7 Best Passport Holders in 2020

To help you find the best passport holder for all of your traveling storage needs, we took 20 different options with us as we traveled on planes, buses and trains. After testing and research, I’ve concluded that the Zero Grid passport holder is the easy top pick. It’s got tons of storage capacity, 7 RFID-blocked sleeves and a water-resistant build.

How did we determine the best passport holders? In total, we spent over 10 hours testing all of the different holders to get a sense for how much they could carry, how durable they were and how secure they were. Keep reading below to learn more about the Zero Grid and the other best passport holders on our list.

Top 7 Best Passport Holder in 2020

 #1  Zero Grid Passport Holder


WHY WE LIKE IT: This passport holder provides enough capacity for multiple passwords, credit cards and travel documents. Plus, it features strong RFID blocking capabilities so your sensitive information always stays safe.

  • 7 radio frequency protected sleeves
  • Comprehensive storage capacity
  • Water resistant and lightweight
  • Zipper sticks on corners
  • No wrist strap or belt loop

The Zero Grid passport holder and travel wallet is easily the best choice on our list because of its generous storage capacity and overall excellent design quality. It can hold up to 6 passports and 10 credit cards with plenty of extra room for additional travel documents like boarding passes. It also includes additional sleeve pockets underneath the passport and credit card pockets for cash storage. Another great extra here is the included micro travel pen that you can use for customs documents.

We were also really impressed with the overall build quality of the Zero Grid passport holder. The exterior is made from dual-layered rip-stop nylon fabric that provides water resistance and great durability. You also get comprehensive RFID blocking build directly into that fabric. The passport holder can be completely closed with a zipper, which can sometimes snag around corners. Fortunately, this didn’t hamper our ability to open and close the holder too much. If you’re tired of lugging heavy luggage through the airport, you need to take a look at this best scooter luggage to replace what you have.

 #2  Pascagoula Synthetic Leather Passport Holder


WHY WE LIKE IT: This passport holder is perfect for individuals who only need to store a single passport and various credit cards. It’s made from durable synthetic leather and includes a strap to keep things tightly in place.

  • Durable, eco-friendly synthetic that looks real
  • Multiple design options
  • Strong elastic strap
  • Not completed enclosed
  • Tight credit card slots

One of the best things about the Pascagoula Synthetic Leather passport case is the sheer number of design options you have available to purchase. This passport cover is designed to look like your actual passport, which we thought was a nice touch. The design is embossed directly into the synthetic leather so you won’t have to worry about it wearing away over time. The Pascagoula passport wallet isn’t made out of genuine leather, but the synthetic leather is eco-friendly and durable enough to last for years to come. It will look sleek next to all of your best luggage.

Inside, you get room for a single passport in the form of a sleeve into which you slide the back cover of your passport. The other side of the holder give as you 4 credit card sleeves and a larger pocket for boarding passes and other documents. We were also surprised to find two tiny pockets that are meant for your phone’s SIM card and the included metal pin to open your SIM card tray. The only thing we would improve about the Pascagoula would be a more complete enclosure. The strap to keep it closed is tight enough to keep everything secure, but complete enclosure is usually better overall. However, you do still get some RFID blocking capabilities, even without full enclosure, which is nice.

 #3  AmazonBasics Leather Passport Holder


WHY WE LIKE IT: This passport holder lives true to its brand name by providing an incredibly simple product that does exactly what it’s made to do. It’s made from durable, genuine leather and features plenty of room for your passport and credit cards.

  • 100% genuine cowhide
  • Excellent RFID blocking
  • Slim enough for back pockets
  • No coin storage
  • Basic, boring design
  • No strap to keep it closed

The AmazonBasics Leather passport keeps simplicity as a key nature of its overall design and build. Some consider this to be a bit boring for their own use, but simplicity has its value. With no extra bells and whistles, this passport wallet can focus solely on keeping your passport and other documents safe in the most effective manner possible. It also includes RFID blocking technology to keep your information digitally safe.

This passport wallet is the slimmest option on our list, even all of your stuff tucked away inside of it. It’s slim enough to fit into back pockets, but it still features enough space for your passport, 4 credit cards and cash. We don’t recommend using the AmazonBasics for coin storage, as it tends to fall out easily. This option is made from 100% genuine leather, which is a nice find at this affordable price. It looks good, feels nice and will last you for a long time. While you’re at it, you might also want to get the best garment bag to keep your clothes wrinkle-free on your next long trip.

 #4  Bellroy Leather Passport Holder


WHY WE LIKE IT: This leather passport holder is an exceptionally designed option made from durable, high-quality leather. It’s also designed very intelligently, with designated pockets that fit each item perfectly.

  • Incredibly well designed and very functional
  • Hidden pocket for cash
  • Includes a micro pen
  • Expensive
  • Bulkier than other options

The best thing about the Bellroy Leather passport holder is the overall premium quality with which it has been made. The attention to every single detail is outstanding, even to the last stitch. Of course, you’ll pay extra to get this kind of quality, and this passport holder is the most expensive option on our list. However, we think the quality you get is well worth the price. This passport holder will last you for an incredibly long time, even with frequent travel.

This is an individual passport wallet, so you’ll only get room for a single passport, but you also get spots for up to 10 credit cards (when doubling up), plus a large pocket for cash and longer documents like boarding passes. This is the perfect wallet to tuck into your best carry on luggage for a shorter trip. Once you place those items into the Bellroy, you’ll see just how meticulously this passport holder was designed, since everything fits perfectly. When fully loaded the Bellroy can be a little bulkier than other models, but it still fits well into coat pockets and bags. While the Bellroy doesn’t close completely due to lack of elastic straps, its design keeps things in place without worry. You do get RFID protection here, as well, which is a good addition.

 #5  Lewis N. Clark Passport Holder


WHY WE LIKE IT: This neck passport holder offers tons of space across multiple compartments and a travel dry fabric that prevents mildew and moisture from building up. The neck strap is also convenient, comfortable and secure.

  • Hangs at chest level for quick access
  • Travel dry fabric
  • Multiple interior compartments
  • Uncomfortable in hot weather
  • Straps feel a little flimsy

The Lewis N. Clark passport holder is the best passport neck pouch that your money can buy, and you don’t even have to spend an arm and a leg to get it, considering the fact that it’s also the best on a budget passport holder on our list, too. We love how much carrying capacity the Lewis N. Clark provides. It’s got multiple interior compartments of different sizes for your passport, money and even your cell phone.

The overall build quality is quite impressive for a budget product, as well. For starters, the neck pouch is made from a special “travel dry” fabric that wicks any excess moisture away from the pouch and keeps it free from mildew, odors and shrinking. This is especially important since the configuration of the neck pouch naturally means it will be close to your skin and body. In heat, the neck pouch can get a little uncomfortable, and we wish the straps were a little more breathable to allow for that. If you want a small bag to carry on your next international trip, take a look at these best backpacks to find your next favorite bag.

 #6  Vemingo Passport Holder


WHY WE LIKE IT: This is the best passport for family use with tons of internal and external storage, durable build and interior RFID protection. It’s also easy to carry around with the included wrist strap.

  • Excellent, specified pockets and compartments
  • Quick access external pockets
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Interior RFID protection only
  • Not very flexible

The best feature on the Vemingo family passport holder is the impressive interior and exterior storage capacity. On the outside, you get 2 quick-access pockets that are great for storing phones, boarding passes or cash. One of them is a zippered pocket and the other is simply a sleeve pocket. The Vemingo really shines when it comes to interior storage, though. It features 3 passport slots (storage for up to 5 passports), 7 credit card slots, zippered coin pockets, a large cash pocket and a useful key holder. This amazing storage is why the Vemingo is best for families.

The overall construction of the Vemingo is also to be applauded. It’s made from durable, tear resistant nylon that can easily take a beating and still keep going. You do get quite a few security features here, as well, although be aware that RFID blocking only works for things on the inside of the holder. Anything in the exterior pockets will be exposed. The zipper that closes the passport holder is also tight and secure, and you even get a wrist strap so you can keep it on your person.

 #7  Defway Passport Holder


WHY WE LIKE IT: With lab-tested and extra-reliable RFID blocking technology, thispassport holder is the most secure passport holder on our list. It’s also large enough for tons of storage and durable enough for daily use.

  • Premium, water-resistant nylon
  • Extra-durable zinc zipper
  • Well organized, large interior compartment
  • Exterior pocket not the most secure
  • Tight passport pockets

The Defway is the best RFID blocking passport holder on our list. The blocking technology has been tested in the lab and prevents a wide range of frequencies for the ultimate level of protection. Just be aware that the RFID protection will only cover items inside of the holder. This protection paired with the tough zinc zippers and included wrist strap make the Defway an extra-secure option.

It’s also built from premium nylon fabric that is tear and water-resistant. When zipped up, the Defway is nearly completely waterproof, which is an impressive feat to accomplish. The large interior storage compartment can hold a lot of stuff, but the passport sleeves are a little tight and using it at maximum 4-passport capacity is a little awkward. You also get 5 credit card slots, a zippered coin pouch and a large cash sleeve, along with a handy removable keychain.

How We Decided

After purchasing and receiving the passport holders, we started our testing by first considering the overall value each option provides to you when it matters most, during travel. And the first measure of that value comes down to how much stuff you can hold in your passport holder without it becoming too bulky. While there is value in a passport holder that simply acts as a protective cover for your passport, the best value for your money comes from both protection and increased storage capacity. We include both options on our list, but favor options that can hold more than just your passport.

Next, we rated passport holders based on their overall durability and build quality. This part of our decision is first and foremost determined by the materials out of which the passport holders are made. Always choose great options that can stand up to the constant handling that wallets and passport holders tend to require. Extra durable materials like leather and anti-slash polyester received bonus points. We also awarded bonus points for water resistant designs.

Finally, we tested the passport holders on their ability to keep your passports, credit cards and other travel documents out of prying hands. Products that can completely close up, either with a zipper or clasp, are the best, but we also gave points to options that close up with a strap. We also gave preference to passport holders that provided extra security features like RFID blocking and anti-slash materials for prevention against pickpockets and other thieves.

Best Passport Holder Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Size and Capacity
    Passport holders come in a variety of different styles and sizes. The exact size and type of the passport holder you need will depend on how many things you want to store in the holder. While all passport holders will carry at least one passport, there are many options that will hold 2 or 4 simultaneously. These are incredibly helpful for when you’re traveling with your family. There are also plenty of options available that can hold credit cards and cash alongside your passports for even greater convenience.
  2. Security Features
    Many passport holders also offer integrated security features that will protect your personal information from being stolen or lost. If this is important to you, or you’re traveling to an unsafe area, look for holders that feature options like RFID theft protection and anti-slash fabrics. Passport holders with zippers, clasps and wrist straps also add an additional layer of security from snatch and go theft attempts.
  3. Durability
    You’ll likely handle your passport holder on a regular basis, especially if it’s doubling as a wallet with storage for credit cards and cash. It’s also likely that you’ll be storing your passport holder in a bag or pocket when not in use. This is why it’s important to find a passport cover that can stand up to constant use. Of course, there are about a million different options when it comes to materials, but you can’t go wrong with leather, PVC vinyl and rugged plastics. Don’t forget to consider purchasing a water-resistant option, as well, so your stuff can stay dry in the rain.

Passport Holder FAQs

Is a passport holder necessary?

If you’re traveling a lot and want to keep your passport safe, then a travel passport wallet is definitely one of the best travel accessories you can purchase. A good passport holder keeps your important documentation protected and easier to keep track of.

How do I protect my passport when traveling?

One of the best ways to protect your passport when traveling is by keeping it in a passport holder cover. This way, you get protection from scratches, rips and tears while you’re traveling. Passport holders can also provide added protection against both physical and identity theft.

Are neck pouches safe?

Yes, neck wallets and other travel pouches are definitely safe, as long as you use them as they are designed. To create the safest experience, wear them around your neck and keep them hidden from view under your shirt or sweater, if possible. This will minimize the chances of someone trying to steal your personal belongings.

What is the best passport holder?

The best passport holder on our list is the Zero Grid travel wallet. The Zero Grid features RFID blocking to prevent thieves from scanning your passports and credit cards to steal your identity. This passport holder is also incredibly durable and water resistant, to boot. It’s big enough to hold up to 4 passports, credit cards, cash, and other travel documents.

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