7 Best Reusable Mesh Produce Bags in 2023

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Updated January 24, 2023

Out top pick, this time around and our first choice among the best reusable mesh produce bags are the Purifyou Premium Reusable Mesh Produce Bags. These bags are double stitched for extra strength and have convenient drawstrings for easy opening and closing. To enjoy great comfort when carrying your items, go for the best bags.

To find the best reusable mesh produce bags you can buy, we’ve spent over nine hours researching and putting these bags to the test. We compared and tested the best reusable produce storage bags, looking for durability, sturdiness, and convenience, making sure they could handle a load of produce including avocados, bananas, and at least one pineapple without incurring damage. In addition, we spent a good deal of time checking out their eco-friendly credentials. We looked for internationally or nationally recognized certifications and food-safe materials such as BPA-free polyester and food-grade, water-resistant nylon mesh. Keep reading to learn more about other high-quality mesh produce bags.

Top 7 Best Reusable Mesh Produce Bags

 #1  Purifyou Premium Reusable Mesh Produce Bags


WHY WE LIKE IT: These double-stitched reusable produce bags are ultra-convenient thanks to their use of drawstrings with closure beads for secure closing. Plus, they’re double stitched for extra strength and come with tare weight labels included.

  • BPA, lead and mercury-free
  • Secure, easy drawstring closure
  • Breathable fabric helps keep produce fresh longer
  • Not made from recycled materials

These versatile mesh produce bags are a more eco-friendly and convenient replacement for those annoying and wasteful thin plastic produce bags you get at the grocery store. This set comes with nine bags, including two small 12 x 8 inch, two large 12 x 17 inch, and five medium 12 x 14-inch reusable produce storage bags. Eco friendly and safe for food handling purposes, these bags are certified BPA, lead and mercury free, and they’re less likely to grow bacteria than cotton bags.

You can throw your produce right into the fridge with these lightweight, double-stitched bags, saving time wrangling and throwing away plastic produce bags. The breathable fabric allows for air drying and helps keep non-leafy produce fresh longer in the fridge. Plus, with their long-lasting design, they can help you save over a thousand single-use plastic bags from winding up in the ocean. If you want to keep your trunk organized after your next grocery trip, you should also read our review of the best trunk organizer.

 #2  Ecowaare Reusable Mesh Produce Bags

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WHY WE LIKE IT: These drawstring mesh bags rank among the best reusable grocery bags for produce thanks to their checkout-friendly transparent design and included handy tare weight tags. They’re also a generous size, adding to their versatility.

  • Translucent material for easier labeling and checkout
  • Convenient drawstring bead closure
  • Washable
  • Only comes with large 12 x 17-inch bags
  • Not made of post-consumer material

This reusable bag set comes with 15 large produce bags and provides the ability to handle diverse fruits and veggies including corn on the cob, potatoes, avocados, oranges, bananas and grapefruit. Each large mesh reusable bag measures 12 x 17 inches and helps save wasteful single use plastic bags, thus helping to protect marine life, the food web and humans, too.

These bags are made of fine polypropylene mesh, making them easy to wash and nearly transparent. This feature helps speed up checkout at grocery stores where checkers rely on visual cues to ring up produce. If you always buy fresh produce you might also want to read our guide to the best juicer. But you can also learn more about music instrument bag options in our best gig bag guide.

 #3  Gogooda 15 Pcs Premium Reusable Mesh Produce Bags


WHY WE LIKE IT: This reusable bag set comes with different sized bags great for grocery shopping, food storage and more. The bags come with color coded tags for easy labeling of tare weights and contents.

  • Breathable design is great for fruit and vegetable storage
  • Large, medium and small sizes included in 15 bag set
  • Color-coded tare weight tags
  • 11-pound weight limit
  • Made from plastic

While these bags may still technically be plastic, they’re made from an advanced polyester mesh that’s reusable, easy to clean since it’s machine washable, and can help save over 1000 plastic bags over its lifetime. This set of 15 reusable mesh produce storage bags includes three small, nine medium and three large reusable mesh bags.

For easy grocery shopping, the bags are translucent and come with color-coded tare weight labels. Thanks to their breathable fabric they’re great for food storage and they help preserve fruit in the refrigerator. If you sometimes keep fruit on the counter, you might be interested in our guide to the best banana hook.

 #4  Earthwise Reusable Mesh Produce Bags


WHY WE LIKE IT: These scanner-friendly lightweight mesh produce bags are among the best reusable grocery bags for fruits, vegetables and other smaller items, thanks to their translucent mesh construction.

  • Allows for barcode scanning without removing items
  • Washable and easy to clean
  • Ultra-lightweight, each bag weighs less than 1/3 ounce
  • Not as large as some of the other reusable produce bags on our list

These ultra-lightweight Earthwise reusable mesh produce bags weigh less than 1/3 of an ounce each, so they won’t have you paying extra for your fruits and vegetables. They’re easy to clean, machine washable and help make grocery shopping more convenient as well as more eco-friendly, helping you save up to about 1000 single-use plastic bags.

Made from translucent mesh, they allow easy scanning of barcodes for a speedy checkout. Also helpful for food storage, you can wash fruits and veggies right in the bag and use it to air dry. Speaking of produce, you should also check out our guide to the best avocado slicer.

 #5  Naturally Sensible Reusable Mesh Produce Bags


WHY WE LIKE IT: Produced in an organic textile-certified facility, these nylon reusable mesh bags are durable, washable and great for food storage as well as grocery shopping. Plus, the company supports One Tree Planted, a non-profit that helps to restore the balance of ecosystems and offset carbon footprints.

  • Each purchase supports One Tree Planted for reforestation
  • Durable nylon mesh material stronger than typical polyester
  • Can be cleaned in washing machine and easily folded for storage
  • Fewer different sizes than you get with some other bag sets
  • No tare weight labels

These highly eco-friendly reusable mesh produce bags come from a Global Organic Textile Standard-certified facility and each purchase helps support reforestation with One Tree Planted. Each bag set comes with five 12 x 14-inch reusable grocery bags. The bags are great for produce like bananas, lettuce, broccoli, avocados, apples, squash and carrots.

These sustainable mesh bags are made from lightweight nylon, which provides a little more strength than you get with most polyester mesh produce bags. This adds to their versatility, making them useful for travel and as snacks and toiletries bags, too. For the rest of your produce needs, you should also read our guide to the best melon baller. 

 #6  BB Brotrade MPB12 Reusable Mesh Produce Bags

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WHY WE LIKE IT: This budget-friendly set of reusable produce bags comes with 12 see-through mesh grocery bags in small, medium and large sizes. The bags are color coded and easy to wash.

  • Machine washable and breathable fabric
  • Color coded for easy labeling
  • Lightweight design makes them easy to carry
  • Not as strong as nylon or polypropylene
  • No tare weight labels

These convenient mesh produce bags come in a set of 12, making them a great value for the money. They’re also light enough that they won’t cause problems at checkout, and their translucent mesh material lets you scan barcodes through them. They’re easy to clean, can be washed in a washing machine, and their breathable mesh material makes them useful for food storage.

The set comes with three large 17 x 12-inch bags, six medium 14 x 12-inch bags, and three 8 x 12 bags for smaller items. Not only do these bags save on single-use plastic, making grocery shopping more sustainable, but they can double as laundry bags for delicates and swimwear. You should also consider going through our best wet dry bags diapers guide.

 #7  Lavinrose Reusable Mesh Produce Bags


WHY WE LIKE IT: This bag set comes with nine reusable produce bags that are great for reducing waste when grocery shopping and also convenient for use as snack bags, toiletry bags and more. Stronger than most mesh produce bags thanks to their overlock stitch construction, these are great for heavier produce items.

  • Breathable yet tough bags suitable for heavy items
  • Color-coded and includes tare weight labels
  • Extra durable thanks to overlock-stitching
  • Only 9 bags in a set

These versatile reusable bags are made from overlock-stitched breathable fabric so they’re great for food storage as well as grocery shopping. They can replace up to 1000 single-use plastic produce bags, and they add convenience as well, letting you wash and air dry fruit and vegetables in the bag.

Each bag comes with a tare weight label and the bags are color-coded for convenience. The mesh material allows bar codes to be scanned through them. Included in this set are two large, five medium, and two small produce bags. They’re machine washable and can work as laundry bags or travel bags as well.

How We Decided

In order to find the best reusable mesh produce bags for grocery shopping, food storage, and more, we looked for bags that used durable mesh materials, that were easy to wash and could go through the washing machine, and that allowed for easy scanning of barcode items.

Since reusable grocery bags are designed to reduce waste and be eco friendly, we looked for good environmental sustainability credentials, such as planting trees to offset deforestation or organically-sourced materials and energy-efficient production in our reusable produce bags.

We only considered bags that were easy to clean. Machine washable bags were preferred, as this adds to their versatility, letting you use the bags as laundry bags.

We looked for convenient features like a drawstring closure and color-coded labels for taking down tare weights.

We also considered load capacity. While these kinds of mesh produce bags are usually used for smaller items, a higher weight limit helps when grocery shopping, allowing you to pack denser items like creamers and milk in glass bottles.

Best Reusable Mesh Produce Bags Buyer’s Guide

Features to Consider

  1. Material
    When choosing reusable produce bags, look for a material that’s lightweight yet won’t rip or tear easily when packing produce like bananas and avocados. Many reusable bags are made from materials such as polyester, organic cotton, nylon, or polypropylene mesh.
  2. Weight
    Weight is important when it comes to producing bags since a lot of produce items are sold by weight and you don’t want to have to pay extra. Some of the best reusable produce bags weigh as little as 1/3 of an ounce.
  3. Closure
    Not only are reusable mesh produce bags less wasteful than single-use plastic bags, but they are also more convenient to work with. An easy to use drawstring closure is a helpful feature that makes these bags easier and more secure to carry when grocery shopping.
  4. Washable
    For convenience, look for washable and breathable produce bags. Some of these bags will allow you to wash produce in them and use them to air dry fruits and veggies.

Reusable Mesh Produce Bags FAQs

What are the best reusable produce bags?

The best reusable produce bags allow you to replace up to a thousand single-use plastic bags and enjoy a more convenient shopping experience. They are typically made of strong yet ultra-light nylon mesh material and are friendly for the environment thanks to low-carbon manufacturing.

Do mesh bags keep produce fresh?

Yes, mesh bags are breathable and help maintain optimal humidity for freshness in refrigerated fruit and non-leafy vegetables.

Are mesh bags good for vegetables?

Mesh bags are great for picking up all kinds of produce at the grocery store. They are also great for food storage when it comes to fruit and vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes, full heads of lettuce and cabbage, carrots, and potatoes.

How do you wash reusable mesh produce bags?

For specifics on how to wash reusable mesh produce bags, look on the tags or packaging that comes with the bags. The best reusable produce bags are machine washable and thus very easy to clean and air dry.
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