Best Skateboard for Beginners [Buyer’s Guide 2023]

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Updated January 24, 2023

Skateboarding is a popular sport. From students, daily commuters to skateboarding enthusiasts, the fun and freedom that comes with it is unmatched.

But what if you have never been on one before? Then this guide is for you. We go into the depths of picking your first skateboard, making it effortlessly simple to enjoy your first ride.

You don’t want to go for looks over functionality. You want to buy into a model you can learn on and become a pro within the shortest time. It’s crucial to pay attention to the right deck shape, the wheel size, deck material, and the size.

Our Winner

There are hundreds of choices, but for kids, we found the Rimable 22 x 6 inches skateboard perfect to kick off their skateboarding days. It sets the pace in the market not only because of the sharp graphics but also because of its durable construction. It’s the perfect choice for play dates and neighborhood fun.

It comes ready to ride so no worries about assembly. At 22 inches, is a portable size that is easy to travel with such that kids can have fun home and away.

After looking at different adult-sized skateboards, considering the quality of materials, and their long-run functionality, we liked Powell Golden Dragon. It is a professional quality skateboard that offers years of fun without breaking the bank.

Its high-rebound wheels make for smooth balancing which will not make you sweat through your clothes. It is remarkably grippy offering self-confidence for the ultimate beginner.

Our #1 Pick is the RIMABLE 22-Inch Complete
4,492 Reviews
Our #1 Pick is the RIMABLE 22-Inch Complete
Rimable is built with precision, flexibility, and strength in mind. It caters to all skateboarding needs for youngsters looking to enter the skateboarding world.

Beginner Skateboards Brands & Market Growth

The global skateboard market is expected to reach 170 million US$ by the year 2025. With China being the largest supplier and the US the largest consumer. Adult skateboards continue to experience a popularity surge thanks to the need to be more fit and doing fun activities with our kids. 80-90% of mid-life skateboarders are women who also take the largest share in beginners skateboards.

Top brands representing a significant market share include RIMABLE, Powell Golden, and POSITIV. These are brands that have mastered art and are willing to invest tons to get the best deck shape while supporting their buyers.

Best and Top Rated Skateboards for Beginners – 2023

 #1 RIMABLE 22-Inch Complete

Our #1 Pick is the RIMABLE 22-Inch Complete
4,492 Reviews
Our #1 Pick is the RIMABLE 22-Inch Complete
Rimable is built with precision, flexibility, and strength in mind. It caters to all skateboarding needs for youngsters looking to enter the skateboarding world.
  • Performance: 5/5
  • Durability: 3/5
  • Rolling: 4/5


  • Glides fast and smooth on 3-inch aluminum trucks
  • Can ride the streets or the park
  • It has a slight kicktail for tricks
  • It uses ABEC7 (urethane) bearings
  • Flexible but strong for long rides


  • Hard to control downhill
  • Bearings come a little tight

Feel the thrill of skateboarding on the RIMABLE 22-inch complete skateboard. The 6-inch model is ready for your child to cruise like a champ and ride like a professional. It provides an amazing and unforgettable experience as it gains speed, rides on streets and parks. It is the ideal combination of design and quality. And everything we love in the best electric skateboard.

For kids under the age of 5, five pounds is a bit heavy to carry around.

 #2 Powell Golden Dragon Complete

Our #2 Pick is the Powell Golden Dragon Complete
717 Reviews
Our #2 Pick is the Powell Golden Dragon Complete
Powell Golden Dragon proves that any time is a good time to kick off skateboarding desires. Teens and adults can enjoy stability and ease of control.

Award: Best Choice for Teens and Adults

  • Performance: 4/5
  • Durability: 4/5
  • Rolling: 4/5


  • Comes with soft wheels
  • Quality deck and grip tape
  • High-value on the cheap
  • Durable maple veneer construction
  • Comes with a beginner’s CD


  • Trucks are a bit flimsy
  • It gains speed fast; thus not ideal for unsupervised kids

Powell Golden Dragon recognizes that a rookie needs confidence before being a pro. Its craftsmanship is a dream come true for beginners. It has high-rebound polyurethane wheels together with its aluminum trucks to provide the roll and grip for fast, worry-free rides.

This skateboard can handle the daily grind, whether you are a scholar or office guy. With firm trucks and durable grip tape, only your energy levels can keep you from this ride. If only the bearings were of better quality and you could ride it for months before the need to replace them. Another great option for beginners is the stylish DINBIN Plastic Cruiser Board, which is a 22 inch blue skateboard that’s suitable for all levels of riders and would be a good investment for someone looking to grow their skill over time. It can support up to 220 lbs., is 6 inches wide, and has high rebound PU wheels. If you prefer a little boost, pair this board with some riser pads to increase the overall height of the board.

 #3 POSITIV Team Complete Skateboard

Our #3 Pick is the POSITIV Team Complete
289 Reviews
Our #3 Pick is the POSITIV Team Complete
POSITIV Team is intricately designed with beautiful aesthetics, and at 32 inches with a kicktail, it positions you to start learning tricks

Award: Best for Learning Tricks

  • Performance: 4/5
  • Durability: 5/5
  • Rolling: 3/5


  • Produced using proprietary AirLam
  • High-quality trucks and MiniLogo bearings
  • Supports lots of weight up to 250 pounds
  • Excellent for parts and streets


  • Wheels can at times stick
  • Not ideal for racing and downhill rides
  • Grip tape is not of the best quality

Without any experience getting on a skateboard can be scary. But it needn’t be on POSITIV Team. In fact, this model gets you started and is with you to your first tricks and more. Its built to perfection with layers of wood to signify it can withstand the rough. Wearing it out will be difficult as everything from the deck to the trucks and bearings is impressive.

However, POSITIV Team seems to be having trouble controlling quality since you may receive a model without the specified POSITIV Team parts. Everyone has their own personal preference for what board width works best for them at their skill level, so you may want to give some boards with various widths a try over time. Though as a beginner, you can’t go wrong with a 7.5 or 7.75 inch, like the Bamboo Skateboards Graphic Complete. The max you should go with deck width as a beginner is around 8.5 inches.

 #4 MINORITY 32-Inch Skateboard

Our #4 Pick is the MINORITY 32-Inch Skateboard
3,645 Reviews
Our #4 Pick is the MINORITY 32-Inch Skateboard
This skateboard is for all skill levels. It is flexible, shock-absorbent, and has a concave kicktail that will earn you admiration in performing stunts.

Award: Best for Stunts

  • Performance: 4/5
  • Durability: 3/5
  • Rolling: 3/5


  • Combines 7-ply hard rock maple with epoxy glue
  • Achieves amazing maneuverability
  • Comes with high rebound wheels
  • Kicktails is nice and spacious


  • Below average quality grip tape
  • It does not have a long lifespan
  • The wheels bite from time to time

Travel in style and love the outdoors with the MINORITY 32-inch skateboard. It comes completely assembled so you can start riding right out of the box.  This model has the ideal shape and size for skating tricks whether in the park, ramps, pools or on the streets. It also offers impressive control on moderately steep rides.

For those in it for graphics, it offers a stunning appeal, and you can choose from a touch of vintage to the trendy looks that turn heads in the street.

But we take issue on the grip maybe it’s what you get for the price but don’t expect it to last beyond a month of regular rides.

 #5 Cal 7 Popsicle Double Kicktail Complete Skateboard

Our #5 Pick is the Cal 7 Popsicle Double Kicktail
3,645 Reviews
Our #5 Pick is the Cal 7 Popsicle Double Kicktail
Cal 7 Popsicle Double Kicktail can go anywhere and further than any other beginner skateboard. It is versatile but at the same time stable with an eye-catching design.

Award: Best Classic Beginners Skateboard

  • Performance: 4/5
  • Durability: 3/5
  • Rolling: 4/5


  • Does not suffer from wheel bite
  • Double kicktail makes tricks easier
  • Solid 7-ply maple construction
  • Medium concave deck for simple changes in stance,
  • Grip tape is pre-applied from edge to edge


  • It can’t handle rough paths like asphalt
  • It’s too wide for kids under six year

Cal 7 Popsicle Double Kicktail skateboard is for the free-spirited teen and adventurous adult who wants to try something new. Its concave deck and double kicktail can go just about anywhere from street cruising to showing off some tricks. The design showcases appealing graphics while being lightweight so that you can carry it around.

The grip tape quality is a snag on cheap skateboards, and Cal 7 Popsicle is not an exception. It will have to be replaced soon, but luckily, it has a one-year warranty. Another one of the best beginner skateboards is the PlayWheels Ultimate 28 Inch Complete Skateboard. Young beginners best suited for this board should be 5 year olds or older. The skateboard comes with a double kick tail, concave design for better control while cruising around and for improved braking. Again, this is one of the best skateboards to get your bearings on initially before showing off your eventual skill and impressive tricks at the skate park. Other beginner friendly options include Punisher Skateboards Butterfly Jive Complete 31Inch Skateboard, Atom Drop, ENJOI Skateboards WHITEY PANDA Complete SKATEBOARD, MINORITY 32inch Maple Skateboard, KPC Pro Skateboard Complete, and Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard.

Beginners Skateboard Buying Guide

The freedom that comes with a rideable is just as surreal as on a skateboard. But before you tap into the world of skateboards, here are a few things to look for when buying your first skateboard. Also, have in mind your style of skating as it will define the type of skateboard you will pick. If you are looking for a skateboard for kids, look for the sizing chart so that you see the size recommended size for kids for a smooth ride. While almost all skateboards are usable by both boys and girls, there are a few specific girls skateboards. Let’s get deeper into this skateboard buyers guide;


  • The width of your skateboard rather than the length matters when learning how to skateboard. For one, you are not an expert looking to perform stunts but looking to get a skateboard that is ideal for your shoe size. Most skateboards measure between 6.5 and 8.25 inches in width.
  • Full-size skateboards are above 7.5 inches and are ideal for persons above a 9 US shoe size. Size 7.0 Deck sizes are designed for shoe size 7-8 which are normally teen sized skateboards. You will also find mini and micro decks with a width below 7.0 inches.

Where do you Skate?

  • If you want to skate in the street, 7.5-inch decks are ideal, but for park cruising, wide 8.0-inch decks are suitable for you. Park skating is all about vert and transition skating. That is why wider decks are better especially for street skating. A mini cruiser skateboard and a penny board are easy to carry.
  • Wide wheels are suitable for riding smoothly from ramp to ramp without losing speed and control. Such skateboards have rise pads that come in handy to fit the wide wheels. For maximum safety wear protective gear.

Wheel Size

  • Street skaters are sized between 49 and 52mm because they don’t need to cover a large surface area. That’s unlike park skaters that are in sizes between 54-60mm. They provide better grip and transition on rough surfaces.

Skateboard Deck Shape and Material

  • A plastic or maple deck is cheap and great to start with. Start out with a flatter board rather than a deep concave one. This is because a high degree of concavity makes it hard to control the skateboard.
  • After learning the basics, you can then switch to concave skateboards made of wood, carbon, and fiberglass. These materials are more expensive and durable than plastic. Specific materials include Canadian maple wood, nylon, aluminum, and Plexiglas
  • Go for skateboard completes over Building your First Skateboard

If you are DIY enthusiast you can choose to assemble skateboard yourself especially if you want one to learn extreme sports to help you become a pro skateboarder. Skateboard parts are easily available including riser pad and skateboard trucks.

Buying individual pieces for a skateboard and assembling these parts is a long and unwarranted process for beginners. You can grab any complete skateboard that is not only cheaper than building, but it will also serve you longer. You won’t need to replace parts for a long time. And when you do, it won’t require as much money as buying all the parts to make the skateboard in the first place.

From improved coordination to quick decision making, the art of skateboarding comes with attractive benefits. Remember not to spend a fortune on your first skateboard. After all, you want to learn stance and skateboarding styles before moving on to a skateboard that suits your emerging skateboarding desires.

Don’t forget about your riding safety invest, invest in protective gear including but not limited to skate shoes, elbow pads, skateboard helmet and knee pads, especially if you are a kids skateboarder. For most skateboard buyers, we know its not easy deciding between electric skateboards and other ordinary boards, we hope this guide will make it easier for you.

FAQ for Beginner Skateboards


Skateboarding bearings come in the same size but not the same material. If you care about rolling, you will want to take a look at the ABEC rating. A large number rating achieves precision and accuracy. For example, ABEC1 is the least expensive and also the least accurate.

ABEC7 bearings are the sweet spot for skateboarders. They offer speed and exceptional responsiveness but are not insanely fast as ABEC9 bearings.


Most beginner skateboards are built to provide stability and balance before moving on to a longer board with bigger wheels to transition from a beginner to an intermediate skateboard. There you can learn different skateboarding variations and master the one you like.


Durometer refers to the measure of a wheel’s hardness. It is measured on a 100-point a scale. There’s also a b scale which reaches 80 points instead of 100. A high number signifies a hard wheel.

Soft wheels have a better grip on rough surfaces but are slower than hard wheels which are faster but perform well only on smooth surfaces.


We prefer applying grip tape on a new board since removing old grip tape can be a pain. You will need new grip tape, a razor blade, and a screwdriver. To apply the grip tape, you need to cut it in the design you want, but the simplest way is cutting it into two halves.

Instead of peeling the grip tape all the way, peel enough to lay on the tail and then flatten it out as you continue to peel it. Since one half will end at the center of the deck, that is where you begin your second application.

Now use the screwdriver to edge out the grip tape. Because the grip tape will have gone over the edge, the pointed end helps to draw out the deck so you can know where to cut. Now use the razor blade to edge it out cleanly, and your deck is done.


Skateboards have to meet guidelines for carry-ons at 22 x 14 x 19 inches for most airlines. Since skateboards average in the 32-inch size, you have to either disassemble the board or travel with a mini skateboard like RIMABLE Complete Skateboard which is only 22 inches long.

Three quick tips for skateboard air travel.