7 Best Running Shoes for Men in 2022

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Products Updated June 27, 2022
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If you’re looking for the best running shoes for men, you may find there are a wide variety of top rated models to choose from and it’s not always clear which are the best for your needs. To help you select the best running shoes for your particular lifestyle, we’ve put in the footwork and logged the hours testing numerous models, such as our pick for the best Nike running shoes, the best running shoes for beginners and the best running shoes for flat feet and for highly arched feet.

Our top pick, the ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe, is a smooth and lightweight running shoe with removable sock-liners for orthopedic customization. The rear foot GEL technology dampens shock and helps maintain a smooth mid stance transition, making it a great choice for trail running.

Top 7 Best Running Shoes for Men

 #1  ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe


WHY WE LIKE IT: Ideal feet cushioning for smooth transitions, great stability and light weight make these ASICS a top pick among the best running shoes for men.

  • Proprietary cushion provides excellent support
  • Removable sock liner for orthotics
  • Grippy sole for trail running
  • Not as breathable as some of the shoes on this list
  • Not the most corrective for flat feet

Designed to go toe to toe with the world’s best shoes for trail running, while still offering the light weight and energy transfer characteristics of a track shoe, these GEL running shoes from ASICS are a great choice for general purpose training and fitness running. Whether you’re training for a trail run or ultramarathon or doing intervals at a local track, these durable and well-designed shoes are worth a look.

While they’re not specifically billed as running shoes for flat feet or to help with over-pronation (the tendency to roll your feet inward while running) they feature removable sock liners that can accommodate a range of orthotic pads, offering room for customization. If you like music while you’re on your run, take a look at the best headphones for running.

 #2  Under Armour Men’s Charged Assert 8 Running Shoe


WHY WE LIKE IT: This neutral running shoe is comfortable and flexible, with good breathing and great energy transfer characteristics, making it among the best running shoes for men.

  • Light and breathable
  • Rigid mid foot for stability
  • Flexible uppers and bouncy rubber sole
  • Lacks corrective aspects of running shoes for flat feet
  • Less rugged than the ASICS

If you primarily work out on smooth surfaces and are looking for an all around running and training shoe, these neutral running shoes from Under Armor are among the best running shoes for men we’ve tried. They have bouncy rubber soles with great energy transference, giving you plenty of “bounce” from one stride to the next. This cushioning extends into the forward part of the shoe as well.

These are not designed to correct for runners with flat feet, but they do offer a good balance between flexibility and support, with a rigid mid foot that helps allay fatigue during longer runs, and the lightness and bounciness to make for great short-distance running as well. If you’re not sold by these shoes, take a look at these best running shoes instead.

 #3  Nike Men’s Revolution 5 Running Shoe


WHY WE LIKE IT: These classic inspired Nike running shoes for men offer breathable uppers and lightweight foam cushioning, along with a reinforced heel and overlays, offering durable, comfortable performance.

  • Well cushioned with foam midsole for long runs
  • Structured outer layer for lightweight support
  • Breathable knit upper
  • Not as grippy on uneven surfaces as the ASICS
  • Less abrasion resistant than some of the trainers on our list

These Nike running shoes are consistently ranked among the top rated running shoes for men since 2019, with great reviews from track athletes and fitness running enthusiasts alike. Nike is definitely in the running as the best running shoe brand on the market. They’re designed with lightness and efficiency in mind, and have a good amount of bounce as well as ample shock absorption thanks to foam midsoles and structured rubber outer walls.

Along with rigid mid foot overlays, these, like nearly all the best Nike running shoes for men, come with a reinforced heel and knit uppers for breathability. The result is a remarkably light shoe that still provides support and impact cushioning over long distances.

 #4  Saucony Men’s Ride Iso Running Shoe


WHY WE LIKE IT: With the brand’s dynamic fit materials, these running shoes do a better job of molding to a runner’s foot, making them among the top rated running shoes for larger men and for those with wider feet.

  • ISOFIT and FORMFIT for dynamic break in and molding to the feet
  • Bouncy top-sole with great energy return
  • Highly supportive structure
  • Not as light as the Nike running shoes
  • Not as suitable for trail running as the ASICS

These running shoes for men are billed as having a dynamic fit, meaning they adapt to the form of the wearer’s foot while you break them in. This is especially useful for larger men and for those with wider than average feet. While the Saucony Iso running shoes don’t correct for under pronation due to flat feet, nor for overpronation due to high arches, they may be more comfortable for men with flat feet, because they offer more stability than most neutral running shoes.

Designed for road and track running, the Saucony “EVERRUN” sole material offers excellent bounce and energy return characteristics, helping you to conserve energy on longer runs. This makes these a good choice for runners looking for the best running shoes for beginners. Track your run using one of the best running watches too.

 #5  Adidas Men’s Lite Racer Adapt Running Shoe


WHY WE LIKE IT: Mixing style with performance, these Adidas running shoes have an elastic closure and a unique design, plus lots of cushioning and flexibility.

  • Lace free convenience
  • Flexible uppers are breathable
  • Energy absorbent rubber sole
  • Not the most support of any running shoe
  • Not the most durable shoes on our list

While the style may be unorthodox compared to most of our picks for the best men’s running shoes today, these patterned slip on Adidas make a unique aesthetic statement and offer good performance at the same time. The large rubber soles provide plenty of bounce or energy return, and the flexible uppers are very lightweight and breathable.

They aren’t the most supportive running shoes for plantar fasciitis, and likely won’t be the best running shoes for flat feet, since they’re neutral running shoes without orthotic correction. However, they do a good job of absorbing impact and cushioning your strides on hard surfaces. All you’ll need for a comfortable workout fit is the best clothing apparel.

 #6  PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 FM Running Shoe


WHY WE LIKE IT: Plenty of support with sculpted mid foot saddles and smooth, synthetic leather uppers, these are among the best running shoes for those looking for a more casual look. They’re supportive enough to be rated among the best running shoes for flat feet as well.

  • EVA heels for impact absorption
  • Rigid saddle for support
  • Classic sneaker design
  • Not the lightest running shoes for speed
  • Not as bouncy as the Saucony running shoes

For those looking for general purpose trainers or the best running shoes for flat feet, these PUMA men’s running shoes are a good jack of all trades solution. They accommodate orthopedic inserts well and offer plenty of support with well-designed rigid mid foot saddles.

Along with PUMA’s popular styling cues, the synthetic leather uppers on these running shoes add to the feeling of firm, supportive structure. While they’re not as breathable as the mesh and woven uppers of the Nike running shoes on our list, they may be more abrasion resistant and thus a better choice for trail runners.

 #7  Brooks Mens Ghost 12 Running Shoe


WHY WE LIKE IT: These high tech neutral running shoes for men combine multiple layer mesh uppers with lightweight cushioning and Brooks’ “segmented crash pad” sole design, offering a virtually ideal mix of bounce and absorption for road and track running.

  • Most comfortable & very lightweight
  • High tech soles add bounce
  • Great heel cushioning
  • Not the most minimalist running shoes
  • Not designed for flat foot runners

These Brooks shoes, long considered among the top rated running shoes for men in Reddit forums and professional runners’ reviews, are designed to offer a mix of stability and speed that makes them great for road running, treadmill and track usage and general cross training as well. Breathable and flexible, they’re among the most comfortable running shoes we’ve tested for men with average-to-large feet.

They have complex, multi-material soles with what Brooks calls their trademarked “segmented crash pad,” delivering high impact absorption without sacrificing energy return. This makes these some of the best running shoes for beginners. They’re suited to mile-and-above distances and are breathable enough to wear on long track events.

How We Decided

In order to narrow down the field and bring you the best of today’s top rated running shoes, we looked for stability, support, energy return and comfort characteristics.

We only considered running shoes with specifically designed soles for stride impact absorption and energy return. That meant at least some “give” and some bounce had to be involved. Highly cushioning shoes were given priority, while we also wanted to select some ultra-lightweight shoes such as the Nike running shoes on our list.

We selected only shoes that were available in the most common men’s running shoe sizes, and we required that they have room for an orthotic insert, so as to be flexible enough to meet the needs of the best running shoes for flat feet and also high arches.

We limited our selection to shoes that were capable on track but not so flimsy as to be unwearable off the track. That meant full coverage uppers and at least some heel cushioning. Rigid mid foot saddle construction and rigid heel backing were each considered a plus as well.

Best Running Shoes Buyer’s Guide

Features to Consider

  1. Cushioning
    What kind of sole you prefer in a running shoe likely depends on your running style and the type of training you’re looking to accommodate. In general, more cushioning rear foot soles support a rolling stride and are often recommended for jogging and very long-distance running, where cushioning of impacts becomes important. Stiffer soles with more solid rubber, on the other hand, may better provide for explosive sprints, allowing you to minimize ground contact time.
  2. Stability
    If you’re looking for the best running shoes for flat feet or for those with plantar fasciitis, look for very supportive shoes that offer some degree of “roll” correction. This means rigid mid-foot saddles and space for an orthotic insert or a midsole specially designed to cushion pronating strides.
  3. Energy Return
    Energy return refers to how bouncy or springy the shoe is. The best running shoes achieve a balance between cushioning and energy return.
  4. Fit
    If you know your foot type– high vs low arches, narrow vs wide– you may be able to find running shoes more precisely designed for the best fit. We’ve found the best running shoes for flat feet tend to be those with rigid mid foot saddles and more supportive soles.
  5. Drop
    Drop is the difference in height between the heel and the toe of the shoe. The best running shoes for heel strikers will have a minimal drop, so as to help you train for a more balanced form.

Running Shoes FAQs

What are the best running shoes for men?

There isn’t a one size fits all, but the best running shoes for men will be those that work best with your running style and level of experience. Supportive shoes might be the best running shoes for men with flat feet, while an ultralight, ultra minimalist shoe may be the best men’s running shoe for sprint interval training. A well-cushioned cross trainer like the ASICS (our top pick) may be the best trail running shoe for men.

What is the best trail running shoe for men?

If you’re looking for the best trail running shoes, the same considerations apply as for the best treadmill running shoes and road running shoes, except that you’ll also want to make sure the shoe has great grip on rough surfaces. That’s one reason we like the ASICS Gel Venture (our top pick.)

What are the most durable running shoes for men?

If you do a lot of cross country running, or are training for an ultramarathon or an obstacle course race, durability becomes a major consideration when looking for the best running shoes. Look for running shoes with abrasion-resistant uppers, closed toe boxes and plenty of tread blocks for rough surfaces.

What are the best running shoes for beginners?

For beginners, we recommend looking for the best neutral running shoe. Depending on your event and running style, you may want a more supportive shoe or a lighter, more minimal running shoe. If you’re looking to run in the trails or get started on cross country running, make sure you get durable running shoes with abrasion resistant uppers.
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