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To find the best smart wallet, you’ll need to examine a list of criteria to determine what is most important. We recommend the best travel wallet with a healthy and diverse mix of slots and compartments for cash, coins, and cards. Auxiliary features should pertain to the wearer’s lifestyle (e.g., built-in bottle opener for backyards, tile tracking for absent-minded folk, and ejection triggers to pull out most frequently used cards in less than a second for convenience.) Once you go through this list, you will see why they are some of the best cool wallets.

After analyzing hundreds of reviews, we’ve determined that the Serman Brands Smart Wallet is the best smart wallet you can buy. Keep reading about this and our other top picks to learn more about the best cool wallets available.

Top 10 Best Smart Wallets

 #1  Serman Brands Smart Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This smart wallet comes with a genuine leather construction and an innovative pull tab design to help pull out cards with ease, a nice choice for people who pull out their wallets often.

  • Excellent distribution of compartments
  • Holds up to eight cards
  • Smart Strap for quick reveal of most frequently used cards
  • Outside stitching may fray with heavy wear and tear
  • Not scratch and scuff-resistant

This smart wallet’s design is pretty laid back, comprising a bi-fold closure with a plush, regal looking feature, the Serman Brands ‘SB’ lettering logo on the bottom right corner, and a curved fold. Heavy stitching along the edges gives it a rugged look. Our favorite design/utility feature is its smart strap, which pulls back to reveal your most frequently used cards.

Despite measuring only 3.9 by 2.85 by 0.5 inches, this bi-fold wallet is very formidable, carrying up to eight cards and 20 bills comfortably. Slots and compartments are also well distributed, with two inside pockets, a large roomy front pocket for a single card, money clip, and photo ID slot. Consider this one of the more well-rounded smart wallets we’ve researched. Looking for a vegan option? Our best vegan wallets buying guide is an excellent resource.

 #2  Buffway Slim Minimalist Smart Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This smart wallet comes with a super slim profile and contains RFID blocking technology, a great choice for people who want to avoid identity theft and compromised credit card data.

  • Convenient finger hole card retrieval
  • 11 colors and six leather types
  • RFID blocking technology protects card information
  • Not the most durable plastic ID window
  • Can be difficult to remove cards out of tight slots

This smart wallet is fully designed with utility in mind. Despite its slim proportions, it holds up to 8 credit card slots, along with a large and roomy divided main compartment for cash and a clear plastic ID window with a finger hole for easy pull out of driver’s licenses and other forms of identification. Even when holding eight cards, it remains slim, no more than 0.45 inches thick.

We love this smart wallet’s colors, with everything represented including neutral tones (black/brown) to more quirky color choices, including yellow, khaki, and purple. There are also six quality leather types to choose from, including carbon fiber with its heavy checkered theme and the pebbled Lichee Leather for a more regal look. All in all, we love this smart wallet’s combination of capacity and color schemes. It’s worth checking out our best RFID wallet buying guide for additional options.

 #3  Travando Money Clip Smart Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This smart wallet comes with an integrated money clip and super slim dimensions (4.7 by 3 by 0.7 inches), a nice choice for people who want quick card and cash access.

  • Several interesting color variants
  • Comes in three leather types (leather, carbon leather, suede leather)
  • Includes a gift box for convenience
  • No transparent ID window
  • Non-replaceable clip

We love this smart wallet’s well-roundedness, starting with seven card slots and an integrated money clip that allows you to clip bills in place. Usability is solid, with an outside notch used to draw out cards quickly. Our only knock is that its material is made of premium faux leather, nowhere close to the appeal of genuine, top-grain, or full-grain leather.

In terms of design, this smart wallet comes in several color combinations, mainly single tones in the brown spectrum (e.g. chocolate and cognac) and two-tone schemes (e.g. black/orange and black, white). Its outside is pretty barebones, save for the Travando metal emblem logo and curved stitching surrounding the notch and outer edges. Consider this one of the more well-rounded best smart wallets. If you don’t need an entire wallet, you can also consider purchasing the best money clip.

 #4  Nomad Slim Smart Wallet

Slim Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This smart wallet features genuine leather construction and a stealth pocket to fit in a Tile Slim tracking device, a great choice for people who frequently lose their wallets.

  • Discreetly hides tracking device
  • Durable genuine leather
  • Smart Strap for quick reveal of most frequently used cards
  • Needs Tile subscription for integrated tracking
  • Only two colors (rustic brown and black)

This Nomad slim wallet offers pretty neat proportions, starting with an overly minimalist design with light brown stitching along the edges and the exquisite Nomad Howween Leather Co. logo imprinted on the leather, belonging to one of the oldest tanneries in the country.

Its inner compartment is very well organized, with four card slots on the left fold and a Driver’s License slot on the right fold. However, the magic happens with a hidden custom-fitted compartment for a Tile Slim tracking device. placed behind a false line to deter thieves from removing it. It is paired with the Tile app, which uses GPS tracking to determine your wallet’s location no matter where it is. Consider this a smart wallet with GPS. You might also want to check out the best passport holder.

 #5  Shevrov Smart Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This smart wallet features a scratch-resistant, carbon fiber outer case and holds up to 12 cards, a nice addition for anyone looking for a minimalist design.

  • Excellent card capacity
  • Durable carbon fiber and aluminum construction
  • RFID blocking technology for extra security
  • Edges of carbon fiber case may be too sharp for some people

We love this smart wallet’s carbon fiber construction, which holds up well to scuffs and scratches. It is very thoughtfully built, with a side slot for easy card access and an integrated money clip to hold 3-5 bills comfortably. It can also hold up to 12 credit cards without adding bulk.

Bonus points for this smart wallet’s RFID blocking technology, which protects against data skimming. Our only critique is that this carbon fiber smart wallet only comes in three color schemes (black, red, and blue), which is limited to the Shevrov logo on the upper money clip. However, this smart wallet’s slim proportions (0.79 x 4.25 x 3.03 inches) and holding capacity are enough to make up for it. We also like the best wristlet wallet for sleek design options with great holding capacity.

 #6  Bellroy Travel Smart Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This slim smart wallet is made from environmentally certified leather with a passport holder and built-in micro pen holder, a great choice for frequent international travelers who want a well-rounded wallet with high carrying capacity.

  • Neat and tidy edge stitching
  • Includes built-in micro pen holder
  • Five solid color combinations
  • Does not fit German or Irish passports
  • Outer material stretches over time with heavy wear and tear

Consider this one of the better smart wallets for travelers. Its hallmark feature is extra-long proportions (6.02 by 0,.51 by 3.86 inches) with several slots to accommodate up to 10 cards and a slanted fold pocket for a standard size passport. It also has two dividers for cash, one of which is a hidden compartment.

This smart wallet’s design is pretty barebones, consisting of a sleek black, caramel, cocoa, marine blue, and navy finish with the embossed Bellroy logo on the bottom right corner and pronounced edge stitching. There is also a small imprint of a bird silhouette on the inner bottom left corner. For improved capacity with a safe enclosure, the best zipper wallet is another great option.

 #7  Bellroy Note Sleeve Smart Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This smart wallet includes quick access slots and pull tabs for infrequently used cards, along with a coin pouch, an excellent choice for people who carry lots of coins daily.

  • Pull tab for quick removal
  • Includes built-in coin pouch; can also be used as a business card protector
  • Excellent carrying capacity (up to 11 cards)
  • Leather at corners may flake off with heavy use
  • May be too small for some people

This minimalist wallet brand is beautifully presented. It offers a genuine leather construction with leather lining and bifold wallet closure, accommodating up to 11 cards with a separate roomy sleeve for bills, a coin pouch, and a convenient pull tab that allows you to quickly remove your stack of infrequently used cards for easy access. It’s equally versatile in carrying coins, cards, and cash.

We love this smart wallet’s minimalist design, which is heavily boxy with the engraved Bellroy logo on lower case letterings on the bottom right corner and heavy off-white stitching along the edges. Bonus points for its RFID protection, which keeps cards safe from skimming thieves. It’s definitely the best coin wallet on our list.

 #8  Ekster Parliament Smart Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This smart wallet uses a button to pull out cards with a built-in aluminum cardholder, a nice choice for people looking for extra durability in heavy wear and tear environments.

  • Ejection trigger for fast retrieval
  • Durable top-grain leather and 6063 T5 aluminum construction
  • Six interesting color options
  • Doesn’t work as well with thicker cards ‘
  • Limited card-carrying capacity

This slim leather Ekster wallet is one of the more intriguing designs we’ve researched, starting with a top grain leather casing and built-in aluminum card holder that holds up to six cards. There are also extra card pockets for less frequently used cards. Along with a cash strap, a bottom left corner ejection trigger allows users to ‘pop’ out their most frequently used cards off the top for quick access.

Design is one of this smart wallet’s strong suits. Measuring only 0.4 by 4.1 by 2.5 inches, it offers six color options, with interesting choices such as Juniper Green. Merlot Red, Roma Cognac, and Steel Blue. Its inner compartment is anodized in a space gray color, providing a sharp and deep contrast. All in all, we love this smart wallet’s combination of design and utility. For extra durability, the best tactical wallet can withstand practically anything.

 #9  Dango D01 Dapper Smart Wallet

Dapper Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This smart wallet is made from rugged 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum and is compatible with MT02 multi-tool, an excellent choice for survivalists and average Joes who need a bottle opener and other key essential tools handy at a moment’s notice.

  • Compatible with MT02 multi-tool
  • Excellent card capacity (up to 12)
  • Very durable anodized aluminum wallet frame
  • Only one color (space gray)

This best smart wallet’s slim proportions (4.3 x 2.6 inches) is very deceptive, good enough to hold up to 12 cards. It’s made of top-grain leather with an anodized aluminum wallet frame, supported by mil-specs bolts for a highly industrial and modern feel.

Bonus points for its MT02 multi-tool compatibility, which consists of a rope tensioner, bottle opener, hex wrench, nail prier, and other useful tools – all handled with a nice grip handle offering enough knuckle clearance to make it comfortable. Consider this one of the more ‘techy’ smart wallet options on our list.

 #10  Pitaka Magwallet UE Smart Wallet

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WHY WE LIKE IT: This smart wallet comes in a carbon fiber construction with well-diversified slots for cash, coins, SIM cards, and keys, making it a great choice for people who prefer not to carry keys separately.

  • Strong magnetic closure for security
  • Dedicated slot for memory card
  • Durable, scuff, and scratch-resistant carbon fiber build
  • Only one color option (matte finish/twill)
  • So-so card-carrying capacity (only two credit cards)

This smart wallet is as minimalist as they come, consisting of a box layer, money clip, and cash layer. The box layer is good for miscellaneous items such as SIM cards and keys, whereas the money clip keeps cash and card layers are good for two credit cards. With a highly modular design and magnetic closure, it is easy to fit into a pocket.

Arguably this smart minimalist wallet’s biggest feature is its carbon fiber construction, which is scuff and scratch-resistant while remaining lightweight for a nice fit in a front or back pocket. Kudos for RFID blocking technology, which prevents your card’s RFID data from getting stolen by data thieves. You might also like the sleep, minimalist features of the best wallet for Apple Card.

How We Decided

In determining the best smart wallet to buy, we explored aesthetics, durability, and performance.
Aesthetics with smart wallets mainly center around their utility. Different smart wallet features serve different purposes. For example, smart wallets compatible with 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum carry an anodized aluminum finish to match, whereas tiled (slim tracker) versions with smart wallet apps may fit in hidden slots in a more traditional genuine leather wallet. We love selecting from multiple single tones and two-tone color combinations – the more the merrier to match the wearer’s preferences.

As for durability, we are big fans of genuine leather and carbon fiber for their scuff and scratch resistance properties, followed by nylon or water resistance and aluminum/stainless steel. On leather wallets, pay close attention to stitching around the edges, ensuring no uneven seams caused by everyday wear and tear.

As for performance, aim for credit cards that have a diverse and healthy mix of slots and compartments for cash, coins, cards, and miscellaneous items such as boarding passes and passports. Auxiliary smart features such as pull tabs and ejection triggers to pull frequently used cards are good to have as well. Combined with dedicated features (e.g. the security-themed Tile tracker or built-in 5-function multi-tools for survivalists) smart wallets pack quite the utility punch. It’s also one of the best travel wallet options on our list.

Best Smart Wallet Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Aesthetics
    Aesthetics are a big deal in selecting the best smart wallet. Smart wallets carry lots of different styles, from genuine leather to aluminum alloy and carbon fiber hybrids.
    • The leather family has genuine, full-grain, and top grain leather, all of which share common characteristics in terms of distressed/smooth texture and color selection. As you’ll find in the smart wallet reviews, wallets in this range are highly rated by customers and offer superior protection from everyday wear and tear.
    • Carbon fiber wallets tend to have the most design choices by the type of material, with everything from neutral tones to heavily checkered choices. Carbon fiber wallets are also one of the best trackable wallets due to their RFID protection, handcrafted designs, and durability.
  2. Durability
    Full-grain leather beats genuine and top grain leather by a hair. With smart wallets made of harder materials, we prefer scuff and scratch-resistant carbon fiber over aluminum and steel.
    • When assessing the best smart wallet, look to stitching craftsmanship as well, observing the tightness of seams. Uneven and loose stitching is quicker to fray and wear over time.
    • Additionally, when shopping for a great smart wallet for men, consider the best features that best fit your lifestyle.
  3. Performance
    As for performance, the higher and more diversified the number of slots and compartments, the better. We aim for a minimum of five credit card slots and excellence in any one utility area, including a 5-function multi-tool for survivalists and hidden fabric letters to discreetly hide tracking devices.

Best Smart Wallet FAQs

Can I put a tracker on my wallet?

Yes, slim trackers can definitely be placed in a hidden pocket. Some smart wallets offer fabric and inner layers designed to conceal tile trackers. Its hidden pocket design to deter thieves from pulling it out after stealing it. All of this can be done without sacrificing comfort.

Do you really need RFID blocking?

Data theft using RFID chip scanners is not a prevalent practice. However, any cards with RFID sensor chips are susceptible to scanning, since they help emit radio signals of both the credit card number and expiration date. RFID cards are a small percentage of all of the credit cards in the U.S. so the chances of getting your data skimmed by a scammer are very slim. However, it does contribute to peace of mind.

What is the best smart wallet?

In our opinion, the best smart wallet has a healthy and diverse mix of slots and compartments for cards, cash, and coins, along with auxiliary smart features that support the wearer’s lifestyle. For example, 5-function multi-tools work well with survivalists and Tile-enabled smart wallets work for teenagers and other groups more subscriptive to losing their wallets. It all depends on the individual and his/her price tag.

How can I stop losing my wallet?

Like the Volterman smart wallet or Wallor smart wallet, one way to stop losing your wallet is to install a Bluetooth enabled tracker, which can be paired with a smartphone app to detect its location from anywhere. One of the more popular device tracking services out there belongs to Tile. It is not a bad option for one of the most lost items in the world.

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