Best Smartphone Repair Kits in 2023

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Updated January 24, 2023

Whether you cracked your phone or need to restore the operating system, you’re going to be shopping for the best smartphone repair kit. Depending on the damage sustained by your phone, you’ll need to confirm that the kit has the proper tools and accessories for you to complete the repair in one setting. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure that any components are compatible with the specific make and model of the electronic devices you wish to repair.

Ideally, for physical repairs, you’ll want to check and confirm if the kit manufacturer also provides tutorial videos that offer step-by-step instructions for managing the repair, especially if you’re not in the habit of frequently repairing mobile phones. Thanks to federal regulations, consumers have a right to repair items they purchase and aren’t beholden to the manufacturer to manage repairs. For example, the best windshield repair kit can save you significant money since you won’t need to go to an auto body shop. Keep reading our best smartphone repair kit buying guide to learn more.

Top Smartphone Repair Kits

 #1  iFixit Pro Tech Repair Kit


WHY WE LIKE IT: This complete collection has universal capabilities, so you can use it for a variety of jobs. It also features an anti-static wristband, so you don’t accidentally introduce static into the environment and ruin your devices.

  • Universal collection
  • Engineered storage
  • Anti-static wristband
  • Geared toward professionals

This kit comes packed with all the essential tools you need. From a huge variety of bits to a screen removal suction cup, there’s nothing it doesn’t have. You’ll love how easy the prying spudgers make popping off your laptop’s case. Keep in mind that this is a complete kit that is made for professionals. That doesn’t mean you won’t find it useful, just that it might pack more in than you need.

The engineered storage has a foam insert to help with impact in case you drop it. It also features a magnetic closure to keep components secure. There are a few opening tools aside from the spudgers, such as angled ESD tweezers to help get into tight places and pry open stuck openings. We greatly enjoy the 64-bit driver kit, which features everything from Phillips to tri-point bits. There’s even a magnetic pad to help keep tools magnetized.

 #2  ORIA Precision Repair Kit


WHY WE LIKE IT: The magnetized collection is held together by a super portable carrying case, so you can take it anywhere. It’s also full to the brim with useful tools to tackle any repair job related to your gaming system, computer, and more.

  • Variety of specialty parts
  • Ergonomic designs
  • Highly portable system
  • Some bits are a little soft

This kit starts off strong with the inclusion of a flexible shaft and extension rod. This means that you can easily adjust for better leverage or more torque. The magnetic driver set ensures you don’t lose small screws and keeps everything together while working with tiny parts. It has been reported that a few of the bits are on the softer side. This can present a problem when dealing with stuck screws.

A variety of specialty bits make every job easier. Specifically, there are chrome-vanadium screwdriver bits carefully selected for quality. Ergonomic handles allow you to work long hours on projects that require fine motor skills without cramping your fingers. They have a unique non-slip design for their driver made of a single aluminum piece covered in silica gel. There is also a ball-bearing swivel top to help simplify every job.

 #3  JAKEMY Precision Repair Kit

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WHY WE LIKE IT: A highly portable option, this collection boasts over 200 different parts, so you can fix almost anything on the go. The soft carrying case hosts every piece so that even when traveling, you have what you need.

  • Lightweight collection
  • Soft carrying case
  • Made of CR-V steel
  • Soft case isn’t shock resistant

This portable kit comes with a huge variety of useful tools. You’ll find 174 CR-V magnetic screwdriver bits that connect securely, alongside S2 taps bits. We love the magnetic handle on the extension shaft, which will help you gain more leverage whenever you need it. The soft carrying case is hugely useful and able to easily store every part included in the kit. However, it is not shockproof and should be handled with care.

It also includes a 2-faced plush cloth and a brush. These are super useful for dirty jobs or cleaning up grimy equipment. The magnetic project pad will keep everything tidy and in one place, ready for when you need them. The included screwdriver has a handle made of high-quality TPU along with some plastic and is decidedly non-slip. The entire kit is lightweight and equipped to work on anything from your computer to your smartphone.

 #4  Kaisi 70 in 1 Repair Kit


WHY WE LIKE IT: This collection uses CR-V steel, which is both durable and high-quality. They also feature an ergonomic design so that your hands don’t hurt after usage. We enjoy the easy-to-open lock case, as well.

  • Highly ergonomic design
  • Made with stainless steel
  • Rigorous quality control
  • Flex bit prone to breaking

A combination of 70 different bits and tools makes this an excellent choice for most people. There are 56 bits, which include Phillips, Flathead, Torx, and more. You’ll also have access to a flexible extension shaft, extension bar, a 9-inch anti-static wrist band, and triangle plastic picks. Almost all of the parts are made to last. However, the flex bit tends to be on the weaker side and may strain under difficult circumstances.

It also includes both fiber nylon and plastic spudgers. This gives you an excellent range when you need to pry open a difficult case, whether it’s on your phone or laptop. Speaking of which, this kit is perfect for everything from smartphones to tablets to cameras. The high-quality stainless steel metal is magnetized for your convenience. It also has a hardness rating of HRC62°, which is more durable than the CRV material that most tool kits use.

 #5  MMOBIEL 24 in 1 Professional Repair Kit


WHY WE LIKE IT: This collection is convenient due to the more narrow range of tools available. It’s easy to travel with and still works with a range of devices, including cellular devices. The brand includes a few unique items, as well.

  • Compatible with most cellular devices
  • Contains electronic binding material
  • Includes 14cm, fine-tip tweezers
  • Some parts made of plastic

The inclusion of 50-meter long and 2-millimeter wide double-sided electrical tape is a great addition. This ensures you have everything required to fix smartphones, tablets, and other smaller devices. There are three anti-static tweezers included that are made to remove parts without accidentally introducing electricity into your sterile environment. However, quite a few of the parts are made out of plastic. This can make them more prone to breaking or shrinking when introduced to heat and pressure.

The SIM pin allows you to easily pop out your SIM card when necessary. That means more paper clips that are either too large or can cause damage to the tray. A high-quality PVC suction cup will give you access to the components under your screen. You’ll also enjoy a set of four different screwdrivers that are made with high precision in mind. Whether you have an Apple iPad, an Asus Zenpad, the iPhone XR, or an LG Stylus, you have every tool you need to fix your phone.

 #6  GangZhiBao 25pcs Electronics Repair Kit


WHY WE LIKE IT: Unnecessary bulk is not in the vocabulary of this collection. A simplistic set of only what you need, this is perfect for beginners just getting their feet wet in the world of tech restoration. It still comes with all the products necessary for common fixes.

  • Simple collection
  • Doesn’t demagnetize
  • Ultrathin products
  • Might have too few products

This is the best choice for you if you just need a few pieces to get the job done. It has a set of simple products meant to cut down on extra bulk. However, it still includes all the important tools necessary to fix your favorite products. The only problem is that this can backfire for those needing more complex jobs. Because of this, it’s only suggested for folks that are beginners to repair and won’t be doing complex jobs.

There are 25 pieces included in this kit. That includes a precision P5 Pentalobe screwdriver, alongside a T5 Torx and PH000 Phillips. They are all made of ultra-thin steel, helpful for small parts and tiny openings. The nylon spudgers assist in popping off cases and other parts that have become a little stuck. Magnetized metal keeps you from stripping your screws or deforming any parts. All of the plastic handles are also highly ergonomic and made of a non-slip plastic.

Beginner’s Guide to Smartphone Repair Kits

What is a Smartphone Repair Kit?

A smartphone repair kit is usually an all-in-one solution designed to correct physical damage on mobile devices. While most people think of physical damage like a cracked phone screen, repair kits can also include software recovery solutions. Opting to manage smartphone repairs independently can also be a cost-saving solution. Moreover, if your phone is unlocked legally, you’ll also be able to update the OS without worry.

Smartphone repair kits differ from computer repair kits, somewhat. But, both are vastly different than repairing or replacing a refrigerator, which should be covered under a manufacturer’s warranty.

Phone repairs can be expensive, even if you have insurance with your mobile carrier. They may require you to pay a deductible to get your phone fixed. And if your smartphone is no longer under warranty with the manufacturer or not insured with your mobile carrier, the full cost for a repair could be so expensive that it’s cheaper to buy a new phone.

Choosing DIY repair options can also be a time-saver, assuming that you’re relatively handy with tools and somewhat tech-savvy. This can ensure that instead of having to send your mobile phone away or set up an appointment for an in-store repair that cuts into your day, you can do it from the comfort of your home and have an operational phone in a little time.

For more about repair laws and consumer rights for goods, check out our guides to what is batterygate, durable vs non-durable goods, DMCA exemptions, Circular Economy Package, and what is SB-605.

Smartphone Repair Kits vs. Cell Phone Tool Kits

Compared to a general cell phone repair tool kit, smartphone repair kits feature specialized tools or components specific to correcting certain types of damage. For example, if you get a screen repair kit for a cracked screen, the kit may come with the specific screen needed for your phone’s make and model, along with the necessary tools to complete the task.

While Android-oriented smartphone repair kits tend to be fairly universal, a specialized kit is critical for Apple devices. Along with all Apple products, iPhones feature specialized screws designed to be tamper-proof to encourage consumers to send their damaged devices to Apple for repairs. However, because of right to repair laws, you can find the best iPhone repair kits that contain specialized screwdrivers with compatible bits for the unique screws used. This includes pentalobe, Torx, Torx Security, Torx Plus, and tri-wing screws.

In contrast, cell phone tool kits may be more comprehensive, containing all the tools you might need to manage any issue that arises. While this makes sense for someone who repairs smartphones of all kinds, this might be excessive for someone who rarely damages their phone.

How Smartphone Repair Kits Work

Your smartphone repair kit is a fairly straightforward solution for DIY mobile phone repair. Depending on the repair you need to complete, you can find repair kits containing the tools necessary to correct any damage and the replacement parts.

A cracked phone screen is the most common type of damage that occurs with smartphones, so the most common type of phone kit is for this type of repair. Usually, they’ll come with all of the necessary screwdrivers, including uncommon bits designed for screws used on iPhones and additional tools to make managing the repair easier. Also, look for magnetic screwdriver bits, as this can make retrieving those tiny tools significantly easier.

This kit usually also includes convenient tools like a spudger to help lift tightly fitted components and a suction tool for lifting the screen. But more comprehensive smartphone repair kits can also contain compressed air, heating tools, anti-static wristbands, or even magnetized boards to keep screws organized and prevent them from rolling away.

Additionally, it’s also possible to get digital products that are usually reserved for correcting software errors, such as update or restore sessions that don’t work properly, unexpected software malfunctions, and other potential issues.

Similar to physical repair kits, you’ll want to ensure that you’re picking a solution that’s designed to work with the specific software version you selected. Unlike physical repair kits, however, it’s possible to find software solutions that have versions compatible with both Apple and Android devices.

Why You Should Buy a Smartphone Repair Kit

You would never have to worry about smartphone damage in a perfect world. But in reality, accidents can and do happen and can be expensive to correct. A good smartphone repair kit can help save you time and money and extend your device’s lifespan.

Are Smartphone Repair Kits Worth Buying?

  • Your Phone is Out of Warranty or Uninsured: If your phone is no longer covered by the manufacturer’s warranty or isn’t insured with your mobile carrier, repairs can be cost-prohibitive. Repairing it yourself can save significant money.
  • It’s a Simple Repair: Along with not wanting to pay a lot of money for cell phone repairs, you might also not want to have your time wasted going to an appointment to have a minor tech repair corrected. DIY solutions can save you time.
  • You Don’t Want to Send Your Phone Away: For professional repair support, finding someone in town who can fix your phone is not always possible. Unfortunately, this means having to send it away and that you’ll be without a phone for an extended period. Repairing it by yourself can ensure you’re never without your phone.

Why Smartphone Repair Kits May Not Be for You

  • Your Phone is Insured or Covered Under Warranty: If your phone is insured by your mobile carrier or covered by your manufacturer’s warranty, you might be concerned about voiding the warranty. In this case, it might make sense to use an authorized repair professional from the manufacturer or your mobile carrier.
  • The Damage is Extensive: A common repair such as a cracked screen or a software recovery are forms of damage that can be easily repaired independently. But for more pervasive damage, it might be beyond your capabilities as a layperson. In this scenario, go to the pros.
  • It’s Easier to Get a New Phone: Similar to having extensive damage, if your phone is several generations old, no longer works with your manufacturer’s supported operating system, or is more expensive to repair than fix, it might be time to upgrade your phone.

How Long Will Smartphone Repair Kits Last?

Purchasing a smartphone repair kit is no different from going to a home improvement store and buying a traditional tool kit. Unless you’re unnecessarily rough with the components, the tools should last you for a significant period. Primarily, avoid using too much force or torque when loosening or tightening screws. This can not only strip the screws but can grind the bit head, making it impossible to use in the future.

With software repair solutions, longevity is dependent upon software version compatibility. Some software repair or restoration options aren’t designed to work with every operating system version that a developer creates. If you purchase or download a repair solution, fix your phone, and later upgrade to a newer operating system, your previous restoration solution may no longer work.

How to Choose the Best Smartphone Repair Kits

Along with ensuring that you’re picking a repair kit that’s compatible with the make and model of your phone, you’ll also want to consider a few other essential details. Factors such as ease of use, the included tools, and even budget may all come into play as you decide.

Smartphone Repair Kits Key Factors to Consider

1. Are you repairing an Apple or Android device?

We can’t stress enough that Apple and Android products aren’t interchangeable. This is more because Apple is a closed ecosystem. So, as a result, whether you’re purchasing a physical repair kit or a digital software restoration solution, you need to pay attention to which phones and operating systems are supported.

Specifically for physical repairs on Apple devices, you’ll want an iPhone repair toolset that includes screwdrivers featuring the proper bits that are compatible with pentalobe, Torx, and tri-wing screws. For cracked screens, ensure that you picked a repair kit that contains the correct screen dimensions if the screen is included. And for software repairs, confirm that you choose software that’s compatible with your current operating system.

2. What is included?

Again, think about the repair you’re trying to manage and the necessary parts needed to complete it. For screen repairs, for example, you can find kits that come with the replacement screen and others that only include the tools. If you want an all-in-one solution, look for kits with a screen.

At a minimum, ensure that the kit contains the essential tools. Since screen repairs are the most common issue, people choose to repair as a DIY solution, looking for screwdrivers, a spudger, a suction tool, and the proper screen.

3. Are there tutorials?

Many smartphone repairs are easy enough to do yourself, but that doesn’t mean you automatically know where to begin as soon as you get the repair kit. When selecting a smartphone repair kit, look for brands that also offer links to tutorial videos that can provide step-by-step instructions.

4. Is there a customer service option?

Along the same lines, don’t be surprised if you hit a wall during the repair process. Smartphones are incredibly complex devices with a lot of tiny interior components and screws. It’s easy to get turned around.

So when this happens, you’ll want to be able to talk to someone — either through chat or on the phone — who can help you course-correct and get back on track. At a minimum, there should be an email you can contact that replies back at least within 24 hours.

5. Will you lose data with the software repair solution?

Compared with physical repairs, there’s always a risk of data loss when managing a software recovery project. Some repair platforms ensure lossless recovery, while others admit that there’s a risk you could lose data. This means you could lose photos, music, apps, or other important information kept on your phone.

Conversely, other brands may require that you upgrade to a paid or more expensive version of their software recovery solution to prevent the risk of data loss. Knowing what to expect in advance can help minimize confusion and set expectations.

Smartphone Repair Kits FAQs

What equipment do you need to repair smartphones?

This is partially going to depend on the type of damage you’re trying to repair. However, as a general guide, you’re going to need screwdrivers with bits of varying diameters, a spudger, and a suction tool. In some instances, you may also need a heating tool. And it’s also a good idea to have an anti-static wrist strap and a magnetic board so that you don’t lose any loose screws.

Can I use a hairdryer to open a phone?

Sometimes you’ll need to use heat to remove your phone’s screen from the main body. If you don’t have a heat tool, you can use a blow dryer or a heat gun to soften the glue so you can remove the screen.

Is repairing a phone worth it?

This will depend on the cost of the repair versus the current market value of your phone. For example, if you want to repair an older phone, and the repair costs $500, but the current value of your phone is $200, it might make more sense to replace your phone. Conversely, if your phone is newer or the damage is very minor, it could be cheaper to fix the phone versus replacing it.
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