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Updated: Nov 9, 2023 9:54 AM
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The best Pit Boss pellet grills offer affordable price points without sacrificing performance or quality. With intelligent designs and a wide range of square inches of cooking space, you’ll be able to find a pellet grill that fits your needs and space limitations.

Plus, Pit Boss grills are incredibly easy to use and they last longer thanks to larger hopper capacity, making them the best grills for both barbecue beginners and veterans. Whether you’re just starting out in the pellet grill world or you’re replacing an old grill, a Pit Boss pellet grill is the perfect choice for you.

Keep reading to learn more about the best Pit Boss pellet grills and how you can choose the right one to suit all of your barbecuing needs.

Top Pit Boss Pellet Grills

 #1  PIT BOSS 10537 PB0820SP Pellet Grill


WHY WE LIKE IT: If you’re looking to bake, braise, barbecue, roast, smoke, and more, you’ll love this 8-in-1 system that allows you to do it all. You’ll also enjoy the amount of food you can cook with this high-capacity model.

  • 8-in-1 system
  • High capacity option
  • Big temperature range
  • Handle is hard to reach

You’ll be able to enjoy a wide range of temperatures when you choose this model. It can offer heat between 150-degrees and 500-degrees Fahrenheit. This allows you to control completely the environment that your food cooks in, which is crucial when dealing with tender steaks. The biggest issue with this pellet grill happens to be a slight design flaw. When the lid is open, the handle on it will be hard to reach, so it can be a little difficult to close this grill back up.

If you’re looking for a wide range of cooking abilities, you don’t need to look any further. This model will allow you to char-grill, sear, roast, braise, bake, smoke, grill, and smoke. That makes it an all-in-one option with tons of versatility to offer. You won’t need to struggle with multiple tools to ensure you have the perfect cooking environment for your meat and vegetables. You’ll also have access to a 21-pound hopper and 849 square inches of cooking space.

 #2  PIT BOSS 71700FB Pellet Grill


WHY WE LIKE IT: You’ll love how compact this grill is, making it perfect for get-togethers and other small gatherings. It has a digitally controlled burn system, so you have precision control over anything you’re cooking.

  • Upper cooking rack
  • Digitally controlled system
  • Relatively compact option
  • Requires manual calibration

Those who need a more compact option that still offers ample cooking space will love this option. You’ll be able to enjoy a grill that can fit almost anywhere while still having 700 square inches of total cooking surface. However, it is essential to note that you will have to calibrate this model manually, according to some consumers. This extra step is not necessary for other models and might be a dealbreaker.

There are also porcelain-coated wire grids, which allow you to conduct heat more efficiently and keep the temperature steady. That’s a huge advantage when you’re cooking meat. The digitally controlled burn system will enable you to have precision control over the environment inside your grill, which is necessary to avoid drying food out, burning it, or undercooking it. This model provides small gatherings with ample food, such as cookouts.

 #3  PIT BOSS PB1150G Pellet Grill


WHY WE LIKE IT: You’ll be able to stay nice and organized when you choose this model, thanks to the built-in tool hooks it has to offer. There is also a slide-plate flame broiler that comes in handy and a 32-pound capacity hopper.

  • Slide-plate flame broiler
  • 32-pound capacity hopper
  • Buit-in tool hooks
  • Might have electrical malfunctions

Those who are consistently cooking meat on their grill will love this model’s features. For example, there are two included meat probes. This allows you to spend less time looking for separate grilling tools and adds a touch of convenience to your grilling experience. Unfortunately, some consumers have reported that they had electric malfunctions occur after using this model a few times. The temperature control lights seemed to stop working.

You’ll also be able to enjoy 1,158 square inches of cooking surface, which is relatively high compared to competing models in the same class. There is a dial-in digital control board that also features an LED read-out. Whether you need high or low temperatures, this grill has you covered. It can achieve a temperature range of between 180-degrees to 150-degrees Fahrenheit. This means you’ll be able to cook a wide variety of different foods successfully.

 #4  PIT BOSS 10538 Pellet Grill


WHY WE LIKE IT: This model will ensure that portability is always possible due to its folding leg design. That makes transportation a breeze. Beyond that, it features a digital control board with an LED read-out.

  • Includes automatic functions
  • Features a digital control board
  • Has a folding leg design
  • Might be lacking in power

If you’re looking for a durable model that can stand the test of time, this option will entirely fit your needs. It has a premium gauge stainless steel body that is able to withstand the miles you put on it. This means that you don’t have to worry about replacing your grill anytime soon. However, this will not be the most powerful model on the market. You should keep in mind that it just doesn’t pack the same punch as other models by this brand.

There is one included meat probe to keep track of temperature whenever you’re cooking. This is highly convenient and gives you even more control over your grilling experience. The folding legs make it more easily portable, providing a convenient way to move it around when necessary. It also has rolling wheels, adding to the convenience of the model. The automatic start-up and cool-down give you more time to enjoy the moment since you won’t have to worry about doing things manually.

 #5  Pit Boss Portable Pellet Grill


WHY WE LIKE IT: If you’re looking for a model that can travel with you, this option is fantastic. It is incredibly compact and built for tailgating, camping, and more activities. It features collapsable legs for higher convenience.

  • Extremely compact model
  • Features collapsing legs
  • Highly portable option
  • Might be too small

Anybody who enjoys grilling on the go will love what this grill has to offer. It is a powerhouse packed into a tiny but mighty package. You’ll enjoy 340 square inches of cooking surface, which is plenty when you’re cooking up a few burgers, hot dogs, or even a couple of steaks. Unfortunately, this is not going to be a suitable option if you need to feed large crowds because of its relatively low capacity. This is something to consider before you invest in this model.

Beyond having an incredibly compact body, this small grill also features collapsable legs. This makes it even more portable. It’s also easy to store away when not in use, whether you need to place it in your garage or even the bed of a truck. It only takes a few seconds to collapse the legs or to set the grill back up, which means it’s a far more convenient option than many competing models. This is an excellent choice whether you’re camping, at a cook-out, or tailgating.

 #6  PIT BOSS PB440D2 Pellet Grill


WHY WE LIKE IT: You’ll be guaranteed precision control over this pellet grill because of the digital control board that it comes with. It also has an LED read-out. Beyond that, you’ll have both direct and indirect heating methods.

  • Digital control board
  • Direct and indirect heat
  • Stainless steel build
  • Struggles with temperature consistency

This extremely powerful model looks incredibly chic in any environment due to its attractive, rugged housing. It’s also a highly durable option that will stand the test of time. This is because of the premium gauge stainless steel construction. You won’t have to question the longevity it has to offer. Unfortunately, some consumers have reported this grill to struggle with consistency when it comes to temperature. This can spell disaster in cases with temperature-sensitive food.

There are two large wheels that allow you to tip the grill up and transport it relatively easily. This means that you won’t have to struggle when moving it in and out of storage or just to the other end of the deck. You’ll be able to use both direct and indirect heating when you choose this model. Combine that with the fan-forced convection heating, and you have precision control over how your food cooks.

Introduction to Pit Boss Pellet Grills

The Pit Boss brand is a subsidiary of a company called Dansons, Inc. In 1999, Dan Thiessen and his two sons identified a problem with how much sawmill waste was being produced. They dedicated their time and efforts to turning sawmill waste into a reliable energy source. For starters, they used the wood byproducts they got from sawmills to manufacture pellet fuel and horse bedding.

For the first 10 years of operation, Dansons, Inc. became very successful and poured funding into the production of wood pellet stoves. This business venture was lucrative across Canada and the United States until the 2008 recession hit. Because of financial struggles, the company had to sell the pellet stove arm of their business and instead focus on a wood pellet fuel and wood pellet grill business, called Louisiana Grills.

Louisiana Grills kept Dansons, Inc. in business until 2013 when they launched their flagship brand, Pit Boss Grills. Dansons, Inc. started Pit Boss Grills specifically as a direct competitor to Traeger Grills and Weber Grills, with a more affordable price tag. Most Pit Boss products are sold in major retailers like Menard’s, Lowe’s, and Walmart. Most recently, Pit Boss Grills became the official grill of NASCAR in 2018 and the title sponsor of the Xfinity Series NASCAR race in Austin, Texas.

The primary product of Pit Boss Grills is the wood pellet grill. However, they also produce the top small gas grills, charcoal grills, and combo grill options. You can also purchase pellet smoker and portable pellet grill options from the company. Of course, you’ll also be able to purchase wood pellet fuel and grilling accessories. In 2020, the company earned over $300 million in annual sales. And if you like using pellets, check out our best pellet smoker or best vertical pellet smoker guides to see more great options.

How Pit Boss Pellet Grills Compare to Other Brands

(Pro 1): More Affordable than Premium Brands Like Traeger: One of the biggest selling points of Pit Boss wood pellet grills is their affordability. In fact, the company has staked nearly all of its reputation on being more affordable than premium brands like Traeger Grills and Weber Grills. Most products from this manufacturer ranged from $500 to $700, while the products from premium competitors fall anywhere between the $600 and $2000 price range. If you’re looking for a cheap BBQ pellet grill with high quality, you’ll want to look at a Pit Boss grill.

(Con 1): Some Quality Control Issues: Danson Inc. is an American-owned company, but all Pit Boss products are manufactured in China. This is to keep prices low in order to provide a truly affordable pellet grill experience. This is becoming more common in the pellet grill industry, with major competitors like Traeger Grills also being produced in China. However, this can lead to some quality control issues across the entire product catalog. All in all, any Pit Boss grill you buy still offers sturdy construction, but you might see some minor defects in some models.

(Pro 2): Maximizes Cooking Space, Even in Compact Models: Traditionally when it comes to cooking support, you need to purchase an extra-large grill to get more square inches of cooking space. However, Pit Boss pellet grills are excellent at maximizing the inches of space on your cooking grates without taking up extra space in your backyard. Thanks to vertical pellet smokers and grill designs, Pit Boss wood pellet grills give you more flexibility and more square inches of cooking surface without taking up too much space, which is ideal for portable models. Pair that together with the cooking chamber and you get more even heat distribution. Moreover, a top 2-burner gas grill is also ideal, especially if you need more space. If you’re looking for a more traditional portable grill to take on a camping trip, then consider the best portable charcoal grills.

(Con 2): Temperature Control Only Allows 25° Increments: All wood pellet grills feature a digital control panel that gives you a wide temperature range to adjust. Unfortunately, the digital control panel on a Pit Boss grill can only be adjusted at 25° cooking temperature increments. If you need more exact internal temperature control, consider something like the best outdoor electric grill or a direct competitor, like a Traeger pellet grill.

(Pro 3): Large Pellet Hopper Capacity Options: The pellet hopper attached to your grill directly determines how long you can cook before needing to refuel. A larger hopper capacity allows you to cook for longer and pay more attention to your food without worrying about refilling. On average, Pit Boss grills feature a larger hopper capacity than competitors like Traeger for a better price point. There is also a wide variety of different pellet hopper capacity options across all models at Pit Boss, giving you more opportunities to find exactly what you need.

(Con 3): Fewer Extra Features than Competitors: To keep costs down, Pit Boss offers a relatively basic product catalog without all the additional features you can find with competing pellet grill companies. Things like a wireless meat probe for remote temperature control, a built-in bottle opener, different cooking modes, and advanced build features are few and far between on Pit Boss wood pellet grills.

Why You Should Buy a Pit Boss Pellet Grill

Pellet grills are quickly becoming the most popular grills amongst barbecue enthusiasts, thanks to their precise temperature control, overall versatility, and durable construction. The best pellet grills can give you professional-quality barbecue without a steep learning curve. Unfortunately, pellet grills have traditionally been incredibly expensive, making them a hefty investment outside of most people’s interest.

If you’re looking for an affordable entry point into pellet grill cooking, then you can’t go wrong with a Pit Boss BBQ pellet grill. Thanks to their overall reliable design quality, a reasonable price range, and low maximum footprint as compared to competitors, the best pellet grills from this company are excellent for barbecue enthusiasts on a budget.

How Long Will a Pit Boss Pellet Grill Last?

Most barbecue industry experts agree that there is a wide range of life expectancy for grills, pellet grills, and smokers. Depending on the quality of the product you purchase and the way you use it, expect anywhere between 5 and 15 years of lifespan for your Pit Boss grill. Other factors that can affect your grill’s lifespan include where you store it and how often you maintain it.

You can maximize your pellet grill’s lifespan by cleaning it before and after every use and storing it properly out of the elements with grill covers or in storage spaces like your garage or shed. We recommend making any necessary repairs as soon as possible to prevent further damage to other components.

Pit Boss Pellet Grill Warranties

All pellet grills from Pit Boss carry a 5-year limited warranty that covers any manufacturer defects in construction and individual parts. This 5-year warranty option also extends to any defects with the electrical components of the grill. However, this warranty will not cover anything like scratches or dents because these are aesthetic problems and will not affect the grill’s performance, according to the manufacturer.

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