7 Best Piano Keyboard Stickers in 2023

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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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We tested numerous products to assemble a list of the best piano keyboard stickers available. We preferred stickers made with non-toxic, BPA-free materials, which won’t damage piano keys, and are color-coded or brightly colored and easy to read and included extras like staff notation or clef. We also liked stickers that were designed to not alter the feel of pianos and keyboards.

Of the stickers we tested, the best piano keyboard stickers are Maya Piano Keyboard Stickers. We liked them for their extra-large size, color coding, and easy-to-read notation and clefs, for being quick and easy to install, easily removable without leaving adhesive residue, and for displaying sharps and flats on black key stickers. Keep reading to see more great stickers available. If you are looking for more instruments to add to your collection, check out our list of the best music instruments.

Top 7 Best Piano Keyboard Stickers

 #1  Maya Piano Keyboard Stickers


WHY WE LIKE IT: Extra-large letters for easy reading, durable but thin enough to not interfere with feel, and featuring notation, clef, and both sharps and flats, making it the best all-around choice for students and self-teachers alike.

  • Extra-large letter design
  • Reusable and leaves very little residue
  • Letters and notations are designed to resist wear and tear
  • Generous amount of information may be harder to read for some

Maya Piano Keyboard Stickers are made with ultra-thin vinyl and come in a set that can be used for 37 to 88 key keyboards and pianos. They’re color-coded with bright colors that we found easy to read, with black key stickers featuring white letters and both sharps and flats for each note, and white key stickers featuring notation for each key and clef at each C octave. The stickers were easy to remove and generally left little to no residue, though the kit includes a handy cleaning cloth in case they do.

The stickers are printed under a top layer to prevent the wearing off of ink, which means they’ll last a long time even with frequent use. The generous amount of information may be more than some students require, but we found the extra large (20% larger than typical stickers) letters and bright colors easy to read, and the ultra thin (50% thinner than most) design didn’t alter the feel of the keys during playing. If you enjoy playing instruments, you will like the feel of the best Quintos.

 #2  QMG Transparent Piano Keyboard Stickers


WHY WE LIKE IT: Designed to keep student eyes on the keys and not on the stickers while still being easy to read, with a transparent form factor and a long-lasting adhesive that won’t damage sensitive keys

  • Designed for minimal visual intrusion
  • Reusable and safe for keys
  • Includes free piano Ebook with guides for beginning students
  • Smaller than many on market
  • White-key only means they may not be ideal for vision-impared users

QMG Piano Stickers are BPA-free transparent vinyl piano stickers that come in a set of 52 pieces for use with any size keyboard up to 88 keys. We found them easy to install and remove using the included application stick, and the extra long-lasting adhesive kept them in place without leaving too much residue after removal. The stickers are white key only, with notation in black, adjacent black key notes in blue with sharps and flats, and white notes in larger black block letters.

These QMG pianos and keyboard stickers come with a download code for a free ebook that includes installation instructions, chord diagrams, and other beginner tips that we found useful and easy to understand. The smaller-than-average print is effective at keeping the focus on the keys, but sight-impaired users may find them harder to read. Still, we loved the quality, ease of installation, and durability of these stickers.

 #3  Recital Ready Piano Keyboard Stickers


WHY WE LIKE IT: Color-coded and featuring notation, clef, and sharps/flats, they’re designed for maximum clarity while staying unobtrusive visually, making them perfect for students.

  • Suction grip for secure installation
  • BPA-free and non-toxic vinyl safe for pianos and hands alike
  • Small print that’s easy to see but leaves focus on keys
  • Keyboard must be clean and dust-free for suction to work

Recital Ready Piano Stickers BPA-free, non-toxic vinyl piano stickers that come in a set made for use for all keyboard sizes up to 88 keys. The stickers attach to the white keys by suction, so they’re adhesive free, and feature color-coded white key notes and black key notes with both sharps and flats. Notation is printed in black, as is clef for each C octave. We liked the included ebook, which features precise placement instructions as well as tips for beginners.

We found the small print and bright color coding struck an excellent balance between readability and unobtrusiveness, but that the suction could be less effective and make the stickers slightly more difficult to apply unless your keyboard is kept clean and dust-free. Still, they’re a great option for stickers that are highly readable but leave the keyboard in focus, and the included ebook is an excellent resource for beginners.

 #4  Yalloy Colorful Piano Keyboard Stickers


WHY WE LIKE IT: Featuring notation, clef, sharps and flats for black keys, and solfege, they offer the most information of any set while maintaining high readability.

  • PVC construction is peel-resistant
  • Only stickers featuring “do re mi” solfege markers
  • No-residue, strong adhesive
  • Thicker than many stickers, which may affect feel for some players

Yalloy Piano Stickers are PVC stickers made for use on all sizes of keyboards and pianos up to 88 keys. The stickers are applied to both white and black keys and in addition to featuring notation, color-coded note letters, sharps and flats on the black key stickers, and clefs on each C octave, they’re the only set that features solfege or “do re mi” markings. Their heavier, stiffer PVC construction makes them less likely to peel like some softer stickers.

During testing, we loved the easy-to-read color coding, and the addition of solfege is a helpful tool for ear memorization. We did find that their slightly thicker construction made them more “noticeable” while playing, but most players won’t be bothered by the difference. We also found them fairly easy to apply, and the included adhesive generally did not leave a noticeable residue when removed. They’re a great set of stickers that are easily removable and reusable and the addition of solfege makes them especially good for ear training.

 #5  Crbn Removable Piano Keyboard Stickers


WHY WE LIKE IT: Simple, large-print design, an easy, mess-free application, and a two-layer construction that keeps print away from wear and tear make it kid-proof.

  • Durable print via dual-coating
  • Simple design is easy to read and perfect for beginners
  • “Car decal”-style adhesive surface leaves no residue
  • Lacks complete color coding

Crbn Piano Stickers are dual-layer, white key-only piano and keyboard stickers made for use with all sizes of keyboards and pianos up to 88 keys. Their simple, minimal design includes staff notation, black keys with sharps and flats in small print, and clefs for each C octave. We loved the fact that each C is printed in red, making it easier to discern octaves without too much confusing information. The two-layer design protects the print with a top layer, to prevent ink from rubbing off due to frequent use.

We loved the “car-decal”-style adhesive side, which was easy to remove and left no residue but maintained adhesion for reuse. The included application stick also made precise installation easy. Some users may miss the full color-coding of notes found in many piano stickers, but we found the simple, clear design with clearly marked octaves easy to read, and combined with their smudge-and-wear-proof dual-layer design make them perfect for beginners who want to jump in right away.

 #6  Crosby Audio Monster Piano Keyboard Stickers


WHY WE LIKE IT: Their fun, colorful design helps kids remember key notes by engaging their imagination and giving them just enough information to get started playing.

  • Adhesive-free for mess-free, easy removal
  • Peel-resistant
  • Thin enough to not affect feel
  • Doesn’t include extra information like staff notation or clef
  • White notes only

Crosby Audio Monster Piano Keyboard Stickers are BPA-free high quality vinyl piano keyboard stickers for use with all sizes of pianos and keyboards up to 88 keys. Their window-cling design uses no adhesive and we found them to be highly peel resistant but easy to remove without leaving residue. Printed on each white key-only sticker is a colorful, professionally illustrated key note depicted as a different cartoonish monster, with middle C being additionally labeled in red lettering.

Although the stickers don’t contain as much information as many on the market, such as staff notation and clef information, we loved their colorful, cute design and found them easy to read in spite of their monster-themed design. Kids will love the cute, imaginative illustrations, and teachers and parents will appreciate their durability and mess-free reusability. Their thin construction also means they won’t affect the feel of the keys, either, making them a great choice to get kids started playing the piano.

 #7  Varipos Removable Piano Keyboard Stickers


WHY WE LIKE IT: Budget-friendly option made from durable and long-lasting PVC materials, with a strong adhesive that does not leave much of a residue on keys.

  • Durable construction prevents roll-up
  • The strong adhesive doesn’t leave residue
  • Easy peel and place application
  • Black key stickers could be easier to read
  • The thickness of material may affect the feel

Various Piano Stickers are PVC piano and keyboard stickers for white and black keys that come in a set of 88 pieces for all keyboard size up to 88 keys. The white key stickers feature bright, color-coded notes in medium-sized print with staff notation and clef on each C octave, and black key stickers in white with both sharps and flats for each note. In testing we found the thicker, stiffer PVC material to be more resistant to rolling up and peeling off than many vinyl stickers, and the strong adhesive generally left little to no residue. We also appreciated the included installation instructions and found the pull ‘n peel design made them easy to apply accurately.

We did find that the increased thickness of the stickers made them more “noticeable” in terms of the feel of the keys, but not to a degree that should affect most players. They’re a well-made, durable, and low-mess set of stickers that are easy to read and contain all the information most beginners will need and are an excellent economical choice for students and self-teachers.

How We Decided

We preferred piano key labels for beginners that use either suction or ivory and wood-safe light adhesive for real pianos, are removable and reusable without damaging keys and are made of non-toxic BPA-free synthetics like vinyl and other plastics. In general, we preferred stickers that were also safe to use even on antique or especially delicate keyboards and pianos, which many teachers have as their primary teaching instrument.

We also liked colored piano key stickers with bright, easy-to-read colors that are printed under a top layer to prevent rubbing off. We also preferred stickers that are designed to be thin enough to not change the feel of the keyboard but remain durable, since any significant change to the surface of the keys can interfere with the playing comfort of the piano.

We also appreciated stickers that come with extra features like clef markers and staff notation that can help a student become more acquainted with sheet music. We avoided piano key stickers that are printable or not removable, for maximum convenience for teachers with multiple students.

Best Piano Keyboard Stickers Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Long-lasting
    Piano stickers by definition are going to have frequent contact, so it’s important that they’re made to last. Both the printed information and the adhesive the stickers use are subject to wear and exposure, so look for features like two-layer design where the printing is done under the glossy layer so that it can’t be rubbed off over time, and adhesive surfaces that aren’t vulnerable to humidity.
  2. Safe for Hands and Keyboards
    Most piano and keyboard stickers are made of plastics and use adhesives, so it’s important to be sure they’re BPA-free and non-toxic, especially if children are going to be coming in contact with them. However it’s also important that the adhesive used in the stickers you buy won’t harm your keyboard or piano, either- some commercial adhesives have corrosive properties that could be especially bad for the ivory and ivory-like materials piano keys are made with- so it’s a good idea, especially if you’re using them on a real piano- to make sure the adhesive used is non-corrosive. Stickers that use suction are even better for this reason.
  3. Non-obtrusive
    Since they’re primarily used as learning tools, it’s also important that the stickers you purchase don’t significantly change the feel of the piano or interrupt playing in any way. Extra thick stickers may be more durable but they’ll also alter the playing experience more than you might expect- especially for small hands. Similarly, the texture of stickers can affect playability. Look for stickers that are large enough to be easily readable but thin enough that you’d not notice them if you were playing with your eyes closed.

Piano Keyboard Stickers FAQs

How do you use piano keyboard stickers?

Piano stickers are, generally speaking, removable (and often reusable) stickers made with vinyl, PVC, or other flexible plastics that are attached to the white and usually the black keys of pianos and keyboards to help students memorize the notes of each key. Generally, piano keyboard stickers are labeled with the notes A-G, and include the sharp and flat notes if they’re a set of white key-only stickers. Often, more information is printed on each sticker, including the corresponding staff notation position of each note, the clef (treble or bass) for each C octave sticker, and sometimes even the corresponding “do re mi” or solfege note. They’re often, but not always, color-coded to make them extra easy for students to read.

Are piano stickers a good idea?

The main purpose of piano stickers is to familiarize beginner players with the keyboard layout. Usually, piano stickers are made of some sort of semi-flexible synthetic material with a light reusable adhesive on one side (though some rely on suction), and a smooth laminated top surface with corresponding note letters printed on them. Sets are available for full 88 key keyboards and pianos, but more commonly, stickers are placed in the middle C range and not on other octaves. There are different schools of thought when it comes to the question of whether piano key stickers are good or bad- some professionals say that they in fact make it harder for students and self-teachers to memorize the keyboard, many teachers and people teaching themselves find them extremely helpful, especially while trying to learn technique and hand position. Either way, they’re an inexpensive option to experiment with, and certainly can be especially helpful to people teaching themselves.

Will piano keyboard stickers damage my piano?

They should not. Most keyboard stickers are made with non-corrosive and non-toxic adhesive sides that should not damage keyboards or pianos either over time or when removed- some are even reusable. However, antique pianos usually have real ivory and wood keys that can be damaged by modern materials, so it’s always a good idea to check product descriptions to be sure they’re safe for use on such surfaces.

What are the best piano keyboard stickers?

The best piano keyboard stickers are Maya Piano Keyboard Stickers, for their easy-to-read, colorful design and extra-large printed notes, durability, mess-free installation and reusability, and extra-thin construction that doesn’t affect keyboard feel. Other great sticker sets include QMG Piano and Keyboard Stickers.
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