7 Best Seafood Forks for Your Meal in 2023

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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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Choosing the best seafood forks for your meal could mean the difference between a messy plate of seafood and a well-eaten affair. Our evaluation focused on hand comfort, aesthetics, food-safe materials, and length/size. These gorgeous kitchen products will come in handy when you are hosting guests who love seafood.

After more than 12 hours of research and testing, our pick for the best seafood fork for your meal goes to the Oneida True Rose Set of 4 Seafood Forks for your meal. We love its exquisite design, complete with scroll and rose-style engraving, along with an ergonomic handle edge and glossy stainless steel finish that gives it nice pop in more formal settings. Keep reading to learn more about the Oneida True Rose Set of 4 Seafood Forks for your meal and other best seafood forks available for purchase.

Top 7 Best Seafood Forks for Your Meal

 #1  Oneida True Rose Set of 4 Seafood Forks for Your Meals


WHY WE LIKE IT: This seafood utensils set comes with an exquisite scroll and rose-style engraving wand and comes in a set of four, making it an excellent choice for more formal occasions.

  • Exquisite handle edge design
  • Durable 18/0 glossy stainless steel construction
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • Design not too matching for patio and picnic tables
  • Can be too dainty for some people

We love these seafood fork’s durability, consisting of a glossy stainless steel finish that does not warp or bend with heavy use. It is also slim and very comfortable to hold. Kudos for being dishwasher safe, great for people who hate hand washing.

Arguably, this set of seafood fork’s strongest suit is its design, with a flowy fiddleback silhouette design running down the edge of the handle with a small rose on the bottom tip, creating a very artsy vibe for more elaborate table settings. Pair it with an eloquent oyster knife and you have yourself quite the presentation.

 #2  Norpro Stainless Steel Seafood Forks for Your Meals


WHY WE LIKE IT: These 7″ seafood forks come with a fork on one end and a rounded scoop on the other end, working very well for people who want to spear, dip, and scoop without using separate utensils.

  • Best on a budget
  • Longer than average for easy forking and spooning
  • Neutral design works well in formal and informal settings
  • Flat end not as durable as forked (prong) end
  • May be too flimsy and bendable for heavy-handed users

Each of these seafood fork’s is 7″ long, relatively longer than most picks on our list. The extra length allows for easiest dipping of the fork end in butter and sauces and stabbing through olives without splattering grease and oil on your hands. Its spoon really digs well into shellfish, crab legs, and clam meat to extract every last piece.

These stainless steel forks’ aesthetics are more on the utilitarian side with no distinguishing design, lines, or engravings other than the word “Taiwan” etched in the center. Consider it equally viable in formal and informal settings. They are also the slimmest on our list, which we appreciate for smaller appetizers such as cheese and olives.

 #3  Ginkgo International Alsace Stainless Steel Seafood Forks for Your Meals


WHY WE LIKE IT: These seafood forks come in a classic design and constructed using durable 18/109 stainless steel, making it an excellent choice for heavy seafood eaters and restaurants.

  • Wide base for ergonomic grip
  • Made from durable 18/109 stainless steel
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Prongs may be too thick for smaller appetizers
  • Relatively heavier than other models

Each of these stainless steel seafood forks measure 6 ⅘- inches long, which offers enough clearance to stab into crab legs, shellfish, and lobsters without wetting your hands. Our favorite feature is its proportions, sporting a thicker base and thinner handles for a nice ergonomic grip using the thumb and forefinger. This is very useful when prying open shellfish and stabbing through meat.

In terms of aesthetics, these seafood forks are on the subdued side with no distinguishable features other than a slighted indented curvature on the bottom right base of the forked end. Bonus points for being dishwasher safe, which makes them much easier to clean, especially with repeated use.

 #4  Hiware Stainless Steel Seafood Forks for Your Meals


WHY WE LIKE IT: This 12-pack of seafood forks use a spoon on our end and a fork on the opposite end, making it an excellent choice for restaurants and commercial applications.

  • Spoon and prong on opposite ends
  • Excellent pronged ends great for crab picking
  • Padded middle for an ergonomic grip
  • Ends may be too thick for skinnier crab legs
  • Matte, not polished finish, could turn off some users

We love using these seafood forks for all kinds of seafood, including lobster, crab legs, and pulling morsels of meat off of shellfish. One end holds a spoon, great for scooping up sauces. The opposite end is forked, which works to stab and pry open seafood shells. Plus, at 6 4/5-inches long, it is long enough to tackle larger pieces of meat.

These seafood forks are very durable (18/8 stainless steel), which does not flex or bend under heavy pressure. Plus, they offer a neat grip with a padded middle for better balance and weight distribution while eating. On the aesthetics side, these are pretty neutral with no overly creative engravings or markings, working well with formal and informal settings. You may also want to get the best runner rags to also improve the aesthetics of your home.

 #5  New Star Foodservice Stainless Steel Seafood Fork for Your Meals


WHY WE LIKE IT: These stainless steel oyster forks come in an exquisite design, with a mirror finish, and are made of 18% chromium, which works well for people who prefer corrosion and stain-resistant utensils for the outdoors.

  • Made of 18 % chromium for extra durability
  • Exquisite design and mirror finish for formal settings
  • Dishwasher safe & comes in a twelve-pack
  • Relatively shorter length (5.8 inches)
  • May appear too elegant for informal settings (e.g. picnic and patio)

These seafood forks are very durable, made with 18/0 stainless steel with 18% chromium, giving it a slightly polished, stain and corrosion-resistant mirror finish that works well in the outdoors. Its design is very regal with a mirror finish, a rose pattern engraving on the base, and deep curves. Arguably, this is its strongest feature.

Our only knock is that these seafood forks are the shortest on the list (5.8 inches), so there is not as much clearance between hands and food. Kudos for coming in a set of 12, which works well with bars, restaurants, and larger households.

 #6  Farberware Seafood Forks for Your Meals


WHY WE LIKE IT: This simple seafood fork set each measure 7 inches long and comes in a two-pack, making it a great choice for larger pieces of meat such as lobster and steak.

  • Made from rust-resistant stainless steel
  • Extra-long prongs (nearly two inches) to tackle hard-to-reach meat
  • Easy-to-grip wide base handle
  • Multipack of two on smaller side
  • May be too bendable to shuck clams

Our favorite feature with this seafood utensils set is its extra-large prongs, which measure nearly two inches long. This makes it easy for extra leveraging pulling morsels off of meat or tackling tough lobster meat. Ergonomics are solid with a relatively thicker base and handle for good forefinger and thumb grip. Plus, it is very durable with rust-resistant stainless steel construction that holds up well with heavy wear and tear.

These seafood picks are completely unassuming, with no distinguishable engravings or markings other than a “Made in China” imprint on the handle. All in all, we were very impressed with these seafood forks’ overall build quality.

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 #7  Ly-One Crab Stainless Steel Seafood Forks for Your Meals


WHY WE LIKE IT: These seafood forks come with ultra-thin prongs and offer a wide base for easy gripping, making it an excellent choice for catering and buffet setups with a mix of smaller appetizers such as olives and cheeses.

  • Ultra-thin prongs great for small dishes
  • Neutral clean design; polished finish
  • Allows for sturdy thumb and forefinger placement
  • On the smaller side (5”)

We love these seafood fork’s aesthetics, which offer a slightly mirrored and polished finish and a wide curved base for a good thumb and forefinger placement. Its design is neutral enough to work in formal settings from a farmhouse to an elegant banquet. Our only knock is that they are on the smaller side (5 inches long), so we recommend them more for appetizers than seafood.

We like the fact these seafood utensils are durable (food grade 18/10 Stainless Steel) and dishwasher safe, which makes them easier to clean with repeated use. Kudos for coming in a 10-pack, working well with larger households or small group settings.

How We Decided

In determining the best seafood forks for your meal to buy, we explored hand comfort, aesthetics, food-safe materials, and length/size. Nothing beats a quality seafood fork to pair with your lobster claws, seafood crackers, and lobster crackers.

Hand comfort is a very important consideration. Our recommendation is for seafood forks to carry thicker middles and wide bases for a nice, controlled grip of the thumb and forefinger. Some seafood forks even carry padded middles for this purpose.

Aesthetics are very important, even with general equipment and utensils used in seafood processing. Seafood forks run the gamut in terms of elegance and design options. Some of our most quality picks come with rose petal engravings on the base and indented curvatures along with the handle. Others are much more neutral with cleaner lines and no distinguishable markings other than its price of origin, which is as utilitarian as it gets. The latter is much more suitable for formal (think, banquet hall) and informal settings (e.g. picnics and patio eating)

Length and size is something to definitely look at. Most of our picks are 6+ inches long, which provides excellent clearance between food and your hands. Thin and long prongs work very well with appetizers and thicker prongs are better served to stab morsels of large pieces of meat where extra leverage would be appreciated.

Best Seafood Forks for Your Meal Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Hand Comfort
    We really love a good, comfortable seafood fork to hold. Typically, these are designed with thinner middles and thicker bases which help establish a nice controlled grip between the thumb and forefinger.
  2. Aesthetics
    Seafood forks for your meal come in all types of designs. On the exquisite end, you have rose petal engravings and other highly distinctive markings running along with the handle. Cleaner designs will carry no distinguishable markings other than a little stamp with the manufacturing location or nothing at all. These are typically better reserved for patios and picnics, not banquet halls were a little more of a flashier presentation would spice things up. Consider pairing a pair of quality seafood forks with your fish cooking tools.
  3. Length/Size
    Our minimum size recommendation for a seafood fork is six inches. This should be enough to provide ample clearance between your hand and the food you are spooning or stabbing. Look at the size of prongs as well. The thinner and lighter the prong, the more applicable for use with appetizers such as cheese and olives.

Seafood Forks for Your Meal FAQs

What is a seafood fork?

Like the best seafood scissors, a seafood fork is a very versatile tool used to work with all kinds of foods. It is great at pulling morsels of meat off of shellfish, removing tougher meat from lobsters, and even stir sauces if it has a spoon on our end. Our favorite seafood forks carry a spoon on one end and a pronged fork on the other end, which helps avoid using separate utensils.

How do you use a seafood fork?

Using a seafood fork is very easy. Simply grip the handle using your thumb and forefinger. Even a toddler can do it.

What seafood fork brands do you recommend?

There are many reputable seafood fork brands that also expand beyond seafood tools and equipment and into general kitchenware, bakeware, and cookware - even fish cooking tools. Of the brands on our list, the two more popular ones are arguably Farberware and Oneida. Farberware has been in business for more than 100 years and Oneida offers outstanding silverware in a variety of patterns and styles.

What is the main criteria in searching for a good quality seafood fork?

In our opinion, the main factors are hand comfort, aesthetics, food-safe materials, and length/size.