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Updated April 13, 2023

The best Rad Power electric bikes offer affordability and performance before anything else, making them one of the best electric bikes available today. These e-bikes won’t break the bank while still providing all the power and battery life you need to enjoy any kind of ride.

These electric bikes are also built very well, with minimal problems and plenty of opportunities to increase functionality through add-ons. If you’re looking for a well-rounded starter electric bike, then you can’t go wrong with a Rad Power e-bike.

Keep reading to learn all about the best Rad Power electric bikes.

Top Rad Power Electric Bikes

 #1   Rad Power Radrover 6 Plus Electric Bike

Rad Power Radrover 6 Plus Electric Bike


WHY WE LIKE IT: It is an excellent e-bike for regular urban riding and is also solidly built. It has an LCD screen on its handlebars that displays all rider details and five levels of pedal assist to choose from.

  • Powered by a high capacity 672 Wh battery
  • Can carry individuals up to 275 pounds in weight
  • Front and rear fenders to prevent splashback
  • 73.5-pound weight of the bike might be difficult to handle

The RadRover 6 Plus is loved by many for its flat tires, simple design, and ease of assembly. It shouldn’t take more than two hours to put together, and since it comes with both front and rear fenders, owners won’t have to deal with splashback when riding through muddy terrain. The e-bike can hit a maximum speed of up to 20 mph and is powered by a high-capacity 672 Wh battery. When fully charged, riders can expect a range of up to 45 miles, with a rider up to 275 pounds. However, some might not appreciate its 73.5-pound weight.

This bike features dual screens that relay information about the rider’s speed, remaining battery life, and mileage on its handlebar. Its throttle feels pretty smooth during acceleration, and with five levels of pedal assist, users will be able to choose exactly how fast they want to go. The bike also features an LED headlight, hydraulic disc breaks for a quick stop, and a 750-watt geared hub motor that easily tackles inclines.

 #2   Rad Power Rad Runner 2 Electric Bike

Rad Power Rad Runner 2 Electric Bike


WHY WE LIKE IT: It comes assembled and has a large 675Wh battery. It also has a maximum weight load of up to 300 pounds and a 45-mile range.

  • Large capacity battery
  • Decent 45 mile range
  • Supports a maximum weight of up to 300 pounds
  • 64.4-pound weight may make it difficult to handle

The RadRunner 2 is described by some enthusiasts as a moped and a cargo bike combined into one. It is not quite a full-size e-bike due to its two 20-inch wheels and is powered by a 750W rear hub motor. The motor propels it to a top speed of 20 mph, and its 672Wh battery can keep it going for up to 45 miles if optimally used. The battery will take about 6 hours to get charged to full capacity, and the bike is sturdy enough to handle a max weight of up to 300 pounds. Still, some might not appreciate its 64.4-pound weight, as this makes it somewhat challenging to handle.

Riders will be able to choose from four pedal-assist settings, and on its rear, it has a luggage rack that can support a weight of up to 120 pounds. The bike’s Tektro mechanical disc brakes do a great job of bringing it to a stop when required, and the fact that it is delivered fully assembled is also pretty convenient. The RadRunner 2 is an excellent option for anyone who needs a work bike that isn’t too big in size, and since it comes with both front and rear headlights, riders will enjoy good visibility when riding at night.

 #3   Rad Power RadCity 5 Plus Electric Bike

Rad Power RadCity 5 Plus Electric Bike


WHY WE LIKE IT: It has a decent 50-mile range and can handle riders that are up to 275 pounds in weight. It has both front and rear fenders and a rear rack for luggage.

  • 50-mile range
  • Front and rear fenders to reduce splashback
  • 275-pound weight capacity
  • Cable management could be better

The RadCity 5 Plus is a well-styled e-bike that is powered by a 672 Wh battery and propelled forward by a 750W motor. The bike can deal with riders that are up to 275 pounds in weight and has a rear rack that can carry loads as heavy as 59.5 pounds. It has a front suspension fork to improve comfort on bumpy terrain and front and rear fenders to prevent any splashback when riding through rough terrain. Its aluminum step-through frame makes it pretty easy to mount, and its Nutt hydraulic disc brakes quickly bring it to a halt. Still, its cable management system could be improved.

The bike has integrated front and rear lights for night riding and can go for more than 50 miles under optimum conditions. It has a twist throttle grift for swift acceleration, and its pedal-assist offers five levels to choose from. It has two LED displays to furnish riders with all the information they may need, and its top speed hovers around 20mph.

 #4   Rad Power RadExpand 5 Electric Bike

Rad Power RadExpand 5 Electric Bike


WHY WE LIKE IT: It is pretty easy to fold and has 4-inch tires to cushion users against bumpy terrain. It also has a powerful motor, and its battery is removable for convenient charging.

  • Carrier that can handle 55-pound weights
  • 4-inch wide tires for good stability
  • Seven-speed transmission system
  • No suspension

The RadExpand 5 is a super easy-to-fold electric bike that comes with a 624 Wh battery, a 750 Watt motor, and a seven-speed transmission system. It can hit a top speed of up to 20 mph and has a range of 25 to 45 miles. It has 4-inch wide tires that are great for stability and a step-thru frame that makes it pretty easy to mount. Its battery takes about 6.5 hours to get charged to full capacity, and it also comes with both front and rear lights for stress-free night riding. Unfortunately, the bike does not come with any form of suspension.

On its rear, the RadExpand 5 has a carrier that can hold a weight of up to 55 pounds, and the plastic fenders on its front and back help prevent any form of splashback. The bike’s tires are pretty dense to cushion against bumpy terrain, and its right-hand twist throttle makes it relatively easy to increase speed upon command. The bike can handle a payload capacity of up to 275 pounds and has a built-in stand that prevents rolling over when not in motion. Its mechanical disc brakes make for quick and easy stops and are easy to fold for portability or easy storage.

 #5   Rad Power RadRover 6 Plus Step-Thru Electric Bike

Rad Power RadRover 6 Plus Step-Thru Electric Bike


WHY WE LIKE IT: It has pretty thick puncture-resistant tires and a 60mm suspension fork to improve ride quality. It also includes front and rear fenders and an adjustable suspension.

  • Adjustable suspension fork
  • Thick, puncture-resistant tires
  • Comes with front and rear lights
  • No bottle holder

The RadRover 6 Plus Step-Thru is a sleek and sophisticated e-bike with super thick tires, a rear rack, and a dual-display system that riders can use to refer to all the order details. It’s also got an adjustable 60mm suspension fork that improves ride quality on bumpy terrain and fenders on its front and rear to prevent any splashback. Its 750 Watt motor will have it tackle hills very quickly, and since it comes with a standard head and tail light, riding at night should be pretty easy. Unfortunately, there’s no bottle holder on its frame.

The RadRover 6 has an easy-to-remove battery that can be charged separately and a centrally positioned display that’ll have owners keep an eye on their ride speed, remaining battery level, and mileage. It has a twist throttle accelerator that is operated independently and a set of puncture-resistant tires for all-terrain use.

 #6   Rad Power RadWagon 4 Electric Bike

Rad Power RadWagon 4 Electric Bike


WHY WE LIKE IT: It has a large cargo-carrying allowance and a comfortable saddle, making it ideal for long trips. Its dual-leg kickstand is also great for balance.

  • Has a carrying capacity of up to 350 pounds
  • Very comfortable saddle
  • Dual leg kickstand for stability
  • Low average speed of about 16 mph

The RadWagon 4 is a unique-looking cargo e-bike with a peak motor output of 750 watts. It is powered by a 672 Wh battery and weighs around 77 pounds. It can deal with riders or luggage that weighs up to 350 pounds, and its battery can keep going for up to 25 miles on the highest level of pedal assistance. The bike’s Tektro 180mm mechanical disc brakes provide exceptional braking power, and its twist grip throttle is also pretty easy to handle. Unfortunately, the bike has a particularly low average speed of just about 16mph.

The RadWagon 4 impressed testers with its smooth handling, and since it comes with a Velo Plush Saddle, riding on it feels very good. Its handlebars can also be adjusted by about 80 degrees, and on its large LCD display, riders will be furnished with details such as riding speed, mileage, and remaining battery life. This Rad Power Radwagon e-bike has a dual leg kickstand for adequate support and stability when not in motion, and on its front and rear, the bike has luggage racks that can support a combined weight of up to 350 pounds.

Beginner’s Guide to Rad Power Electric Bikes

In the early 2000s, electric bikes were rising in popularity as an alternate mode of transportation that was more affordable and better for the environment than cars. The founder of Rad Power, Mike Radenbaugh, joined the craze in 2007 when he built his own e-bike as a way to get to and from his high school. This experience created Mike’s intense passion for e-bikes, and he quickly started converting traditional bikes into e-bikes.

Mike ran this business solely for local customers until he went to college. In 2015, Mike paired up with a childhood friend and college roommate, Ty Collins, to grow the company. Instead of converting regular bikes to e-bikes for local customers, the duo relaunched their brand as a direct-to-consumer business. They started by selling their first manufactured e-bike, the RadRover, one of the most popular fat tire e-bikes.

The company quickly exploded in popularity in North America. By 2019, they were the largest e-bike manufacturer, with over 100,000 units sold. In 2021, the company won a spot on the TIME100 Most Influential Companies list.

Rad Power currently offers 14 different models of electric bikes. At the time of publishing, all of these electric bikes carry a sub-$2000 price tag, making them some of the most affordable options available today. This approach to affordability is only made possible thanks to the direct-to-consumer model. Without the need to go through third-party retailers, the company can allocate more resources to creating affordable electric bicycles.

You can also purchase a huge variety of different e-bike accessories with Rad Power, like a skirt guard, brake light, and phone mount, to name a few. These are made specifically for Rad Power bikes, and they can increase the overall utility of your bike.

How Rad Power Electric Bikes Compare to Other Brands

(Pro 1): Affordable Direct-to-Consumer Business Model: Rad Power is well-known for its incredibly affordable e-bikes. While bikes from competitors, like the best Schwinn electric bikes, can go for multiple thousands of dollars, Rad Power offers mostly sub-$2000 price ranges. There are even some Rad Power bikes with a sub-$1000 price tag.

When the company’s founders decided to sell e-bikes to the masses, they were dedicated to a direct-to-consumer model. This cuts out the middleman and third-party retailers, and as such, Rad Power passes the savings onto you.

Alternatively, for a look at other bikes in this price range, check out our list of the top-rated ebikes for heavy riders and our popular throttle electric bike roundup.

(Con 1): Disappointing Customer Service in Some Instances: Since Rad Power bikes are sold directly to consumers, you’ll also need to contact the company directly if you need customer support. This can result in longer wait times than you might experience through a retailer. Some customers have also reported instances where customer service representatives were of little help.

(Pro 2): Powerful Motor and Battery: For such an affordable price, you might expect Rad Power bikes to make concessions in terms of motor power and battery capacity. Fortunately, this isn’t the case. Most Rad Power bikes feature 750-watt motors and high-capacity batteries. These features make them more competitive than bikes from other brands, like the best Luna Cycle electric bikes.

(Con 2): Lower Torque than Competitors: Despite their larger motors, Rad Power bikes tend to offer lower torque than bikes from competing brands. This doesn’t matter as much for leisure riders, but those looking for more fine-tuned performance may want to consider the competition. That said, this means the range on these electric bikes may not be as far as you’d prefer.

(Pro 3): Tons of Available Accessories: This e-bike company offers a ton of accessories and gear made specifically for their bikes. The sheer number of available accessories means you won’t be spending all your time looking for third-party equipment to use on your e-bike. Plus, since the accessories are made specifically for Rad Power bikes, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting a seamless and reliable user experience and overall a more comfortable ride.

(Con 3): All the Bells and Whistles Cost Extra: The one downside to having a plethora of available accessories is that they all cost extra. Also, many Rad Power bikes don’t include things that would normally be included in your initial purchase with competitors, like a bike rack or rear lights. The money you save on the cost of your electric bike can easily be eaten up in purchasing accessories.

Why You Should Buy a Rad Power Electric Bike

If you’re looking for electric bikes with a smooth ride, durable bike frames, a wide range of frame sizes, high-capacity battery packs, and powerful motors, then you can’t go wrong with Rad Power bikes. Whether you want to replace your regular bike with an electric one or you’re replacing an outdated e-bike, this option won’t disappoint.

You’ll also get the option of purchasing a fat e-bike with wide tires, which provide increased comfort and better grips. Wide tires can also help lower your center of gravity for a more balanced ride.

How Long Will a Rad Power Electric Bike Last?

According to the leading electric bike brands, including Story Bikes, you should expect your e-bike to last a total of 10 years, as long as it’s properly maintained and cared for, whether you ride it on the streets for city riding or off-roading on a gravel road. If you want to get the most out of your electric bike, ensure you understand the maintenance items you need to do regularly or semi-regularly.

You might think the affordability of Rad Power bikes means they won’t last as long. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about the overall quality of their products. The e-bikes will give you this same general lifespan.

Let’s take a look at some of these parts, so you know what to expect out of them:

  • Electric Motor: Whether your bike features a rear hub motor or mid-drive motor, you should expect it to last the same amount of time as your whole bike. Your bike’s motor is one of its most durable and long-lasting components. This is due primarily to the way it is designed and to the fact that it is sealed from external elements. Also if you’re investing in an e-cargo bike that is intended to carry heavy cargo on a regular basis, make sure the motor can handle the additional weight.
  • Mechanical Components: The life of all the moving parts on your e-bike can vary widely depending on how you use your electric bike. If they’re properly maintained, though, they can last as long as the bike itself. These parts include things like hydraulic disc brakes, mechanical disc brakes, suspension forks, chains, and pedals.
  • Battery: Most e-bike batteries offer 45 to 60 miles of range before they need to be recharged. You also won’t need to replace an integrated battery until after an average of 1,000 charging cycles. All in all, this means most batteries should last upwards of five years in total before needing to be replaced. Though you may want to skip an e-bike if you’re not psyched about the battery maintenance, a standard bike will drain your energy faster for every city ride or off-road excursion.

Rad Power Electric Bike Warranties

Rad Power bikes carry a standard one-year limited warranty. This warranty covers manufacturer defects in all components from one year after receiving the bike, including the powered components like the LCD display and integrated lights. It’s important to note that this warranty only applies to the original owner of the e-bike. If you purchase a Rad Power e-bike from someone else, the warranty will be void, even if you are still in the warranty period.

If you need to make a claim, simply fill out a claim form on Rad Power’s website. The technical support team will reach out to you and initiate the claims process. You will need to mail the defective component to Rad Power and wait for a replacement. Once you receive the replacement component, a representative from the company will walk you through the process of re-installing it.

Rad Power Electric Bike FAQs

Which is better, Rad Power, Juiced, or Pedego?

All of these e-bike brands offer their own sets of pros and cons. In general, though, there are differences that make them all suited for different scenarios. Rad Power bikes are excellent for commuters who need extra utility. Juiced bikes are perfect for performance seekers. Pedego bikes are the right choice for outdoor adventurists.

Who are Rad Power e-bikes made for?

Rad Power e-bikes are best suited for anyone on a budget. If you’re a beginner in the e-bike world, then Rad Power bikes are an excellent choice for you.

Are electric bikes worth it?

Yes, electric bikes are absolutely worth it, as long as you buy them for the unique advantages they provide over cars. If you’re looking to help the environment, save some money, or enhance your overall biking experience, an e-bike is well worth the added cost over a regular bike.

Do you need a driver’s license to drive an electric bike?

No, you do not need a driver’s license to drive an e-bike. However, many local governments are starting to implement laws to regulate e-bike usage. We always recommend checking your local laws and regulations before driving your e-bike around the town.
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