7 Best Personalized Address Stamps in 2023

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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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To help you find the best personalized address stamp and address labels for adding some pizzazz to your letter mailing and holiday cards, we have tried out a multitude of top rubber stamps, ensuring they performed efficient inking on multiple paper types and that they featured excellent aesthetics. We preferred address stamps that could not only be personalized with custom text but also allowed for the selection of custom stamp designs.

The best personalized address stamp we tried was easily the ExcelMark Custom Self-inking Stamp. This high-grade address stamp features a self-inking design, which allows for quick repetitive stamping, and boasts three lines of text that are available for customization, making it a great choice for wedding invitations and party invitations. We also loved the 17 fonts and 11 text colors to choose from. Keep reading to learn more about this tool and other office equipment available in the market.

Top 7 Best Personalized Address Stamp

 #1  ExcelMark Self-inking Personalized Address Stamp


WHY WE LIKE IT: Self-inking address stamp with a double-sided ink pad, for extra longevity, and featuring an innovative clear bottom mount for accurate and efficient stamping, helping you save time.

  • Clear bottom allows for accurate lining up of text
  • Double-sided ink pad for extra longevity
  • 11 text color choices and 17 fonts available
  • Maximum 3 lines of text
  • No added design options, such as hearts etc.

This ExcelMark personalized address stamp works quickly and efficiently, allowing you to stamp multiple letters and documents in mere moments. The clear bottom mount allows you to see exactly where you are lining up the text and the double-sided ink pad ensures you’ll get plenty of use before having to purchase replacement ink. We also loved the 11 text color choices and 17 fonts available, all of which look great.

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Though the color and font options are great, there are no design options available, such as leaves, hearts or other drawings. Additionally, this address stamp maxes out at three lines of custom text, while some stamps allow for as much as five lines of text. Your office might want the best printer paper on hand too.

 #2  904 Custom Personalized Address Stamp


WHY WE LIKE IT: Return address stamp with a preinstalled ink pad, eliminating some hassle, and boasting over 20 font options and up to four lines of text available for customization, which allows you to go beyond a simple address.

  • Pad comes preinstalled
  • Over 20 font options
  • 4 lines of text available for customization
  • Only 8 color options
  • Can falter unless surface is perfectly flat

The 904 Custom Personalized Address Stamp allows you to add business information, such as an email address, in addition to a standard street address, thanks to featuring up to four lines of customizable text. We loved the 20 font options available and the fact that this personalized address stamp comes with the ink stamp preinstalled, thus eliminating some of the messy hassle that comes with some stamps.

Though the 20 fonts are indeed sufficient, there are only eight color options available, which is on the lower end. Also, we found during testing that this address stamp needed an absolutely flat surface in order to function properly, so take that into consideration. Your office wouldn’t be complete without adding some of the best paperclips to your supplies.

 #3  MasterMark Custom Personalized Address Stamp


WHY WE LIKE IT: Budget-friendly address stamp that can be purchased in text lengths of 3 to 5 lines, with a large index window for visibility and a durable construction that features a double wall.

  • Large index window for text visibility
  • Can be purchased in 3, 4 or 5 line options
  • Extra-durable double wall construction of stamp unit
  • Only 6 color options
  • Replacing ink pads is somewhat complicated

This MasterMark Custom Personalized Address Stamp comes in at a budget-friendly price point while offering many features in line with pricier models, including the option to be purchased with a maximum text length of three to five lines. This is a durably made stamp, with a large index window for clear text visibility and a double wall exterior that feels solid during use.

Though there are around 19 font options available, there are only 6 color options, which is certainly on the lower end compared to similar stamps. Additionally, replacing the ink pads can be somewhat messy and complicated, though these pads are good for 1,000 uses before you’ll need a replacement. If you want to complete your office, you might also need the best paper shredder.

 #4  Stampi Self-inking Personalized Address Stamp


WHY WE LIKE IT: Versatile address stamp that offers nearly 30 design options to choose from, each featuring their own font and accompanying illustration.

  • Thick pad gives thousands of impressions
  • Available with snazzy wood handle
  • Unique designs are perfect for logos
  • Though many fonts and designs, not too many colors
  • Black exterior can make lining up impressions difficult

The Stampi personalized address stamp is a fantastic return address stamp for Etsy users, thanks to the numerous font and design options available, which can add significant personalization. There are nearly 30 design options available, each featuring a unique font and some form of illustration that accompanies the text. We also loved that this address stamp is available with a wood handle, for aesthetics, and comes shipped with an ultra-thick ink pad that is good for thousands of impressions.

Though the font and design choices here are top-notch, the color choices are slightly more limited, with only five available to choose from. Also, the black exterior of this address stamp can make lining up perfect impressions somewhat difficult, as it can be tough to see exactly where you are placing the text. Keep your life organized with the best diary planner too.

 #5  MaxMark Personalized Address Stamp


WHY WE LIKE IT: Creates a sizable imprint (⅞ x 2 ⅜”) that is great for large envelopes and invitations, among other uses, with an ink pad that is good for thousands of uses and a clear top for easy text placement.

  • 8 color options
  • Clear top allows for easy image placement
  • Ink pad good for thousands of uses
  • Maximum 3 line text length
  • 7 font and design choices

This personalized address stamp by MaxMark creates a large imprint of ⅞ inches by 2 ⅜ inches, making it great for oversized envelopes and packages. We loved the clear top included with this address stamp, allowing for easy and accurate placement of text, and the ink pad, which is good for thousands of uses before needing a replacement. We also admired the eight color options available, many of which were exceedingly bold and bright.

Though we did enjoy the color options, we must note that the font and design options are somewhat limited, at just seven. Additionally, the maximum text length here is three lines, which is less than many comparable models. If you need a place to send your mail from home, you should also read our guide to the best portable desk.

 #6  PrettySweetParty Self-inking Personalized Address Stamp


WHY WE LIKE IT: High-quality address stamp, with a high-capacity ink pad that makes up to 25,000 impressions before needing a refill and an innovative flip design to help keep the ink pad from drying out when not in use.

  • 25,000 impressions before refill
  • Flip design to help keep ink pad from drying out
  • 4 lines of text with 1 being cursive
  • 4 colors available
  • Not too many font options

This PrettySweetParty Self-inking Personalized Address Stamp is a great return address stamp for business use, thanks to a high-grade ink pad that can make around 25,000 impressions before needing a refill. This is aided by a flip design that helps keep the pad from drying out when not in use. We also loved that this address stamp allows for four lines of text, with one being cursive, adding a bit of flair.

Though there are 4 lines of text available, there aren’t too many color options, as just four are available as options. The same goes for font options, as the pickings are slim, though serviceable and aesthetically pleasing.

 #7  Three Designing Women Personalized Address Stamp


WHY WE LIKE IT: Perfect gift for weddings, baby showers and similar events, thanks to shipping in a snazzy gift box and allowing for customization after receiving the address stamp, thanks to an included certificate.

  • Large 1.5 x 1.5” surface area
  • Hundreds of font, color and design options
  • Removable design clip allows for easy switching between custom pads
  • Must wait for shipping after sending in customization certificate
  • Stamps emblazoned with large company logo

This custom address stamp by Three Designing Women is a great return address stamp for weddings, baby showers and other events, thanks to shipping in a unique gift box and allowing for personalization after receiving the stamp, which is a unique feature among competitors. There are tons of design options available, with plenty of illustration, font and color options, making this a fantastic return address stamp with logo.

Though the customization certificate is cool and perfect for gifting, you will have to wait a week or two in order to receive your customized ink pad, so keep that in mind. Additionally, each of the stamps themselves is emblazoned with a large company logo, which may not suit all tastes.

How We Decided

To narrow down to the above list, we ensured that each of our chosen address stamps produced accurate and efficient impressions, eliminating stamps that offered dull or blurry visual representations. We admired address stamps that achieved these results without too much effort on the part of the user, requiring just a simple push of the lever.

We loved address stamps that were rife with customization options, with multiple color choices, font options, and designs that could be mixed and matched to make truly personalized impressions. To that end, we liked address stamps that also offered plenty of room for the addition of customized text, as long as five lines with a minimum threshold of three lines.

We liked personalized address stamps with clear exteriors or clear tops, which allow for accurate placement, and those with long-lasting ink pads that will give thousands of impressions before needing a replacement. Finally, we admired address stamps made from durable and long-lasting components, so as to ensure you’ll get the most out of your purchase.

Best Personalized Address Stamp Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Customization Options
    Personalized address stamps truly shine when there are plenty of customization options available. Look for an address stamp that can be adjusted via font, color, and design, with plenty of selections in each category. Additionally, these stamps are often available with different maximum text lengths, as long as five lines and as little as three lines. Look for the address stamp that best suits your needs in this department.
  2. Ink Pad Length
    You are going to want to choose an address stamp that ships with a thick and long-lasting ink pad that is good for thousands of impressions, so as to get the most out of your purchase. Make sure to read reviews to ascertain whether or not this ink pad produces clear and gorgeous impressions or dull and blurry ones. You may want to also look into how complicated it is to replace the ink pad when the time comes. Some available address stamps do not allow for replacement whatsoever, so be sure to read the fine print.
  3. Accuracy
    Accuracy is extremely important when using these personalized address stamps. Making an accurate impression quickly can make all the difference between a professional or an amateur-looking envelope. These stamps increase accuracy by offering transparent bodies or transparent tops and bottoms, so you can see exactly where you are laying out your text.

Personalized Address Stamp FAQs

What is a self inking address stamp?

All of the above products are self-inking address stamps. The design allows it to ink each time before use, helping the ink pad from becoming dried out in between uses. This can increase the ink pad’s longevity.

What is the best self inking stamp?

We think all of the above personalized address stamps are absolutely fantastic, but if we had to choose just one we’d go with our top pick. The ExcelMark address stamp offers a clear bottom, for accurate placement, and plenty of font and color choices.

How long do self inking stamps last?

These personalized address stamps can last a long time, as the ink pads are designed for maximum efficiency. They can get thousands of impressions before needing a refill, with one of our picks offering 25,000 impressions before needing a refill.

Who are the best personalized address stamp manufacturers?

We took great care to include many renowned personalized address stamp companies in the above list, including ExcelMark and Stampi. Other great products that nearly made our list are the Zazzle Return Address Stamp and the Monogram Address Stamp.
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