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7 Best Silicone Pastry Mats in 2023

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To help you find the best silicone pastry mat, we researched 25 different mats and put our baking skills through research over the course of 15 hours. Our research mainly consisted of measuring each mat’s non-stick feature and how easy it was to clean up afterward. We also researched each mat for its overall durability and accuracy in measurement markings. The options below are all made of BPA-free and food-safe silicone. A pastry mat is a useful kitchen product that everyone should have in their homes.

With these features and functionalities in mind, we chose the Folksy Super Kitchen Non-Slip as our top pick for the best silicone pastry mat. It’s the largest option available with the largest thickness as well for added durability. We were most impressed with how well it stayed in place during use and it can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. Keep reading below to learn more about the Folksy Super Kitchen mat and the other best pastry mats.

Top 7 Best Silicone Pastry Mat

 #1  Folksy Super Kitchen Non-slip Silicone Pastry Mat


WHY WE LIKE IT: If you need extra room to roll out dough and make pastries, you can’t go wrong with this extra-large silicone pastry mat. On top of its large size, it’s also extra durable due to its 0.7mm thickness.

  • Durable, 0.7mm thickness
  • Non-slip bottom keeps mat in place
  • Extra-large size (20 x 28”)
  • Requires a lot of dishwasher space

The Folksy Super Kitchen silicone pastry mat is one of the largest mats you can buy, measuring in at a whopping 20×28 inches. This additional amount of space gives you a ton of room to work with, which allows you to make larger items like pizza dough and pie crusts with ease. The mat also includes accurate measurement markings that are also easy to read, even with flour, dough, and baking tools on the mat.

One of the best build features of the Folksy Super Kitchen mat is its thickness. Measuring in at 0.7mm thick, this is also one of the thickest pastry mats your money can buy. This added thickness serves to increase the mat’s overall durability and lifespan. It also means it can withstand some of the more rigorous dough kneading you may need to perform. The mat is also really easy to clean, especially since it’s completely dishwasher safe, but its large size can make it hard to fit into some dishwashers. If you love to bake, you’ll also need to read our review of the best KitchenAid mixer.

 #2  GreenRain Large Silicone Pastry Mat


WHY WE LIKE IT: This silicone pastry mat is big enough for large pastry projects, at 16 x 24”, and includes a wide variety of different measurements for more versatility. It even includes conversion charts and temperature guides so you don’t need to consult outside sources in the middle of baking.

  • Helpful conversion and temperature markings
  • 0.6mm thick for greater durability
  • Large 16 x 24” size is great for a variety of pastries
  • The folding design may be inconvenient to some users
  • Sticker doughs stick more

The GreenRain large silicone pastry mat is another large option that works well for pizza doughs, pie crusts, and cake fondant. It’s also one of the thicker options, measuring in at 0.6mm of thickness. This helps it retain its form over time, even with extensive slicing, kneading, and rolling. We were impressed that the mat didn’t retain odors after baking, and it also doesn’t give off any odor once you unpackage it, which is common among other products.

The best feature of this silicone pastry mat is the measurement markings it has. They’re some of the most comprehensive markings you can get, with a central chart for circular items, linear markings around the edges, and conversion charts on the sides so you can make quick calculations. With all of these measurements and charts, you won’t need to consult your phone or computer while you’re in the middle of baking. While you’re thinking about your kitchen, you should also take a look at our guide to the best toaster oven.

 #3  Limnuo Silicone Pastry Mat


WHY WE LIKE IT: This silicone pastry mat isn’t going anywhere, even when you’re vigorously kneading or rolling dough, due to the specially designed non-slip bottom. It’s also incredibly durable and can be baked as many as 2000 times without wearing out.

  • Unique design creates extra secure grip
  • BPA-free and stick-resistant
  • Can handle up to 2000 bake cycles
  • Not as thick as other options

The Limnuo silicone pastry mat is the best non-slip option you can purchase on the market today. With its unique forceful adsorption feature, this mat will very firmly stick to your countertop or tabletop, no matter what materials they’re made of. This makes the mat an excellent choice for people who want to knead a lot of dough or work with pastries that require a lot of physical effort to make.

This non-slip silicone pastry mat isn’t as thick as other options, measuring in at just 0.5mm thick, but it’s still built very well with food-safe and BPA-free silicone. It can withstand up to 2000 individual bake cycles without discoloring or wearing out, which is excellent for avid bakers who make pastries often. Your purchase here doesn’t include any kind of care or use instructions, but it’s fortunately easy to use, so this shouldn’t be too big of an issue for you. If you’re making cupcakes, you’ll also need to read our guide to the best reusable baking cups.

 #4  Kitzini Silicone Pastry Mat


WHY WE LIKE IT: With excellent heat distribution and tons of measurement and conversion charts, this silicone pastry mat has a design that will please virtually every baker. It’s also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning once you’re done baking.

  • Best-of-class heat distribution
  • Oven safe up to 450 F
  • Contains useful measurement markings
  • Some doughs can stick during use
  • Can be easily cut by sharp knife if not careful

If you’re looking for the best design and best measurement markings on the market, you won’t want to miss the Kitzini silicone pastry mat. When it comes to measurement markings, the Kitzini is a hard competitor to beat. The markings you get here include the standard circular markings for pizza dough and pie crusts, a baking pan substitution chart, a conversions chart and a candy-making temperature chart.

Overall build quality is excellent here as well, although there are more durable options available. You can clean the Kitzini in the dishwasher and it can withstand temperatures as high as 450 degrees Fahrenheit or as low as -45 degrees. More importantly, though, the heat distribution with this mat is amazing. It even distributes the heat while baking so you get a consistent quality on your pastries. Be careful with sharp objects on this mat, though. We experience some cutting through the silicone on sharper cookie and dough cutters. Compare this pastry mat with our review of the best silicone baking mat to determine which is best.

 #5  Norpro Silicone Pastry Mat


WHY WE LIKE IT: This silicone pastry mat offers large, easy-to-read measurements and simple-to-use design. Plus, while using it as a baking sheet, this mat also helps keep moisture in your food for a better-finished product.

  • Promotes moisture retention in food
  • Easy-to-read measurements
  • Oven safe up to 450 degrees
  • Relatively small size (19 x 15”)
  • Can ripple during intense kneading sessions

Norpro has a long and reliable history in the kitchenware industry, and its silicone pastry mat brings that reliability to the table. It features a relatively simple design in both looks and functionality, but it doesn’t sacrifice anything to achieve it. The measurements included on this mat are large and easy to use, but it doesn’t feature any kind of conversion charts.

The Norpro measures in at 19.5 inches by 15.5 inches, which is large enough for most pastry-making applications. It’s also around 0.5mm thick for added durability. You can use this option as a baking mat in temperatures up to 450 degrees and the mat’s unique non-absorbent design encourages moisture retention in the foods you’re cooking. For the most part, the Norpro lays flat during use, but we did experience some rippling during more intensive dough kneading and rolling. If you want to make sure your pastry dough comes outright, you should also read our guide to the best flour sifter.

 #6  Bjgxfmq Silicone Pastry Mat


WHY WE LIKE IT: If you’re looking for a high-quality silicone pastry mat for rolling dough without spending an arm and a leg to get it, look no further. This option is oven-safe, non-slip, and easy-to-use, with clear measurements printed along the exterior.

  • Heat resistance of 470 degrees
  • Measurements in both inches and centimeters
  • Anti-slip bottom offers superior adhesion
  • Thinner than others at 0.4mm
  • Sharp cutting tools can tear mat, so be careful

The Bjgxfmq silicone pastry mat is the most affordable option you can buy today without sacrificing the quality and food-safe materials you should look for in these types of kitchenware. It features food-grade silicone that’s FDA approved and free from harmful BPA.

This mat’s overall design is good, too. It has all the markings you need to measure out pie crusts and pizza dough, along with a straight ruler alongside the edges. The best part about these measurements is the fact that they’re in both inches and centimeters so you can use what you prefer. Overall durability could be better here, especially with cutting tools, but the Bjgxfmq can still withstand plenty of baking cycles without wearing out.

 #7  Silpat Perfect Pastry Silicone Pastry Mat


WHY WE LIKE IT: Made by the original manufacturer of the silicone baking mat, this pastry mat for the rolling dough is a powerhouse, able to withstand nearly unlimited usage due to its thick, durable design. It’s also stain and odor-resistant.

  • Slippery surface for easy cleanup
  • FDA, NSF, and Kosher certified
  • Can be stored flat or rolled up
  • Not oven-safe
  • Not dishwasher safe

The Silpat Perfect Pastry non-stick silicone pastry mat comes from the original maker of the silicone baking mat and it carries the same attention to detail and excellent design that has propelled Silpat into the forefront of the baking game. Rather than a baking mat, this product is meant to be a workstation for all of your pastry-making needs. It’s large, at just over 15 inches tall and 23 inches wide, with a thickness of 0.5mm. While it’s not as thick as some of the others you can buy today, it’s still thick enough to take a beating without wearing out.

The Perfect Pastry mat isn’t oven-safe, but it can be stored in freezers and refrigerators for cooling dough as needed. We were also impressed to see how stain and odor resistant this option is. You won’t have to worry about discoloration or odor retention, even with the messiest materials. The mat is also very easy to clean despite not being dishwasher safe. Simply wipe it clean with some water and soap, and you’ll be good to go.

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How We Decided

As we started to test out the silicone pastry mats that we researched, our first priority was finding options that were easy to use and didn’t make dough stick to their surface. Pastry dough can get sticky and if you’re constantly trying to unstick it from your mat, then you’re going to have a frustrating experience. We only included mats on our list if they prevented most types of dough from sticking, but awarded extra points if they were able to prevent sticking with stickier options like pizza dough.

Next, we only included pastry mats that were durable enough to handle nearly limitless pastry making. We preferred options that could hold up to mild cutting implements like dough slicers or cookie cutters. We also awarded bonus points to options that could double as baking mats, but still included options on our list that weren’t oven safe.

Finally, we only considered options that included measurements on them. These markings help you create the best pastries possible. We ranked options higher if they also included additional markings like conversion charts or temperature range guides. We also only included silicone pastry mats on our list that were made from BPA-free and food-grade silicone.

Best Silicone Pastry Mat Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Measurements and Usability Features
    Making pastries requires a lot of accuracies, so it’s important that the mat you purchase has a variety of measurement markings printed directly onto the mat. These markings and measurements can help you bake specific types of pastries like pie crusts and macarons. They can even help you accurately measure pizza dough size. You should also consider other usability features like how easily the mat rolls up and unrolls, as well as how well it stays in place on your baking sheet or your countertops.
  2. Size
    Silicone pastry mats are much larger than standard silicone baking mats to allow for more versatility and room for rolling out dough and creating multiple pastries simultaneously. Consider an option that will work for your specific needs. Since some pastry mats are oven safe, you should also consider the size of your baking sheets and whether the mat you purchase will fit on them.
  3. Oven Safe
    While silicone pastry mats are mainly used for preparing and rolling out pastry dough, there are many options that are also oven safe. If you want an all-in-one solution, you’ll definitely want to consider an option that can be popped into the oven for a more comprehensive baking solution.
  4. Materials, Safety, and Durability
    Silicone pastry mats are almost primarily made of a fiberglass core enclosed within the silicone. For the most part, silicone is a food-safe and durable material, as long as it’s made correctly. You should only ever purchase a silicone pastry mat that is BPA-free and listed as food-safe by the manufacturer. You can tell if you’ve purchased a product with sub-par silicone by twisting the mat. If you see white spots, the mat has too much filler material, which won’t be as durable over time.

Silicone Pastry Mat FAQs

What is the best pastry mat?

The best pastry mat is the Folksy Super Kitchen non-slip silicone pastry mat. This is one of the largest options you can buy and it’s extra-thick for added lifespan and durability. If you’re looking to bake large or small pastries, you cannot go wrong with this mat.

Do you need to flour a silicone pastry mat?

No, you don’t need to flour a silicone pastry mat. The silicone creates an incredible non-stick surface that eliminates the need for flour. However, you may still want to use flour for some of the stickier doughs, just in case.

Are silicone baking mats good?

Absolutely! Silicone baking mats are incredibly useful tools to have in any kitchen, even if you don’t bake a lot. They’re easy to clean, incredibly durable and easy to store anywhere in your kitchen. The best silicone baking mats can enhance your baking abilities in an affordable, easy way without needing to use parchment paper or cooking sprays.

Can you cut on a silicone pastry mat?

Silicone pastry mats are very durable overall, but cutting directly on them with a knife is not recommended. With a pastry mat, you can cut on your countertop with cookie cutters and dough slicers, but not with knives.

What are the best silicone pastry mat manufacturers?

The top manufacturers of these excellent kitchenware products include companies like Silpat, Norpro and Folksy Super Kitchen. OXO pastry mats are also really well made and a worthy competitor to the products above, although we didn’t include this company here.

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