogether, that allows you to do a more complete workout targeting the major muscle groups in your body.
  2. Price
    Generally, we try to avoid price as a feature, but it’s essential here. Because we’re talking about small, home gym equipment and not full-size squat racks it makes sense to consider the overall budget. You don’t want to be spending as much as full-size gym equipment for something that’s much less effective and barely even half the size. We are not looking for a tall rack where barbells can rest, not nessesarily. Everything on the list fits in the range of $50 to $250, with the most expensive machines more than making up for their price tag. The priciest machine on the list, for instance, the Star Uno Ab and Squat Machine allow you to complete a more robust squat movement than anything else, giving you a much better and deeper workout. If you truly want to tone your muscles over a short period, it’s the machine to grab. Comparatively, less effective machines should be cheaper with added support, like portability or more versatility —support for additional exercises.
  3. Portability
    This feature is highly dependent on where you intend to do your workouts. If you are going to position the equipment in a single room at home or at work, for example, portability isn’t much of a concern. You might want to pay attention to how easy the equipment is to assemble and whether or not it folds up easily for quick storage, however. On the other hand, if you plan to use the equipment on-the-go and take it back and forth from your home to your office and beyond, portability is crucial. A heavier machine is going to be tough to lug around and tough to store or pack in a bag if you can at all. Plus, bulky equipment is going to be difficult to place in a vehicle or transport — especially if you take a taxi or an Uber. Pay attention to how portable the equipment is if you plan to use it outside your home. Some examples include the Booty Bands resistance bands, which pack away nicely, or the SmithShaper Fit Bundle.

Squat Workout Equipment FAQs

What Machines Do You Use for Squats?

One of the best things about squats, of any kind, is that you don’t need additional equipment to do the exercise. You could just as easily press your body against a wall or flat surface and go through the range of motions. What machines do offer, however, is an added level of resistance which amplifies the challenge, further improving the workout. The best machines to start with, especially for beginners, are the low-seated 3-in-1 machines you see on the list like the Goplus, Conquer and K Kingkang systems. They’re easy to set up and just as easy to use. Plus, they support several core exercises including squats, sit-ups and push-ups. By completing those exercises regularly you’ll be working out most major muscle groups.

Are Squat Machines Effective?

Ideally, you’ll be using gym equipment to get the results you want. Many of the machines on this list pale in comparison to actual squat racks and equipment. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look into getting one, however. They are much better than naked squats — squats done without any equipment — as they provide extra resistance, plus they’re small enough to fit in most rooms. If you have limited space, you’re not going to have an area big enough for a full-size squat rack. These machines are a suitable alternative. Not to mention, they are much more affordable. To answer the original question, yes, squat machines are effective. Full-size squat racks and pro-grade machines even more so.

Can You Get Abs from Squatting?

Yes. The muscle groups that squats target include your glutes, upper thighs and core. Part of your core is your abdominal muscles. Squats will help target a wider area of your abdominals increasing the toning and strength of those muscles. Your obliques, for instance, are worked out naturally along with your upper and lower abs.

How Much Does a Squat Machine Cost?

It depends on what type of machine you’re talking about, as full-size squat racks and gym quality equipment tends to be much more expensive. All the squat machines on the list, however, fall into the range of $50 to $250. There is, at least, one machine on this list for every budget level. The two cheapest are the Booty Bands resistance bands and the SmithShaper Fit Bundle. The most expensive is the Star Uno Ab and Squat Machine, our top pick.

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