The best smartwatches for kids contain a surprising number of benefits for families, but safety and cost are key concerns:: That’s why our top pick, the VTech KidiZoom DX2, is specifically designed for ages 4 to 12. It won’t connect to the internet, but it does include an excellent touchscreen, and two cameras for taking fun photos. Plus, the splash-proof design will keep the cam safe even during outdoor playtime.

The KidiZoom supports video and photos, and can help teach your kid about telling time, setting alarms, and using a calendar – these are just some of the reasons we love it! But there are several excellent kid smartwatches out there, packed with games and innovative designs (including the ability to hold a SIM card and take calls). Check out our full list below to learn more and find the best watch for kids in your family!

Top 7 Best Smartwatches for Kids Compared

 #1  VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2

Award: Top Pick

WHY WE LIKE IT: A smartwatch with two cameras, a proximity sensor, and a whole lot of fun. This is a great watch for encouraging physical activity – along with photos and video! Ages: 4-12 yrs.

  • Durable design & bright screen
  • Two cameras for photo and video
  • Proximity sensor for active games
  • No call or communication options
  • Not waterproof

The DX2 is a durable model with a great screen and not one but two different cameras to capture both photos and videos from the front or back. It has a number of innovative games, including a Pokemon Go-like monster hunter game that allows kids to hunt down monsters in the real world. Speaking of burning calories, the sensor and pedometer included in the watch are perfect for encouraging your kids to exercise, too.

While the watch is dust and splashproof, it can’t be submerged, mostly likely because of the microUSB port made for charging and transmitting photos. If your kids like creating photos and video on outdoor adventures, this is the ideal watch for them. Even young kids will enjoy the many different clock faces they can choose from. Then when they are older, they can use the best smartwatch that offer fitness tracking, heart rate monitors, barometers, and smartphone compatibility.

 #2  Karaforna Kids Smart Watch

Award: Honorable Mention

WHY WE LIKE IT: The GPS tracker and nine functions will keep kids protected and productive with this watch. It’s perfect for parents who want to equip their kids with a lot of tools – and keep track of them. Ages: 3-10 yrs.

  • Nine functions for versatility
  • Music playing and calling options
  • GPS tracker
  • No physical activity options

This smartwatch can do a little of everything, and makes an excellent alternative to a smartphone for kids that just aren’t old enough for their own phones yet. There are seven different game options, a camera and recorder, a music player, and nine useful functions including an alarm clock, calculator, photo album, and more.

The touchscreen will remind kids of even the most grown-up smart devices, while the GPS tracker makes it easy to see where your kids are. There’s a music player for playing MP3s, and the watch can make and receive calls, and has an emergency SOS call option. It’s an ideal smart watch for kids with GPS, and a great all around pick. If you prefer Android, check out the best android smartwatch.

 #3  MeritSoar Kids Smart Watch

Award: Best for Phone Calls

WHY WE LIKE IT: The cool design of this watch will be a hit with older kids, and the 2G allows for important family calls. Parents looking for a more stylish watch will love it.. Ages: 3-12yrs.

  • 2G phone calls with SIM card
  • Sleek design for coolness factor
  • Free MicroSD card
  • No activity options
  • No gps tracker
  • Limited productivity outside of calls and media

A sleek smartwatch with a slick interface, this MeritSoar model won’t embarrass older kids – and it’s an excellent choice for a watch that can make calls. Get a SIM card (the brand recommends Speedtalk cards) and the watch can work in 2G/GSM supported networks. It also includes a free 1GB microSD card for pictures, voice recordings, and even storing music to listen to.

The watch also has productivity apps like alarm clocks and a calculator, as well as several games. However, the focus is on core functionality that mimics more adult smartwatches (at a small fraction of the price). That makes it a nice smartwatch for a teenager without a phone. If you need a smartwatch that is focused on fitness, try the best fitbit.

 #4  LSflair Kids Smartwatch

Award: Safest

WHY WE LIKE IT: The GPS/LBS tracking and multiple SOS options make this one of the safest kid’s smartwatches around. Parents who want to keep an eye on growing children can easily make use of it. Ages: 4-12 years

  • Safest Watch: GPS & LBS tracking
  • Three SOS number options
  • Two-Way phone calls/voice messages
  • No exercise apps
  • Requires a SIM card

The LSflair watch includes both GPS and LBS: Combined, they give you accurate tracking that makes it easy to see where your child is. Combine this with two-voice calling, and up to three SOS phone numbers, and few watches offer as many safety features as this one. Parents can even set “do no disturb” times on the watch the prevent calls from coming through during important times of the day.

But this watch doesn’t stop there: It includes 10 learning games, a camera, a stop watch, and a calendar, so there’s plenty of extra functionality as well. If you aren;t sure where to buy a smartwatch, try the best online watch store.

 #5  Yenisey Kids Smart Watch

Award: Best for Music

WHY WE LIKE IT: Bluetooth connectivity for MP3 music makes this watch special. Combined with the communication options, it’s a good choice for kids who aren’t quite ready for their own music device yet. Ages: 3-12 years

  • Bluetooth for headphone music
  • 2G communication with SOS
  • GPS tracking
  • Poor photo options
  • No waterproofing
  • No GPS

Don’t get us wrong, Yenisey’s smartwatch does a lot. It can play games, record voices, take a picture (yes, just one picture, then it gets replaced), and facilitate calls including emergency numbers as long as you get the right SIM card. But what we’re really impressed with is the MP3 compatibility, making this watch the ideal choice for listening to music on the go.

Even better, the watch is designed to use music through Bluetooth, so there’s no need to mess with ports and cables. Other nice features include a contact list and calculator. All of the best electronics these days have some extras. That includes the best watches.

 #6  SZBXD Kids Smartwatch

We're sorry, this product is temporarily out of stock

Award: Best Waterproof

WHY WE LIKE IT: This waterproof smartwatch can survive the tub, swimming pool, and more. It’s ideal for active kids who like to splash around – and includes tracking for parents, too! Ages: 3-12 yrs.

  • Waterproof for swimming, etc.
  • AGPS/LBS tracking
  • Lacking in games
  • Few extra features

Looking for a watch that can stand the elements, especially water? This model is designed for kids who love playing in the water and may, on any given day, be out in the rain, the pond, or a nearby swimming pool (or just a bath in the house). The watch can withstand all of that and more, although users are greatly encouraged to avoid pressing buttons while underwater.

Communication options on the watch offer calls and SOS numbers as well as AGPS/LBS tracking for location monitoring. There’s also a camera, a basic math game, and an alarm, but otherwise the watch is a little light on features. It will work until your child is ready for the best Apple watches.

 #7  Fediman Kids Smart Watch

We're sorry, this product is temporarily out of stock

Award: Best Budget

WHY WE LIKE IT: Equipped with both tracking and phone call features, this watch is ready for anything – including quiet classroom work. Those looking for strong call features and useful modes will find a great fit for their kids.Ages: 5-12 yrs

  • Tracking and emergency calls
  • Class mode for doing work
  • Group chat
  • Only math games

Looking for the most affordable watch you can get? The Fediman watch has an extra-low price but still includes plenty of features – like call support, a camera, SOS numbers, and a flashlight. The watch can even provide weather forecasts and allow kids to set their own alarms. There are three maths games too, although users may be less excited about that.

LBS features enable you to monitor and tracking the watch when necessary to make sure children aren’t wandering where they shouldn’t be. There’s also a class mode that keeps everything quiet and unavailable until class is over, a low battery notification, a group chat option for the family, and even a tracker for past activities. Your kid may not even need the best kids alarm clock since they have a smartwatch now, but I bet they are still going to bug you for the best iPad case for kids.

How We Decided

Kids smartwatches have a lot of features – sometimes so many that it’s difficult for a buyer to choose which are important. The best watches we found had a combination of entertainment options like games and photos, along with more productive features like timers, and calendars. This is handy when teaching kids more responsibility! However, especially important to parents are safety features, so we also looked for models that include GPS or other tracking abilities.

Then there’s communication: Should a kid’s smartwatch be able to take phone calls? Texts? What about receiving recorded messages or two-way communication? Does it need to be touch screen? A lot of this depends on the parent. We liked to see at least an option to include a SIM card and choose a phone plan, which parents can decide to do later on even if they don’t want any in-depth communication options in the beginning. Another factor is fitness. Smartwatches designed for children might not need in-depth activity tracking that an adult fitness tracker would offer.

Design is also particularly important. These smartwatches need to be extra-durable, with plenty of adjustments for wrist size and a screen that’s large enough to be useful. Battery life is also important. The watch should also have enough room for a high-quality battery that can last for at least several days of downtime before needing to be recharged.

And don’t forget girls and boys alike will still want the watch to look cool! Aside from durability, children might enjoy funky designs and colors. The Garmin Vivofit JR 2 is a great choice for Minnie Mouse Fans with an adorable cute, pink design.

Best Smartwatches for Kids Buying Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Connectivity and GPS
    Smartwatches offer an opportunity to help keep track of your kids or receive alerts based on where they are, but this requires the right kind of connectivity. If you want location tracking, look for GPS. If you want your child to be able to make calls, look for a SIM card and phone plan. If you are interested in features that include getting online information, look for smartwatch plans that include online data options. Generally, there’s something out there for every type of kid, but you have to know what you want – and plan for the future.
  2. Games and Entertainment
    What games will be both fun and beneficial for your child? Most good smartwatches include several unique games to play on the watch itself, as well as the ability to download more games if necessary. Look for games that are appropriate for your kid’s age level, and keep in mind that the games are mostly slanted toward the young (once children are around 6-7 years old, they will start learning about far superior games on other devices and smartwatch games won’t cut it). Some smartwatch brands offer more educational type games, which parents may prefer. Even the most basic smartwatches have many different faces to make sure telling time is fun! Many smartphones in this range also come with recording options, which allow kids to record photos and video. If you don’t want your kids to use these features, you can often take out the SD card so that nothing can be saved on the watch. Other smartwatches may allow kids to play music…but these should always have a headphone jack or compatibility with Bluetooth.
  3. Productivity and Fitness
    Yes, even a kid’s smartwatch can include productivity apps. They can actually be a great tool to teach kids time management and give them reminders without having to actually call them about something (although you can still do this too). Good productivity apps include the clock itself, alarms and stopwatches to track time, contact lists, child-friendly calendars, and more. It’s also important to think about fitness. Smartwatches with the right features can measure steps, sleep, and physical activity so kids get the recommended hour of exercise a day – these features can make a great smartwatch if you want to encourage exercise! Some kids are very outdoors oriented and adventurous. In this case, counting calories isn’t as important as watches that can take photos of the action, resist the elements, and track location
  4. Cost
    One of the great things about smartwatches for kids is that they don’t cost as much as adult smartwatches! Even the cheapest Apple Watch still has a very high price. But these kid watches are a fraction of the cost, which also makes them easier to replace if necessary.
  5. Coolness Factor
    You’re buying a smart device for your kids that will hopefully last for at least a couple years. That means it needs to be seriously cool to capture their interest and keep. Don’t overlook the colors, designs and “cool” features that the watch has. For example, getting a watch that takes pictures may be worth it if your kid really, really wants this ability but isn’t ready for their own smartphone yet. There are also smartwatches with Star Wars themes and sounds, and other popular brand tie-ins that you may want to think about.

Smartwatches for Kids FAQs

Can a Kid’s Smartwatch Take Calls?

It depends on the model. Models that have a slot for a SIM card typically offer basic phone plans that allow kids to make a limited number of calls per month on the watch, including easy calls directly to their parents and sometimes SOS calls. More advanced smartwatches will allow kids to make video calls with parents too, if necessary. Text chats may also be included in plans. For example, a kids Kurio Watch will allow messenging with other Kurio watches.

How Do I Manage or Limit Activity on a Smartwatch?

Look for smartwatches that have limited capabilities or come with parental controls that allow you to limit contacts and features. More parental controls are a great feature to have for fast-growing kids. By design, kid smartwatches aren’t usually able to browse the internet or connect online for anything but the most basic purposes.

Can I Track My Kid’s Location with a Smartwatch?

Not all smart watches for kids will come with an activity tracker. Look for watches that have GPS or LPS (like GPS but with different connectivity). You will be able to track the location of these smartwatches. Some watches even let you record and send little voice messages to your kids when you look to see where they currently are. Without these features, there’s no smart tracking. For an affordable smartwatch for kids with activity tracking, check out the Fitbit Ace 2.

Will a Smartwatch Fit My Child’s Wrist?

Most smartwatches designed for kids come with a LOT of watch loops for adjustment from small to medium-sized wrists to accommodate growing kids. Others may come with a few different size options to choose from when you buy. Either way, wrist fit usually isn’t a problem here. However, if this is something you’re worried about, try to test the watch in person if possible.

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