6 of the Best Qi Wireless Chargers

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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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The Qi standard is one of the most popular for wireless chargers – those handy devices that take your physical chargers and turn them into a disc, plate or dock that can charge your phone just by putting it down on the surface. Out of the hundreds of Q-compatible products, we’ve picked out a few of the best Qi wireless charging devices for charging your mobile device like a boss. The best portable phone chargers are a must these days for our many gadgets.

1. DigiYes USB PowerQi

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The DigiYes USB PowerQi device represents a popular and effective trend in Qi wireless charging devices – creating small, roundish platforms in a variety of fun colors that happily sit there, a little like a coffee coaster, and wait for your phone or other mobile device. Like many of the latest Qi devices, it will go into standby mode if your device is fully charged, thus preventing damage to your battery through overcharging. It’s also easy to start a charge, without the tricky magnetic alignment that some wireless chargers require. If you don’t like the round shape, there are some oblong and triangular options for the PowerQi, too.

You can buy this model for a very discounted price of $14.

2. Air Dock 2.0


Air Dock is a great Qi wireless charger to stick in awkward locations, particularly vehicles and similar spaces. It comes with a mount, a long neck, and a “nano suction” charging pad waiting on the other end. The 2.0 version offers greater flexibility and a better transmitter than the original model. For now, the 2.0 project is still a (nearly successful) Indiegogo project, and when released it is expected to sell for around $109, so keep an eye on this one.

Contribute to the project or reserve your preorder here.

3. Tylt Vu


The most attractive feature of the Tylt is its unique design, which looks as much like a handy phone stand as it does a wireless charging solution. The simple angles of the Tylt Vu would be at home on any desk, and with the viewing angle you can still easily check your phone for messages. A small gap in the back is ideal for slipping cords through and avoiding any tangles. There’s also a welcome charging indicator light. This model comes in several different bright colors, but you can also choose black.

You can find the Tylt Vu for around $70.

4. Nillkin Energy Stone


Maybe you’ve found the phone options so far to be a little prosaic. Perhaps you want something that looks more futuristic, the way a wireless charger should be. Then you may prefer the Nillkin Energy Stone, which does indeed look like a sci-fi MacGuffin and can charge a variety of phone models with its multiple induction sites, allowing for somewhat lazy placement. You can use a kickstand to prop this Qi wireless charging pad up, or lay it down on its side. However, the Stone is designed for a few specific brands, including Nexus and Lumia, so you want may want to double-check and make sure your phone will be compatible. If your battery needs are for something larger, take a look at the best battery box to make sure that your battery is secure.

You can find the Nillkin Energy Stone for around $40.

5. Anker Ultra-Slim Qi-Enabled Wireless Charging Pad


If the other round chargers weren’t quite enough like coasters, you’ll love this Anker version, which is indeed ultra-slim and looks very much like something you would set your cup down on (Anker also eschews the bright colors of the DigiYes model for a simple black design). There’s a basic LED indicator for charging, a small power cord, and that’s about it. This model stands out as energy-efficient, minimalistic, and effective.

You can find the Anker Ultra-Slim Charging Pad for around $23.

6. PowerBot PB1020


The PowerBot is more of a hockey puck than a coffee coaster, but it has a friendly, round design that will feel at home pretty much anywhere you put it. PowerBot has designed this model to be particular easy to use. Drop your phone on it, and it will start charging. The model works with multiple types of chargers, has an LED indicator, and comes with two of its own microUSB cables.

You can find the PowerBot PB1020 for $19.

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