Best Outdoor Swings for Kids

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Updated January 24, 2023

After spending an entire day scouring the market for the best outdoor swings for kids, we have narrowed down possible choices to the most reliable and durable ones. And upon checking each product’s quality and safety, we named the Royal Oak Giant Saucer Swing as our top pick.

We love this saucer swing for its sturdy build, durability, secure use, and comfortable fabric. It’s bound to give your children and their friends hours of fun outdoors. Keep reading to learn more about it and the six other child outdoor swing options you may consider getting.

Top 7 Best Outdoor Swings for Kids Compared

 #1  Royal Oak Giant Saucer Tree Swing – Top Pick

WHY WE LIKE IT: With a 40-inch seat and a weight capacity of 700 pounds, the Royal Oak Giant Saucer Swing is the best choice for families with many kids. Its industrial strength steel frame, sturdy ropes, and comfortable mesh fabric ensure safe and comfortable swinging fun for the family.

  • Easy to set up
  • Comfortable mesh fabric
  • Durable
  • Hanging strap not included
  • Extremely short hanging ropes

Kids won’t be fighting over who gets to play on the swing first because the 40-inch saucer has enough space for several children and can accommodate a total weight of 700 pounds. The Royal Oak Giant Saucer Swing is durable, safe, comfortable, and easy to assemble. And with its permeable polyester mesh seat and EVA foam padded high-strength steel frame, your kids can also enjoy using it as a hammock for hours.

It should be noted, though, that the hanging kit for attaching the saucer swing to a tree or to a swing set would have to be bought separately. Also, the commercial grade rope that comes with the saucer can only be adjusted up to 2 feet. Other than these slight inconveniences, this swing can provide hours of outdoor fun for many years. It is one of the best toys and games.

 #2  M and M Web Riderz Swing n’ Spin – Honorable Mention

WHY WE LIKE IT: With a weight limit of up to 600 pounds, kids won’t easily outgrow this swing and will still be able to use it even as adults. It has Rhinoarmour-protected steel tubes and UV-resistant polyethylene ropes that guarantee durability and longevity.

  • Comes fully assembled
  • 600-pound weight capacity
  • Adjustable hanging ropes
  • Steel tube rusts fast
  • Nylon webbing gets undone

The M&M Sales Web Riderz tree swing is one of the few swings that come fully assembled. This makes installation a breeze because all you’ll need to do is hang it on a tree or on a swing set.

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The Web Riderz swing has a tight weave rope platform seat that provides 39 inches of space for 1 to 3 kids. Its thick galvanized steel tube frame and sturdy ropes can safely hold up to 600 pounds. This weight capacity makes it a popular choice for kids from 5 to 100. However, over time, the swing’s steel tube may begin to rust and its nylon webbings may start to fray or get a bit undone. This will make them as happy as if you had bought one of those robot toys for kids. There’s also Gorilla Playsets’ Outing with Monkey Bars Swing Set, one of the best swing sets with multiple fun additions included to keep the kids entertained. Besides two swings on a 3-position swing beam, it also has a climbing wall, wave slide, trapeze bar, and monkey bars. Add a final touch to your outdoor swing set with the Gorilla Playsets’ stand-alone child’s picnic table which includes an umbrella.

 #3  Sorbus Spinner Swing – Best Budget

WHY WE LIKE IT: We like the Sorbus Spinner Swing for its simplicity and affordability, beingamong the most budget-friendly swings on the market. This is best for parents who just want an inexpensive, lightweight child outdoor swing to hang on their backyard tree.

  • Long suspension rope
  • Simple design
  • Affordable price
  • Tough assembly due to ill-fitting parts
  • Spinner attachment bought separately
  • Low weight capacity

The Sorbus Spinner Swing is a no-fuss swing that has a 40-inch webbed net seat made of heavy-duty rope. Its steel tube is covered with NBR foam, which is non-toxic and PVC-free. It also comes with a long, sturdy suspension rope that can be adjusted up to 63 inches.

However, this swing has a low weight capacity and can only hold a maximum of 220 pounds. Only a couple of kids can safely use it at the same time. Assembling the frame may also be challenging. Some parts do not fit well and require a bit of force to put together. Kids love a swing set almost as much as they love the best RC toys.

 #4  Super Deal Spider Web Swing – Best Tree Swing

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Super Deal Spider Web Swing comes with a 71-inch detachable and adjustable nylon rope swivel that makes it the best tree swing among our options. It also swings full circle and can provide hours of unlimited fun.

  • Long adjustable ropes
  • Corrosion- and UV-resistant
  • Carrying capacity of 660lbs
  • Confusing assembly instructions
  • Uncomfortable spider webbing

This tree swing’s hand-braided polyethylene rope spider webbing is supported by a 40-inch steel frame and a durable suspension rope to securely hold multiple children with a total weight of up to 660 pounds.

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The swing is also quick and easy to assemble. With its 71-inch detachable nylon rope swivel, it can be hung from tall trees. And because it’s collapsible, you can store it or bring it anywhere without difficulty. They are going to love this swing set. You could also get them the best remote control car.

 #5  Laegendary Climbing Rope Swing – Best for Active Kids

WHY WE LIKE IT: More than just providing hours of swinging fun, the Laegendary Climbing Rope Swing also helps children develop core and muscle strength. This is best for active and adventurous kids looking for enjoyable backyard challenges.

  • Wallet-friendly
  • Climbing rope with colorful notches
  • Extra 4.2-feet tree strap
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Cannot be used by multiple kids at the same time
  • Low weight capacity at only 120lbs

While this swing set can’t accommodate more than one child at a time, kids can use it for more than just enjoyment. They can climb up the 6.6-feet rope and try to reach the highest notch. They can also sit or stand on the swing’s 12-inch circular rubber disc and swing in any direction. These activities can help children develop balance, strength, and flexibility.

It’s worth noting that for every purchase of this swing, one child will be fed for a day through the United Nations’ ShareTheMeal program. Your children won’t be the only ones filled with happiness when you buy the Laegendary Climbing Rope Swing. For an option that can support multiple children at once, check out the Tuscon Wooden Swing Set made by Backyard Discovery. It has two belt swings, an acrobat bar, and a slide all together to make one of the best wooden play sets on the market. If your child prefers toy trucks, check out the best RC trucks.

 #6  Super Deal Waterproof Saucer Swing – Best All-Weather Swing

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Super Deal Waterproof Saucer Swing is packed with features such as a spacious 40-inch seat made of UV- and weather-resistant, washable fabric and a long 71-inch adjustable hanging rope.

  • Corrosion-resistant steel frame
  • UV- and weather-resistant fabric and ropes
  • Easy installation
  • Does not come with tree straps
  • Swivel attachment purchased separately

The Waterproof Saucer Swing can be used as a traditional kids swing chair or a spinner swing. Its 71-inch hanging rope can be to fit any tree or any swing frame. For durability and longevity, its commercial grade steel frame has been coated with Armadillo Shield and an extra layer of anti-rust powder coating. To keep the swing’s seat clean, you can remove the weather-resistant fabric and hand wash it.  Families looking for something a bit more secure may want to consider the best swing set for toddlers.

The swing has a spacious 40-inch seat that can comfortably accommodate 3-4 kids. However, its weight capacity is only 440 pounds, so you may want to limit its use to just three kids at a time. Unlike playing the best board games, this gets them out in the sun.

 #7  Wonderview Swing – Best for Little Kids

WHY WE LIKE IT: While most saucer swing sets are made for kids 5 to 18 years old, the Wonderview Swing is considered safe for children as young as 3 years old. This makes it a great choice for families with young kids who have outgrown their baby swing.

  • Reinforced stitching on straps
  • Padded steel frame
  • Tear-resistant fabric and rope
  • Hanging kit not included
  • A bit tricky to assemble

Whether you’re looking for a new swing for your playground or playroom, the Wonderview Swing is worth considering if you have little kids who are already too big for products like Little Tikes swings. Its 900D Oxford Cloth is tear-resistant and is thick enough for comfortable sitting. Your kids can play together in its roomy 40-inch seat.

To ensure your children’s safety, this swing is built with high-grade steel frame, a strong PE rope, M9 carabiner screws, and reinforced stitching straps. With its weight capacity of 600 pounds, you can safely play with your kids on the swing. This will fit right into your backyard with the best Nerf gun play and the best RC boat in the pool.

How We Decided

Our primary considerations in choosing our top outdoor kid swings are safety, durability, and weight capacity. We also considered comfort, accessories, price, and user feedback.

We looked at the material of the swing seats and how comfortable they are for long hours of play. We also took note of the accessories that come with the swings, such as flags, seat covers, and spin or swivel attachments.

Best Outdoor Swing for Kids Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Safety
    Lightweight swing sets are convenient but may not always be the safest and most durable. Always consider safety features first before buying a product. Ensure that there are no sharp or rough edges. Check for the possibility of the swing tipping over or children being tangled in the ropes. Also, make sure that the swing is made from high-quality sturdy materials.
  2. Durability
    A product’s durability depends mainly on the quality of the materials it is made of. Check for industrial strength steel frames, durable polythene rope, weather-resistant oxford fabric seat, and high-quality attachments. Manufacturers who are confident about their products’ durability offer longer warranties, so check the product warranty to gauge whether the swing is likely to be durable or not.
  3. Weight Capacity
    It is critical to check a swing’s weight capacity for you to be able to gauge how many children can use it at the same time. Going beyond this capacity might cause the swing to give in, which may result in serious injuries. Always consider how heavy you and your kids are when choosing a swing set.
  4. Comfort
    The type of swing seat impacts how comfortable children will be on a swing. Decades ago, swing seats were made of plastic, wood, or rubber. These materials aren’t necessarily comfy to sit on. Nowadays, swing seats come in snugger materials, including breathable fabric, braided ropes, and mesh fabric.

Outdoor Swings for Kids FAQs

What is a flying saucer swing?

Simply put, a flying saucer swing is a swing that has a flying saucer-shaped seat. Unlike traditional wooden swing sets, it can accommodate more than one child and can move more freely in all directions. It’s often made with a steel frame that supports a cloth or mesh seat. Most models can be attached to trees, swing sets, or other sturdy beams.

How much space clearance should there be when installing swings?

Swing seats should be about 16 to 19 inches above the ground. Then, you should allot enough space around the swing: 3 to 4 feet in front and behind, and 2 feet on both sides. For saucer swings, it would be best to have around 8 feet of surrounding clearance.

What is the ideal height for a tree swing?

There is no such thing as ideal height for a tree swing. The height would depend on the type of tree or swing frame you want to attach it to. Choose a tree swing that provides rope extensions or long adjustable ropes so you can easily match the length with whatever tree or frame you have.

How do swings help a child’s development?

Swings not only provide children with hours of outdoor fun with friends, it also helps them develop strength, coordination, and gross motor skills. Muscle and core strength are developed when they balance on the swing seat. The swinging movement helps develop muscle coordination. Jumping onto and off swings, taking turns pushing the swing, and pumping legs to gain height all develop gross motor skills.
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