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7 Best Record Storage Holders in 2023

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After more than 8 hours of research different storage options, our top pick for best record storage holder goes to the Kaiu Vinyl Record Storage Holder. This storage option offers a very basic design – a wooden base supported by two angled acrylic slats on opposite ends, holding up to 50 12″ LPs or 7″ singles. We love its ease of assembly (less than a minute) and the choice of four colors that fit well with most room decor.

Choosing the best record storage holder could mean the difference between a messy pile and neatly stacked, upright records that are easy to flip through. In determining the best record storage holder to buy, we explored style (stand, rack, shelving unit, etc.), capacity, material, ease of assembly, and design & aesthetics. Keep reading to learn more about other high-quality record storage holders available for purchase. You can also check out the best music instruments while you are at it.

Top 7 Best Record Storage Holders

 #1  Kaiu Vinyl Record Storage Holder


WHY WE LIKE IT: This vinyl record storage holder consists of a compact 13.5″ by 7″ by 7.5″ wood storage cube and shatterproof angled acrylic plate, working great for people with limited shelf space.

  • Great ergonomic design is easy to flip between collection
  • Shatterproof construction and choice of four colors
  • Easy to assemble
  • Acrylic ends may slip frequently if not placed properly
  • Material could be a bit less grainy

This vinyl collection storage holder can hold up to 50 12″ LPs or 7″ singles. Two acrylic and angled end plates allow users to flip between records. Small “knobs” engraved on the base keeps each record supported upright, which is necessary to prevent warping over time. Kudos for this vinyl record storage holder’s durability, as both acrylic end plates are shatterproof and break-resistant. Speaking of durability, check out the best Quintos.

Thanks to this vinyl record holder’s choice of four colors (clear, modern black, vintage brown, and natural), it can match virtually any type of living room decor. Assembly is also a breeze, taking less than a minute with provided spacers to connect both wooden base plates together. It’s one of the nicest record displays on our list. If you’re going for aesthetic, this is probably one of the best record players/turntables for your home.

 #2  HongDream Magazine Rack Book Record Storage Holder


WHY WE LIKE IT: This budget-friendly record storage holder comes with nine sections and a durable iron wire construction, preferable for people with very small LP collections who also want to hold books and magazines.

  • Best on a budget
  • Can also accommodate books, folders, and magazines
  • Neutral, black wire fits the most home decor
  • Limited storage capacity (nine sections)
  • May have too much spacing in between records for some users
  • Only one color available (black)

This HongDream record storage holder comes with a 9 LP-capacity. Each LPs sits in its own “pod.”, offering less visibility and “flipping” ability than some of our other picks. Enough spacing exists between wires to hold books and magazines as well. Kudos for no installation required – it is built in one piece right out of the box. If you like this feature, also check out the best sousaphones.

Thanks to this record racks iron wire construction, it is very durable, not easily warped, or bent even when dropped. Measuring only 10.2 by 7″ by 7″, it takes up very little space on your dresser. This makes it a winner in our book. If you want to listen to your records on the go too, check out the best portable record player.

 #3  Crosley AC1004A-NA Record Storage Holder


WHY WE LIKE IT: This vinyl record storage comes offers the option of three Beatles-inspired designs and a 75 LP-capacity, making it great for Beatles fans with larger collections.

  • Choice of more than ten colors & designs
  • Room for up to 75 albums
  • Sturdy, solid wood construction
  • No bottom pegs to separate each record in place
  • May not fit all entertainment centers
  • Carry handles could be more pronounced

We really like this vintage-inspired, LP storage holder’s design, constructed using solid wood with the Crosley logo edges on opposite sides. It comes in the choice of more than ten colors, including themed versions of the Beatles’ Abbey Road and Yellow Submarine. These three special songs rank amongst the Beatle’s most recognized hits. With four designs dedicated to the Beatles, it is a near must for Beatles fans.

This vinyl record storage holder can hold anywhere between 40 and 70 albums. It is a great fit for people with a larger record collection. Ample storage space makes it easy to flip from one record to the next. Speaking of storage, take your music storage digital with the best mp3 player.

 #4  MÖNKE Premium Vinyl Record Storage Holder


WHY WE LIKE IT: This mid-century style vinyl record storage holder comes with a wooden cave with a V-groove design to keep records upright, making it great as a decorative showpiece to display album covers on your entertainment center.

  • Indentations on-base beautifully hold records in place
  • Holds up to 50 LPs
  • Easy assembly
  • Paint is not scratch-proof
  • May be too much of a minimalist design for some people

We love the way this vinyl record storage holder is designed. A wooden base has etched grooves to keep records stranding upright and two angled acrylic sliders on opposite sides offer support. Grooves are even thick enough to hold a double record. All records sit at a slightly inclined angle, which makes it easy to flip from one to the next without removing them.

This vinyl record storage holder is only 13.25″ high, which makes it fit in most entertainment centers. Our only knock is that it only comes in one or two colors – black and brown. Kudos for a simple three-piece assembly and durable construction – both acrylic ends use PMMA material. If you love music, take it to the next level with the best DJ headphones.

 #5  Victrola Wooden Stand Record Storage Holder


WHY WE LIKE IT: This vinyl record storage holder comes with a sturdy wood construction and double-decker proportions, a great choice for people who prefer a larger centerpiece to hold both a record player and 50+ records.

  • Durable solid oak construction
  • Enough room for more than 50 vinyl records
  • Does not require any assembly
  • Metal racks could be sturdier
  • May be too large for some rooms

This vinyl record storage furniture is made using solid, wooden oak, which is incredibly sturdy. It has two levels – a flat top to lay a record player on and a bottom slat with wired holders to keep LPs standing upright. It can hold over 50 vinyl records, which works for people with larger collections.

As this vinyl record storage shelf is built in one piece, no assembly is required. Simply take this record cabinet out of the box and stand it in your favorite spot next to your entertainment center or music collection. Our only knock is that there are no bottom ridges on the holder slat to prevent records from shifting too much, especially if there are only 10-20 records. If you want to listen to music while you’re traveling, you can’t go without the best over-ear headphones.

 #6  ZonsWorld Vinyl Record Storage Holder


WHY WE LIKE IT: This vinyl record storage holder comes with a 50-album capacity and a compact, bamboo crate-style construction, making it ideal for someone who prefers a simple and easy assembly.

  • Easy to flip through the collection; great spacing
  • Very durable and break-resistant eco-friendly bamboo
  • Works with most home decor
  • Recessed screw heads could use a plug
  • Some users may find spacing too narrow between grooves

This vinyl record storage holder is very well designed, consisting of a break-resistant bamboo with two slanted and angled holders for support and a grooved base, which helps records remain upright. Both edges make it easy to flip between 7″ or 12″ records with no danger of slipping off. Plus, it is very compact (only 11″ by 9.5″ by 13″), which makes it unassuming in larger entertainment center units or on top of tables

We also like how easy it is to assemble this unit, which uses three separate pieces connected by four screws. Bonus points for the choice of three color options – natural bamboo (unpainted), black, and white.

 #7  Sound Stash High-End Bamboo Record Storage Holder


WHY WE LIKE IT: This vinyl record storage crate is made out of solid bamboo with ergonomic, built-in handles, which works great for people who prefer to carry their records from place to place.

  • Solid and thick construction
  • Smooth and earthy finish
  • Very easy assembly
  • A bit on the heavy side (6.78 pounds)
  • Some small natural imperfections in the wood
  • No bottom pegs to separate records

We love this vinyl record storage holder’s simplicity. It holds up to 80 records using a crate-style design with two rounded-edge cutouts as a carry handle. This makes it easy to carry them from place to place. It is also spacious enough to allow easy flipping between records, especially if it’s not packed to the max.

Our favorite feature with this storage unit is its sturdiness. LP storage is made easier with its very limited assembly – all parts come pre-drilled with a separate set of instructions.

How We Decided

In determining the best vinyl record storage case to buy, we explored style (stand, storage racks, storage cabinet, shelving unit, etc.), capacity, material, assembly, and design/aesthetics.

Record storage holders come in a variety of styles. Some include crates, freestanding structures, and wood/acrylic slat combinations like the MÖNKE Premium Vinyl Record Storage. Choosing one is largely a matter of aesthetics, preference, and the number of records you would like to store. Crates and wood bases are great fixtures for entertainment centers and mutable tops. Our #5 pick Victrola Wooden Stand Record Storage Holder’s top section holds a record player and a bottom compartment holds up to 50 records.

Capacity is a key consideration. For larger storage options, our list tops out at 80 records (#7 pick Sound Stash High-End Bamboo Record Storage Holder). Smaller ones can hold in the 20 to 30 range. Note, although there are specified capacities, we recommend not filling crates to the max to make it easier to flip between records to find the ones you want to play.

Material and design/aesthetics go hand in hand. We like sturdy materials with wire, acrylic, or other support slabs which keep records standing upright without slippage. Kudos for built-in carry handles, which allows you to carry 50+ records from room to room with ease.

Assembly is the last component. Preferably, either they come with pre-drilled holes or in a one-piece construction with no assembly required. At most, you will be using screws to connect three or four smaller pieces in place.

Best Record Storage Holder Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Style
    Vinyl store units come in a variety of styles, including crate, free-standing, and wood/acrylic slat combinations. For even notice record collectors, choosing one over the other is largely a matter of preference and how it matches with your home decor.
  2. Capacity
    Our recommended record storage holders carry anywhere from 20 records to 80 records. Note, although you can fill a crate to max capacity, it is not as easy to flip through records to find the one you want. We recommend loading it to roughly 75% max for the best flexibility.
  3. Material
    Kudos for record storage holders that consist of sturdy materials. Acrylic slats should easily be able to hold the weight of records, especially with repeated flipping. Bonus points for record storage holders that have built-in grooves to help keep records standing upright without shifting too much.
  4. Assembly
    We are big fans of record storage holders that take no more than a minute to assemble. Better yet, they come either with pre-drilled holes or in one construction out of the box. You will typically find this with smaller record storage holders.

Record Storage Holder FAQs

What is the best way to store records?

We recommend storing records in a cool and dry place, as humidity can affect your vinyl. Record cabinets are especially designed with this in mind. They can be stored in crates and “open-air” storage holders as long as humidity in the 45 to 50 percent range. Plus, it is very important to keep them vertical. Laying them flat on top of one another could cause them to warp, scuff marks, and ring wear.

How should vinyl be stored flat or upright?

Vinyl records should be stored upright against each other. Try to avoid slanting or laying them on top of each other, as it has been proven to warp them over time. Kudos for record storage holders that have bottom pegs that help to keep them in place.

Is it OK to stack records?

It is never OK to stack records in a storage unit. Stacking them on top of each other could cause scuff marks, ring wear, and warping which can render them useless.

How do I get dust off my record?

As a best practice, keep them stored in plastic sleeves. If they have been out in the open for some time, a wipe with a lint-free cloth works very well. Lint-free cloths have no rough edges that could cause scratches.

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