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The best RC trucks allow for smooth, powerful maneuvers and speedy climbs on all types of uneven terrain. Our evaluation criteria focused on top speed, range, run to charge time ratio, and advanced features such as shock absorption, treaded tires, and body composition to withstand bounces and heavy impact. Apart from trucks, you can find other toys to gift your kids in our best rc toys guide.

After more than 25 hours of research, our top pick goes to the Double E RC Car. It offers an outstanding 4-motor design, superior wheel composition for grip and slid-resistance, and an above-average operating range (up to 100M) for more options navigating the open environment without having to follow your RC truck everywhere.

Top 7 Best RC Trucks Compared

 #1  Double E RC Car

Award: Top Pick

WHY WE LIKE IT: The eccentric Double E is an off-road beast, ripping through the tracks with front and rear dual motors for increased horsepower, heavily treaded/ridged wheels and oversized PVC tires for road grip. This makes it a top choice to run on rugged terrain or areas with larger obstacles, such as a grassy backyard or open wooded and sandy areas.

  • Longest range (100M)
  • Heavy trend wheels for grip
  • Solid run to charge time ratio
  • Flimsy tire spring shocks
  • Harder to drive on grass

This remote control truck looks good and feels durable, using high-quality ABS plastic with a graffiti-inspired car shell design that really pops. Its body is fully waterproof, which makes it perfect for riding on puddles as well. Two impact-resistant independent bumpers also protect against crashes.

Control range is solid, allowing for tight maneuvering or all-out blitzes on straightaways up to 260 feet away. Truly one of the best RC trucks for kids or adults. Run to charge time ratio is respectable, with 30 minutes of playing time on a 2-3 hour full charge. A 2.4Ghz controller also supports multiple cars racing at the same time without signal interference.

 #2  SZJJX RC Car

Award: Honorable Mention

WHY WE LIKE IT: This remote control car is an uneven terrain dynamo, with independent suspension springs for each wheel, high-grip PVC rubber tires for skid resistance, and a separately mod-shock absorber. This makes it an excellent choice for beginners and hobbyists to run on rocks, sand, and easily skip pebbles and large stones on all types of uneven surfaces. I would even call it one of the best RC cars for kids. I’m a big kid anyway.

  • Excellent on uneven surfaces
  • Independent suspension springs for each wheel
  • Up to 100-meter controlling distance
  • Low capacity 700mAh Ni-Cd Battery
  • Below average run to charge time ratio

A 2.4 radio control system allows multiple cars to race at the same time. Its controls areultra-responsive including direction trimmer and full-function steering to keep the RC car moving straight with left, right, forward, and in reverse. Run to charge time ratio is below average, with a 2-3 hour full charge allow for 15-20 minute run times at max speeds.

Controlling distance is up to 100 meters, which easily covers a large backyard or wooded area. Independent suspension springs on each wheel produce a damping effect on the vehicle’s body, making it less susceptible to electrical damage as it “rolls with the punches.” Its controller is also very responsive, with throttle presses resulting in instant feedback from our research. By the way, if you are looking for that special gift, RC cars make superb gifts for geeks, since they are so fun. Honestly, I wish that all of the best RC toys had these features, because it makes all the difference.


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Award: Best Shock Absorption

WHY WE LIKE IT: This RC car blasts out of the gates with a 1:16 scaled design carrying anti-slip tires, forward/backward/left/right direction changing, independent frame top speed of 15 miles an hour, and shock springs. All of the features are ideal for small children and adults who prefer to perform stunts on uneven surfaces, allowing it to achieve extra bounce without breaking a sweat.

  • Quality shock absorbers
  • Top speed of 15 miles an hour
  • Two rechargeable battery packs
  • Steering is not variable rate
  • Plastic remote feels cheap
  • No adapter included

This RC car has a below-average playing to charge time ratio, achieving 20-30 minutes on a 4 to 6-hour charge. However, there are two rechargeable battery packs make up for it, a bonus over the other picks on our list. It also includes a USB input for more convenience.

Control range is suitable for 40 to 50 meters, meaning it can traverse a 164 square foot area from corner to corner without any issues. Its attention to detail is solid, including a cockpit and driver’s seat. Its oversized, anti-slip tires are also heavily ridged, allowing it to navigate on rugged and uneven roads easily. Ask anyone who plays with RC toys and they will tell you that this belongs on our best remote control car list.

 #4  Hosim High Speed RC Truck

Award: Fastest Speed

WHY WE LIKE IT: This remote control trucks is a speed demon, tops on our list with a max speed of 30 miles per hour, two independent motors, anti-skid wheels, metal sealed ball bearings and the choice of full speed or half speed modes (15 miles per hour). This makes it an excellent choice for speed demons looking for an extra thrill in more daredevil environments, such as staircases and ramp obstacle courses.

  • 30 mph top speed
  • Range of up to 80m/262 ft
  • IPX4 waterproof-rated
  • Below average run to charge ratio
  • Higher cost

Control distance is 80 meters and it runs for up to 15 minutes with a 2.5-hour charge. Four suspension links and sprints also help it crawl over rocks and large obstacles easily, even as steep as 45-degree angles. Controls allow stunt enthusiasts to drift, turn, and flip easily with a short learning curve maneuvering the throttle sticks.

Have you seen the Japanese RC Car Turns Into Dancing Transformer video? This doesn’t do that, but a shockproof body makes it ideal for puddle runs or stunt jumps over water pitchers and cups in the kitchen. It is also IPX4 waterproof-rated, a distinction given to “splash proof” technology not damaged under heavy rain, yet not water submersible. Tires are also solidly designed, heavily treaded for improved grip on rocky terrain.

 #5  XIXOV RC Car

Award: Best Design

WHY WE LIKE IT: This RC is a rugged workhorse with PVC rubber known-slip tires, independent suspension springs for each wheel, and shock absorption for strong impact resistance on snow, concrete, and front porch decks. Consider this a top choice for beginners and hobbyists looking for durability and climbing ability over top speed.

  • 15 mph top speed
  • Excellent for beginners and hobbyists
  • Poor handling on wet grass
  • Some users reported charger issues
  • Made of flimsy thin plastic

Its top speed is 15 mph, about average – a tad less than the Hosim with a max speed of 30 mph in full speed mode. Run times are 20 minutes at full speed and 20-25 minutes at normal speeds with a 3 hour charge time and a control distance of 50 meters. Another benefit is its USB charging line with overcharge protection, skipping the need for a wall outlet. Two battery packs are also included to charge one while the other is running.

Controls are very easy to use, joystick-style with excellent response times when pressing the trigger and thumbing the variable speed dial. An impact-resistant, crash-proof bumper works well even when zipping down a flight of stairs or hitting a rough grass patch. Helical springs also support each wheel for better suspension. These RC toys are proof that it’s not all about the best drones today. In fact, this toy will surely fair better with stairs and falls than the best robot toys for kids.

 #6  NQD RC Truck

Award: Best Power

WHY WE LIKE IT: This remote control trucks offer reliable performance, starting with shock absorbers, 45-degree slope riding ability, PVC rubber wheels, anti-jamming 2.4GHz frequency, and 4 wheel drive. All of these features may it perfectly suited for simple runs by younger children on uneven surfaces from the beach to grasslands.

  • Four-wheel drive
  • Great on uneven surfaces
  • PVC rubber wheels
  • Some users reported defective batteries
  • Top of the chassis is brittle plastic
  • Hard to maneuver on some slopes

Remote distances go for roughly 80 meters, with a powerful 6.0V 800mAH battery that will allow it to run 20-30 minutes per charge. It can also be powered by a USB charger for those without regular access to a wall outlet, perfect for road trippers and frequent travelers. Anti-jamming 2.4gHz frequency also allows multiple players to race at the same time.

Slope climbing ability is solid, with 45 degree angles on heavily pebbled terrain easily traversed in research. One of our favorite features is its four-wheel drive, which delivers torque for all four wheels simultaneously for greater launch speeds.Combined with anti-slip PVC rubber wheels, this could really pull off stunts well. Speaking of stunts, the best rc helicopters is a lot of fun. Another one of the best RC vehicles on the market today is the Traxxas Slash short-course race truck. It’s able to trek through water, mud, snow, and other wet conditions so that you can race whenever and wherever you want. It also has the Titan 12-Turn Modified Motor that’s designed to give it a powerful and long-lasting performance.

 #7  XIXOV RC Car

Award: Best Construction

WHY WE LIKE IT: This RC car offers basic functions for beginners and hobbyists, starting with a durable alloy construction, treaded/oversized PVC rubber wheels with helical springs, and top speeds of 15 MPH. This makes it an ideal choice for users of all experience levels.

  • 15 mph top speed
  • For users of all levels
  • Sturdy alloy construction
  • Below average run to charge time ratio
  • Best for smaller children

Two battery packs and a USB charging line are included. Run to charge time ratio is below average, with a 15-25 minute run time for every 180-minute charge. Because of this, it is highly recommended for younger children with shorter attention spans and patience levels in outdoor settings with other playmates.

Control distance is about 80 yards, providing more than enough coverage for large patio and picnic areas regardless of the number of obstructions. An aluminum alloy body shell and helical springs help tremendously with suspension and impact resistance. Players on a steeper learning curve could benefit from excess punishment with no issue. Also, check out the Redcat Racing Everest-10 Electric Rock Crawler with Waterproof Electronics. This powerful RC monster truck is already assembled and ready to run off road on even the roughest terrain.

How We Decided

Finding the best RC truck will make it easier to hit top speeds on rocky terrain, better manage overturning. and keep you focused on performing complicated stunts, drifts, and donuts for hours to come.

In determining the best RC car to buy, you should consider its suspension power, wheel composition, operating range, and run to charge time ratios. Good suspension RC trucks have one or more independent suspension springs for each wheel, body shock absorbers, and high-grip PVC rubber tires to withstand high bounce terrain. Highly treaded wheels also offer tight grip and slid-resistance on wet spots.

Our evaluation also prioritized RC trucks with a minimum 15 minute time and a max 3-hour charge, as well as control distances of at least 40 meters, which really helps maximize fun in the open environment.

RC Truck Buying Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Shock Absorption
    Shock absorption ‘good-to-haves’ include large, heavy treaded tires for grip, an independent frame for the main chassis/cockpit, and independent shock absorber springs for each wheel to better withstand the bounce load when running on rocky terrain.
  2. Range
    We considered RC trucks with a controlled range of no less than 40 meters, which covers a surface area of roughly 430 feet or about the average size of a small living room. The higher the range, the more possibilities of fully taking advantage of the open environment, especially when it comes to advanced trucks and stunts.
  3. Charge to run time ratio
    A favorable charge to run time ratio ensures hours of consistent fun without getting nervous when there is a low battery. We recommend a 15 minute run time with a 2.5-hour charge for smaller children and 20-25 minutes on a 3 hour charge for adults, which we feel is age-appropriate with patience levels.

RC Trucks FAQs

What does a 1/10 scale mean?

This scale accounts for the size of the actual truck relative to the RC truck’s size. It is very common with remote controlled toys. The lower the ratio, the smaller the size difference.

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