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Best Single Wheel Hoverboards in 2023

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In recent years, hoverboard design has changed in significant ways. The original two-wheel hoverboards have evolved into safer, faster, and easier-to-ride versions. New models, such as the single-tire hoverboards, introduce innovative takes on the original concept. The best hoverboards have seen a lot of improvements over the years. That’s what makes them high performing and highly rated.

What are the features that make the best single-wheel hoverboard? First, it starts with strong and durable components, especially the frame, wheel, motor, and battery. You want something that can withstand the test of time and maintain its smooth-riding capability for the long haul. The best one-wheel hoverboard is one that can go over bumps, cracks, and potholes and still operate safely.

A close second is battery power and speed. Max speed and more battery power than the rest of the competition can offer. This contributes to a much better riding experience and greater convenience. With that in mind, you should also look out for additional features such as Bluetooth speakers, built-in LED lights, anti-slip footpads, app-enabled technology, a protective casing, and an intelligent sensor. Keep reading our best single-wheel hoverboard buying guide to learn more.

Top Single Wheel Hoverboards

 #1  Onewheel Pint One-Wheel Hoverboard

Onewheel Pint One Wheel Hoverboard 750x327 1


WHY WE LIKE IT: This model features a portable design and a magnetic handle for easily carrying it into the office or into the house. Additionally, this model provides a brisk 16mph and a decent mileage range on a single charge for quick commutes.

  • Impressive portability
  • Great speed
  • Carrying handle
  • Sub-par mileage range

The Onewheel Pint one-wheel hoverboard is an excellent pick for users wanting a portable ride for early work commutes or quick trips to a neighborhood shop. This model is only 27” long, and the magnetic handle offers a secure grip while the unit isn’t powered on. Additionally, the thick pneumatic 10.5” tire provides a smooth ride over bumpy terrain and curving roads. While the mileage range maxes out at 8 miles, this model charges in only 120 minutes.

In addition to a portable form factor and durable tire, the Onewheel Pint one-wheel hoverboard delivers a user-friendly way to adopt a new hobby or cruise around the park. The footpad sensor makes it easy to activate the automatic balancing, and the ultra-durable matte powder coating can stand up to regular rides and light scuffs. Additionally, users will love the 16mph top speed that can get users where they need to go at a brisk pace.

 #2  Onewheel Pint X One-Wheel Hoverboard

Onewheel Pint X One-Wheel Hoverbo


WHY WE LIKE IT: This model features durable construction and an all-terrain tire, so users can take this unit from the city streets to woodland trails. The LED headlight keeps riders visible at night, and users can customize their scooter to showcase their style.

  • Powerful mileage range
  • 18mph top speed
  • All-terrain tires
  • 3+ hour charging time

The Onewheel Pint X one-wheel hoverboard is a stellar pick for users looking to explore unpaved paths or uneven city streets. The thick 10.5” pneumatic tire ensures a smooth ride that’s slip-free, even over sand or loose dirt. Additionally, the powerful 750W motor ensures that riders can tackle inclines up to 30 degrees, and the magnetic carrying handle lets users carry this lightweight unit whenever riding isn’t an option. While this model takes a while to charge, users will love the long 18-mile maximum range for running weekend errands.

In addition to a long mileage range and durable tires, the Onewheel Pint X one-wheel hoverboard offers incredible versatility thanks to the lightweight design and durable carrying handle. This model is only 27” from end to end, so it is easy to store under a desk or in an apartment closet after a hard ride. Additionally, Onewheel offers color customization so users can express themselves with a unique design.

 #3  Onewheel GT One-Wheel Hoverboard

Onewheel GT One-Wheel Hoverboard


WHY WE LIKE IT: This model features a durable design that’s resistant to dirt, mud, and wet surfaces for adventures in the wilderness or rides through dusty terrain. Additionally, the concave footpads and rounded all-terrain wheels assist with high-speed turns through uneven paths.

  • Extremely durable
  • Rounded all-terrain wheels
  • Concave footpads
  • Heavy for some users

The Onewheel GT one-wheel hoverboard is a compelling option for users looking for off-road adventures through rough terrain and uneven surfaces. The thick pneumatic tire features a deep tread for slip-free rides through sand, gravel, and paved roads. Additionally, the tire features rounded edges and a concave footpad so users can carve through sharp turns and maintain their balance. While this model might seem heavy to some users, the magnetic rubberized carrying handle delivers a solid grip for lugging this unit upstairs or into the office.

In addition to a great all-terrain tire and an excellent footpad, the Onewheel GT one-wheel hoverboard delivers exceptional features to keep riders safe and informed on their trips to work or around the park. Users will love the bright LED lights that deliver fantastic visibility during nighttime rides, and the high beams ensure users can see obstacles in their way. Additionally, the dedicated mobile app allows users to fine-tune their hoverboard, check the battery status, and customize the LED’s color.

 #4  INMOTION V5F One-Wheel Hoverboard


WHY WE LIKE IT: This model delivers a novel design and an eco-friendly vehicle for traffic-free morning commutes or afternoons in the park. With an LED headlight and integrated app connectivity, users can stay safe and informed while enjoying their daily commute.

  • Fantastic app
  • Easy to ride
  • Carrying handle
  • Sub-par max incline

The INMOTION V5F one-wheel hoverboard delivers a beginner-friendly and ecologically conscious vehicle for simple runs to the shop or traveling around campus. The large wheel is ideal for riding on paved roads, and the compact form factor ensures that this model is easy to sneak into the office or store in an apartment. Additionally, this model offers a retractable handlebar and an anti-spin button to quickly pick the unit up without powering it down. While the maximum incline is only 18 degrees, users will love the 265lbs weight limit.

In addition to a large weight limit and a retractable carrying handle, the INMOTION V5F one-wheel hoverboard delivers a reliable ride and a high-capacity battery. This model reaches a full charge in only 3.5 hours, and users can travel up to 25 miles in a single charging session. Additionally, users will love the 15mph maximum speed that delivers an exhilarating ride without feeling reckless.

 #5  Kahuna K01+ One-Wheel Hoverboard


WHY WE LIKE IT: This model features a novel design and a lightweight form factor to deliver a portable ride that’s easy to store in an office or apartment. Additionally, users will love the powerful motor that easily tackles slight inclines and uneven terrain.

  • Striking design
  • Powerful motor
  • Customizable tilt
  • Not ideal for off-road conditions

The Kahuna K01+ one-wheel hoverboard is an excellent pick for users looking for a safe and lightweight ride for traveling around campus or quick trips to the shop. The lightweight zink alloy and carbon fiber finish ensure that riders can carry this unit upstairs or indoors without much strain. Additionally, this model is waterproof and fireproof to keep users safe in all conditions. While this model isn’t ideal for true off-road adventures, the thick pneumatic wheel delivers a shock-absorbing ride for bumpy or cracked roads.

In addition to a durable design and great portability, the Kahuna K01+ one-wheel hoverboard delivers multiple features that keep users comfortable and let them ride how they want. This model features multiple riding modes like self-balancing and standby. Additionally, this model offers a Basic Mode for beginner-level riders and Advanced Mode for a more exhilarating ride. Lastly, users can adjust the Kahuna K01+’s tilt to find their ideal riding position.

Beginners Guides to Single Wheel Hoverboard

What is a Single Wheel Hoverboard?

In essence, single-wheel hoverboards are self-balancing electric scooters designed with one wheel instead of two. They’re smaller and lighter with a simple but creative design and boast a powerful brushless motor. Their versatile design makes them easy to use for beginners, kids, teens, and adults alike.

Even though it’s a single wheel, you can find great 10-inch wheeled hoverboards and nice hoverboard carrying bags in this category.

However, it focuses more on giving users a more lightweight, compact, and fun ride. Essentially, these single-wheel hoverboards are the one-wheeled version of their two-wheeled counterparts, only with more capabilities.

The rest of the device is structured much like any other hoverboard. Some feature handholds, while others do not. Some are designed for ease of use, while others are intended primarily for racing and high-speed maneuvering. Like the two-wheeled hoverboards, you can use hoverboard accessories like hoverboard seat attachments to improve your experience and safety.

Single Wheel Hoverboards vs Normal Hoverboards

Single wheel hoverboards are closely related to their two-wheeled counterpart. The major difference is the single-wheel design instead of the two wheels that traditional models have. While they may look similar, there are some key differences between these electric hoverboards.

One key difference is the design and modern appeal. Because the one-wheeled came later, the beautiful design has become much more stylish and cool looking than that of a two-wheel hoverboard. The one-wheel hoverboard is not just a choice for beginners anymore. Many advanced users are jumping on the single-wheel bandwagon. Self-balancing technology has also made it the perfect choice for younger kids.

The best single-wheel hoverboard is designed for all-terrain, including grass, dirt, gravel, and paved roads. It can take on any challenges the surface throws at it. On the flip side, the normal two-wheel hoverboard works better on paved roads and flat surfaces.

While you can perform stunts, participate in races, and race with your friends on either type of hoverboard, you can do much more with a single-wheel hoverboard. You can play with it almost anywhere and on any surface. It’s a great choice for someone who wants to experience the fun of hoverboard zipping but doesn’t want to sacrifice the practicality of an everyday scooter.

The best single-wheel hoverboard is designed with waterproofing technology so it can handle light rain and puddles. It’s also made with shock-resistance material to ensure users don’t feel every bump in the road. The downhill traction capabilities ensure that you ride safely down a slope. While these electric scooters are much tougher than their two-wheeled counterparts, they’re not indestructible, as some may believe. In other words, you still need to use a little common sense and care.

With that said, if you want to further your experience in hoverboards and maintenance, check out our guides on cleaning a hoverboard, how to fix a hoverboard, and how to stop on a hoverboard.

How Single Wheel Hoverboards Work

Single wheel hoverboards work by using gyroscopic technology. By using sensors, the board can identify when it’s being tilted in any direction. Once you lean into a turn, the gyro-drive system reacts by shifting its center of gravity to correct your balance and keep you from falling over. Best of all, this technology uses advanced algorithms so that users don’t need to worry about the details. They can just enjoy safer rides.

Riders control the hoverboard by leaning forward to accelerate, leaning backward to brake, or slowing down. As you lean more into the acceleration, you’ll move faster and achieve max speed. You can easily control how quickly you want to go by implementing just a little simple physics. To turn right or left, just tilt in the direction you want to go, and the self-balancing technology will do its job. The harder you lean, the sharper your turn will be.

The actual function of the hoverboard depends on the model and brand. Some key features make one board better than another. For example, some boards offer greater mile range than others but sacrifice max speed. In comparison, others are more suited for off-roading while sacrificing ease of use. The best single-wheel hoverboard will have a balance of all these features so that you can experience the full potential of what it has to offer.

Why Should You Buy a New Single Wheel Hoverboard?

If this is your first time buying a one-wheel hoverboard, rest assured that you are making the right choice. These unique electric hoverboards are more stylish, boast a creative design, offer more exciting features, and are more practical than other electric vehicles. They feature a high battery capacity that can last 2-3 hours on a single charge for you to enjoy the maximum range.

The anti-slip wheel and grippy footpads provide great traction and keep you from falling off your hoverboard. They have a strong sensor system that prevents you from tipping over to enjoy a smooth ride fully. The dual rubber tires have deeper treads for better traction on any surface. Best of all, these hoverboards use gyroscopic balancing technology so that users can easily control and balance the hoverboard.

Is a Single Wheel Hoverboard Worth Buying?

  • This one-wheel hoverboard offers more flexibility and freedom: You can ride them anywhere, on any surface, and with any riding style. You don’t need to worry about falling because the hoverboard is designed with anti-slip pads and sensors that keep you balanced at all times.
  • All-terrain hoverboard: One-wheel hoverboards work on any surface so that you can ride them anywhere, just like the best all-terrain hoverboard. The airless tires have deeper treads for better traction on various surfaces, so you don’t need to worry about weather conditions.
  • Powerful motors: The best One-wheel hoverboards are equipped with high-power dual brushless motors that offer greater torque and acceleration so you can quickly reach your destination.
  • Advanced technology: Single-wheel hoverboards use gyroscopic balancing technology to keep you balanced at all times. You can easily control and balance the electric scooter without knowing all the technical details behind it.
  • Lightweight design: One-wheel hoverboard that uses an advanced frame design is lighter and more compact than its two-wheel counterparts. They’re also easier to carry around.
  • Sharper turns and faster acceleration: These hoverboards have deeper treads, wider tires, and rubber anti-slip pads that allow you to ride faster, with quicker turns, and cornering. They reach maximum speed in seconds thanks to powerful motors that offer greater torque and acceleration.
  • Additional features: They boast exciting features such as fire-resistant technology, auto speed, exclusive protection design, Bright LED lights, and remote control. These features make them an excellent choice for any hoverboard enthusiast.

Why a Single Wheel Hoverboard May Not Be for You

  • Age Restriction: Most single-wheel boards are designed for a rider over 14 years of age. They don’t recommend kids under 14 ride them because they’re more dangerous than other hoverboards. The best hoverboard for kids would be a safer often for those younger children.
  • Limited range: Due to high battery usage, the best single-wheel hoverboards can only go between 6 and 8 miles on a full charge. This means you may need to recharge the battery in the middle of your ride if you travel long distances. You might also run into problems if you take it off-road because they have a shorter range than other ordinary hoverboards.
  • Slightly expensive: One-wheel hoverboards are more costly than two-wheelers because they have additional technology and features that make them more reliable and durable. To get the most from your money, you should research the best single-wheel boards and find one that offers excellent value for your money.
  • Too fast for kids: Best single-wheel hoverboards are ideal for adult riders who can handle the speed and power. They offer more torque and acceleration than two-wheelers, which makes them the perfect choice for thrill-seekers.

How Long Does a Single Motor Hoverboard Last?

On average, a single motor hoverboard will last about 3-4 years before the battery needs replacement or starts to lose capacity. However, this metric is highly variable since the battery capacity, usage patterns, and riding conditions affect how quickly a board will need to be replaced. Best single-wheel hoverboards usually use lithium-ion batteries, which degrade over time.

If you use your freestyle hoverboard on odd trails often and ride in deep mud without considering the hoverboard’s riding modes, you may want to replace your single-wheel hoverboard sooner. Best boards are durable enough to sustain these kinds of conditions if used occasionally, but frequent use can wear down the boards faster and take a toll on the components.

For the single-wheel hoverboard to last longer, manufacturers recommend riding in paved areas, charging to the required battery level, and avoiding deep water. Best boards also include a protective casing to protect the internal components from damage like dust, dirt, and water.

How to Choose the Best Single Wheel Hoverboard

The most important factors to consider when choosing the best single-wheel hoverboard include price, brand reputation, weight capacity, tire size and treads, maximum speed, range per charge on a single battery charge, wheel size, and maximum rider weight capacity, and the components used in its manufacture. Keep reading to learn more about these and how to decide on your next one-wheel hoverboard.

1. How Much Do I Weigh?

Let’s begin by discussing the weight limit. Best single-wheel hoverboards are designed to carry a maximum weight limit of 250 pounds comfortably; however, this varies from one model to another.

You should pay close attention to the minimum rider weight capacity on each hoverboard before you consider buying so that you don’t accidentally purchase a weak board that will crash under your heavyweight.

2. What is my Commute Distance?

The next thing to consider is your commute distance. Best single-wheel hoverboards can reach a mile range of eight miles on a single charge, which is enough for most city commutes, but you may need two batteries if you travel longer distances or off-road.

If you have an average commute of two miles or less per day and don’t plan to ride it off-road, one battery should be enough for your needs. However, if your daily commuting distance is more than six miles per day, or you want the peace of mind that comes with an extra battery just in case, then purchase a board that has dual batteries.

3. How is the Road Terrain?

Best single wheel hoverboards perform best on clean, smooth surfaces, although some models boast excellent traction on rough terrains. Riders who live in mountainous areas may want a board that offers downhill traction, good grip, and stability, so they don’t slip off during their ride downhill or uphill.

4. Will the Kids Want to Ride?

Most single-wheel hoverboards are designed for riders over the age of 14. Best boards use gyroscopic technology that requires you to shift your weight to turn, so younger kids may find it difficult to ride them as comfortably as their parents.

However, some models on the market offer a lean-to-steer feature that allows beginners to ride more easily without shifting their weight or adjusting it based on terrain changes; these tend to be a little pricier.

5. Do I Need Additional Features?

Different models come with additional extra features, so you may want to look for one that offers everything you want. Best single-wheel hoverboards usually include LED lighting displays, intuitive controls, a non-slip rubber footpad, and gyro drive, processors.

Some one-wheel hoverboards integrate with mobile applications that allow you to control or view information about your board in real time. Some boards even offer voice-activated controls and remote lights, which are great for nighttime riders.

Single Wheel Hoverboards (FAQs)

Can you ride one-wheel hoverboards on uphill or off-road surfaces?

You can ride the best single-wheel hoverboard on any terrain, provided you have the right kind of balance and coordination to handle it. The technology is remarkably similar to that used in snowboarding or surfing, so if you’re a skilled rider, you can ride your board off-road without issue.

How fast are one-wheel hoverboards?

The average speed for one-wheel hoverboards is 19 miles per hour. Best boards are designed to perform at higher speeds and can even reach around 25 miles per hour.

Is it easy to ride a one-wheel hoverboard?

Best single-wheel hoverboards are designed to be easy to ride, making them ideal for younger, inexperienced users. Best boards have a low center of gravity and stable platform that keeps your feet in place while you ride, allowing anyone with reasonable balance skills to handle the board easily.

Are one-wheel hoverboards illegal?

Best single-wheel hoverboards are legal to use on most streets, but they are illegal in some places such as schools and residential areas. Best-selling models will usually include a sticker in the box that states whether or not it’s legal to ride your board in the place where you live.

How do I charge my Best Single Wheel Hoverboard?

Best single-wheel hoverboards can be charged in the same way as regular hoverboards. Best boards come with a charging cord and power adapter, which you can plug into any outlet and charge your battery.

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