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To find the best rotisserie grills, we recommend you look for gas grills with a dedicated built-in or attachable rotisserie system, that have a minimum heat output of 30,000 BTU on the main cooking area of no less than 500 square inches, and have quality-of-life features such as heavy-duty caster wheels for mobility, side tables for food prep, and porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grates for increased performance and ease of cleaning. Additional features to look for include double-walled or porcelain-coated lids for better heat retention, night lights, and generous undercarriage storage and/or storage hooks for various grilling utensils.

After analyzing hundreds of reviews amongst a multitude of products, including the top portable charcoal grills, with varying price points and features, we’ve determined that the DCS BH1 is the best rotisserie grill you can buy on the market today. Keep reading about this and our other top picks to learn more about the best grills available for purchase.

Top 10 Best Rotisserie Grills

 #1  DCS BH1 Rotisserie Grill


WHY WE LIKE IT: Two super hot main burners and one rear burner and a powerful rotisserie rotor with a 50lb capacity and advanced, high-performance features make it a best in class.

  • 150V turning motor
  • 2 25,000 BTU main burners
  • 50lb capacity
  • High price point compared to some

The DCS BH1-30R-N is a high-performance stainless-steel natural gas grill with a built-in rotisserie featuring a powerful 150V motor and a 50lb capacity for cooking large portions. Its two main burners output 25,000 BTUs per hour and its rear burners output 18,000 BTUs for three different high-heat options capable of professional-level searing and grilling in addition to its rotisserie function. An additional 3500 BTU smoker burner allows for smoking meats using wood chips.

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A patented grease management system prevents flare-ups and allows for easy cleaning, and ceramic rods below its cooking grates allow for precise temperature control across the entire grilling surface. It comes at a higher price point than many similar models, but for its precision performance, versatility, and additional convenience features like Smart Beam lights for nighttime use, it’s a great value and a top choice for rotisserie cookers. It’s a great choice for anyone also browsing for the best natural gas grills on the market.

 #2  Char-Broil Performance Rotisserie Grill


WHY WE LIKE IT: A high-performance option with a generous main cooking surface, high heat infrared burner tech, and a cart-style design for excellent portability and easy storage when not in use.

  • 450 square inch cooking surface
  • Easy, reliable push-to-start electronic ignition
  • 50lb capacity
  • No specialized rotisserie burner

The Char-Broil Performance is a high-performance three-burner gas-infrared grill with a wheeled cart-like design for maximum portability and easy storage. Its large 450 square inch cooking surface is good for BBQing and serving large parties, and its swing-away warming rack stays out of the way when not in use.

Though it performs well for rotisserie cooking, it’s not specialized for such use with a dedicated burner, but the reliable push-to-start electronic ignition and porcelain-coated, rust-proof grill grates offer easy, reliable, mess-free use. Add to that its durable construction and wheeled cart-like design, and it’s a great option for a high-performance infrared grill that offers extra portability and storability. It’s a wonderful option for anyone searching for the best infrared grills.

 #3  Monument Grills 17842 Rotisserie Grill


WHY WE LIKE IT: 4 powerful main and 1 side burner with a manual rotisserie turner, reliable pilotless ignition, and a built-in thermometer round out an easy to use and versatile performer.

  • 525 square inch cooking surface
  • Porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grids
  • Built-in manual turner
  • Slightly less sturdy than some similar cart-style grills

The Monument 17842 is a liquid-propane compatible stainless steel grill featuring 4 powerful main burners and 1 side burner, with 513.3 square inches of cooking area and attachable rotisserie for simultaneous grilling, rotisserie cooking, and searing. Reliable pilotless ignition, built-in viewable thermometer, and 4 lockable caster wheels add to its convenience and mobility.

A slightly top-heavy design with two large side prep tables on top of its slightly smaller-than-average wheels makes it a little less sturdy and more prone to tipping than some similar-sized grills, though only to a small degree. That aside, it’s a reliable, high-performing, very mobile model with plenty of versatility and convenience and enough cooking surface to create large meals with professional results. It rivals some of the most versatile, best propane grills on the market.

 #4  Weber Summit S-670 Rotisserie Grill


WHY WE LIKE IT: 769 square inches of total cooking area with high heat infrared technology, Weber’s advanced heating element design, and a large variety of grilling, searing, smoking, and rotisserie options.

  • 6 stainless-steel burners
  • 60,800 BTUs cooking power
  • High heat infrared rotisserie burner
  • Higher price point than many

The Weber Summit S-670 features 769-square-inches of total cooking area with an output of 60,800 BTUs on 6 stainless-steel cooking grates featuring Weber’s patented Flavorizer bars for consistent restaurant-quality grilling and rotisserie cooking. Its full complement of dedicated-purpose burners includes a side burner, Sear Station burner, smoker burner, and large rear-mounted rotisserie burner, as well as a built-in warming rack.

It comes at a higher price point than many similar models, but its generous cooking area, high performance, and variety of cooking options more than justify it. Add to that other advanced features like an automatic “grill-out” light, patented Snap-Jet individual burner ignition system, Weber’s heavy-duty, heat-retaining stainless steel build, and more, and it’s a complete rotisserie and grilling station that can handle larger meals with restaurant quality easily, a feature anyone looking for the best flat-top grills can truly appreciate.

 #5  Weber Genesis E-335 Rotisserie Grill


WHY WE LIKE IT: Body and cooking elements designed for maximum heat retention, a super hot sear station for restaurant-quality steaks, and Weber’s advanced ignition tech for an ultra-reliable powerhouse.

  • Infinity ignition heating elements
  • Grill cabinet and tool hooks for tons of storage
  • Porcelain-enameled lid traps heat
  • Features and design have higher learning curve than some

The Weber Genesis E-335 is a high-performance multi-burner liquid propane grill featuring some of Weber’s most advanced cooking, ignition, and heat retention technology and design for an ultra-reliable outdoor kitchen. It features an ultra-hot sear station, rotisserie, large standard grill surface, and small side burner for sauteing and cooking sauces, using Weber’s stainless steel rod cooking grates to distribute heat evenly across cooking surfaces for consistent results on multiple food items.

Weber’s Infinity ignition burner technology adds further easy-start reliability, and a heavy-duty porcelain-enameled lid maximizes heat retention for even better cooking and fuel efficiency. Its multiple advanced cooking options, precise front controls, and other features including ample storage space, side tables for food prep, cart-like locking wheel design, and more gives it a somewhat higher learning curve than more pared-down grills, but its versatility and exceptional reliability make it a great value at its relatively modest price point. For even heating, we also recommend the best kamado grills.

 #6  Weber Summit E-470 Rotisserie Grill


WHY WE LIKE IT: Multiple advanced convenience and performance features like an easy-view tank scale and fuel gauge and a collapsable rotisserie kit with generous cooking surfaces and exceptional heat output.

  • 6 tool hooks
  • Tuck-away dual-action rotisserie system
  • LED fuel gauge and tank scale display
  • Less compact than many with similar cooking area sizes
  • Extremely expensive

The Weber Summit E-470 is a mid-size liquid propane grill that outputs 48,800 BTUs on its four main burners on its 580 square inches of main cooking area. It also features a side burner for sauteing, a high-power sear burner, and an innovative tuck-away rotisserie system with a flip-up motor and dual spit and fork functions for simultaneous use. See our roundup of 2-burner gas grills for more options.

Other modern convenience features include an LED tank scale display and fuel gauge for easy monitoring of propane use and heat levels and a stainless steel enclosed cart with stainless steel doors, chrome-plated, cast aluminum handles, and an accent-colored painted side and rear panel, as well as heavy-duty locking caster wheels. With its large cart and wide side prep tables, it’s somewhat less compact than some models with similar main cooking area sizes, but its modern design and convenience features, and versatility make it a great mid-size option. For smoking capacity, you can also check out our best pellet smokers list.

 #7  Broil King Regal S590 Rotisserie Grill


WHY WE LIKE IT: Extra heavy-duty cooking and heating elements are designed for exceptional performance and heat retention with advanced safety and convenience features for outstanding reliability and professional performance every time, providing excellent value.

  • Multiple cooking stage modes
  • Manual 4-stage temperature control
  • Dishwasher safe cooking surface and drip tray
  • Very bulky for its size class

The Broil King Regal S590 is a high-performance natural gas grill with 55,000 BTUs of main burner output on its 625 square inches primary cooking area. A 10,000 BTU side burner and 15,000 BTU rear rotisserie burner off additional cooking options. Its patented stainless steel Dual-Tube burners and advanced Flav-R-Wave stainless steel cooking system ensure consistently, even grilling, searing, and more for each of its dedicated cooking surfaces, and its solid rod 9mm cooking grids are 56% heavier than most similar models in its size and class for exceptional heat retention, offering even more reliable searing and grilling results and increasing fuel efficiency.

Specialized “cool blue” LED-lit control knobs allow for safe and easy operation at night, and generous side prep tables and heavy-duty caster wheels add more convenience and mobility- even though at 217 lbs, it’s considerably heavier than many others in its size and performance category. However, its multiple innovative and patented burner and cooking surface technologies, along with its exceptional performance and ease of use make it a go-to for an ultra-reliable grilling option at a fairly modest price point for its quality. If you like going camping, you can also check out our best camping grills guide.

 #8  Napoleon Prestige 500 Rotisserie Grill


WHY WE LIKE IT: Ultra-compact, heavy-duty box-like design with a convenient easy-open roll top steel lid, night-light precision controls, generous cooking area for its small size, and exceptional cooking power.

  • 760 square inches total cooking area
  • Patented JETFIRE Ignition System
  • Dual-forked rotisserie system
  • Limited mobility

The Napoleon Prestige 500 is a compact, high-performance propane and infrared grill with four stainless steel main burners outputting 66,000 BTUs and a dual-fork rear rotisserie burner. Its patented Napoleon Grill 7.5mm stainless steel WAVE cooking grids provide exceptional heat retention and consistent cooking and its infrared-hybrid rotisserie burner provides clean, ultra-hot performance for two food items simultaneously.

Quality of life features include night light control knobs with SafetyGlow lighting technology for safe and easy nighttime use, an Accu-Probe easy view temperature gauge, dual-level sear plates, and patented Lift Ease roll top lid for comfortable, easy use with good heat retention. Its heavy, box-like design means it doesn’t have the mobility of more common cart-style grill designs, but its exceptional performance and compact design make it great for outdoor kitchens where space is at a premium. For indoor options, we’ve also selected the best indoor grills that will make a wonderful addition to your chef’s kitchen.

 #9  Lion 40 Inch Stainless Steel Rotisserie Grill


WHY WE LIKE IT: A huge total cooking area with exceptional heat output, multiple dedicated burners, extra-large side tables for food prep, generous storage, and good mobility for its size class.

  • 1030 sq. in. main cooking surface
  • Double layer welded smoker box
  • 90,000 total BTUs
  • Much higher price point than many

The Lion 40 Inch is a heavy-duty, jumbo-sized 304-16 gauge commercial grade stainless steel natural gas grill with 1030 square inches of primary cooking surface outputting 90,000 BTUs on 5 cast stainless steel burners. Versatility features include a double layer seamless welded stainless steel smoker head with polished edges for professional meat and fish smoking, a superhot infrared rotisserie back burner, and a large built-in warming rack.

Additional quality of life features include an XL commercial temperature gauge, 6 patented Lion Quick Lite valves for reliability, push-button ignition, and exceptional storage space with 2 interior lights, double drawers, and a bottle opener on its wheeled cart-style body. Its versatility, exceptional quality, performance, and serving size capabilities come at a significantly higher price point than many mid and large-size gas grills, but for large events and gatherings, it’s a top-performing all-in-one professional outdoor kitchen solution. If space is at a premium or you don’t have a designated outdoor space, check out our best electric grills guide. If you host many parties or get together, our best raclette grill guide may be a good choice for you as well.

 #10  Lion Premium Rotisserie Grill

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WHY WE LIKE IT: Exceptionally high-temperature performance on five advanced burners in a compact, pared-down, no-nonsense design purpose-built for great rotisserie results.

  • 90,000 total BTUs
  • 1030 square inches total cooking surface
  • Infrared rotisserie back burner
  • Very limited mobility

The Lion Premium Rotisserie Grill is a large propane and infrared dedicated rotisserie and grill with five stainless steel main burners on a total of 1030 square inches of main cooking surface and an additional infrared rotisserie back burner. It outputs an exceptional 90,000 total BTUs of heat for professional-level sears and high heat recipes, with an XL external temperature gauge for easy monitoring during use.

Its tank-like heavy duty 304-16 gauge commercial grade stainless steel construction and design means it has very limited mobility compared to many gas grills. But its exceptional heat output, cast iron easy-clean cooking grates, durability, and simple easy-to-use design makes it an excellent option for a professional-level rotisserie and grilling at temperatures and overall performance many models on the market can’t touch. For your designated outdoor kitchen, you might also like our best built-in grills buying guide.

How We Decided

We preferred natural gas, propane, and hybrid infrared grills constructed with high test stainless steel and which featured a built-in or attachable rotisserie system and porcelain-coated cast iron or 9mm-plus solid rod stainless steel cooking surfaces for superior heat retention and consistent professional-level cooking performance regardless of the price range. We also liked proprietary, advanced cooking system components like “flavor” bars.

We liked grills with dedicated cooking surfaces for grilling, searing, char broil, smoker, and sauteing, and which had built-in warming racks and main cooking areas of no less than 500 square inches, outputting a minimum of 30,000 BTUs. We also liked heavy-duty construction using 304 stainless steel and cast iron.

Finally, we liked grills with mobility and quality-of-life features such as heavy-duty caster wheels, large side tables for food prep, and double-layered or porcelain-enameled steel lids for increased heat retention and better fuel efficiency, and generous undercarriage storage and/or storage hooks for various grilling utensils. We also liked grills with backlit or LED-lit control knobs for easier, safer use at night, and built-in thermostat displays for precise heat output monitoring.

Best Rotisserie Grills Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Cooking Power
    Gas grills with rotisserie systems require high performance and BTU output, so overall cooking power is an important consideration in a potential purchase.
    • Natural gas has one very marginal advantage over propane in that it burns slightly hotter- but increasingly, the difference isn’t especially noticeable for normal use. As far as cooking power goes, the bigger factors are build quality, the number of advanced features, and the construction of the grilling surface itself.
    • Cast iron grills, for example, which are often porcelain-coated to be rust-proof and to keep burnt food from sticking, cook much hotter and retain heat better than other kinds of grill surfaces, and can do a lot to increase cooking performance.
    • Finally, infrared heating technology is significantly more powerful than gas power alone, often increasing maximum heat well over 1000 degrees, making them a great choice for searing and otherwise getting restaurant-quality meat grilling results and more consistent cooking across grilling surfaces.
    • With that said, read our Char-Broil 463370719 review for a look at an infrared grill we recommend.
  2. Easy To Clean and Safe
    Most commercial and high-end consumer-grade gas grills have design features meant to make care and cleaning simpler and safer. All grills, of course, have hot surfaces that are sometimes exposed, not to mention handles and housing that can reach high heat as well. Look for “cool-touch” features on grills that keep heat from building up to dangerous points on handles or housing, but more common are lids and housing designed with maximum heat retention in mind, which will also keep external surfaces cooler. Though nonstick grilling surfaces are rare in rotisserie-equipped gas grills, cast iron and porcelain-coated cast-iron grilling surfaces aren’t uncommon and have the advantage of being easier to clean and less likely to burn food, in addition to burning hotter and retaining heat better.
  3. Fuel Efficiency
    Despite common misconceptions, propane and natural gas offer very similar performance and quality in high-quality gas grills. Therefore the differences between the two largely come down to fuel efficiency. For propane, refuel canisters are available at most convenience stores, gas stations, or supermarkets, whereas natural gas grills access your home’s utility gas line. This means that your gas grill, energy-wise, can be considered a utility expense. Marginally, natural gas is a bit more efficient than propane, burning slightly hotter and just a little cleaner, but it’s also easier to waste and it’s more difficult to monitor. Therefore it’s a good idea to look for features and design in a natural gas grill that is meant to increase fuel efficiency. Keep in mind as well that many natural gas grills can be turned into propane grills easily with widely available, inexpensive conversion kits. Infrared heating elements can help fuel efficiency considerably, with their much higher heat output and decreased preheat time without increased fuel use. Infrared hybrid burners can add some extra cost to a grill, but if you grill frequently, they’re more economical and environmentally friendly, in addition to their superior performance.

Rotisserie Grills FAQs

Are rotisserie grills safe?

Generally speaking, gas grills with rotisserie systems are safe to use if used with care. That said, natural gas grills must be connected to your home’s gas line, making them a little more dangerous than propane grills, which use refillable tanks. A small number of gas grills feature non-stick cooking surfaces that in the past may have had potentially toxic chemicals in their makeup- however at this point, not only are nonstick Teflon-like grilling surfaces rare in such grills, they’re also generally certified BPA-safe when present. This means they’re not made using chemicals that in the past have been proven to have links with cancer after long-term use. BPA-free certification usually appears in product descriptions, but it’s often the case even if it’s not advertised. If you’re concerned, due diligence with research is recommended on specific products. Cast iron grilling surfaces, of course, are naturally BPA-free and their burners deliver high-quality results.

How do I clean a gas grill?

For a standard stainless steel grilling surface, cleaning will often require steel wool and/or a steel spatula for scraping large pieces off. However, cast-iron grilling surfaces- especially porcelain-coated or enameled ones- excel at keeping burnt food and grease from building up, making them easier to clean- sometimes even just wiping them with a damp cloth will be sufficient. Moreover, the forks and spits found in rotisserie systems and sometimes the entire rotisserie systems themselves are removable and easily cleaned with soap, water, and a scrub. Some may even be dishwasher safe- look for such distinctions in product descriptions.

Are there smokeless or low-smoke rotisserie grills?

Though they tend to produce less smoke during use than charcoal grills, rotisserie systems in natural gas and propane grills both will generally produce some smoke. The design of the grill and any proprietary heating element technology will be a major factor, however, and some models can be found that significantly reduce the smoke they produce, even using their rotisserie function. The presence of infrared heating tech will increase heat output significantly and allow for more even, controlled, no-contact cooking of food, which theoretically will result in less smoke. This no-contact design means that the heating element doesn’t directly come in contact with food, which also results in less burning and charring of food, as a side benefit. Be prepared, however, that rotisserie functions will more often than not produce at least some smoke, though less than searing and high heat grilling.

What’s the best rotisserie grill?

The best rotisserie grill will feature a dedicated built-in or attachable burner and rotisserie system, have a minimum heat output of 30,000 BTU on the main cooking area of no less than 500 square inches, and have quality-of-life features such as heavy-duty caster wheels for mobility, side tables for food prep, and porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grates for increased performance and ease of cleaning. Additional features to look for include double-walled or porcelain-coated lids for better heat retention, night lights, and generous undercarriage storage and/or storage hooks for various grilling utensils.

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