Best Phone Holders for Electric Scooter in 2023

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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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What are the features that make the best phone holders for electric scooters? It starts with a secure mounting solution that uses high-quality and trustworthy hardware to keep your phone safe. Next, a great phone stand for your eScooter should snugly and securely fit compatible smartphone types. The right mix of security and convenience is crucial here.

The best electric scooter phone mount designs often use a quick-release mechanism that clips the phone in place but allows for easy removal. Finally, the top-rated phone holders for eScooters are flexible enough to accommodate at least two or three different models of smartphones.

The best electric scooters deserve quality accessories so you can focus on the ride. If you like to play music on your phone or if you need to keep an eye or ear out for new messages, a phone holder for your eScooter can be much more convenient than just keeping your phone in a side pocket. Along with the best electric scooter knee pads and helmets, it can also help avoid eScooter injury by allowing you to keep focused on the road ahead and not worry about dropping your phone.

Top Phone Holder for Electric Scooters

 #1  Grefay Phone Holder


WHY WE LIKE IT: This model features a 4-corner support system that keeps your phone secure even on bumpy sidewalks. It is also compatible with most cellular devices.

  • Features 4 support corners
  • Matches with most cellular phones
  • Extremely secure system
  • Might come loose during turbulence

You’ll enjoy this model for the several features that provide you with added security. There are four nylon claws that clamp down on each edge of your phone. There’s also a security lock using a one-way gear mechanism. This makes it a secure choice for any smartphone. Unfortunately, it has been known to come loose during moments of extreme turbulence. Just be careful when traversing rough terrain, and you should be fine.

This sleek model features an extremely secure system that hinges on the 4-corner support. The clamps mentioned above are designed to hold your phone in place. The housing is secured to your handlebars using a simple installation system. You don’t need extra tools to attach this phone holder. It’s compatible with handlebar bases that range in diameter from 0.86-inches to 1.25-inches. It also has full rotational capabilities, so you can use your phone in both landscape and portrait mode.

 #2  Lamicall Phone Holder


WHY WE LIKE IT: This product can be used for a wide range of smartphones. It has an easy installation process that doesn’t require the usage of tools. There is also shockproof protection built in so even rough roads won’t shake up your phone.

  • Shockproof protection
  • Wide compatibility
  • Easy installation
  • Small devices may pop out easily

This model marries functionality and design in one sleek package. It’s adjustable features make it a great choice for most people since it’ll fit many different phones. You’ll enjoy the wide compatibility of this phone holder. You can use it for everything from the iPhone 11 Pro Max to the Galaxy S9. However, if you are somebody with a smaller-sized phone, be wary of rough roads. Some consumers report that their phone has “popped out” of the casing.

You’ll also enjoy the shockproof qualities of this phone holder. This makes it less likely to have phone damage caused by vibrations. There are also silicone pads on the housing that prevent your phone from getting scratched by the casing. It can fit handlebars with a diameter of 0.59-inches to 1.57-inches. This means that you’ll be able to use it whether you have a Galaxy S10 or iPhone Xs.

 #3  GUB Phone Holder


WHY WE LIKE IT: This product is made with a durable alloy that can withstand a lot of shock from bumpy sidewalks or other rough terrains. There is a soft sponge to help with impact buffering. You’ll have full rotational capabilities, as well.

  • Made with a durable alloy
  • Full rotational capabilities
  • Include soft sponge in design
  • Requires special Allen wrench

Aluminum alloy is an exceptionally durable but lightweight material, and that’s exactly what this model is made out of. This makes it a great choice for longevity. There are 360 degrees of rotation available so you can twist your phone around as necessary. This phone holder does require a special Allen wrench for installation. You’ll have to keep the one that comes with the set in order to uninstall or reinstall it.

This option can hold phones up to 7-inches. This makes it compatible with the iPhone 12, Samsung Galaxy Note 20, LG V20, Google Nexus, and far more. It won’t obscure your screen at all, so you can easily use maps for navigation while you ride. It has full 360-degree rotation so you’ll be able to pop your phone into landscape or portrait mode whenever you need to.

 #4  Tiakia Mobile Phone Holder


WHY WE LIKE IT: Aluminum alloy makes up the bulk of this model’s material. This metal creates a highly durable option for those riding on rough terrain. It also assembles in seconds without the use of extra tools. You’ll enjoy the 0% fall rate the company reports.

  • Reported 0% fall rate
  • Assembles in seconds
  • Made with aluminum alloy
  • May fit strangely on some handlebars

When you choose this option, you make the decision to go with wide compatibility. It has broad smartphone coverage that includes anything between 4.7-inches and to 7.2-inches, with a thickness of fewer than 55 millimeters. This includes the Samsung Galaxy S9, Moto G6, Huawei P30 Pro, and more. The most significant caveat is that you may have a hard time finding the correct placement on your handlebars to keep your phone straight.

This phone holder is also made with aluminum alloy, unlike competitor models which use a lot of plastic and silicone. The bracket that holds the housing is connected by stainless steel screws to further the longevity of this model. The housing also keeps vibrations to a minimum, so your phone won’t feel any intense disturbances while riding your scooter. The cradle of this product is processed by CNC technology with an anodized surface.

 #5  TruActive Premium Phone Holder


WHY WE LIKE IT: Engineers have rigorously tested this device product to ensure quality control. They include an advanced security grip so that your smartphone cellular device isn’t slipping around and anti-vibrational padding for when the roads get rough.

  • Rigorously tested by engineers
  • Advanced security grip
  • Anti-vibration padding
  • Ball socket might be weak

This phone holder is incredibly stable and has built-in tech features that keep things secure. The ball joint is one such feature. It’s able to rotate, granting the phone 360-degree rotational capabilities. You’ll be able to view the screen at any angle you’d like, whether that’s landscape, portrait, or any other way you prefer. Unfortunately, the ball socket has been known to be on the weaker side. This shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re often going off-road.

If you use Face ID or Fingerprint ID technology, this is a great model for you. It’s compatible with both so you don’t have to clumsily punch in a passcode while trying to navigate busy streets. The handlebar grip is made to not scratch the scooter. If you’re trying to keep your ride looking nice, it’s a great phone holder for that. It also does not scratch your phone while in use. There is zero wobbling, sliding, slipping, or scratching.

 #6  Vibrelli


WHY WE LIKE IT: The triple-secure design keeps your mobile device safe. This product uses silicone band housing, a design incredibly unique to competitor options. There are 360 degrees of rotation available so you can have your phone in landscape or portrait.

  • Triple secure design
  • Silicone band housing
  • 360 degrees of rotation
  • Silicone bands are small

A great choice for security, this model features several silicone bands that will keep your phone securely in place. There is also a pair of side clamps that can hold a phone from 0.9-inches to 1.3-inches wide. Multiple silicone bands are included so you can use more than one at a time. However, these silicone bands are actually pretty petite. Because of this, they won’t be a great match for larger phones.

You’ll be able to use this phone holder with several different iPhone models, including the 11, XR, XS, R, and 8. It will also comfortably hold phones like the Galaxy S10 or even S8. There is a wide range of models compatible with this holder. Your headphone jack, buttons, screen, and more are all able to be used with this phone holder, as well. That means you can easily adjust music, change your map route, and more all while on the go.

Beginners’ Guide to Phone Holders for eScooters

What Are Phone Holders for Electric Scooters?

Phone holders for electric scooters, sometimes known as phone clips or phone stands, are pieces of hardware that let you mount a smartphone to your electric scooter. They come with a few different types of mounts and mounting position options. Still, in most cases, they involve a threaded perch that mounts to the handlebars or handlebar tube of your eScooter. Functionally, they are similar to a bike phone mount or motorcycle phone mount, only with hardware that fits eScooter handlebar sizes.

Phone Holders for Electric Scooters vs. Other Electric Scooter Accessories

As with electric scooters in general, there’s a variety of phone mount designs and use cases. Along with accessories like the best electric scooter horns, gauges, and Bluetooth speakers, a suitable phone mount holder helps make your riding experience safer and more enjoyable. Like popular bicycle phone mounts, a good phone clip for your scooter can keep your phone screen in view and allow for hands-free calling, keep your phone safe over rough terrain, and help you avoid accidents.

Unlike chargers and carrying bags, which tend to be model-specific, most scooter and bike phone mount models will fit a range of different scooters as long as they have a similar type and size of handlebar tubing. eScooter, bike, and motorcycle phone mounts can also be specific to the kind of phone you have. For example, some eScooter and electric bike phone mounts exclusively fit iPhone devices.

How Phone Mounts for Electric Scooters Work

Most eScooter and bike phone mounts consist of a base that attaches to the handlebars or handlebar pole, plus a clip that holds the phone in place. Different scooter, bike, and motorcycle handlebar mount models differ in their exact mounting locations and hardware used. They generally fit a range of eScooter models, depending on handlebar size or the size of handlebar posts.

The phone mount holder can employ a quick-release mechanism or an adjustable slider to match the dimensions of a phone. Some phone mount holder designs use flexible corner bands to adapt to different phone models, such as the oversized iPhone 8 plus or Samsung Galaxy. The combination of elastic silicone bands and a rubber-isolated bike phone mount base can improve phone protection over rough terrain. Some eScooter and bike mount phone brackets have a rotating base that lets you turn your phone from portrait to landscape orientation and vice versa.

The purpose of a phone mount for electric scooters is to keep your phone accessible and secure while you ride. When done well, these handy accessories add both convenience and safety to urban eScooter rides.

Why Should You Buy a New Phone Holder for Electric Scooters?

If you frequently ride your electric scooter to work or on local errands and want to have your phone handy, a secure eScooter and bike phone mount clip might be a worthwhile upgrade. Additionally, if you sometimes rely on your phone to navigate or control the Bluetooth-enabled features of your electric scooter, a good eScooter, bike & motorcycle phone mount is a virtual necessity.

Many electric scooter riders choose to upgrade their phone mounts when they get a new smartphone. This makes sense since the scooter cell phone mount size should match the weight and dimensions of the mobile device. Newer eScooter phone mounts have more secure hardware and do a better job of holding your smartphone steady when riding on varied surfaces. A more secure phone mount with an anti-shake feature is useful for recreational riders who may be going off-road on mountain bike trails or performing tricks.

In addition, newer scooter handlebar phone mounts will be better suited to the dimensions of current-model iPhone devices and other smartphones. Some models offer improved versatility as well, with features like interchangeable silicone butterfly bands.

Is a Phone Holder for Electric Scooters Worth Buying?

New Phone: If you’ve recently purchased a new phone, you might want to invest in a recent phone mount for your electric scooter. A newer phone holder will likely do a better job of keeping your new phone nice and secure, with a snug fit and enough flexibility that you don’t have to remove it from its case in order to clip it to your eScooter.

Using Navigation Apps While Riding: Recreational riders and commuters often use navigation apps while riding electric scooters. Having a properly placed phone mount makes it much safer and more convenient to check your map. With a motorcycle phone mount installed on your scooter’s handlebars, you’ll be able to see the phone screen at a glance without having to worry about taking a hand off the bars or getting distracted searching your pockets for your phone.

New or Upgraded Scooter: A phone mounting kit may be one of the most helpful accessories for new eScooters. It can also be one of the finishing touches on an upgraded or customized eScooter. For example, if you were already using a phone clip, but you’ve upgraded to a faster eScooter, consider upgrading to a more heavy-duty scooter and motorcycle phone mount to match.

Trail and Off-Road Riding: With sharper impacts and more intense vibration, off-road and trail riding might call for a specialized vibration-resistant phone mount with a silicone phone holder. So if you’re getting into more all-terrain riding or have upgraded your eScooter with knobby tires or a more powerful motor, an upgraded anti-shake phone stand might make sense to help protect your phone.

Why a Phone Holder for Electric Scooters Might not Be for You

Already Using a Bike Phone Mount Case: If you already have a phone bike mount you use on bicycle handlebars, you might be able to adapt it for electric scooter use. However, if you ride your eScooter faster than typical bicycle speeds, or if you want more height adjustments than your bike phone mount case provides, you still might benefit from upgrading to a specialized eScooter phone stand. Plus, if you’re making an electric scooter, you’ve probably already purchased a phone mount kit. 

You Don’t Use Bluetooth On Your Scooter: Although many recreational riders use a phone stand for easier Bluetooth control of built-in speakers, lights, and other functions, a properly-placed smartphone stand is still useful if you don’t rely on such features. Ergonomic phone placement enables safer riding and the use of maps as well.

You Have an Older Phone: You might wonder if it’s worth it to invest in a phone stand for your electric scooter if you have an older mobile phone. When it comes to fitting, however, most of today’s phone holders with silicone mounts can easily accommodate iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models up to several years old, such as the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and Galaxy Note 3. In addition, a phone stand is a safety feature that helps avoid accidents and offers phone protection.

How Long Will a Phone Holder for Electric Scooters Last?

The basic hardware that makes up a scooter or motorcycle phone mount kit is generally very durable. Quality stainless steel, aluminum, or painted metal fittings can last for many years, while the lifetime of silicone bands is anywhere from six months to 10 years, depending mainly on storage conditions. Factors like extreme heat, freezing temperatures, and high humidity can shorten the shelf-life of plastic, rubber, and silicone mounts. At the same time, rust and vibration are the primary causes of wear on metal parts.

You can usually extend the useful service life of your phone mounting hardware by keeping it dry and at room temperature as often as possible. In addition, ensure any screws and bolts are correctly tightened but not over-tightened; proper fitting helps avoid excess wear.

How to Choose the Best Phone Holder for Electric Scooters

There are a number of key factors that go into choosing the best phone holder for your electric scooter. Primary considerations include the type of phone you have, the type of scooter you ride, and what sort of riding conditions you generally experience. These factors can help you choose between a model-specific eScooter phone holder and a universal mount, as well as help you choose the type of mounting hardware you need.

Phone Stand for Electric Scooter Key Factors

1. Do You Ride Fast or On Rough Surfaces?

If you ride a faster electric scooter—in general, this would mean any model that reaches 20 mph or more—you’ll likely want an eScooter and motorcycle phone mount that screws firmly into place, rather than relying on plastic clips. If you ride on rough terrain or take your phone with you when trail riding, consider a shock-absorbing phone mount for more complete safety.

2. What type of phone do you have?

Naturally, the model of your phone matters in choosing the best phone holder for your electric scooter. While many inexpensive phone clips advertise universal compatibility, you might want to go with a model-specific mounting solution if one is available for your phone. In general, iPhone and Samsung Galaxy users have the largest array of choices when it comes to model-specific eScooter and bike phone mount holders.

3. How often do you need to look at your phone while riding?

If you mainly just want to keep your phone safe and be able to check notifications occasionally on a scooter ride, then the mounting location for a phone clip may not be as important. However, if you frequently use a navigation app or rely on your smartphone to monitor eScooter battery charge level, then you’ll want to get a phone mount you can keep in view without taking your eyes off the road.

4. What kind of eScooter do you ride?

Different electric scooter models may have different handlebar tubing diameters and thus require different mounting solutions. Most screw-on phone holders give users a little leeway—from 5 to 10 mm or around 1/8 to 1/4 inch, depending on the model. However, not all scooter models have the same amount of room to place a phone stand on their handlebars. Some have accessories like built-in displays or lights that may interfere with phone stand placement.


What to look for when buying an electric scooter phone mount?

In general, look for compatibility, security and durability. When choosing a phone stand for your eScooter, it's important to make sure the holder fits your phone model—especially if you have a larger iPhone "plus" or Samsung Galaxy model. It's also important to look for a durable phone holder that will withstand bumps and vibrations.

Do bike phone mounts fit electric scooters?

It depends on the individual model. Bike phone mounts tend to be designed to fit handlebars or steering stem areas, and these surfaces may be different on an electric scooter. Some bike mounts are adjustable enough to fit a range of handlebar tube sizes, such as 7/8 inch to 1 1/4 inch. Such models may offer enough leeway to allow them to fit eScooter handlebars as well.

Can you use a motorcycle phone mount on an electric scooter?

Depending on the mount and the size of your electric scooter's handlebars, you generally can use a motorcycle mount to secure your phone on an eScooter. Many motorcycle phone holders also offer useful features like vibration resistance, which can make them worth considering for off-road eScooter use.

Will a phone stand for an electric scooter fit a phone in a case?

Some phone holders for electric scooters can adjust to the size of your case, while others include their own cases and thus may require you to take the phone out of its current case to mount it on your electric scooter.

What about riding an eScooter in the rain?

Many of the top-performing electric scooter phone holders include the option of a built-in weatherproof casing. Alternatively, some offer removable sleeves that you can zip around the phone without interfering with the phone holder; both options effectively let you ride in the rain.
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