Best RPG Games for iPhone 2023

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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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What is the best iPhone RPG? That’s a hard one to nail down. Role-playing games, or RPGs, are enjoyable because, in some ways, these top roleplaying titles are just like books. These games allow you to escape life, even if just for a moment, and experience an exciting adventure, whether that be saving the world from uncertain death or surviving a zombie outbreak. Unfortunately, just like books, there are many RPGs that just don’t offer good story (or gameplay, for that matter). With that in mind, we’ve done extensive research on compiling some of the top iPhone RPG games available. And while some are costly, the stories and extensive gameplay make it well worth the time. If you like playing games on your iPhone, take a look at how to automatically upload photos to dropbox from your iPhone too. You may also want to check out other apps that can be of use to you. For that reason, feel free to browse our best software apps page.

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Below is our list of must have RPG games on the App Store. Some come from well-known developers like Telltale Games and others are gems that took some time to find from independent developers. All of these titles are top roleplaying games on the market in that they all have excellent stories to tell and exciting gameplay to offer. We encourage you to check them out! Also, have a look at our review on the Reign of Cthulhu, a fun mixed reality RPG.

iPhone RPG’s Compared

RankPriceIn-App PurchaseApp Store RatingGenre
Walking Dead: The Game#1 – Editor’s Choice$4.99 per episodeYes3-starsRPG/Adventure
Shadowrun: Dragonfall#2$2.99No3.5-starsRPG/Action
Minecraft: Story Mode#3$4.99 per episodeNo4stars-newRPG/Adventure
Banner Saga#4$9.99No4.5stars-newRPG
Wayward Souls#7$6.99Nofive-starsRPG/Action
Knights of Pen and Paper#8$1.99Yes4.5stars-newRPG/Action
Dungeon Village#9$4.99No4.5stars-newRPG/Action
Final Fantasy VI#10$15.99No4.5stars-newRPG/Adventure

Our Top Picks

1. Walking Dead: The Game – The Best iPhone RPG Game

Walking Dead: The Game

The Walking Dead TV series has taken the world by storm, and with its popularity comes many spin-off games. However, Walking Dead: The Game from Telltale Games might be one of the better apocalypse-style top roleplaying game for the iPhone. In usual Telltale fashion, it’s an adventure-style game requiring you to make decisions as you progress through the famed Walking Dead story. Like any good RPG will do, this game focuses on the richness of story over a mindless shoot em’ up style. The game has a total of five episodes available, all of which have to be purchased individually. While that may sound like a downside, each episode has about two hours of excellent storytelling, making it worth the investment. If you like puzzle games, get acquainted with our best iPhone puzzle games list.

Download Walking Dead: The Game

2. Shadowrun: Dragonfall

Shadowrun: Dragonfall Best iPhone RPG Games

Shadowrun: Dragonfall, a cyberpunk RPG, is the hit sequel to the original title. Players take on the role of the renowned Shadowrunners who work as freelance black ops operatives for the governments and corporations of the world. In this cyberpunk-meets-fantasy world, players will be immersed in an intense campaign where they have to learn the intricate details of Shadowrun: Dragonfall’s epic turn-based combat system in order to progress. There’re over 200 weapons and spells available to your team of operatives, and it’s up to you to use them to your advantage.

Download Shadowrun: Dragonfall

3. Minecraft: Story Mode

Best iPhone RPG Games Minecraft Story Mode

Minecraft: Story Mode is another RPG created by Telltale Games, but takes place in the world of Minecraft. You play as the character Jesse who sets on an epic quest with his/her friends to find The Order of the Stone to save the world from imminent destruction. Similar to Walking Dead: The Game, this game is full of decisions you have to make in order to progress in saving the world. There will be five episodes available, providing players with plenty of in-game content. The game features a lot of replayability in that each decision you make nets a different outcome in the story, giving Minecraft: Story Mode a richness that you don’t want to miss out on.

Download Minecraft: Story Mode

4. Banner Saga

Banner Saga Best iPhone RPG Games

Stoic’s Banner Saga is an Editor’s Choice title in the App Store, and rightly so. Players will immerse themselves in this tactical RPG as they experience the heavily detailed world, intricate combat system, and epic storytelling. You will lead a group of vikings as you flee from invading forces, and will get to experience this immensely detailed world with gorgeously illustrated graphics. As the leader of this humble group of vikings, players are responsible for managing the supplies of the caravan, ensuring everyone has enough to survive, and eventually, save the world. It’s truly one of the top roleplaying games available.

Download Banner Saga

5. Oceanhorn

Oceanhorn Best iPhone RPG Games

Let’s face it, Nintendo is excellent at developing family-friendly games, and Zelda was one of those hit RPGs that we all wish would come to mobile. But alas, Nintendo isn’t interested in porting their games over to the iPhone or iPad. That said, Oceanhorn is the closest you’ll get to to a Zelda-esque RPG. Players will take on the role of a young boy investigating his Father’s strange disappearance. This quest will lead him on a journey of discovering the mysteries of Arcadia, and eventually the great sea monster Oceanhorn. This 3D platformer takes takes many design and story hints from Nintendo’s Zelda, particularly The Wind Waker, and will satisfy the desire for another epic Zelda-esque adventure.

Download Oceanhorn

6. Evoland

Evoland Slides Best iPhone RPG Games

There might not be much of a detailed story in Evoland, but this ever evolving RPG is a testament to the video games of old. The technology behind Evoland is intense, as it starts you out in a 2D sidescroller and eventually evolves into a fully featured 3D game. The goal behind Evoland is to essentially take you through a crash course of what games used to look like compared to what they are today. There’s no epic storytelling or intense tactical combat features here. Evoland’s mission is clear: to take players down a magical journey in memory lane.

Download Evoland

7. Wayward Souls

Wayward Souls Best iPhone RPG Games

Wayward Souls is another epic action-adventure RPG designed to let players make their way through the game quickly. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of content. In fact, Wayward Souls is built around replayability, encouraging players to play through this top roleplaying title repeatedly with new characters, stories, bosses, and expansive dungeons. It’s extremely challenging in that there are all sorts of traps and encounters to wade through, but well rewarding. Graphics are reminiscent of the RPGs of old, taking on a 2D dungeon crawler theme. The game is also updated regularly with new content, so there are always new locations to explore and new stories to tell.

Download Wayward Souls

8. Knights of Pen and Paper

Knights of Pen and Paper Best iPhone RPG Games

Knights of Pen and Paper is the ultimate iPhone RPG game. Players take on the roll of a Game Master, who will assembles his or her own rag tag role playing group with their respective classes in order to explore this perilous fantasy world and take the fight to the Black Mage. Knights of Pen and Paper has all the standard RPG features and more, including collecting gold to upgrade armor and weapons for your group, the ability to upgrade stats (attack, health, and so on), complete epic quests, and more. As the Game Master, you get to decide what classes are in your group, what monsters you’ll battle, and how many you’ll encounter. You don’t want to miss out on this epic pen-and-paper RPG experience.

Download Knights of Pen and Paper

9. Dungeon Village

Dungeon Village Best iPhone RPG Games

Dungeon Village throws players into a retro-style 2D world where they will need to expand their humble village into a vast city by defeating hordes of monsters, conquering dungeons, and earning money to build training facilities, such as Combat Schools and Magic Labs. You might start off slow being the only warrior to defend your village, but as it grows, you can recruit other soldiers to take part in the defense of your humble town.

Download Dungeon Village

10. Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI Best iPhone RPG Games

Final Fantasy was one of the major hit RPGs to hit shelves in 1994, and now it’s back for the iPhone! The game keeps the original story intact, but has updated just about everything else for an enjoyable iPhone experience, whether that be graphics, gameplay, adequate controls, and so on. As a quick refresher, Final Fantasy VI picks up right after the War of the Magi. A woman by the name of Terra is the last woman who possesses the power of the old magic, but she’s been enslaved by the Empire, and it’s up to you to save her, stopping the world from imminent destruction.

Download Final Fantasy VI

Which of these iPhone RPG games are right for you?

It goes without saying, RPGs are a lot of fun, particularly because of the rich storylines. However, as we mentioned before, the App Store is flooded with some of the best iPhone RPG games, but much of them aren’t very good in that they all try to copy each other. In this list, and in our iPhone game reviews, we’ve dug through the mire in order to highlight some of the best available, but yet, it can be difficult to figure out which one is right for you.

There are many styles of RPG games, some that focus on a richness of story over gameplay and others that would rather highlight the exploration of dungeons and vast landscapes over story. In whatever you choose, there’s something for all types of RPG players here. Final Fantasy VI is perfect for the player that wants to get lost in a good story while Dungeon Village is an excellent RPG for those that value exploration and achievement. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is another great mobile RPG for those seeking a compelling story, while the action RPG Planescape: Torment will keep you entertained for days with an abundance of main and side quests. A classic and nostalgic option with simple game mechanics is Square Enix’s Dragon Quest RPG series. Strategic players looking for a challenge may enjoy Darkest Dungeon and Battle Chasers as well. Oceanhorn is a mix of both, incorporating rich story elements with entertaining gameplay. And then there’s Evoland, a game with the goal of taking you down memory lane. There’s something for everybody here. It’s just a matter of choosing which style you’d like to start with first.

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