Best Respawn Gaming Chairs in 2023

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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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What features make the best Respawn gaming chairs? This budget-minded gaming furniture brand made a name for itself with low-cost gaming chairs packing unusual features and great value. Like the best office chairs in general, the top-rated Respawn chairs have an ergonomic design with features like an integrated lumbar support cushion and adjustable padded armrests.

Some of their more noteworthy features include the footrest and full 138-degree reclining function found on the Respawn 110. If you’re playing immersive simulation video games and want a racing-style gaming chair at an affordable price, then a budget model such as the Respawn 205 or Respawn 110 might work well. That said, some users have reported quality issues with some of their chairs, and they are lacking when it comes to comfort and ergonomics.

Keep reading to learn more about the best Respawn gaming chairs and how to choose the best office chair or comfortable gaming chair for your needs.

Top RESPAWN Gaming Chairs

 #1  RESPAWN 110 Gaming Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: The unique race car-style design will keep you comfortable during long hours of gaming or working. This option provides excellent ergonomics that reduce strain on your body, and it also offers 4D adjustability options.

  • Race Car-style design
  • Ergonomic comfort
  • 4D adjustability
  • Cushion might be weak

The unique design that goes into the manufacturing of this chair creates a unique experience for consumers. It has a racecar-seat design that will bring long-lasting comfort, even when you’ve been on your computer for a few hours. This makes it perfect for gamers or those who work from home. Unfortunately, some consumers have reported that the cushioning included in this model is a little weak for their taste. This might make it a less comfortable option for you.

It also offers several features geared toward providing ergonomic comfort. There is a segmented padded design that provides highly contoured support. That means you’ll have less strain on your head, neck, and back. Beyond this, you can use an extendable footrest to kick back and relax genuinely. The adjustable headrest comes with a lumbar support pillow to help you ease any neck pain you may be experiencing from competing models.

 #2  RESPAWN RSP-900 Gaming Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: This option is great for console gamers due to its unique design. The removable side pouch will allow you to have multiple items ready at a moment’s notice, whether it be drinks or controllers. There is also segmented padding.

  • Great for console gamers
  • Segmented padding
  • Removable side pouch
  • Not meant for PC gaming

If you’re somebody who needs a little extra storage, this option will be perfect for your needs. It has a removable side pouch where you can store manuals, controllers, and more. There is also a cup holder built into the arm for holding your drinks during long gaming campaigns. However, you’ll want to remember that this design is better suited to gaming console gaming than gaming on a PC. If you need a computer chair, this won’t be the best fit for you.

The entire chair works as a continuous surface. This makes it a far more comfortable environment due to the smoothness of the materials. It also keeps wires from getting caught on edges or in between open spaces, helping with the management of your wires. This chair can comfortably recline up to 135 degrees, so you can have precise control over the way you’re positioned.

 #3  RESPAWN 200 Gaming Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: You’ll appreciate the 360-degrees of swivel rotation included in this gamer chair design. The seat also raises and lowers depending on your preference, so you can perfectly adjust it to your height.

  • 360-degree swivel rotation
  • Chair raises and lowers
  • Infinite angle lock
  • Seat may begin to wobble

Any gamer will love the features this chair brings to the table, such as the ergonomic comfort thanks to its 4D adjustability. This means you can easily find an optimal position by using any of the adjustable features included, such as raising or lowering the chair or even tweaking the height and depths of your armrests. Unfortunately, some consumers report that their model showed up with a wobbly seat. This isn’t everybody’s experience but is well worth noting before making your final decision.

Beyond the 4D adjustability, several pieces of ergonomics fit into this puzzle. It has a steel tube frame design that makes it highly durable, but this frame is encased in molded foam. That means that you’ll get all of the durability without suffering any discomfort. It has an open-back seat structure that keeps airflow to a maximum. This will keep you cool even in hot environments when you’re gaming.

 #4  RESPAWN 100 Gaming Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: This multifunctional model can be used across the board for playing video games, working, streaming, or other computer-related usage. It has highly-contoured support to ease the strain on your body.

  • Multifunctional model
  • Highly-contoured support
  • Race Car-style design
  • Lumbar support pillow moves around

You’ll enjoy the gamified seating design that this chair provides. It’s a popular choice for anybody who wants to game with a higher comfort level. This multifunctional model can be used for other uses, however. Whether you work from home, need a better chair at the office, or stream content, it’s a fantastic option. While it is a small detail, you should note that the lumbar support cushion is prone to moving around. This could be too annoying for some consumers for the investment to be worth it.

The adjustable headrest allows you to get precision support for your head. This will alleviate any strain you may be feeling. Beyond that, it has a highly-contoured design that supports every inch of your back. You won’t have to worry about excess strain putting pressure on your body and causing aches and pains. It’s made out of bonded leather, which provides a polished, professional appearance fit for almost any setting.

 #5  RESPAWN Raven-Xi Fortnite Gaming Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: This model is fantastic for the themed design, allowing consumers to get into the spirit of their favorite game. It also provides a place to rest your feet to be comfortable during long sessions.

  • Game themed design
  • Place to rest your feet
  • Padded armrests
  • Extension for resting feet may get in the way

If you’re looking for the ultimate Fortnite experience, this chair will provide it to you. It has a fantastic aesthetic that any gamer will appreciate, especially when playing their favorite game. A unique “stitched” pattern runs up the back, and the holes for ventilation on the shoulders look just like eyes. However, this extended footrest may get in the way if you aren’t somebody who likes to kick back while gaming. That might be a dealbreaker for some consumers.

You’ll be able to enjoy both luxury and comfort with this gaming chair. It can handle everything from long workdays to extended gaming campaigns with friends. You’ll also have a high backrest to enjoy, with segmented padding for even higher comfort levels. The integrated headrest will ensure that you have adequate support for your head. Beyond this, it also has an extendable footrest that you can use to lay back for ultimate relaxation.

 #6  RESPAWN RSP-400 Gaming Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: This design is far roomier than most competing models, making it perfect for those who have larger bodies. It also features an adjustable tilt design to further your comfort level and is made with faux leather material.

  • Faux leather material
  • Adjustable tilt angle
  • Roomier design
  • Faux leather material squeaks

There are 130 degrees of reclining ability built into this design. You’ll also have an infinite angle lock that puts you truly in control. The bonded faux leather design with this gaming chair will be easy to clean and super comfortable once molded to your body. While it is a minor design flaw, it is essential to note that the chair may sometimes be squeaky due to the material it’s made with. This might annoy some consumers.

Those who have larger bodies will enjoy this chair quite a bit. It’s crafted with the “Big and Tall” crowd in mind. This means it’s a roomier option that will provide plenty of space no matter your body size. It also offers tilt tension adjustments, which will allow a smoother transition as you find the perfect degree of rotation for your preferences. The tilt lever is installed right on the seat base to allow for an easier time adjusting your seat.

Introduction to Respawn Gaming Chairs

Respawn is a division of HNI, one of the world’s largest office furniture manufacturing companies. This American furniture company has been around since 1944 and is headquartered in Muscatine, Iowa. One of the newer gaming chair brands on the market, Respawn, started marketing racing-style video game chair designs in 2017. Its other well-known brands include the HON brand, famous for its ergonomic chair designs.

Although, for a quick look at competitors, check out the leading DXRacer gaming chairs and the high-end SecretLab gaming chairs. Or, if you are curious about what chairs pros use for league play, check out the gaming chairs used for Overwatch competitions.

Respawn gaming chairs include an eclectic mix of designs aimed at console and PC gamers and hybrid office and gaming chair models. Respawn’s most popular chairs for gamers include the Respawn 110, one of the less expensive gaming chairs on the market. Respawn also sells models with features like a lumbar support pillow, a retractable footrest, a cup holder, and adjustable armrests. With that said, you’ll find plenty of great office chairs that help with lower back pain or chairs suited for sciatica pain relief.

Among numerous color options and design choices, Respawn offers big-and-tall chairs with a higher weight capacity than other models. These heavy-duty chairs offer tilt functions, adjustable seat height for taller gamers, and a maximum weight limit well in excess of the average adult gamer’s body weight.

How Respawn Compares to Other Brands

(Pro 1) Innovative Footrest Designs: The Respawn 110 was one of the first gamer chair models to use an integrated retractable footrest. Along with its 155-degree tilt with infinite angle lock, this feature lets it function like a reclining chair or “La-Z-Boy.”

(Con 1) Styling Not for Everyone: With a few exceptions, many Respawn affordable gaming chair models have flashy or gaudy styling. Some may find their designs more interesting than generic gaming chairs, but some may prefer a more toned-down office chair or an all-black video game chair.

(Pro 2) Available Big-and-tall Versions: Respawn sells big-and-tall versions of its popular gaming chairs. These versatile gaming chair models have up to a 400-pound weight capacity and seats with thicker padding made of high-density foam. Read our gaming chair foam page to understand foam’s benefits.

(Con 2) Some Cost-Cutting Materials: Some critics note that the integrated lumbar padding and non-adjustable built-in lumbar support in most Respawn chairs is a cost-cutting measure compared to the more plush lumbar pillows some other brands offer. Be sure to know how to attach lumbar support to a gaming chair to get the benefits of the pillow. Respawn’s basic office chair mesh can also be somewhat cheap-feeling.

(Pro 3) Affordable Prices Compared to Other Gaming Chairs: Respawn is known for producing office chairs and ergonomic gaming chair designs in a more affordable price range than many other brands.

(Con 3) Less Comfortable Than Premium Chairs: With their generally slim, racing seat design and relatively thin integrated lumbar padding, some Respawn chairs aren’t as plush or comfortable as more expensive chairs. With their sleek design, however, they are still more ergonomic than many generic gaming chairs.

(Pro 4) Available Mesh Design: The mesh design options available on some Respawn chairs are breathable and help keep you cool during intense gaming sessions. Unlike the faux leather on most gaming chairs, this mesh upholstery doesn’t tend to cause increased sweatiness.

(Con 4) Limited Ergonomic Adjustability: While they stand out as affordable options, many Respawn models lack some adjustment features found on more costly models. Some higher-end gaming chair and office chair concepts include adjustable magnetic headrest pillows and a wide range of armrest and backrest adjustments, for example.

Why Should You Buy a New Respawn Gaming Chair?

You might want to consider a new Respawn gaming chair if you’re getting new gaming accessories, building a dedicated gaming setup at home, or looking for an affordable yet comfortable chair for intense gaming sessions. You might also consider a Respawn chair as an alternative to a basic office chair in your home office.

If you enjoy a racing seat design and don’t need all the adjustability features that premium chairs offer, a model such as the Respawn 110 might be worthwhile for cost savings. Likewise, suppose you prefer an edgy design rather than the low-profile design found on most basic office chair models. In that case, a Respawn gaming chair can be a super-affordable way to experiment with the racing-style visual design aesthetic before spending money on an expensive gaming chair.

Alternatively, you might want to try out a Respawn gaming chair because of the unique additional features some of these gaming chair designs offer. If you’re looking for a reclining ergonomic chair with footrest options, Respawn has models that fit the bill. You might also want a rocking gaming chair available in multiple color schemes. However, if you really want to stand out or make a chair your own, you can learn how to make a gaming chair.

How Long Will a Respawn Gaming Chair Last?

If you are wondering how long do gaming chairs last, you should know that, in general, gaming chairs typically last two to five years without needing major repairs or reupholstering. The actual lifespan of any chair, however, depends on its users, its environment, and the quality of the materials involved. Also, ensure the chair doesn’t wear out faster by assembling it correctly using our guide on how to assemble a gaming chair.

While they tend to be more affordable than some premium gaming chairs and office chair concepts, Respawn gaming chairs benefit from parent company HNI’s substantial furniture production experience. Thus, most Respawn chairs should last about as long as other home office chairs and generic gaming chairs with normal use.

The chair tilt mechanism and armrest fabrics often show wear and tear sooner than other components. Experts suggest keeping these affordable but well-built chair models clean and relatively free from excess dust and moisture.

Depending on the quality of its hardware, a rocking gaming chair may wear out sooner than a chair that only has a simple height adjustment via gas cylinder. Less expensive chair models often use fewer layers of foam in their armrests and lumbar cushions, which may also reduce their longevity.

Regardless of a chair’s basic features, users shouldn’t use a gaming seat as a long-term storage area for heavy objects like monitors, dumbells, or hard drives. Never subject a chair to excessive weight or load it with items weighing more than its posted weight capacity.

Respawn Warranties

Respawn chairs sold in the contiguous US, including the Respawn 110, Respawn 200, and Respawn 400 series, come with a limited lifetime warranty on the chair’s frame and a two-year limited warranty on fabric, upholstery, and moving parts such as adjustable features, hinges, wheels, and lift cylinders. As with countless gaming chair warranties, these warranties exclude damage due to excessive weight, rental use, accidents or natural disasters, and normal wear and tear.

Respawn’s American warranty covers materials and workmanship defects and only applies to the original purchaser and to chairs bought and sold in the US. They generally require proof of purchase when submitting a warranty claim.

Respawn Gaming Chair FAQ

Which Respawn gaming chair is the best?

It depends on what you're looking for. If you're seeking a basic gaming or racing-style chair with comfortable ergonomics but not too many bells and whistles, the Respawn 110 or Respawn 200 may fit the bill. If you're looking for a model with additional weight capacity, you might prefer the Respawn 400.

How much weight can Respawn chairs hold?

The weight limit of most respawn chairs is 275 pounds. However, the big and tall-oriented Respawn 400 has a higher weight limit of 400 pounds. This makes it one of the more heavy-duty gaming chair models on the market.

Is there a point to gaming chairs?

Gaming chairs can add to the ambiance of a gaming setup, making simulation games feel more immersive. From a strictly practical point of view, some gaming chairs offer superior ergonomics and more adjustability than a basic office chair or task chair.

Are Respawn gaming chairs adjustable?

While they have fewer adjustable features than some other brands, most Respawn chairs do have basic adjustability features, including seat height and backrest angle. Some models also add an adjustable footrest and headrest.

Are gaming chairs better for you?

Gaming chairs may be more ergonomic than ordinary home office or task chairs, but not all gaming chairs have equal ergonomic benefits. To find the best gaming chair, you'll want to select a model that fits you properly. Respawn chairs come in different sizes, with available big and tall models such as the Respawn 400.
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