Best Segways in 2023 (June Reviews)

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Updated January 24, 2023

To help you find the best personal transportation device, otherwise known as the Segway, we tried out dozens of models, testing for ease of use, speed, safety and the capacity to carry a large payload. We also took a look at warranties, making sure they were at least one year, and additional features, such as military-grade tires, related smartphone apps and long-lasting batteries.

The best product we tested was easily the Segway Ninebot S, which features a compact form factor, weighing just 28 pounds, and the capacity to safely carry up to 220 pounds. The large pneumatic tires allow for smooth movement, the battery gets 14 miles of use on a single charge and the related app lets you make important adjustments on your smartphone. Keep reading to learn more about the Segway Ninebot S and the other products on this list. And read Where to buy hoverboard Segway.

Top 7 Best Segways Compared

#1 Segway Ninebot S

Award: Top Pick

WHY WE LIKE IT: Boasts LED headlights, for safety, a battery that allows for 14 miles of use on a single charge and smooth, anti-shock tires. The light form factor, just 28 pounds, and max payload of 220 pounds help to make this the best Segway on the market.

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  • 14 miles on one charge
  • LED headlights great for safety
  • Can be turned into a go-kart with additional purchase
  • Steering bar not adjustable
  • Annoying beeps if you exceed recommended speed limit
  • Struggles on steep inclines

The Segway Ninebot S features an extremely durable all-metal design, with LED headlights on the outside for safety and a robust battery that will get you 14 miles of use on a single charge. It’s pretty light, compared to some other models, coming in at 28 pounds and features a maximum payload of 220 pounds, though it will still work if you are slightly heavier. Additionally, it can be transformed into a go-kart with an additional purchase.

Though this is a high quality product, we found that the adjustment capabilities of the steering wheel were somewhat limited, plus the unit emits an annoying beep if you exceed the recommended speed limit of 10 miles per hour. Why pick this over a hoverboard? Read Hoverboard vs Segway – Learn the Key Differences and find out.

The best electric scooter is a great alternative to a Segway that you may want to learn about also.

#2 Segway miniLITE Smart Self-Balancing Electric Transporter

Award: Honorable Mention

WHY WE LIKE IT: Good price to features ratio, with several additions to increase comfort, such as a padded knee bar and compact form factor. This is a great entry level product into the Segway ecosystem.

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  • Great Value
  • Padded knee bar is comfortable
  • Added tail lights for safety
  • Max weight of 175 pounds
  • Plastic components on outside
  • 11 miles of use on a charge, lower than top pick

The Segway miniLITE Smart Self-Balancing Electric Transporter boasts a series of high end features while coming in at a lower price point than some other models on this list. It is extremely comfortable, thanks to a padded knee bar, and safe, due to LED lights on the tail of the unit. It can easily reach 10 miles per hour and the large tires make for a smooth, bump-free ride.

It is recommended that the maximum weight to be placed on the unit is 175 pounds, which is on the lower end. It also only gets 11 miles of use on a single charge, which is the lowest on this list, as our top pick gets 14 miles on a charge. Read our Segway ES1 Electric Scooter Review to learn more about these vehicles.

The best hoverboard is another great option that many Segway riders enjoy.

#3 AUBESTKER Handlebar Kickstand Kit

Award: Best Accessory for Safety

WHY WE LIKE IT: A fantastic accessory that fits nearly every Segway model, adding a suite of safety features, including a rearview mirror and a built-in kickstand. It also comes nearly fully assembled, making this the best accessory you can buy for a Segway.

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  • Suite of safety features
  • Comes nearly fully assembled
  • Rearview mirror
  • No knee pads
  • Only one color
  • Some Segway models not supported

The AUBESTKER Handlebar Kickstand Kit is an accessory that fits most Segway models, including our top two picks. It adds some safety features to the Segway experience, like a rearview mirror, a kickstand and a handlebar, for balance. The product is light and comes nearly fully built, requiring a short manual install that took us just a few minutes.

Though this product does boast some innovative safety features, it removes the knee pad typically found on some Segway models, which could be a comfort issue. Additionally, the accessory only comes in one color, black, which may not fit the aesthetics of some models. Our Segway Mini Pro Review is a great way to learn about some of Segway’s models.

You may want to start out with the best electric bike if you want a Segway alternative as well. Both are awesome.

#4 Segway Ninebot S-Plus

Award: Best for Extreme Weather

WHY WE LIKE IT: Boasts a water-resistant magnesium alloy chassis, with a battery that gets 22 miles on a single charge and a motor that is rated for up to 12.5 miles per hour. This is a great product for those who find themselves occasionally traveling in the rain.

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  • Water-resistant frame
  • 22 miles on a single charge
  • Product will follow behind you
  • UL 2272 certified
  • Price significantly higher than Ninebot S
  • Knee control bar is not adjustable
  • Cannot attach to go-kart kit

The Segway Ninebot S-Plus has a water-resistant magnesium alloy chassis, which is not only durable but will protect the product during a rainstorm. The battery is fantastic, allowing for 22 miles of continuous use on a single charge, and the motor is rated for speeds up to 12.5 miles per hour. Additionally, it excels on steep inclines and the related app can self-diagnose mechanical problems, in addition to protecting against theft. The bright LED lights along the chassis help to increase safety and the product will actually follow behind you when not in use, meaning it won’t have to be picked up.

This is a high end product and, as such, it is more expensive than the traditional Ninebot S. Additionally, the knee control bar is not height adjustable, which could be an issue for some riders. Speaking of knees, those who need more assistance should look at the best knee scooter.

#5 Segway Ninebot Electric GoKart Drift Kit

Award: Best for Go-kart Use

WHY WE LIKE IT: Transforms your Segway miniPro or Ninebot S into a fully functional go-kart, with a steering wheel built for precision and the ability to reach a max speed of 15 miles per hour. This is a great accessory for those of you who want to ride in style.

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  • Transforms Segway to go-kart
  • High precision steering wheel
  • Good brakes, can go in reverse
  • Only works with miniPRO and Ninebot S
  • More expensive than actual Segways
  • Not for those above 6’5”

The Segway Ninebot Electric GoKart Drift Kit transforms your personal transportation vehicle into a fully functional go-kart, complete with a high precision steering wheel, fantastic brakes and the ability to go in reverse. The motor reaches 12 miles per hour in just seconds, with a max speed of 15 miles per hour, and gets around 14 miles of use on a single charge.

This product only functions with the Segway miniPRO and the Segway Ninebot S, both featured on this list, and you’ll need to purchase the Segway separately. Additionally, this accessory is extremely expensive, pricier than the Segways themselves. For people who have handicaps, the best folding mobility scooter is a great choice.

#6 eco-glide Smart Self Balance Scooter

Award: Highest Speed / Longest Battery Life

WHY WE LIKE IT: Fantastic capabilities, including a max speed of 14 miles per hour, as opposed to 10, a battery that gets around 27 miles of use on a single charge and an engine that excels with steep inclines. This is a product for serious personal transportation enthusiasts.

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  • Max speed of 14 mph
  • 27 miles on a single charge
  • Excels on steep inclines
  • Most expensive item on list by far
  • Not great on sand
  • Only 1 year warranty, despite high cost

The eco-glide Smart Self Balance Scoot boasts some amazing functionalities, including an engine that can easily reach speeds up to 14 miles per hour that also excels on steep inclines, as much as 35 degrees, whereas other products on this list max out at inclines of 15 degrees. The Samsung 72v battery gets 27 miles of use out of a single charge, nearly twice as much as comparable models, and the Eco-glide Self-balancing Scooter’s all-terrain tires can handle a variety of surfaces.

Though the tires are certainly fantastic, we did not notice the product struggled a bit on soft sand. Additionally, this is the highest priced item on this list by a large margin, as it costs more than twice as much as comparable models. If you are looking for a vehicle for kids, be sure to read up on the best scooter for kids.

#7 Dual Purpose Segway Handlebar

Award: Best Accessory for Smartphone Users

WHY WE LIKE IT: Contains a sturdy smartphone mount along with a fully adjustable height to suit a variety of postures. This is a great handlebar accessory for those who want to use a smartphone as they ride.

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  • Contains useful smartphone mount
  • Height is fully adjustable
  • Good price to features ratio
  • No knee pads
  • Does not work with all models
  • Calibrating on app can be frustrating

The Dual Purpose Segway Handlebar is a fantastic accessory for Segway users, featuring a sturdy smartphone mount that makes using a phone while riding an absolute breeze. The handlebar is also fully adjustable, suiting a large variety of heights and postures. The price is also on the lower end for one of these accessories, making it a great value.

Though the height adjustment does make for a comfortable ride, there is no knee pad, which could be an issue for some users. Additionally, this accessory does not fit every model of personal transporter, so read the fine print. Sure these Segways aren’t as powerful as something like the best motorcycles, but they aren’t meant to be.

How We Decided

To help narrow down to the above list, we favored highly durable products, most manufactured by Segway, with the ability to reach a max speed of at least 10 miles per hour and long-lasting batteries that will get you at least 14 miles of use on a single charge, with a charge time of no more than four hours.

Many of these products operate nicely with the Segway Mobile app, which adds anti-theft functionality, remote control and, in one case, the ability to make your product follow you around, eliminating the need for carrying when not in use. We also made sure that each product comes with a nice warranty of at least one year to make sure you’re covered if something breaks. If you’re looking for an easy obstacle to practice on in your yard, take a look at the best wheelchair ramp to start.t.

As far as accessories, we made sure to look at self-balancing scooters that include a couple of high quality handlebars that add some much needed functionalities, such as coming with a smartphone mount or a rearview mirror. We also chose the Segway go-kart kid, as transforming your product into a fully functional go-kart makes for great family fun.

Segway Buying Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Speed and Battery
    While not intended for high speed racing, Segways can get pretty fast. The above products boast max speeds of at least 10 miles per hour, and as much as 15 miles per hour. It’s important to note that the units can actually travel faster, particularly downhill, and the max speeds are more a safety recommendation. On the battery end, look for something that will get you around 14 miles of use on a single charge, a threshold all of the above products pass.
  2. Safety Features and Related App
    Segway transporters do offer a suite of safety forward features, including LED lights located throughout so as to alert automobiles and other vehicles to your presence. They also boast tires that easily roll over most obstacles and shock systems that handle bumps on the road. One model will also alert you if you begin traveling too fast. The app allows for easy customization of many safety features and can perform other useful tasks, like locating a lost product or acting as a remote control.
  3. Accessories
    The above list is not only populated by Segway and Segway style transport devices, but also related accessories. These accessories can be an essential part of the Segway experience, adding more safety, in the form of rearview mirrors for instance, and convenience, like the addition of a smartphone mount. Segways can do many things you’d never expect, like transform into a fully functional go-kart.


  • How much weight can a Segway hold?
    Each product differs, but the maximum weight is usually 220 pounds, though this is more of a recommendation, as someone heavier can still use the product. These devices do need a fair amount of weight in order to function, however, so there is a minimum weight limit of 100 pounds, making them not ideal for children.
  • Can I travel with a Segway?
    While some mass transportation providers, such as bus lines, allow for a Segway to be checked as luggage, you will run into trouble at the airport. Segway products contain lithium ion batteries, which are not allowed on commercial flights.
  • How do I maintain the batteries?
    In order to get the most out of your purchase, Segway recommends that you fully charge the battery after every use and charge it every month when not in use. If you store the vehicle when it’s not fully charged it may discharge excessively within 15 days.
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