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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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To help you find the best RC trucks for kids, we’ve tested out dozens of products, driving them over all kinds of surfaces, looking for models that were safe for children to play with and ones that were highly durable, taking the kinds of beatings kids throw at them. While testing, we favored trucks made high quality parts, featuring easy-to-use remote controls, and ones with bright kid-friendly designs. If you want to your kids more flying toys or fast cars, check out our best RC toys guide.

Of the seven products on this list, the JEYPOD Remote Control Truck truly shone brightest, coming packed with four batteries, each achieving 30 minutes of play time, making it one heck of a value. The maximum wireless distance for the remote is also extremely high, clocking in at 80 meters, meaning your kids will have a blast racing this around a large play area, such as a park or a yard. Keep reading to learn more about the JEYPOD Remote Control Truck and the six other products on this list.

Top 7 Best RC Trucks for Kids Compared

 #1  JEYPOD Remote Control Truck

Award: Top Pick

WHY WE LIKE IT: This truck is packed to the gills with useful features, including a distance range of up to 80 meters, a highly durable water-resistant design and an easy to use remote which is perfect for kids. It also comes with four rechargeable batteries offering two full hours of play time, making it perfect for children with a lot of energy.

  • Best battery
  • Price is on lower side
  • Durable design
  • Charging requires removal of battery chassis
  • Does not do well with gravel or rocky surfaces
  • Remote not great for controlling multiple JEYPODs at once

The JEYPOD Remote Control Truck is just a fantastic product. It’s simple to set up and the remote is perfect for kids, allowing for tight turns from up to 80 meters away. The RC vehicle offers some light water-resistance and extremely durable design, with shocks and bumpers working together to make it virtually crashproof. It also comes with four rechargeable batteries, offering two whole hours of play time, and some garden variety AAs for the remote, further enhancing its value.

The remote boasts some anti-interference tech, which works great if you are simultaneously controlling the JEYPOD in the same vicinity as cars made by other manufacturers. It does run into some trouble, however, if you are using multiple JEYPOD products at once. Additionally, the design forces you to manually unscrew the chassis in order to remove the batteries in order to get them charged. It is no surprise that it ranks among the best RC trucks.

 #2  DOUBLE E Rock Crawler

Award: Honorable Mention

WHY WE LIKE IT: A sturdily designed truck that is designed for travel on rocks and gravel, thanks to a stellar combination of dual motors and four wheel drive, with a unique graffiti design and some great safety forward features. This is a fantastic product for kids looking for some offroad racing.

  • Powerful dual motors
  • Stable drive, thanks to shocks on each wheel
  • Each unit features individual graffiti design
  • Tires come off rather easily
  • 20 minutes on a charge
  • Spare parts on the expensive side

The DOUBLE E Rock Crawler is an extremely powerful truck, featuring a dual-motor design and four wheel drive to help it easily traverse rocks and gravel. The drive is also smooth, thanks to each wheel having its own spring-loaded shock. It features an IPX4 water-resistance rating, so it can easily roll through puddles and other small bodies of water, and a body that is made from non-toxic ABS plastic. Each product also features a fully unique graffiti design, with no vehicle the same, making it great to purchase for multiple children.

Though the design is extremely durable, the tires do pop off rather easily, which could make it a safety hazard for younger children. Additionally, we only got 20 minutes of play time in before we had to juice it up, and it takes four hours to reach a complete charge. It hits all of the right buttons to play along with the best RC cars for kids.

 #3  SPESXFUN RC Truck (2019 model)

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Award: Fastest

WHY WE LIKE IT: This vehicle is fast for something intended for children, easily reaching 15-20 mph, but not fast enough that it could become a safety hazard, with a twin motor design that excels at climbing. If your kids have an undeniable need for speed, this is the product for you.

  • Fastest on list (15-20 mph)
  • Body is extremely sturdy and takes a licking
  • Comes with two batteries, providing an hour of play time
  • Takes 5 hours to reach a full charge for each battery
  • Distance range only 40 meters
  • Does not come with batteries for remote

The SPESXFUN RC Truck is fast, featuring a twin motor design that easily reaches 15-20 mph and also excels at taking steep climbs. The exterior design is durable and made from non-toxic plastic, making it great for kids. It also comes with two sets of rechargeable batteries, which can easily be installed in the product and charged via USB cable, allowing for a total of one hour of play time if you count both batteries. These are all things that we look for in the best remote control car.

The maximum distance range for the remote control is around 40 meters, which is decent but on the lower end of the ranges offered by products on this list, the most being 80 meters. Additionally, the product does not come shipped with a pair of AA batteries for the remote, forcing you to supply your own. Check out the Redcat Racing Volcano EPX 1/10 Scale Brushed RC Monster Truck, another one of the best remote control cars on the market.

 #4  DOUBLE E Monster Truck

Award: Best Tires

WHY WE LIKE IT: A super-cool monster truck body sits atop the best tires on this list, with an anti-slip design that excels in a range of terrains, with each wheel getting its own suspension links and springs to help protect the internal components of the vehicle. This is a great product for fans of monster trucks or those looking to play on sand or muddy roads.

  • Anti-slip tires are fantastic
  • Cool monster truck design
  • Max wireless range of 80 meters
  • Charging requires removal of battery chassis
  • Internal components not safe to get wet
  • Only 20 minutes on a charge, with some others offering 25-30

The DOUBLE E Monster Truck comes with four great anti-slip tires, made from rubber and featuring an anti-lock braking system. Each tire also comes equipped with its own suspension links and springs, which makes for an extremely smooth drive, even on sand or mud. The design is neat, perfect for monster truck fans, and the dual motors give it a lot of pep and climbing ability. Additionally, the remote boasts a max wireless range of 80 meters, which is tied for the highest on this list.

While the large tires and high-placed frame help to keep the truck out of puddles and other bodies of water, the internal components are not water-resistant, so be careful while using it in the rain. Additionally, the vehicle’s design forces you to manually unscrew the chassis in order to remove the batteries in order to get them charged, which can be annoying. Which reminds me of making your own cars with the Hot Wheels Car Maker Playset.

 #5  XIXOV Hobby Truck

Award: Best Crashproof Design

WHY WE LIKE IT: An extremely sturdily designed truck, with an aluminum alloy body that makes it tough and virtually crashproof and a large 1:14 scale frame, making it slightly larger than average. This is a great product for kids that like to get rough with their RC vehicles.

  • Crashproof design
  • Large body is 1:14 scale
  • Dual motors great for climbing and most terrains
  • Only 20 minutes of play time with each battery
  • Charging requires removal of battery chassis
  • Batteries for remote not included

The XIXOV Hobby Truck features a body that is made entirely from a tough aluminum alloy, meaning kids can crash it into just about anything and it will keep bouncing back. The crashproof design is further enhanced by bumpers on the front and rear of the vehicle and suspension springs attached to each tire. The dual motors also make this truck great for a variety of terrains, including snow.

While it does come packed in with two rechargeable batteries, which is nice, we found that each battery allowed for 20 minutes of playtime, meaning after 40 minutes you’ll have to go for a recharge. We do expect a bit more from the best RC toys, so the fun can last. On that note, removing the batteries requires you to manually open the chassis with a screwdriver.

 #6  XIXOV Toy Truck

Award: Best For Climbing

WHY WE LIKE IT: Features an extremely stable wireless connection with a frequency range of 2.7 Ghz, meaning the remote rarely drops out and never interferes with nearby vehicles. It also comes with a non-jamming feature, making this a fantastic pick for multi-kid households, as you can run several at the same time with no interference.

Features an extremely high suspension and four wheel drive, making it exceed at climbing steep hills, up to 45 degrees, a pleasing 1:14 scale, which is bigger than average, and a durable main body made from aluminum alloy. It also comes with a non-jamming feature, making this a fantastic pick for multi-kid households, as you can run several at the same time with no interference.

  • Great at climbing
  • Large body is 1:14 scale
  • Four wheel drive
  • Each rechargeable battery gets 15-20 minutes on a charge
  • Batteries for remote not included
  • Charging requires removal of battery chassis

The XIXOV Toy Truck boasts an extremely easy-to-use remote, perfect for kids, that is packed with 2.7 Ghz wireless technology, helping to ensure a stable signal at all times, even as far away as 75 meters. The remote also features a non-jamming button, which minimizes interference from nearby vehicles. The larger-than-average 1:14 scale body is extremely durable, made from aluminum alloy, and the dual motors give this truck a lot of pep, easily reaching speeds of 10-15 mph.

Like a few other trucks on this list, removing the batteries for recharging requires a screwdriver, though we managed to get the chassis open in just a minute or two. Additionally, the remote requires a pair of AA batteries, which are not included with purchase, though it does come with a pair of rechargeable batteries. Compare this model to the best rc helicopters and see which one looks like more fun. Check out the DEERC 1/16 Scale RC Car as well, which runs on all terrains and can reach an impressive high speed of 23 miles per hour.

 #7  BIFYTON Stunt Vehicle

Award: Best for Stunts

WHY WE LIKE IT: This vehicle is designed primarily for stunts, manufactured with a PVC plastic shell that is extremely durable, with the product becoming even more stunt-friendly thanks to a set of fully rotatable tires that allow for flips and other tumbling-related actions. This is a great product for kids looking to pull off outlandish moves in the living room.

  • Tires rotate, allowing for stunts
  • PVC shell is durable and explosion-proof
  • LED lights look great and offer nighttime use
  • Ran into temporary trouble syncing remote
  • Charging requires removal of battery chassis
  • Doesn’t do well with some outdoor terrains

The BIFYTON Stunt Vehicle features a set of fully rotatable tires that boast a 360 degree range of motion, meaning it can contort itself into all manner of shapes and also flip and tumble. The PVC shell is extremely durable, with the manufacturer saying it can withstand a small explosion, though we did not test that particular aspect of the design. The LED lights are also fairly bright, adding both a unique aesthetic and the ability to use the vehicle at night or in dark rooms.

This vehicle excels indoors and can handle some outdoor terrains, such as grass and driveway, but we found it struggled while on rocks, sand and other difficult to navigate substances. Additionally, you’ll have to manually remove the chassis every time you need a recharge, though the product does come with all relevant tools to do so.

How We Decided

To help you find the best RC truck for your kids, we’ve tried out a bunch of different models, testing them out for safety, high build quality and traction on a variety of surfaces. To that end, we chose vehicles made with high quality materials, usually encased in non-toxic, ultra-hard plastic, to ensure that small pieces could not break off and become a safety hazard.

We also took a detailed look at each remote, choosing products that offered simple controls that were easy to race around the home, throughout the yard and, in some cases, amidst difficult terrains. While the distance ranges on the above products differ, each of them offer reliable wireless connections, with some products offering a maximum range of 80 meters.

We also took a look at additional quality-of-life features, such as good battery life in the 25-30 minute range on a single charge, crashproof bodies and vehicles that offered a variety of kid-friendly designs, such as a monster truck. We also favored products that excelled in a large variety of terrains, with some rated for gravel, rocks and even snow.

RC Trucks for Kids Buying Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Safety Features
    These are RC trucks that are designed to be played with by kids as young as eight years old, so you are going to want to make sure the manufacturers took their time to address common safety concerns. Look for products that are totally encased in an ultra-durable plastic, with no external parts that can easily break away. If your kid is asking for something fast, try to pick something in the 15-20 mph range, which is fast but not fast enough that it’ll cause injury if crashed into.
  2. Off-Road Functionality
    These are trucks and, as such, are often intended for outdoor use, often on gravel or rocky surfaces. If you are really looking to maximize off-road functionality, look for a vehicle with dual motors, which increases climbing ability, and those with four wheel drive. Additionally, shocks and bumpers can help the vehicle traverse the varied obstacles that pop up while traveling outside.
  3. Battery Life
    If you are looking to occupy your kids for the maximum amount of time, you are going to want to pick a product that features a robust battery life, something in the 25-30 minute range on a single charge. Additionally, you’ll have to decide on whether or not you want something that is powered by traditional AA batteries or via USB connection, the drawback of the latter is they often, though not always, require manual removal in order to be charged. The drawback of using traditional batteries is obvious, as they cost money.

RC Trucks for Kids FAQs

Are some of these RC cars also appropriate for adults or teenagers?

In our experience, any of the above products would be great for teenagers or adults, though expectations should be somewhat lowered. Some of them go fast, but don’t go quite as fast as more expensive products aimed at hobbyists.

Does the scale of the vehicle matter?

A smaller car will be more affected by obstacles and rough terrain, where a bigger car will not even be fazed by that same obstacle. A smaller vehicle will be easier to carry around, and require less storage space, and bigger cars can limit the areas you can drive around in, due to their size, though they are less impacted by rough terrain. Kids may be attracted to larger vehicles, however, because they more closely resemble their real-life counterparts.

Do some of these companies offer replacement parts or batteries?

Yes. Some, though not all, of these manufacturers, also sell replacement parts, such as additional battery units and, in some cases, different motors, external casings and tires.
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