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Updated January 24, 2023

To determine the best shower faucet set for your tub and shower we looked at the following features: finish, style, showerhead style, shower valve (also known as a rough-in valve), and price. While finish and style are personal and depend on your design aesthetic choices, a shower valve is important and will impact your installation process. Likewise, the showerhead style will determine whether you have a traditional showerhead or opt for a more modern rainfall showerhead or even a dual showerhead design. These bathroom essentials have different designs that offer a different experience.

After taking all of the above into consideration, we nominated the SR Sun Rise SRSH-F5043 10-Inch Luxury Rain Shower Combo Set as our Top Pick. We liked that this was one of the best shower systems in our guide because of the dual rainfall and shower arm design, the included rough-in valve and the long 70.8-inch shower hose on the shower arm. Keep reading to learn more about the rest of our top picks.

Top 7 Best Shower Faucet Sets

 #1  SR SUN RISE SRSH-F5043 10-Inch Luxury Rain Shower Combo Set


WHY WE LIKE IT: A dual showerhead set with a large 10-inch rainfall plate and an included rough-in valve with a sleek chrome finish make this one of the best shower systems in our guide.

  • Great large coverage area
  • Rough-in valve included
  • Lacks traditional function valve

These days, rainfall showerheads are all the rage. They give you that luxe spa experience from the comfort of your home. So, if you’re in the market to upgrade the finishes in your bathroom, start with this SR Sun Rise SRSH-F5043 10-Inch Luxury Rain Shower Combo Set. First, we liked that this is a dual showerhead set (a common option we noted with rainfall showerheads). So, if you’re not in the mood to take a shower that feels like you’re being rained on, you can use the included shower arm instead.

You’ll like that the shower arm comes with a holder and a 70.8-inch flexible stainless steel hose. However, this option lacks a function valve (essential if you have a bathtub and want to switch between shower and bath), making it incompatible with bathtub shower combos. But you’ll like the matching stainless steel rough-in valve which features a control to switch between the rainfall head and shower arm, making it one of the best shower systems. The best shower chair will help those with disabilities.

 #2  Sumerain Shower Faucet Set


WHY WE LIKE IT: A rainfall shower set that comes with an eight-inch rainfall showerhead and an adjustable shower arm all with a modern finish that’s perfect for a sleek home remodel.

  • Easy to clean
  • Rough-in valve included
  • Multiple finishes available
  • Lacks function valve

Maybe you felt like our Top Pick was a bit too expensive for your wallet but you still want to update your existing shower with a rainfall showerhead. In that case, our Honorable Mention — Sumerain Shower Faucet Set — is a bit more affordable but still gives you the functionality and luxe experience you’re craving. While this is one of the smaller rainfall showerheads (eight inches), we do like that you still get the dual showerhead feature with an included shower arm, holder, and a 59-inch shower hose.

You’ll like the sleek polished chrome finish, although you can also choose from three other finishes if your bathroom decor calls for something else. But you’ll like that the Sumerain shower set features easy-clean showerheads with soft rubber spray holes that can be easily wiped clean to prevent calcium or lime buildup. And as is standard for dual showerhead designs, the rough-in valve not only gives you control over the water temperature and flow rate/output but also includes the diverter to switch between the rainfall and shower arms. Compare this one to the best shower faucets to see which is best for you.

 #3  POP Matte Black Shower Faucet Set


WHY WE LIKE IT: A streamlined single function rainfall showerhead that can create an upscale effect in your bathroom without breaking the bank.

  • Four finish options
  • Most hotel like aesthetic and design
  • Rough-in valve included
  • Not dual function
  • Lacks function valve

If you only have a shower in your bathroom, a function valve isn’t going to be important. But you also might not need dual showerhead models that come with a shower arm and a rainfall showerhead. If you just want a rainfall showerhead, then the Pop Matte Black Shower Faucet Set is a great option. It’s a streamlined affordable solution for the person who wants an upgrade but doesn’t need all of the bells and whistles.

This rainfall showerhead measures eight inches wide and features a premium black brushed metal finish. We liked that it also comes with a rough-in valve and that you can choose from three additional finishes (brushed nickel, chrome, and oil-rubbed bronze). Plus you can adjust the angle of the showerhead thanks to the swivel ball in the arm. Your bathroom may also need the best toilet paper holder.

 #4  Delta Faucet T14238


WHY WE LIKE IT: An affordable and simple showerhead solution with five spray options and a self-cleaning showerhead from one of the most recognizable shower faucet brands on the market.

  • Easiest maintenance (almost automatic)
  • Temperature regulating valve cartridge included
  • Rough-in sold separately

If you don’t need a spa-like experience every time you take a shower, then a traditional showerhead is going to be more than enough to meet your needs. The Delta Faucet T14238 is not only our Best Budget recommendation but is also the only showerhead in this guide that doesn’t have a rainfall option. While it’s not as competitive as many of the other options in our guide, it still offers commendable features and is from one of the most trusted shower faucet brands in the world.

We liked that you can choose from four classic finishes (chrome, champagne bronze, Venetian bronze, and stainless steel). Another bonus is that you can switch between five spray options that include fast massage and a full spray with massage mode. However, this is the only option in our guide that lacks a rough-in valve. While Delta does provide a compatible rough-in valve model (R10000-UNBXHF), this may be an issue for someone who was hoping for a comprehensive shower faucet set. The best plunger should always be on hand for bathroom clogs.

 #5  AUKTOPT Rainfall Head System


WHY WE LIKE IT: A dual showerhead design with a rainfall showerhead that also includes a function valve — an essential feature for those searching for shower and tub faucet sets.

  • Temperature regulating valve cartridge included
  • One-touch self-cleaning showerhead
  • Dual shower head design
  • Smaller rainfall head

If you’re not familiar with rainfall showerheads, it’s easy to assume that they’re only compatible with shower-only configurations — especially since so far, none of the rainfall models in our guide came with a function valve. But the Auktopt Rainfall head System is perfect for homeowners that need a shower and tub faucet set, but still want to create that luxury spa shower experience.

While this tub and shower faucet option doesn’t have that traditional rainfall design (this showerhead is circular and smaller), we do like that you still get a separate shower arm with a long flexible shower hose, as well as a rough-in valve. But the game-changer here is that this model also comes with a function valve so you can switch between bath and shower modes. And considering that this is the same cost as our Top Pick, it’s not a bad option for homeowners with tubs. Also read about the best shower curtain.

 #6  Gabrylly Wall Mounted Shower Faucet Set


WHY WE LIKE IT: A modern oil rubbed bronze shower dual rainfall/arm shower faucet set with three showerhead settings and a function valve makes this the perfect choice for a design-focused bathroom renovation.

  • Great for quick and painless cleaning
  • Includes function valve
  • Dual showerhead design
  • Expensive

Bathrooms are popular home remodeling projects because, for many people, a well-designed shower or bathtub can create an oasis and a place to relax after a trying day. The Gabrylly Wall Mounted Shower Faucet Set is a sophisticated option thanks to the oil rubbed bronze finish. This dual shower faucet set includes a round eight-inch wall mounted rainfall head and a handheld shower arm with a long flexible hose.

But like our #5 pick, we also like that this model comes with a function valve — making it a great option for homeowners with a preference for handheld showerheads and bathtub/shower combos. As is common, this faucet set includes the rough-in valve. But if for some reason you don’t care for the oil rubbed bronze finish, you can also choose from brushed gold, brushed nickel, or matte black. The best tankless water heater is another great addition to the bathroom.

 #7  EMBATHER Shower System


WHY WE LIKE IT: An air-injection rainfall showerhead combination faucet set for powerful and consistent water streams and a large 12-inch rainfall head for the ultimate spa shower experience.

  • Best spa & two shower heads
  • Largest rainfall showerhead
  • Best for low water pressure homes
  • Most expensive
  • Lacks function valve

For some people, money is no object when it’s time to upgrade the finishes or rooms in their homes. For that person, we recommend the Embather Shower System. Although it is the most expensive option in our guide, it also features the largest rainfall showerhead. This showerhead measures 12 inches wide while the competitors in our roundup max out at eight and 10 inches. As is common, this is a dual showerhead design with an accompanying shower arm and a 71-inch shower hose.

But what makes this option interesting is that the system relies on air injection technology to help reduce noise while saving up to 30% on water. Best of all, that air injection makes it perfect for homeowners who struggle with low water pressure. As is standard, the rough-in valve is included, and you also get a diverter switch to toggle between the rainfall head and shower arm. You may also want to read our best shower heads guide if you are looking for ways to change your shower experience.

How We Decided

Whether you’re tired of your old boring shower or you’ve always longed for a rainfall showerhead, shower faucet sets are a great way to update your bathroom without investing in a costly or time-consuming home renovation project. To select our top picks, we considered the following — finish, style, showerhead style, shower valve (also known as a rough-in valve), and price.

Except for our Best Budget recommendation, all of our picks are either rainfall or rainfall combination models — combination meaning that it includes a rainfall showerhead and a shower arm. The style you pick is entirely up to you, but if you prefer that spa-like experience, a rainfall showerhead is the way to go. And if you only want a rainfall showerhead (no combination), we recommend our #3 pick. The remaining rainfall options are all combination models.

Within our guide, you’ll find a range of finishes, almost all of our picks come in a variety of styles except for our Top Pick and Best Quality recommendations. Next, you’ll want to think about the shower valve (listed as a rough-in valve in our product reviews). Except for the Best Budget pick, all of our options include a rough-in valve. But, if you have a shower/tub combination, you’ll want to focus on our #5 and #6 picks as these two are the only options that also include a function valve that lets you switch between bath and shower mode.

And finally, the price is, of course, going to be important. Rainfall showerheads tend to be more expensive than a simple classic showerhead — even our #3 single function pick. However, a single function rainfall showerhead is significantly cheaper than the dual showerhead models.

Best Shower Faucet Set Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Factors to Consider

  1. Finish
    This is all about aesthetics. Do you prefer a nice brushed steel effect or do you like the classic chrome finish? Choosing the right finish is going to be entirely dependent upon your personal preferences. But the most common options are brass, chrome, gold, nickel, and bronze. Whichever you choose, you’ll want to ensure that the finish is going to last as most people don’t replace their shower faucet fixtures frequently.
  2. Style
    Again, this is another aesthetic feature but is equally as important. These days, features such as multiple shower heads and rain shower heads are popular options, especially if you’re eyeing your bathroom for a home renovation project. Think about whether you want to go for a classic effect or if you prefer a minimalist or modern style bathroom.
  3. Shower Valve/Rough-in-Valve
    This is something that’s going to impact your choices when you’re installing a shower faucet set. The shower valve is also known as the “rough-in valve” and it’s the point where hot and cold water mixes to flow through either the showerhead or the tub spout. If your shower faucet set doesn’t have a shower valve, you’ll need to purchase one separately. But normally, they’re offered from the same manufacturer who made the set you’re buying.
  4. Installation
    In addition to the rough-in valve, you’ll need to consider whether you need to buy the fixtures (dials/knobs and function knobs) or if the set you want to purchase comes with the matching hardware. Usually brands will include the fixtures but if they don’t, you can usually purchase this separately from the brand as well.
  5. Dual Shower Heads
    While not a necessity, if you have your heart set on a rainfall showerhead, this is a nice feature to have. A dual showerhead means that in addition to the rainfall showerhead, you’ll get a shower arm. This can be nice if you don’t want an overhead showering experience and prefer a more traditional shower experience.

Shower Faucet Set FAQs

How do I choose a shower faucet?

First, consider the style and finish as you’ll want something that’s aesthetically pleasing and matches the overall decor of your bathroom. After that, consider the shower valve. You’ll normally need to purchase this separately. Also, check for options like water pressure to ensure that it’s compatible with the capacity of your home’s plumbing system.

How long does a shower valve last?

Assuming that you pick a quality option, shower valves should last for 20 to 30 years.

What is the best shower faucet set?

The best shower faucet set is going to be the option that best meets your needs and budget. However, in our guide, we selected the SR Sun Rise SRSH-F5043 10-Inch Luxury Rain Shower Combo Set as our Top Pick. in addition to being a combination rainfall showerhead and shower arm, we liked that it came with a rough-in valve and included a diverter to toggle between the rainfall and shower arm options.

What is a valve trim kit?

A trim kit is installed over a valve. The valve controls the pressure and temperature of the water in your bath or shower while "trim" refers to the decorative part of your tub and shower faucet set. The best shower faucets should include everything you need for easy installation, including a shower valve. If not, you should be able to purchase a matching shower valve from the same manufacturer.

What does GPM stand for?

GPM means Gallons Per Minute and is also referred to as flow rate. GPM is a measure of how many gallons per minute your showerhead can handle.

If my shower faucet set breaks, will the manufacturer offer to repair or replace it?

This question is better suited for the customer service department of the specific manufacturer or store you purchase your shower faucet set from.
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